NationStates Jolt Archive

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  1. New Proposal: Minimum I.Q. Requirements for Delegates
  2. General Announcement: Attention ISI
  3. Please vote . "Population Reduction Initiativ"
  4. Globalization Initiative- Free Immigration
  5. GenetiCorp
  6. Stupid Child Porn Resolution
  7. United Nations Space Command <-All UN Members read
  8. UN Members Needed
  9. Request for the UNSC to be officially recognized
  10. Request for A territory to be considered under UN protection
  11. The Religio-Scientific Act?
  12. The GenetiCorp Convention- Why vote no? EVERYONE READ!
  13. The GenetiCorp Convention- Why vote no? EVERYONE READ!
  14. The GenetiCorp Convention- Why vote no? EVERYONE READ!
  15. The Ernest Hemingway Proposal
  16. TORT REFORM!!!
  17. Ministry of Compliance
  18. Geneticorp-a danger to national security?
  19. The Nuclear Regulatory Act
  20. Geneticorp - Inherently short sighted
  21. rewording UN resolutions
  22. Unintended consequences of GenitiCorp and a Safeguard Clause
  23. Population reduction initiativ (has been disappeared)???
  24. Population Engineering (offshoot of "population reducti
  25. Clones having equal rights!?!?!?
  26. New Proposal Regarding Porography
  27. clones should have rights!
  28. Geneticorp: YES and Why
  29. In Defense of Human Cloning
  30. Poll on UN Opinion on a Possible UN Structure Change
  31. BREAKING NEWS--A Must Read!!!
  32. BREAKING NEWS--A Must Read!!!
  33. Soverign Rights
  34. War of Assassins U.N. Proposal
  37. The Bob of Non-Rights
  38. Anti-Monopoly Act: Endorsement period ends today!
  39. The Antibiotic-Resistant Disease Reduction Act
  40. Before you embarass your nation...
  41. please vote on my resolution
  42. Potential Imperial Proposal
  43. Lopomatos King Lopotus II has died last night.
  44. Should clones become our slave force?
  45. Should Slavery on Nationstates be legalised?
  46. An End to Cruel Sports
  47. Time For Change
  48. The Essential Right of Self, UN proposal
  49. Preserve national soverignty now!
  50. Nations for sale!! (Sort of)
  51. UN proposal: No WAR until a nation is one month old
  52. UN Proposition to make NS more fun
  53. International Trade: Reduction and Elimination of Tariffs
  54. The liu bei acts for children
  55. New proposal on military action
  56. Is Taxation Robbery?
  57. Official Languages
  58. Most excellent, another resolution fails!
  59. Automobilia convention, U.N. Proposal, last page
  60. Proposal by the Republic of Soviet Amazonia
  61. Francos spain....what do you have against them?
  62. Lets kill all the fascists...
  64. New Proposal: Reduce Antibiotic Resistance
  65. Support "Required Biology Classes"
  66. --- No Resolution Currently At Vote ---
  67. Mental Health bill
  69. Babies and Guns UN Proposal
  70. UN proposal: Marriage Recognition II
  71. Education Effiency Bill
  72. Repel the Elimination of Bio Weapons Resolution!
  73. NS-UN Update and the AIDS resolution
  74. UN participation
  75. The Holy Empire presents you with the Armed Society Act
  76. Don't pass the Nationalazation of Welfare
  77. A vote AGAINST "Global AIDS Initiative" (sadly)
  78. There is no proof for the existance of the HI-virus
  80. Calapooya Workers Stand against AIDS charade
  81. Proposed Resolution on Biotechnology
  82. Vote AGAINST the AIDS Resolution
  83. Delgates: One day left to stop deadly strains of bacteria
  84. A Global Proposition/Une Proposition Globale!
  85. No more war?
  86. The Global AIDS Initiative
  87. Aids
  88. Want to join the United nations
  89. UN
  90. UN Initiative-Why below market prices?
  92. The Heston Resolution
  93. CRIME
  94. Resignation from the United Nations
  95. individualism 101 CLICK IT HERE
  96. Can't anyone spell correctly anymore?
  97. Attention UN Delagates
  98. responding to telegrams from UN
  99. The National Sovereignty Act
  100. all DELEGATES
  102. Chernobyl Proposal
  103. What They Don't Want You to Know about the UN
  104. Resubmitted: Reduce Antibiotic Resistance
  105. Support the Pet Protection Act!
  106. Should hamsters be made legal?
  107. How do we oppose the leftie politics of the UN
  108. International Investigation Council
  109. New Proposal: Cut Subsidies and Tariffs
  110. Not just another gun control/gun rights resolution.
  111. Proposal: Open Skies Declaration
  112. Soon to be proposed: The Scandinavian Drug Class Act.
  113. ignore.
  114. tax will never be banned by me
  115. War Etiquette Initiative
  116. Regional Delegate?
  117. United Nations Liberal Caucus
  118. I spit on this:
  119. On the future of robots and the human race
  120. The UN is ineffective!
  121. on the leadership accountability act
  122. UN Conservative Caucus
  123. Just a note of thanks
  124. global defense project
  125. Velour Suits
  126. UN Moral Caucus
  127. Join me in threatening to leave the UN!
  128. Liberty's Requiem
  129. un delagates HELP!!!!!!
