NationStates Jolt Archive

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  1. An Immodest Proposal
  2. Restriction on Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  3. Prostitution Act is Insane
  4. Plz Ban Gay Marriages
  6. Just Curious...
  7. Just Curious...
  8. Same-Sex Marriages: Opinion Clarified
  9. Internation Trade tax where UN recieves.
  10. DRAFT Proposal: Joccian Genocide Campaign
  11. Googlewoop Resigns in Protest- I WANT AN ANSWER MODS!
  12. The Death to Capitalism Proposal
  13. The Death to Capitalism Proposal
  14. Proposal: The Universal Civil Union Act
  15. The Not So Serious Resolution Workshop
  16. Forest Management
  17. Seriously needed revision
  18. Worst UN Resolutions
  19. Conscription of Religious
  20. Of Balmania to consider proposal to leave the UN.
  21. Passed: Save the Forests of the World [Official Topic]
  22. Suggested Freedom of Religious Symbols Proposal
  23. Cloning Act
  24. Proposal Order Needed
  25. Proposal Order Needed
  26. Criminalization of Militarism
  27. Proposal Order Needed
  28. To Hell with following the UN mandates!
  29. War...what is it good for?
  30. What's the point of the UN?
  31. Has their been a ban on any type of guns?
  32. Failure of the UN
  33. The Soldiers of Tomorrow
  34. Proposal to create UN Space Consortium
  35. Do people take this seriusly
  36. How many UN report categories are there?
  37. What's the Deal with all the proposed resolutions???
  38. Repealability: Should we be able to repeal UN resolutions?
  39. Who is the most powerful delegate?
  40. Writing a resolution
  41. International justice
  42. An idea, serious delegates needed
  43. "Would Chipping" !?!
  44. UN Conventions on War: Debate
  45. 28th Amendment - Finally solving the gay marriage question!
  46. Geeez! OK I'll go to General! Chill out........
  47. Limitation on Import Tariffs
  48. Incoherent? Definitely.
  49. What do you think of this proposal draft?
  50. Voting rights
  51. DELETE MY RESULUTION! BEFORE ITS TO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  52. Gotta love the UN! (OOC)
  53. Gotta love the UN! (OOC)
  54. Gotta love the UN! (OOC)
  55. U.N. Delegates-Please endorse UNSC proposal!
  56. U.N. Delegates-Please endorse UNSC proposal!
  57. Power of the UN
  58. Vote, The Capital Flogging Act
  59. Delagates
  60. past UN resolution: country statistics
  61. Dont Look to the Past, Its Not there, [Retro Concervancy]
  62. Resolutions that have not passed
  63. Wanton Violence is WRONG, even if its a country
  64. PROPOSAL IDEA: The Writing of a Proposal
  65. PROPOSAL IDEA: Enforcement of NS UN Resolutions
  66. my wonderful proposal
  67. Hey do u think that kids should b alowed to use guns?
  68. calling on all delegates
  69. Help Unfairly banned
  70. Admin. help
  71. Admin. help
  72. UN too powerful?
  73. Fellow Delegates - Please support the GM Agriculture Bill
  74. The latest UN Resolution
  75. Proposal for worldwide cannibalism
  76. Proposal for worldwide cannibalism
  77. Tired of all the Liberal Influence?
  78. Position Statements
  79. WW3
  80. United Nations Resolution Writing Guide
  81. Enacting a Protection of National Animal Resolution
  82. delegates, please read.
  83. UN Powers
  84. !!$!!Industry Laws proposal!!$!!Affects Environment
  85. Replace Obsolete Reactors
  86. Save the Forests of the World
  87. International Terror War
  89. Delegates please endorse the Ballast Water proposal.
  90. proposal - the treatment of the human genome 03/03/04
  91. International ban of toothbrushing
  92. Aprove UN Space Consortium, HURRY
  93. The biggest improvement on the world would be....
  94. A Brief Announcement
  95. Latest UN Resolution
  96. Draft - rewording of the Trafficking proposal
  97. Draft - rewording of the Trafficking proposal
  98. UN Space Consortium
  99. Draft - rewording of the Trafficking proposal
  100. Support Religious Freedom
  101. Why The Un Resolutions Need Reform (Pissed off about people)
  102. Consensual War?
  103. Debate on; Why ther are ---No Resolution Curently At Vote---
  104. Proper Food Labeling UN proposal waits for endorsements
  105. Did i miss something big?
  106. the world is going to end !!!!!!!!!!!!1
  107. Concerning Forced Abortions: A Proposal
  109. UN Space Consortium
  110. Points against current resolution
  111. Which Issue is a Priority for Your Nation?
  112. Universal Child Health and Welfare
  113. Universal Child Health and Welfare
  114. you know what would make voting on resolutions better?
