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  1. Airport Issue
  2. Organ donation issues
  3. Not Receiving New Issues
  4. Abortion issue?
  5. General effects of Issues
  6. Issue Submission
  7. Issue Idea: Disappearing @@NAME@@!
  8. issue submitted, but want to have looked over: male circumcision
  9. Issue Idea: advertisment industry: Eating us alive
  10. Emigration issue
  11. Issue: Free Broad Band
  12. My doubts
  13. NS Olympics Question
  14. This issue confuses me... [Long read]
  15. Would like help with an issue idea related to New Year's Day
  16. How to Reduce Government Waste?
  17. Which option should I choose?
  18. Insulting Issue
  19. Related to "Insulting Issue" - #171 a joke?
  20. Today's Issue: Supreme Court Justice
  21. Badly defined issue
  22. The Hack
  23. Possible option missing
  24. Beauty pagent problems
  25. number of issues
  26. Leftist economy AND High Civil/Political Rights? How?
  27. "Waste Going To Waste, Says Industry Lobby"
  28. help them out
  29. New issue help
  30. How does this happen?
  31. issue idea: hungry hungry hippies
  32. New Issue Idea: Killer Chemo
  33. Only one issue?
  34. What does the Intrnl Issue do?
  35. new issue idea
  36. Time To Put The Older Senators Out to Pasture?- Addition to choice idea
  37. ViZion's Issues: Group 1
  38. Private Sector
  39. New Issue: National Tradgedy, Air crash disaster
  40. New Issue: Church and State Debate
  41. Only You Can Start Wild Fires
  42. Lick postage stamps for good?
  43. A Fishy Debate
  44. issue bug?
  45. Questions / Comments about ISSUES.
  46. New issue: Witchhunt
  47. New Issue: Inhibitions about Prohibition
  48. New Issue:Daddies, Give them time off?
  49. [New Issue] Dentists Are Sadists
  50. Voting Causes Crime?
  51. I think there should be an issue related to weather manipulation...
  52. Just a comment on this issue...
  53. New Issue: Underground @@ANIMAL@@ fighting
  54. How much sense does this make?
  55. Why did this happen?
  56. Beef-Based Agriculture industry Issue
  57. Consequences?
  58. Irrelevant issues
  59. New Issues:
  60. Age of consent
  61. A couple issues with issues
  62. How old is this issue ?
  63. Newest Issue: Violent Violetists
  64. Right of Way or Wrong of Way?
  65. Only one issue today
  66. Terrorism issue.
  67. Dangerously cheesy #189 *SPOILER*
  68. Question about an issue *spoilers*
  69. Citizens Shocked by Psychic Sleuths! [suggestions?]
  70. Issue Ideas
  71. funniest Outstanding issue choice ever?
  72. Crime
  73. What the hell...
  74. Nazis! Help!
  75. The best issue ever?
  76. Critic for Issues
  77. Effects of "Military Demands Increased Spending"
  78. Stupid Commies
  79. Issues don't do anything?
  80. The polygamy issue...
  81. New Issue
  82. Affirmative Action in Vladimir Illich?
  83. Does anyone else get bored?
  84. New Marijuana Issue
  85. Eating your national animal
  86. Issue concept: Curfew Breakers Cause Commotion
  87. Another need for elaboration... nudism
  88. Issues
  89. Lowering taxes
  90. eminent domain issue?
  91. Spelling Mistake
  92. Greenbelt Issue
  93. Best Issue Title?
  94. How do you write an issue?
  95. Question about Software Giant issue (SPOILERS)
  96. Dismissing issues (possible spoiler)
  97. Question about Big Brother Anti Crime system. *SPOILERS*
  98. New Issue: The Life Sucking MMORPGs
  99. Issue Idea: @NAME@'s Workers In Need of a Vacation?
  100. Question… about an issue
  101. Typo
  102. Police funding issues: Police weaponry
  103. New Issue: Dog Do Doing Damage
  104. Corruption
  105. Tentative issue idea
  106. New Issue: Running Around Education
  107. New Issue: A Minor Alcohol Problem
  108. Civil Rights
  109. Dog-like Dogs
  110. Should Democracy Be Compulsory?
  111. Oxymoron Laws?
  112. Dear.....
  113. Question
  114. I LoLed at this one
  115. Which gender?
  116. New issue: New National Capital?
  117. New Issue: Earning For Nothing
  118. poached or controlled?
  119. poached or controlled?
