NationStates Jolt Archive

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  1. The Pretenama Panel considers Humanitarian Intervention in Loratana
  2. I am Back!!!!
  3. Proposal: Military Limitations (by Karchosia)
  4. The Pretenama Panel: Updated.
  5. Legalize Recreational Drugs
  6. Submitted: Repeal "Banning the use of Landmines"
  7. World Museum Place, vote yes.
  8. IIDS plan - Suggestions
  9. Physical Global Library Poll
  10. Useless Proposals.
  11. Is this a Moral Decency proposal?
  12. Global Library Coalition
  13. OOC: Error on proposal submission.
  14. !!SUBMITTED!! UN Childcare Resolution
  15. 2nd Draft, "UN Tariff Accords"
  16. ATTN: Delegates of Freedom-Loving Nations
  17. Preposed: Money for Genetic Bioengineering
  18. I wasnt sure if the UN members were aware of the word "REPEAL"
  19. The Costs of Human Rights
  20. Passed: Right to Self-Protection [Official Topic]
  21. Draft: Res Communes Omnium
  22. Abortion Compromise Act
  23. The Global Library: New Version
  24. Robot Freedom?
  25. Draft: Amnesty International
  26. Fair Trade Proposal
  27. DRAFT: Repeal "The Sex Industry Workers Act"
  28. The Global Library Network OR The New New Global Library.
  29. Sunset Commision of the United Nations [official topic]
  30. Disease Research Initiative
  31. Global Arms Reduction II
  32. Grey area in latest proposal
  33. Are You All Just A Bunch Of Robots??
  34. Submitted Proposal: Vaccinations For All
  35. FINAL DRAFT: Repeal "The Sex Workers Act"
  36. Submitted: Natural Disaster Assessment (extending the Tsunami Warning System)
  37. Vote No On Self Defense Resolution!!
  38. Disarmament and Non-Aggression
  39. Soverignty proposal: Rex est imperator in regno suo
  40. Which Library?
  41. !!NEW!! UN Childcare Resolution
  42. New Resolution: independent news sources
  43. The National Soveriegnty Coalition
  44. Proposal to Repeal Resolution 59
  45. "DVD Region Removal" Repeal & Replacement
  46. Vote down current resolution!
  47. Topical Discussion: Abortion
  48. Free Trade Ports
  49. UN Resolution: Right to self determination Act
  50. National Sovereignty and the UN: A Response
  51. The Purpose of the U.N.
  52. Submitted: UN Tariff Accords
  53. Proposal pending: Crime and Process
  54. How are UN resolutions enforced?
  55. Submitted Proposal: Right to Protest
  56. arm ourselves
  57. Repeal of sex industry act!
  58. Fair? Free? Trade proposal
  59. Model UN?
  60. Repeal "Education For All" [OFFICIAL THREAD USE THIS ONE]
  61. Resolution: Repeal "Eductation for all"
  62. Why "Education for All" should be repelled.....
  63. is it just me or...
  64. Disabled People's Act
  65. Proposal: UN and Domestic Jurisdiction
  66. The International Atomic Energy Agency
  67. UN Delegates!
  68. International Currency
  69. Nuclear Energy Initiative
  70. Proposals need more attention from UN delegates
  71. New world order?
  72. Human Identification Systems
  73. ***alert*** Brand New Proposal ***alert***
  74. Passed: UNWODC [Official Thread]
  75. Murder= Automatic Death Penalty
  76. Repeal "Abortion Rights"
  77. Passed: Universal Library Coalition [OFFICIAL TOPIC]
  78. *Draft* Ban the Death Penalty
  79. Would you support a downsizing of the UN
  80. Force the Cuties into the Federation of the Red Army
  81. Security Council. Should I make a proposal? If not, then how can we create it?
  82. Questions?
  83. UN Childcare Resolution, 4th draft.
  84. Draft: Ban of Juvenile/Mentally Retarded Executions
  85. Repeal 'Citizen Rule Required'
  86. Repeal of U.N. R#12, "Gay Rights" (Not what you think, please read)
  87. Draft: Repeal Resolution #91 (Sex Industry Worker Act)
  88. UAS (Universal Alert System)
  89. Proposed Resolution - Prevent Animal Cruelty
  90. Fetal Stem Cell Amendment
  91. Help prevent and monitor natural disasters...
  92. Proposed Resolution: Clean Water
  93. Subsidized Sex Industry
  94. DRAFT: Universal Workers Rights Act
  95. Pro Evo resolution
  96. proposed resolution: Responsabilities of the Press
  97. proposed resolution: Maximum Wage Act
  98. My Un Resolution
  99. what does this telegram mean?
  100. proposed resolution: FSUN
  101. All Are Invited To...
  102. No to Organ Donor Centralization
  103. proposed resolution: Ban on Tobacco
  104. important question from fellow un member
  105. proposed resolution: The Act of Periodical Review
  106. Repeal Abortion Rights Rough Draft
  107. Everything You Need To Know About UN Proposals/Repeals and UN FAQS
  108. Please Endorse the International Space Station
  109. Approving a resolution
  110. Repeal Abortion Rights (A New Start)
  111. Sub-Judice
  112. Removing Landmines Proposal
  113. "World Free Trade Act" proposal
  114. Proposal: Ban on Public Smoking
  115. ::IMPORTANT:: proposal: Dissolvement of Small Regions
  116. Oil Ban Act
  117. My take on the latest UN resolution
  118. Repeals question
  119. War Act
  120. War Act in action
  121. Information Interception Act
  122. Joint Space Program
  123. Submitted: Repeal Citizen Rule Required ( UN Resolution #8 )
  124. how?
