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Preserve national soverignty now!

11-10-2003, 01:24
Everytime I attempt to discuss the concept of national soverignty, some fool (I wont say noob because even big countries use this excuse) says: "If you do not wish to be under the mandates of the UN, just LEAVE!!"

The NS universe is constructed so that avoiding UN membership is foolish... completely foolish. For example, if you are not the creator of a region (and even then sometimes) you have no way of being a region's leader without being the UN delegate, and no one can be a UN Delegate without being in the UN. Furthermore, intraregional relations are conducted mostly through the UN endorsement system, and is the method in which most delegates are elected. Any non-UN member cannot express explicit approval/disapproval of fellow regional members without the endorsement sytem and cannot lead (or even take part in electing a leader) without UN membership!

So UN membership is essential for a good RP experience, and is very important on the regional level, countries should not be forced to sacrifice their RP experience/ full NS involvement by leaving the UN (or not joining in the first place,) if they are not comfortable with a supernational organization doing what it pleases.

What possible solutions are available?

1. Mass resignation from the UN: Ineffective. For one you'd never get enough people to resign, espeically since I have already mentioned the many uses of UN membership.

2. Pass a resolution in the UN limiting its gigantic rights: Unlikely, although I cannot predict how a UN resolution limiting some rights (such as a modest proposal creating some nullification abilities when resolutions conflict directly with a nation's ability to RP properly,) the very proposal will likely not even be on the propsal list for long, due to the Moderators' insistence on getting rid of such "irrelevant" resolutions.

3. Raise the delegate endorsement percentage to 10%: Possible, although this actually does nothing with regards to the powers of the UN, it would at least require a more diverse sample of delegates to endorse a resolution, hopefully getting rid of the worst offending resolutions.