NationStates Jolt Archive

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  1. A 'No more whereas' proposal
  2. A 'No more whereas' proposal
  3. A plea to the delegates, stop bad resolutions!
  4. National sovereignty in the UN
  5. National sovereignty in the UN
  6. What i the point of being in the Un?
  7. Banning of sea mines
  8. Alternatives to torture forum
  9. Abortion again
  10. removal of bioweapons ban
  11. Serious Proposal, Against O.U.C.H
  12. Proposal: International Space Agreement
  13. International Space Agreement
  14. Neutrality
  15. Interrogations
  16. Current UN resolution
  17. Accidently ejected a nation!!! HELP!!!
  18. Proposals
  19. a wise proposal that can fix the united nations
  20. New Proposal: Abolish Liberalism
  21. New Proposal: Love Your Country and History!
  22. When does the UN update
  23. Is The UN a "Date Rapist" ???
  24. Fantastic proposal needs backing :o)
  25. Call for endorsements to repeal mandatory immunization.
  26. USSCR leaves
  27. USSCR leaves
  28. Movement against the next resolution!!!
  29. New Proposal: Abortion
  30. New Proposal: Abortion
  31. New Proposal: Abortion
  32. Forced Union Negotiation
  33. Repeal Mandatory Immunizations
  34. Incorrect category
  35. Support "Medical Marijuana"
  36. Amend the "Barbaric Punishments" resolution?
  37. So the new torture resolution has passed...
  38. Hippo Day?!?
  39. Make the death penalty legal throughout the world
  40. Hippos supreme?
  41. VOTE to Increase Economic Freedoms! Now! Fark!
  42. Vote For Forced Union Negotiation!
  43. Ejected from the UN for hipicritical reasons.
  44. Tiered Trading system proposal
  45. Cessation of WorkStoppages Proposal
  46. Equal Pay for Equal work, is it a good idea?
  47. UN Delegate
  48. Are you for or against abortions?
  49. Anarchy Days
  50. Possible Torture Ban Amendment
  51. I know you want a 'special' ambassador for your country...
  52. Award for most childish proposal.
  53. The hippo proposal is the dumbest thing i've ever read...
  54. New God Proposal --- Help me UN Delagates
  55. Free Trade Proposal
  56. Coffee Free Trade Resolution
  57. Fuel Efficiency.. please approve it
  59. Ban Genocide
  60. vote for sexual intercouse in public
  61. vote for sexual intercouse in public
  62. vote for sexual intercouse in public
  63. vote for sexual intercouse in public
  64. Approval of Napalm Ban
  65. Approval of Napalm Ban
  66. Telemarketing ban
  67. Nuclear Weapons allowed?
  68. Anti-Obscenity Act
  69. Issue on Nuclear warfare.
  70. Whoever votes to replace Xmas with Hippo Appreciation Day...
  71. Commonwealth of Feeky Issues Official Statement About Hippos
  72. Alert: UN Rules violations by JARROS
  73. To whom as it may concern...
  74. Revamp o`barbaric punishiment act
  75. Abolition of Nationalization
  76. Lift the bans on weapons of mass destruction!
  77. A way to have war has been made
  78. Should we build off world colonies on the moon?
  79. New proposal-My son is a trooper at 10
  80. Help LEDC's help themselves
  81. Appropriate Naming of Proposals
  83. Vote the poll!Do you like the UN rules???
  84. Torture Ban Amendment
  85. Banning of Public Male Nudity
  86. Industries Rights Act
  87. Propasal: Use of Open Software
  88. 'Government Transparency' proposal
  89. New proposals
  90. Hippo awareness day?! why!?
  91. Proposal; World Security Act
  92. Vote YES on the Hippo bill!
  94. Make GIGLI a war crime!
  95. Vote on goods inspection act
  96. Here's a thought....
  98. Banning People
  99. Just incase you didn't see it-
  100. Traditional Marriage
  101. Proposal: Army of Vagrants
  102. World Security Act: One of the best proposals I've seen
  103. NationStates 2: Would you pay for this
  104. NationStates 2: Would you pay for this
  105. NationStates 2: Would you pay for this
  106. Sexual Intercoruse
  107. Sexual Intercoruse
  108. Sexual Intercoruse
  109. Hello from The Prophet of The Republic of New Gan Eden
  110. Death to Super Squirrles!! Death to the Great Satan!!
  111. Do you support gay marriage?
  112. Convention Against O.U.C.H. MK II.
  114. How do I become a delagete?
  116. Government Change
  117. I'm having trouble becoming a member, please help!
  118. Proposal -- 18 is the age
  119. Real Proposals
  120. How do i become a delegate?
  121. vote on goods inspection act
  122. Hippo Awareness Day
  123. Kings to Gods Proposal
  124. Proposal for a global energy currency
  125. Cats and Dogs Interspecies marriage
  126. My proposal: End Linguistical Imperialism!
  127. sex
  128. Please Support a Living Wage
  129. Outrage
  131. gay right
  132. New Member Seeking UN Membership
  133. Fear the Hippos
  134. Delegates: Support the "No Guns for Cons" Bill
  135. Why does this happen?
  136. Black Market
  137. New Economic Proposal: Corporate Employment Benefits
  138. Coffee Bean Free Trade Resolution
  139. the Grendl
  140. the region larune looking for a delegate
  141. the region larune looking for a delegate
  142. Would you want your country to be Communist or a Democracy?
  143. C.D.S.N protest the aggressive move of the Setian Nation
  144. FREE SADDAM1!!!
  145. Hunger Site
  146. Hunger Site
  147. Hunger Site
  148. vote against the hippo bill its ignorant not funny at all!!!
