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  1. Come Back Here With My Identity!
  2. oh...yea...about the issues...
  3. No Representation without Taxation?
  4. Multiple standpoints in a single Issue.
  5. Help w/ issue
  6. More Issues Per Day
  7. Something is wrong with this issue
  8. Abolish Death Penalty!
  9. Religious Minorities stirring up a racket
  10. Mud Volcano Done by Corporatists
  11. Minority religion declares war on state
  12. Revolutionary violence
  13. I got an Issue with Issues
  14. So this is how my nation thanks me?!
  15. Need a little help
  16. euthanasia!
  17. I could really use the help of other nations.
  18. One Rail Down, None to Go
  19. Blood for oil?
  20. Messin' with the Issues
  21. Need help :-)
  22. I don't want to eat my National Animals...
  23. No Coup For You!
  24. new issues
  25. Economic Collapse Looms!
  26. Libertarian Police States
  27. Which will help my economy/GDP per Capita most?
  28. Help me choose please!
  29. Question with Issues
  30. "That psychopath should be castrated!" cries rape victim Billy Longbottom
  31. How Did This Happen?
  32. Easter Egg Issues
  33. A question
  34. Issues?
  35. Government Waste
  36. bring back prisons?
  37. Wondering about a specific Issue...
  38. hmm say what
  39. Immigrants Import Homeland Rivalries
  40. My "Big Brother" issue
  41. What should I fund?
  42. Issue with Issues
  43. Question about issue
  44. Question about an issue
  45. Government Funding for Whips, etc.?
  46. I have a good economy. HOW DO I GET RID OF IT?!
  47. redundant issue
  48. Dismissing issues
  49. I really like this issue...
  50. Tired of Taxing
  51. National Debt Disaster: Time to Privatize?
  52. Different levels
  53. Favorite issue?
  54. Contradicting issues
  55. That was fast
  56. I have a couple of questions regarding issues.
  57. Civil Rights question
  58. Early April fools?
  59. Question about issue submission
  60. Citizens Struggle Under "Unfair" Tax Burden
  61. Uranium Deposit Promises To Enrich Purinkle
  62. Nazi Sympathizers Plan Rally
  63. "more police needed issue"
  64. major industry workers strike
  65. About the "Cash for Colons?" issue...
  66. New issue idea (still needs a name)
  67. New Issue: Drug Vaccines
  68. General Strike Stirs Major Trouble [new proposed issue]
  69. Will the moderators continue to code new issues?
  70. #164: Licence to Breed?
  71. Issue editing?
  72. Long Lines at Election Time
  73. Governmet type changing
  74. Issue Re-work: Close Air Call
  75. i have issues...
  76. Big Business Burned By Billboard Ban (proposed issue)
  77. Acceptable Issue Idea?
  78. New idea for issue: First Resort????
  79. "Death Penalty On Agenda" - Decisions, decisions
  80. **SPOILERS** <Insert Unhelpful, Amazed Title Here>
  81. Custom Carbon Copies?
  82. Several issue ideas.
  83. Hyperinflation or Hyperinvasion?
  84. ALF (Animal Liberation Front) is a real world organisation
  85. On Dismissal
  86. Biased issue?
  87. Wedgie Woes: Prank or Harassment
  88. Doubts: Water Supply Problems Becoming a Major Drain
  89. Robots Leaving Workers Jobless
  90. Adding more police
  91. Protestors
  92. Uranium Mining Issue
  93. Warning issue spoiler, would this boost my economy?
  94. Question about taxes
  95. Aging Drivers, No Survivors?
  96. Lowering my tax rate
  97. STOP CRIME, and hire friendships and social competence
  98. Repeats
  99. Car Industrie Come Back
  100. Co-Authorship Inquiry
  101. Unfair Issue Statements
  102. contradiction...
  103. Intelligence.
  104. hmm would this give economic freedom
  105. Police officers
  106. Strange civil rights calculations.
  107. Issue solutions leave much to be desired
  108. Seems the random name generator has a sense of humor
  109. An Issue that fights Corruption
  110. Image Competition
  111. reforestation
  112. Legionnaires Extraordinaire
  113. Issues with Issues
  114. Question about reviving an economy
  115. Easter Eggs?
  116. Repeating issues
  117. Lack Of Creativity
  118. More choice on Gambling?
  119. Guns On Campus?
  120. Dangerous Animals Deathwish
  121. Mandatory organ donating...alive or dead?
  122. WTF Love and peace!
  123. Proposed Issue: Customer Rights Gone Too Far?
  124. Proposed Debt Issue
  125. Issues and effects
  126. Renovate Rehab Units?
  127. Do issues start to overlap?
  128. What issue is it?
  129. Question about one issue
  130. issues.. i've got issues...
