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FDR was a cripple and the world must be aware of this

26-10-2003, 03:17
Dear members of UN-
I propose that we exert economic sanctions on countries that 1: display pictures of FDR not in a wheelchair 2: have pictures of FDR not in a wheelchair in their school text books 3: do no officially refer to FDR as America's three term cripple. The US has, with much cunning, deceived the world and even the inhabitants of the US with these myths about FDR, who couldn't waltz if he had one good leg! It's shocking that you can talk about FDR with an American high school student and when refer to Roosevelt as that welfare-state gimp, they just look at you with a confused expression. So, any country that does not follow this protocol should face the consequences of perpetuating this myth that FDR was too good for a wheelchair.

Jesus Domino
Oppressed Possums
26-10-2003, 03:31
This is an odd one.

1. Does FDR exist or did he?
2. Last check there was no "America" and there are hundreds of "United States"
3. Does this have any berring on the UN?
26-10-2003, 03:38
What Possums is trying to say is that this is a OOC proposal, and hence, not allowed (your proposal becomes gone and you get a warning).

Peace, Truth, and Justice,