  149. vote against the hippo bill its ignorant not funny at all!!!
  150. Repeal the "Fight the Axis of Evil" resolution?
  151. Repeal the "Fight the Axis of Evil" resolution?
  152. is this proposal valid to make in the UN?
  153. Put a stop to terrorism while making money
  154. Endangered species proposal (not hippos)
  155. Please support the Fair trade coffee act
  156. Government in suspending basic human rights???
  157. Proposal: "For to happy free to be good"
  158. The Licensed Procreation Act
  159. Proposal to add Immigration / Population Issues
  160. UN Proposals Ending Today
  161. Ban Santa! - Help to approve this proposal!
  162. Rum&sfield are liers!
  163. My 1st proposal [1st post!] - Repeal "Fight the Axis of
  164. 1 time ask proposal
  165. UN Proposals End Today Please Approve
  166. First Proposal: Freedom from SPAM Act
  167. the hippo bill is stupid
  168. Legalize Torture of Incompetent Teachers
  169. Need an endorsement
  170. The Security Council proposal
  171. The over spill, tragedy across a sixth sense.
  172. Eric the Half a Bee
  173. Calling all Delegates! The time is NOW!!!
  174. Colonization of the Moon proposal please support
  175. Support development of a search engine
  176. Please Learn to Spell...The UN Says that You Must
  177. Join the SOBER SOUTH TOday!
  178. Support UN Proposal - Remember our soldiers
  179. Gas Caps Proposal
  180. Proposal: Sterilize Uglies
  181. Due Process for Juveniles
  182. Support Gay Marrige
  183. Becoming a Delegate
  184. Support Scientific Research Wroldwide
  185. My proposal
  186. Criminal Tracking proposal
  187. Hippos
  188. Freedom of using your own language ...
  189. Serious Proposals
  190. Proposal: Ban Religion in Schools
  191. Responsible Globalization
  192. New Proposals at the UN?
  193. End of Capital Punishment
  194. Save Quanda
  195. Help needed - category information
  196. Commersial from other regions !!
  197. Protect Endangered Species (please support)
  198. No more lead!
  199. New Proposal - Freedom of Conscience Act
  200. New Proposal - Freedom of Conscience Act
  201. New Proposal - Unfettered Access to Water
  202. Before Contacting a Pacific delegate about a Resolution...
  203. Any one willing to join the nation "queendom of ireance
  204. The Right to Comfortably Live
  205. Compulsory Bill of Rights
  206. Proposal:my son is a soldier at 10.
  208. Human Rights for non Human races.
  209. Legalize Gambling - Vote Now
  210. A new proposal : Equal Rights for the Pollo Diablo
  211. Why SPAM???
  212. Communications Satellites (proposal)
  213. New Proposal - Bruce Springsteen Day
  214. Nations of the World .. take a moment to read- Spam
  215. Endorsements
  216. A [more] Modest Proposal
  217. The Execution of White trash. Check it out in the proposals
  218. The Execution of White trash. Check it out in the proposals
  219. International court proposal
  220. International court proposal
  221. International court proposal
  222. UN Delegates, support the Peaceful World 2003 Proposal!
  223. the exicuiton of white trash plz vote for in un proposal
  224. Click me, I am a catchy UN Piece of Legislation
  225. Proposal: Divorse Clause
  227. SMS debate
  228. In reference to "IMPORTANT NEW PROPOSAL!"
  229. In reference to "IMPORTANT NEW PROPOSAL!"
  230. In reference to "IMPORTANT NEW PROPOSAL!"
  231. How to become a un delegate?
  232. Terrorism Act
  233. Repeal Gay Rights!
  234. All hail me!!!!!!
  235. Increas Miltary and Police funding
  236. All hail me!!!!!!
  237. Increas Miltary and Police funding
  238. Please Approve the repeal of the Landmine ban
  239. as Baron Porkonia said this dude was just joking
  240. Support The Santa Clause!
  241. Please Vote to Arm All Airplane Passengers
  242. Please Vote to Arm All Airplane Passengers
  243. Please Vote to Arm All Airplane Passengers
  244. The Laws of Robotics
  245. Vote against spam - and what to do about it in the future
  246. UN Proposal "Dictators on the way out"
  247. Proposel: Children's choices in schools to change.
  248. Proposal: Preventing Religious Extremism
  249. Proposal: Preventing Religious Extremism