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International Trade: Reduction and Elimination of Tariffs

11-10-2003, 15:27
After seeing many proposals on this topic that really contained no content, the UN Delegate and Member representaing The Republic of Kryozerkia came back to the High Command and requested that we examine his proposal that he wished to submit to the UN. After we checked it over, we had him submitted it.

There are five basic clauses to it, which will enable free trade and allow for poorer nations to have a fair shot in international trade, free of the burden of tariffs, which wealthier countries may impose on them.

So, we ask of you, please vote on The Republic of Kryozerkia's proposal of: International Trade. It's setup to improve all economies and strengthen all countries.

Her Emnience
Prime Minister Chikita
The Republic of Kryozerkia
Founder of Ragnarok Apocalypse
UN Member & Delegate