  120. Enquiry
  121. New Issue Idea: Parliament's Pay
  122. Just Whose Kids Are These Anyway, Ask Fathers?
  123. Gunman Kills Three *Semi-Spoiler/Question*
  124. New issue:Well known @@NAME@@ diplomat starts an international religous controversy
  125. New Issue: Everyone wants Alcohol.
  126. New Issue:Box Office Blues
  127. Policy revoke
  128. Maternity Leave issue comment
  129. idea for issue
  130. An idea for an issue, first time so don't be to hard.
  131. NationStates guilty of believing myth that courts make law
  132. Randomize order of debators' opinions in issues?
  133. Randomize order of debators' opinions in issues?
  134. Not sure where else to post
  135. Issues issues
  136. Question about Private Industry *spoiler*
  138. More issues daily
  139. -+Follow up Issues+-
  140. New issue:@@ANIMAL@@ flu pandemic plan
  141. Issue choices
  142. New Issue Idea-Intelligence Test for Voting
  143. New Issue Idea-Ban Youth Orginizations
  144. govt affair option
  145. this is just ridiculus
  146. Issue Idea: Aircraft Security.
  147. Regional influence redundancy
  148. Am I just really dumb?
  149. Issue idea
  150. Issue/option for a certain effect
  151. Issue Idea: Help Wanted
  152. New Issue
  153. Suggestion: Mayor Mightmares
  154. How dost thou createth issues?
  155. How Do I
  156. Another Issue Idea: Fruit Lobby Getting Fresh
  157. just a thought
  158. Current Issue has faulty information
  159. New issue
  160. New Issue: The Technophobia of @@NAME@@
  161. I'm Back!
  162. New Issue: Clumshell Packages Endanger Unaware Buyers
  163. What the?(mobile phones"
  164. We need a National Anthem!
  165. Corrupt dicatorship to psychotic dictatorship
  166. Very Funny Game Current Issue / EVERYONE MUST READ!
  167. Issue Idea: non-voluntary euthanasia / hospice
  168. Issue: Chainsaw + Trees = Paper?
  169. This is a toughie -- corp run prisons
  170. Repeating issues...?
  171. Issue Devlopment
  172. New Issue: Prisoner Perks Peturbs Periwinkles
  173. What´s with the smart nations?
  174. Contradiction on country page
  175. God versus the Country
  176. Dismissing issues does nothing?
  177. Are you sure issues are random?
  178. Uhm... issues?
  179. Issue Bias.
  180. Eugenics anyone?
  181. Easter Egg: Aliens Wish Peace/Trade Agreement
  182. Funny
  183. Issues with Issues!
  184. Contradictions.....
  185. Can these choices be MORE slanted???
  186. What's In A Name, Anyway?
  187. Death Penalty [split from Issues FAQ]
  188. Superheros.
  189. Wicked Weapon Woes
  190. Inconsistent Issue-Descriptions
  191. Issue Complaint: Offensive
  192. Issues with all extremes and no moderate choices?
  193. New Issue Idea: Sleeping on the job?
  194. Uranium issue
  195. Why are the issues so hands-off?!!
  196. Medical malpractise lawsuits
  197. what is the outcome of this issue
  198. Strange...
  199. Names changing in issues
  200. Television Performers Gone Wild or Just Wrong?
  201. It's Not Just a Boarding School Anymore
  202. Abortion
  203. Democracy by achievement
  204. The Justice System Fails Again!
  205. Taxes Breaking Backs, Wallets
  206. Will Someone Adopt Us Already, Ask Parentless Kids
  207. Catch Them If You Can?
  208. Private enterprise
  209. Easter Eggs?
  210. Suspect Results
  211. Hooligan Hordes and Top Sporting Events
  212. NationStates Reaches 200 Issues
  213. 'Tiara Sign of Opression' Question
  214. Shopping force one controversy
  215. Help Qlestian Economics!
  216. You know, sometimes there aren't enough shades of grey in this game.
  217. My not so personal war
  218. Turn a Home Into a Shopping Network?
  219. There's Too Many Kids in the Classroom
  220. Questions from a newbie
  221. TV aquires fucular bomb
  222. Redefine pedophilia
  223. Any body know where i can find a continually updating list of issues to read through?
  224. Build bigger bombs
  225. y do we nazi flock here? is it becose we wunt a home land
  226. Easter Eggs perhaps?
  227. No Plane, No Gain
  228. @@NAME@@ Becoming a Scattered People?
  229. Issue Effects List **Spoilers**
  230. @@name@@'s delapidated nuclear reactors leak radiation
  231. Raise duel standards say fencers
  232. Two Smoking Issues! (One 'Complete')
  233. Can Immigration Issues boost population?
  234. Submitting issues
  235. Corporate Criminals Creating a Crisis?
  236. Any way to see the stat changes for the results of each issue?
  237. Out of Cash!
  238. Issue Relevance Problem
  239. Use of Pikey in Issues
  240. Long Day for No Pay?
  241. Run For the Border Much?
  242. Civil Rights vs. Economic Freedoms? [split]
  243. @@ANIMAL@@ Skin Becoming Latest Fashion
  244. Issues (moved from Tech)
  245. Issue needs to be edited.
  246. Possible Outcomes [split]
  247. Attack of the plagues
  248. Have you ran out of issues?
  249. Disagreement with issue results!
  250. No way to bring back prisons?