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  2. Considering a National Sovereignty Proposal
  3. The UN
  4. The UN is too progressive for its own good -- and the World!
  5. the anti-free trade proposal
  6. UN Delegates, please check in here!
  7. Freedom of Healthcare
  8. Free Speech
  9. The United Nations Overstepping its Jurisdiction
  10. Answer to all your repeal this resolution questions...
  11. Does UN voting really matter?
  12. The Bill of No Rights
  13. Protecting Our Rights and Liberties
  14. Ammend Resolution 437B
  15. How long does it take to come up with a new topic for the UN
  16. I tried to propose, but ...
  17. Non-Human Rights
  18. Does anyone ever submit a proposal that is not strong?
  19. Please support this really...
  20. UN Proposals
  21. Just to clear something up...
  22. How to become Delegate?
  23. "Against same sex Marriage"
  24. UN Proposal take a look at is please
  25. Endorse International Criminal Court proposal now!
  27. Final Word From [violet] (telegrams, spam or not)
  28. No more asylum seekers
  29. We need your support
  30. reform "The Pacific" region&over the dictator
  31. the kingdom of sleyth is a cheater
  32. proposal against same sex marriage
  33. Proposal for a Basic right to Fashion...Vote now!
  34. The Wolfish POW not right
  35. Sexual Polygamy Legalized Marriages
  36. HOW DO U GET INTO THE UN!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  37. Greensville
  38. Teach Facts proposal
  39. Raysia might leave the UN
  40. Establishment of a UN Headquarters
  42. "Beat Commies With Sticks" (I've had it!)
