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  1. In a slight response to the idea of this being marketing
  2. Max Barry bookstore appearances
  3. Will NationStates keep going after the book hits stores?
  4. Just order book and have some questions.
  5. My thoughts on Jennifer Government
  7. JG: Name Conventions
  8. Jen. Gov Casting
  9. When the book in Italian...
  10. Max Barry / Jennifer Government make TIME
  11. Have you read Jennifer Government yet?
  12. Is it a best seller?
  13. Jennifer Government & 1984
  14. Syrup by Max Barry
  15. Jennifer Government Postcards
  16. For Jennifer Government fans and NationStates players.
  17. link JG sample chapter to NS homepage
  18. The Movie
  19. Jennifer Government Publish
  20. This book rocks!
  21. Inequity
  22. max barry
  23. Where can I find JG book ?
  24. relese in france
  25. Syrup Vs. Jennifer Government
  26. Test
  27. Any Resemblance Between Jen Gov and Dilbert?
  29. It's not fair.
  30. Jennifer Government: Genera?
  31. Since when does being liberal make your people love you
  32. Is the movie Hollywood or Indepenant?
  33. when are the book and film cumin out in England
  34. Chapter 1
  35. Post a review
  36. Whats the politics of the book?
  37. What is the status of the movie?
  38. WAR
  39. jennifer gov't
  40. Jen's Barcode (Spoiler)
  41. hey, who's read the book? It's fantastic
  42. Jennifer Gov't vs Syrup
  43. Jennifer Gov't..The Book!
  44. You wonder why nobody buys it?
  45. Syrup
  46. Listen to Max Barry interview
  47. About Max Barry himself...
  48. Max Barry USA tour 2004
  49. Why the delay?
  50. Why the delay?
  51. UK launch
  52. If you have read the Book
  53. Logoland (Jennifer Government?)
  54. "It's catsh-22 by way of the Matrix"
  55. Jennifer Government Starts Barcode Tattoo Fad
  56. Now that Max Barry is loaded..
  57. Who will play Hack Nike in the film?
  58. Jennifer Government 2
  59. Question about Max in the UK
  60. an online review (NS gets a mention)
  61. I have finally done it
  62. Visualisation
  63. I have only just noticed this!
  64. Jennifer Government in continental europe ?
  65. i sell it
  66. So I read the book...
  67. The book.
  68. jennifer government...
  69. Very disappointed in inability to find book
  70. Read the book, read the book, read the goddam book!
  71. *spoiler warning* A question about Violet
  72. What happens to everyone at the end? [Spoilers May Follow]
  73. Augie March
  74. Movie
  75. Merchandise?
  76. Question about Saints
  77. Character/Actor Associations
  78. Will there be a sequel?
  79. Max's next book will be...? Post your wild theories here!
  80. Sales
  81. Is Theo relevant? *Spoiler Alert*
  82. BBC Radio 2 - Sally Traffic
  83. Is the Jennifer Government world coming closer?
  84. movie website
  85. Syrup Appreciation Thread
  86. Split from 3rd Book Thread
  87. I hope...
  88. Jennifer Government - The Book
  89. Release?
  90. Logoland - isn't the title crappy?
  91. Syrup
  92. The Cemetary
  93. What movie?
  94. To Max Barry
  95. book report
  96. Jennifer Government, and the US worst case scenario
  97. Movie, sounds good but...
  98. Is Harry POtter Evil????
  99. My opinion
  100. testing something...dont bother to read
  101. AWESOME BOOK!!!
  102. Section 8 renews Jennifer Government film option
  103. The Guy who wrote the book
  104. Yay! Finally!
  105. 1st birthday of NS
  106. have to order.... argh
  107. Just got this Book From the Library Yesterday...
  108. Whats it about
  109. A book of short stories within Nation States
  110. Pardon Me...
  111. book
  112. Auditions
  113. ROFLMAO
  114. I've never read it...
  115. What is Jennifer Government about?
  116. English version in the Lowlands?
  117. Which was better?
  118. movie and website
  119. Wholly dissapointing.
  120. The movie?!
  121. Jen Gov FAQ
  122. Capitalism Vs. CapitaliZm
  123. I just finished syrup..
  124. Book sales
  125. An anecdote of the other day
  126. What has Max got against Invercargill?
  127. Paperback out: US & Canada, 6-Jan-04
  128. Heh...
  129. If you play the game, buy more than one book
  130. i can't resist peer pressure..i bought the book
  131. [violet] and Violet?