  115. The NORTH PACIFIC!!!!!!
  116. human rights!! no one has the right to smell bad
  117. United Currency Proposition
  118. How to sign is UN
  119. Delegates: Approve Nature Preserve
  121. Draft of International Language Proposal
  122. asylum seekers
  123. Repeal of UN resolutions
  125. Nuclear Obsolescence Proposal
  126. ALL UN DELEGATES HERE!!! What is YOUR reigion like?
  127. Delegates- please approve 'Complete Nuclear Disarmament'.
  128. UN Secuirty Council Applicants
  129. Plea for UN assistence in defending the region West Pacific
  130. Madatory Posting?
  131. New Schedule of Proposal Offences
  132. world defense comemorate needs a delagate!!!
  133. Chemical + Biological Weaponry
  134. Appeal for UN intervention in Unified Congo
  135. Mining Industry Reform
  136. Drug Laws
  137. Global Development
  138. WAR ON THE UN
  139. Do Not Pass the Rights and Duties of UN States AS IS!!!
  140. Delegates please aprove the Ballast Water proposal
  141. The UN is a fascist, corrupt body
  142. Human rights violations. PFA uses Human shields.
  143. Tapani Sovereignty Trade proposal
  144. copy of I.G.N.O.R.E cannon
  145. vote against Rights and Duties of UN States
  146. Please support Funding for Obstetric Fistulas!
  147. Right for Kids to see 70s & 80s kids TV, DRAFT
  148. new nation, questions
  149. What is the foremost environmental issue of our time ?
  150. Vote for Retraining Lemonade Workers!
  151. Ban Defective Laser Tag Guns
  152. UN Space Consortium
  153. Milestone UN proposal!!!!!
  154. I, as an individual, not a nation, declare the moon MINE.
  155. Reattempting: Abolition - capital punishment
  156. GM Food Safety
  157. Draft - International Narcotics Accord
  158. Progressive Industrialisation
  159. Progressive Industrialisation
  160. Submiting A Resolution - The Freedom of Speech
  161. please vote AGAINST combining nations in outerspace!!
  162. Legalization of Polyagamy
  163. New innovative resolution and need of endorsement for it
  164. Space exploration
  165. Warning to the United Nations Imperialistic Alliances....
  166. The importance of Spanish language
  167. Best UN Resolution ?
  168. Worst ever UN resolution ?
  169. Delegates could you PLEASE endorse my UN proposal on Ballast
  170. Lunar Base Stock Options
  171. What Moon are we talking about??
  172. Vote AGAINST the UN Space Consortium
  173. Vote AGAINST the UN Space Consortium
  174. [UN Proposal] Leave Firearms to Nations
  175. Vote AGAINST the UN Space Consortium
  176. Vote AGAINST the UN Space Consortium
  177. Vote AGAINST the UN Space Consortium
  178. Wot is da worst?
  179. Lunar Base: A death sentance for small countries
  180. Save the United Nations Foundation
  181. "Further than the Moon" still needs 90 votes dele
  182. The role of regional UN Delegates
  183. Reasons to support the UNSC
  184. Marijuana
  185. Progressive improvement of the UN and it's resolutions
  186. Progressive improvement of the UN, and future resolutions
  187. I don't know why this wasnt on the FAQ but...
  188. I love irony
  189. Turning Space into a Capitalist Adventure, not a good idea
  192. Please Move!!
  193. We should develop under water cities
  194. New proposal on Equal Rights for Working Women
  195. Pauldustllah's Approval of UN Proposals
  197. Gay proposal in the works
  198. Pauldustllahs Approval of UN proposals
  199. Those stinky aliens should adopt or leave!
  200. The League of Nations is Reborn – An Answer to the UN
  201. A Unified World
  202. Plz let me into the UN
  203. I want the moon....
  204. (proposal) Free Music File Sharing
  206. Should the UN have it's own side?
  207. question on how to play nationstates
  208. Gregor system closed to UN
  209. question
  210. What ever happened to abortion and euthanasia?
  211. UN Will die
  212. Abortion proposal
  213. New Bill
  214. erm...
  215. WAR WAR WAR!!! I need war
  216. The Third Day Off
  217. Save Our Children
  218. Draft - Human Decency and Morality
  219. For those that oppose everything about proposals
  220. Reviewing past Proposals
  221. Mods delete this thread enough info has been gathered
  222. War on Drugs
  223. --- No Resolution Currently At Vote ---
  224. The proposals are too onesided!!
  225. WestMoon leaves UN
  226. Brighten Our Night Sky
  227. Invasion of the Moon
  228. No Official Religion
  229. Corrupt Dictatorships
  230. UNSC Provisional Board proceedings
  231. Need a place of freedom to stay?
  232. Nations Rights Act of 2004
  233. Children In War
  234. Passed: Children in War [Official Topic]
  235. Destruction of all biological, chemical and viral weapons
  236. GCON Still leading the fight against the UN
  237. proposal "Third trimester abortion ban" for vote
  238. Massive Werewolf Problem
  239. Erendor is the place to be.....
  241. Draft: Language days
  242. International Language Days (DRAFT)
  243. My new Proposal
  244. No Firearms for Civilians
  245. I'm new at this so hear me out.
  246. Submitted: License to Parent
  247. The sea
  248. I would like to prepose something.
  249. Beautiful Lesbians should get special priveleges...
  250. Relationship