  43. Punishment of Genocide
  44. UN Constitution (brainstorm)
  45. Proposal for Taxation Resolution
  46. Free Medical Training Proposal
  47. Cato Acts -- Now a Resolution!
  48. Article VII- of current resolution...
  49. Vote AGAINST The Cato Acts
  50. Defeated: The CATO Acts [Official Topic]
  51. why you should vote against the current proposal
  52. In Objection to Xikuang's UN classification
  53. CATO Article 4
  54. Cato Acts and the Responsible Choice
  55. No on Cato
  56. Cato acts
  57. Why Cato Does Not Violate National Sovereignity
  58. Issues held against the Cato Resolution
  59. Minimum wage law.
  60. The Cato Acts Debate
  61. Leave the UN!
  62. The signature of Opposition.
  63. The Cato Acts
  64. Cato Article VII
  65. NS-UN Update Rejects Cato Acts
  66. Charter of Civil Rights and freedoms
  67. How Do I conatct a MOD?
  68. We must define "Free Education"
  69. Why have there never been any war crimes trials by the UN
  70. Defeated: The Bill Of No Rights! [Official Topic]
  71. Cato Acts Doomed to Failure
  72. Bill of No Rights: What does it accomplish?
  73. Ejected Pilot Protection (Approvals End TODAY)
  74. What does everyone think about a Bike Vouchers propasal?
  75. Ban The Death Penalty
  76. NS-UN Update ENDORSES Bill of No Rights
  77. Cate Article VIII
  78. We thought we should let you know...
  79. Free Medical Training
  80. proposal Constitution of the free world
  81. Endorse the IEA: Protect your country from terrorism!
  82. Help the Poor!
  83. Sell the UN
  84. Resolution Gold Star
  85. New proposal to improve education:
  86. please endorce my proposal "Constituition of the free w
  87. CATO concern: Article VI
  88. Hurray!
  89. Support the InterFood Proposal!
  90. Ammend Basic Democratic Freedoms
  91. Proposal: International Standardization
  92. Affirming same-sex marriages
  93. "collateral Damage" is terrorism
  94. Kyotonia's Concerns On The Cato Acts
  95. proposal called "Constitution of free world " plea
  96. Proposed Act and amendment for development of economies
  97. Bill of No Rights
  98. We seek your approval for a war
  99. International Criminal TRIBUNAL (ICT) in Gorolandia
  100. Educational Rights 4 Humanity?
  101. Educational Rights 4 Humanity?
  102. Rejected Resolutions
  103. The Respect of Government Act
  104. Approve the Taser Gun Replacment Act!!!
  105. HERSTORY et al
  106. Who will stand stand up for the poor?
  108. I would to appeal the for my ejected from UN
  110. Disarm your weapons of mass destruction proposal.
  111. Save the Forests!!!
  112. Request for Authorization of Sanctions against Isochronous
  114. Adelaide is OK
  115. Human Trafficking Victims Act
  116. Checks and Balances for a more Democratic UN
  117. Save the UN! (Integrity of United Nations Act)
  118. Iran next?
  119. Support the Bill of No Rights!
  120. New region
  122. Department of Peace
  123. Why can't I join?
  124. The Global Market copied his proposal off a website!
  125. Michael Malthus shoots down... "Private Schools"
  126. The Bill of No Rights
  127. Malthus' view: Mission to Mars Act
  128. The Region Of Heideland
  129. Articles of Free Trade and Amended Article
  130. How do I become a UN member
  131. Delegates, Approve the Socializm Act!
  132. New Proposal: Variable Minimum Wage
  133. Doomsday devices
  134. The Bill of No Rights
  135. A resolution of great impo(r)tance
  136. The Right to an Education
  137. Why the "Bill of No Rights" is pointless
  138. An affirmation of sovereignty (IC)
  139. The Global Market, at one point, voted AGAINST "TBoNR&q
  140. The Bill of No Rights=bad idea
  141. Support the Gay Rights Act!
  142. Support the no Pointless Lawsuits proposal!
  143. Approve "Race-Neutrality"
  144. Stop Using The U.N. to Push YOUR LIBERAL Agenda On Us!!
  145. Delegates, look into The P2P Resolution!
  146. The right to enslave
  147. The Right to Enslave, Now a Proposal
  148. Do Endorse The Gay Rights Act
  149. Abuse of UN
  150. Etiquette Question: Resubmission of Proposals
  151. Biotechnology? Yea? Nay?
  152. Final Draft of the Biotech Resolution
  153. People vote against this?!
  154. Tobin Tax: Stabilizing International Monetary Markets
  155. KILL THE POP-UPS!!!
  156. Why the Bill of No Rights makes sense (don't hurt me!)
  157. Transparent Elections Act
  158. Please endorse my nation and the Lifesaving Act - Ban Guns!
  159. proposal ammendment
  160. GenetiCorp Convention Proposal.... Please Approve
  161. New Treaty/Convention
  162. Bill of No Rights supporting framework...
  163. Subsidized Contraceptives Act
  164. Anti-Monopoly Act
  165. Economy issue
  166. A Sovereign Nation's Rights
  167. The Bill Of No Rights Makes Sense
  168. Jettaman’s proposal on child labor
  169. Proposal--No Bars on Polls
  170. The Bill of Privileges
  171. Hate Group Proposals
  172. Resolutions: the Walt Dixie methods
  173. check out my law
  174. Sustainable Efficiency Resolution
  175. Opium crop is in!!!
  176. This should be enforced
  177. Re-Submitted: Human Trafficking Victims Act
  178. Support the Nuclear Regulatory Act!!!!!
  179. Support the Etchar Act
  180. Support "Healthcare for All"
  181. What Is the U.N.'s Mission?
  182. Whatever happened to sovereignty?
  183. Esamopia reflects on recent gains in UN!
  184. Proposal: Year Round Schooling?
  185. Support the Anti-Racism Act
  186. Repeal the Axis of Evil
  187. Proposal from the region of Neo-Hawai
  188. Spam and mailings about proposals
  190. Peace Keepers
  191. Support a healthy world
  192. Stupid Law Proposal
  193. How long does it take to get admitted to the NS-UN?
  194. Vote FOR the International Space Initiative (ISI)
  195. International Space Initiative
  196. Epidemia proposal (Environmental Repair)
  197. Vote NO on ISI - Wait for ISS!
  198. NS-UN Update REJECTS the International Space Initiative
  199. Vote against ISI
  200. UN resolutions
  201. Inalienable Rights
  202. A Vote Against ISI is For Nat'l Sovereignty.
  203. Ban emotion(Prozium Bill)
  204. Free Access Gun Control (A REAL gun control law)
  205. Ban the Nukes!
  206. Delegates--please approve "Fishing Quotas" proposa
  207. Debate on the Function of National Sovereignty.
  208. International Holiday? Sounds good to me...
  209. Ban the whale
  210. Vote against the ISI!
  211. We should have more gun control
  212. Compliance Ministry: Eh?
  213. The Cemetary
  214. Compliance Ministy
  215. Why vote for an initiative that isn't even spelled correctly
  216. Got unwanted telegram? Resign.
  217. How do you take over other nations
  218. How do you take over other nations
  219. Intriguing Telegram
  220. Lands beyond Earth?
  221. what does this tele mean
  222. Endorsements are needed.
  223. a proposal
  224. Attack upon linguistic and cultural diversity
  225. Urgent all UN delegates
  226. Operation: Mortal Engines
  227. L.I.D.O. is the future for our children
  228. The Morality Act
  229. The Republic Of World Communism.
  230. universal currencey
  231. i dont understand...someone help me
  232. Regarding Space Proposals
  234. Ejected from my home - A Next Move
  235. Anti-Monopoly Act Re-Introduced!
  236. I would like to make my own gun control proposal.
  237. Convention on Biotechnology
  238. Proposal Proportional Representation
  239. A new U.N. proposal
  240. my mum
  241. Final Delegate Votes on the ISI
  242. FYI: Translation of ''Defense anti-asteroide'' proposal
  243. In the Nation States Forum Menelmacar Wrote:
  244. ISI Alert: Query.
  245. The Prohibition of Landmines
  246. New Proposal
  247. NS-UN Update REJECTS GenetiCorp Convention
  248. UN, stop this guy!
  249. Subsidized Contraceptives Act Re-Introduced!
  250. SDI?