  132. Google Image Searches are cool
  133. Team Advantage-US Alliance
  134. Reading Syrup
  135. Considering buying JG...
  136. Considering buying JG...
  137. JG. Should I buy it?
  138. How is JG and NS related? *SPOILER WARNING!*
  139. Neat thing I found
  140. Looking for the "ridiculously large paperback" Sta
  141. Jennifer Govnermnet: The Game
  142. JG: Flaw
  143. is there really going to be a JG film??
  144. I Have Jennifer Government!
  145. The book
  146. JG Audio CD (8 CDs, Books on Tape)
  147. Movie idea
  148. Max Barry... Didn't Know He Looked That Good
  149. Best book ever!
  150. If you were one person....
  151. Met Max Tonight in Austin
  152. Met Max In Moutain View, California
  153. God, Yahweh, Allah, Buddha?
  154. An Ideal Theme Song For Jennifer Government - The Movie
  155. A slight inaccuracy I just noticed...
  156. A slight inaccuracy I just noticed...
  157. I GOT IT!!!!
  158. I got it, i read it, it ruled
  159. The book, the author the.....phwoargh factor!
  160. Some thoughts from a recent read of JG
  161. JG or Syrup?
  162. Where can I get Jennifer Government from?
  163. Merchandise
  164. I finshed the book!
  165. I finshed the book!
  166. I finshed the book!
  167. My apologies to Max . . . .
  168. Max redesigned his site!
  169. Enough Already
  170. I got a News Item! :D
  172. Team Advantage Shirt (Max, don't sue me!)
  173. Team Advantage Shirt (Max, don't sue me!)
  174. TA shirt (Max don't sue me!)
  175. The book is awsome!!!
  176. We Need A Sticky On This Forum
  177. Jennifer Government in the UK
  178. Favorite JG Character
  179. Favorite "Syrup" Character
  180. Max Chat 2.0!
  181. Movie name??????
  182. Jennifer Government (and Syrup) Sticky
  183. Newspaper Review
  184. Max got no money from me
  185. Sequel to JG?
  186. Isn't it sad..
  187. I read Jennifer Government
  188. I finally bought Jennifer Government........
  189. Jennifer Government (and Syrup) Sticky [off-topic split]
  190. Why Max Bary owns Tom Clancy
  191. Well Max earnt money from me.
  192. "Just Do It" - deliberate?
  193. A Sado-Masochism Site, Max!?!
  194. A Sado-Masochism Site, Max!?!
  195. So the movie's coming out when?
  196. Fan-Fiction
  197. Say, does Jennifer play NS?
  198. I'm disappointed
  199. I just read JG
  200. Jennifer Government and Waterstones
  201. Jennifer Government Movie
  202. Moral Dilemna
  203. Jennifer Government
  204. Bring on "Company" Max!!
  205. Mock Movie Posters
  206. Politically...where now?
  207. Cast Ideas
  208. JG and Economic Courses
  209. How great is this book???
  210. Question
  211. Max Barry or Maxx Barry
  212. the eye
  213. Pure Curiosity
  214. Ok, so I read the first chapter of Jen. goverment...
  215. Anyone know anything more about the Jen. Gov. movie?
  216. What about Angelina Jolie as Jennifer Government?
  217. Bought the book last night
  218. Max Berry`s Jennifer Government
  219. The Max Barry Announcements
  220. Is it just me, or is Jennifer a pretty bad mother?
  221. Reading the book now...
  222. John Nike, Cuba, and pretty pictures.
  223. Jennifer Government: The side you never saw!
  224. I'm reading your book, sir
  225. Great Book but an issue.
  226. The book -
  227. Syrup: A Brief Review
  228. I might be being dense here but..........
  229. Not sure if if I've ever actually said this...
  230. The Jennifer Government Chat Room
  231. Thank you Max!
  232. Book Chat!
  233. Movie?
  234. Jennifer Government - in Swedish
  235. Did you find it funny?
  236. NS members who read Jennifer Govt.
  237. So, what do you think of it?
  238. US Tour 2006
  239. Nationstates The movie
  240. I am just stupid.
  241. Max comes to NYC
  242. A Funny Story About Company
  243. Wow....they actually hated the donut (Minor Company and Jennifer Government spoilers)
  244. NYT Company Review
  245. Jennifer Government is on The Internet Movie Database!
  246. Jennifer Government Featured in Super Man Comic
  247. Was I hallucinating, have I blacked out, or am/was I on drugs? [possible spoilers]
  248. Mistake in JG?
  249. review
  250. has anyone read jennifer gov