  131. Effects of Issue #75 question
  132. I need to fix
  133. What is this crap?
  134. Great Idea For A New Issue
  135. starting to see an repeat in isues! >_<
  136. something is wrong about issue "license to breed"
  137. Issue Settings
  138. Effects of repeatedly choosing the same option
  139. (SPOILER) What the heck? "Tykes With Tools?"
  140. Put Senior Senators out to Pasture
  141. SPOILER: Does this increase gov. corruption?
  142. What's this garbage?
  143. gambling options issue suggestion
  144. Bug?
  145. Children Gambling.
  146. I have a question about an issue.
  147. I dont understand this correlation
  148. Issues gone stale?
  149. Protesters Have Gone Too Far, Claim Police
  150. Issues with the Issues
  151. "Cats on the dinner table"?
  152. "Cloning Research Promises New Breakthrough"
  153. Purposeful Misinformation, Or Poor Programing?
  154. issue happening over and over
  155. Issues
  156. Cloning issue
  157. surveillance cameras are banned
  158. Issuez
  159. Power shortage issue.
  160. I really don't appreciate this
  161. Issue Idea
  162. Do you think we need more tax cut options in issues?
  163. Tiara Sign Of Oppression, Declare Feminists
  164. How Far Back is the Current New Issue Backlog?
  165. past isuues
  166. Drunk Driving On The Rise
  167. illegal death penalty question
  168. QuIcK QuEsTiOn
  169. Typo!!!!!
  170. Why did my nation start brainwashing?
  171. Here's an example of my beef with issues.
  172. Question About Repeats (i read the sticky first!)
  173. had to share this
  174. Dog-Dog Hybrid!
  175. 1 or 2 per day?
  176. New Issue - Taxing Question
  177. A question about issues...
  178. Lol Why?
  179. Issue question *Spoilers*
  180. Strange reaction
  181. "Happiest Citizens" a biased rating?
  182. Is my economy stuck in low gear?
  183. The Issues I get are TOTALLY LAME
  184. Stupid biased issues.
  185. Another biased question....
  186. About the Names
  187. Issue Proposal: Black Ops and Enhanced Interrogation
  188. a little audio to isssues
  189. Issues with new issues.
  190. New Issue Idea
  191. Scientology-type issue
  192. Citizens are somehow shooting animals despite gun ban **SPOILER ALERT**
  193. Issue Results *SPOILER, maybe*
  194. Power to the Wackadoos? [possible new issue]
  195. Real-Life Immitates NationStates
  196. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!
  197. Easter Egg (possible spoilers...)
  198. Issues
  199. subject redundancy
  200. Duels
  201. Attention everyone: your chance to help change old issues (slightly)
  202. does it matter
  203. Reality imitates NationStates
  204. Easter Egg
  205. issue
  206. Could I have your opinion?
  207. Suggestion: expanding the names database
  208. Other Options for the "Reclaim the Streets!" Issue
  209. "One Wife Is Never Enough, Say Polygamists - is it sarcasm?
  210. What is Wrong with some of these issues???
  211. results inbetween
  212. Issue Contradiction
  213. Whats this???
  214. Branching, Record and Idle
  215. Very Interesting Note on one of the issues.
  216. Enough Black and White.
  217. Better Issues That Shows off What Todays World Is Really Like
  218. Issues for my issues, with your issues
  219. Not realy a bug but...
  220. Vikings On The Dinner Table?
  221. Issues
  222. An Issue With Issues!
  223. Curious Issues Commentary
  224. Child Casino Shock
  225. Typo
  226. Possible bug with issues?
  227. Restrictive Options on Issues
  228. These reactions are rediculous!
  229. The Issue: One Wife Is Never Enough, Say Polygamists
  230. My Issue
  231. Want to change my country, change a previous issue?
  232. Something strikes me as wrong
  233. Question from a newby
  234. How about this?
  235. Issue option addition suggestion (possible spoiler)
  236. Issue repetition analysis
  237. Angry Mob Marching Down
  238. How does nationstates program make it's decisions?
  239. Effects of Issues.
  240. Issues' effects too extreme
  241. Issue: Terrorist Strike City Centre *possible Spoilers*
  242. "Nazi Symathisers Plan Rally" Issue
  243. Human Embryo Cloning
  244. Corporation and private ownership.
  245. What issue was this???
  246. Issue submissions in light of NS2
  247. Issue #218: Two Mommies One Too Many?
  248. Draft of a Economy-based Issue
  249. Cannibals in the food Industry
  250. Let youth be equal? (new issue)