NationStates Jolt Archive

This archive contains forum content published between 2002 - 2009 by participants in the NationStates online game. The forum was hosted by the now-defunct Jolt Online Gaming company, until it was closed in 2009. This archive was created in February 2010, at a time when the forum was online in a read-only state, and then published late 2013, after Jolt Online Gaming was closed and its website shut down.

The content reproduced in this archive is the intellectual property of its original authors. As this archive is not affiliated with Jolt Online Gaming, nor with NationStates, its reproduction here is in a gray zone, but is done for informational purposes without commercial intent.

The archive contains only the forum's posts along with publicly displayed aliases of authors, but no other user-related information.

If you wish to redact posts that you wrote, or posts that contain personal information, please send the URLs to Your communication will be treated confidentially. As the archive does not possess any personal information beyond aliases, you cannot and do not need to prove your identity; all requests made in good faith will be complied with.