  125. New UN Resolution proposal
  127. Repeal "Right to Self-Protection"
  128. Do Not Vote For Legal Drugs!
  129. Removing Landmines Proposal
  130. Question about UN
  131. UN Anti-Terror Fund
  132. Proposal for Clean Air
  133. Endorsements
  134. Restrict Number of Nations
  135. Proposal: Eliminate delivery uncertainty
  136. Possible proposal: Ethical bank
  137. DRAFT Proposal: Eradicate Smallpox
  138. proposal to create International News Broadcasting Network (I.N.B.N)
  139. Free contraception
  140. Repeal "END BARBARIC PUNISHMENTS" Before you all go after my livelyhood...
  141. Planetary Defense System
  142. Help Pass the Proposal for an International Pacific Ocean Gambling Paradise Arena
  143. Gender Rights and War
  144. Well, it looks like this is the end
  145. Currency Question
  146. Please endorse the Limited Test Ban Treaty.
  147. Defeated: International Court of Justice [OFFICIAL THREAD]
  148. UN Resolution UNWODC
  149. The Right To Choose
  150. Support Texas Hold'em
  151. Trade Goods Protection Pact
  152. Proposal Draft: Undersea Dome Intiative
  153. Draft: The right to access of official documents
  154. Draft: Legilization of Monkey Telephone Operators and other things.
  155. Current resolution on Global Library - vote NO!
  156. "End Child Pornography" draft
  157. Space
  158. Draft: Proposal to extend the 24 hour period
  159. What's Wrong With My Nationstates Name Now?
  160. FAQ needed
  161. World Languages Act
  162. Proposal: Economic Morality Act
  163. Draft: Missionary Immunity
  164. Has the U.N. authority on Social Issues?
  165. [Center of Counter-Terrorism Proposal]
  166. Draft: Diplomatic Immunity
  167. UN Delgates - Support Potable Water for All
  168. Proposal: Religious Freedom
  169. Effects of UN decisions on non-earth nations
  170. extra-uteral fetal development
  171. Something worthy of note in Resolution #83
  172. The Nuclear Tax, For World Peace
  173. Draft: Wildlife Refuge Act
  174. Rights for all Intelligence
  175. DRAFT: International Post Code
  176. A world-wide judicial system is not what we need.
  177. UN DELGATES: It's Friday... Let's go for a drink... of Potable Water!
  178. Inter nat'l Space Shield Fund
  179. Support our proposal
  180. Should UN Committees be banned? [Split from DRAFT: New Rules For UN Proposals]
  181. NEW Proposal for an International Court of Justice
  182. Nuremberg [War Crimes] Principles
  183. The Icj Is Evil!
  184. Repeal "Gay Rights" Resolution
  185. Anti-Big Brother Act I
  186. Techwank and Puppetwank in the UN
  187. Global fishing regulations
  188. Public House-Human Rights?
  189. Correct Proposal Formatting?
  190. Passed: Eradicate Smallpox [OFFICIAL TOPIC]
  191. Repeal Resolution 81: Definition of Marriage
  192. I call for a repeal of The Hydrogen Powered Vehicles act
  193. qutomok is a very nice town, we all get upset when u call us names
  194. DRAFT: Extradition Law of the United Nations
  195. Legalize
  196. Right To Die - Endorsements Needed!
  197. Hate Crimes Act of 2005
  198. Repeal "Universal Library Coalition"
  199. a call to review and aprove a proposal
  200. Stop Spyware
  201. kill em all and let God sort em out
  202. Action against United States of America re:UN fees
  203. mandatory democracy
  204. resolution updates...
  205. Geographical Assistance - Need endorsements
  206. DRAFT: Independent Viability
  207. Put An End To AIDS-HIV
  208. SUBMITTED: UN Extradition Protocol
  209. Support the Capitalist Manifesto!
  210. QUIZ: How many NS UN Committees Are there?
  211. QUIZ: How many NS UN Resolutions Failed
  212. Submitted: Right to Worship
  213. International Space Agency (isa)
  214. Submitted: Access to Official Documents
  215. Library Funding
  216. Low Income Communities/ Cities
  217. Support "No more slavery and exploiting"
  218. UN regional rep
  219. I'm a New Member to the U.N. how do I gain endorsements?
  220. PROPOSAL: Food for Peace
  221. Ban Hand Stitched Soccer Balls!
  222. Youth Rights Charter
  223. Save the world, support the Natural Disaster Act
  224. Seeking Approval: Wildlife Refuge Protection Act
  225. Repeal Resolution #43 . (Legal Euthanasia)
  226. Approve "Ban UN Embargos and Tariffs"
  227. Draft: repeal and replacment of hydrogen powered cars
  228. Trying to join Un
  229. Support the Correct Chemical Contradiction Proposal
  230. Support of stem cell research
  231. Declaration of the Rights of the Child
  232. SUBMITTED: Racism Crackdown Act
  233. Repeal Abortion
  234. SUBMITTED - Conflict Ban On Human Shields
  235. Proposal to prevent escape of criminals
  236. 0,7 again hunger
  237. The Truth In Resolution Act
  238. SUBMITTED: Rights for all Intelligences
  239. DRAFT: Firearm Screening/Registration
  240. Stop illegal drug trade
  241. 100th resolution
  242. Anti-Nuclear Resolution
  243. DRAFT: Repeal "UN taxation ban"
  244. Survey: How likely are you to support a UN Social Justice Resolution?
  245. DRAFT: Repeal "Stop Privacy Intrusion"
  246. Survey: How likely are you to support a UN Free Trade Resolution?
  247. Alcohol Fuel Alternative Proposal
  248. Resolution to Abolish Crashing of Small Nations
  249. Urgent and Immediate Request
  250. School of UN Affairs opens in Lemuria