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15-10-2003, 16:20
The UN made up the WHO and now it is a proposal in the UN list. I wonder how many delgates will approve it before it runs out, when it is a part of the UN it self.

New Clarkhall
15-10-2003, 23:15
Question 1: Do we already have a WHO in the Nationstates UN?

Question 2: Even if we don't, we were under the impression we CANNOT create any new subsidary bodies. In fact, when we tried to introduce a resolution to create an International Court of Justice and World Trade Organization...our proposal was deleted and we were warned apon pain of expulsion to not do so again. We learned our lesson...though we remain a bit puzzled.

Perhaps a mod can answer this better.....

-New Clarkhall.
16-10-2003, 00:52
The who?
The group on the stage?