  130. Proposals limiting a nation's ability to make war...
  131. Pro Life UN
  132. Abortion
  133. We Have Rejoined the United Nations...
  134. Socialism!
  135. Support the Economic Freedom proposal
  136. The leader of the world
  137. UN Beachcombers and Beachlovers Caucus
  138. Transportation Fund Proposal
  139. Proposal to outlaw all religiously motivated alliances
  140. Why I Voted No on Medicine Resolution
  141. Return of the Anti-Monopoly Resolution!
  142. UN voting
  143. The obvious YES to "No Embargoes on Medicine"
  144. Vote No to Medicine Resolution = Vote Yes to Clarity
  145. Our Senate SUPPORTS the Medical Resolution
  146. UN member needs help in international inccidents forum
  147. Delegates
  148. Equal Rights
  149. UN Worthlessness Caucus
  150. Can I join?
  151. Need some help here from the delegates......
  152. Equal Rights Act
  153. United Nations Libertarian Caucus - Defending the Free World
  154. Rubber Stamp
  155. The UN Army
  156. UN Delegates...give consideration to this
  157. UN Apathy Caucus
  158. UN Anti-Caucus Caucus
  159. Much better RPG
  160. Support the Partial Birth Abortion Ban
  161. Freedom of Humor
  162. Nuclear Weapons Ban
  163. QP
  164. Resignation
  165. Medical Liberty proposal
  166. Kill Bill
  167. Delegates, please consider the Flat World proposal
  168. Support the Amendments to the GAI Proposal
  169. The Pet Protection Act II -- Now with Bite!
  170. Support the Equality for Lefties Act!
  171. Reasons for being in the UN
  172. gothville is going to attack me
  173. United Nations Dissolvement Act
  174. Let's play ping pong
  175. No Embargoes on Medicine proposal
  176. Socialism
  177. Medicine Resolution has no Patent protection
  180. A Resolution to Crash the World Economy....
  181. designation of protected environmental areas
  182. WITHDRAW YOUR VOTES! Vote AGAINST "No Embargoes on...
  183. Potential Founding of The World Health Organization
  184. Proposed: The Vatican Flag Act
  185. UN anti-anti-caucus caucus: guzzle beer and ridicule em all.
  186. Improve the world's cultural perspective!
  187. Calling all Delegates: Vote for the Sport for War Act
  188. Voter's Freedoms of Choice
  189. Should UN have stricter environmental laws?
  190. UN is fixed!!!
  191. Well...
  192. Voting Stance of Delegates on 'No Embargoes on Medicine'
  194. Why did nations vote for no medical embargos
  195. UN Delegates, please support the legalization of gambling!
  196. Freedom of Education
  197. Capitalism
  198. Before Contacting a Delegate/Requesting Support for Proposal
  199. Support The World Health Organization
  200. Voting
  201. New proposal: Unrestricted Faith Non-Faith
  202. The UN is way way way too defunct and weak and doesn't work.
  203. Attn Regional Delegates: Marijuana Punishment Reduction Act
  204. I propose that we embrace the world hunger crisis.
  205. Forest protection and Protect the orphans Proposals
  206. I propose we build a 400 foot gold statue of Ronald Reagan
  209. How about Freedom From Slander?
  211. support my resolution for banning dog eating
  212. Support the environment
  213. FDR was a cripple and the world must be aware of this
  214. Revisions to "No Embargos on Medicine' proposal
  215. 24 Hour Licensing Act
  216. To do something about the automobile pollution problem...
  217. guns are they ok?
  218. Disease in Developing Nations Proposal
  219. Freedom??
  220. Current UN Resolution: Dumping Toxic Waste in the Ocean
  221. The UN is a Lost Cause
  222. Delegates Please Read!!!!!!!!!!!
  223. War on Sudan is it over???
  224. Hi
  225. Ban Spankings?
  226. Declaration of Rights
  227. Legalizing all soft-core drugs
  228. Stop telling me what to do!
  229. Growing ignorance in the UN?
  230. Finally! A resolution to help industry!
  231. Support the Decent Sexuality Reform Act
  232. Wrongfully ejected from the United Nations
  233. The Right to Organize
  234. Control Of Oceanic Dumping
  235. support the Uranium and Radiotherapy act
  236. United Nations Day Resolution
  237. Please Do NOT support the teacher's gun act
  238. Come support the cyborg warfare proposal
  239. INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  240. Gambleing
  241. PLEASE Support War Medicine Act
  242. Oceanic Waste Dumping vs. Stop dumping - Start Cleaning
  243. Against The Establishment of Religion
  244. Mocking Bird Protection Agency
  245. Can nations within the United Nations Attack each other?
  246. A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights
  247. should the UN allow immortality to develop
  248. Review of Oceanic Toxic Dumpic
  249. ANIME!!
  250. Who is in charge of the UN?