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Come support the cyborg warfare proposal

28-10-2003, 06:59
The UNSC has submitted a proposal regarding the use of cyborgs in war instead of live humans. This proposal if passed will make human soldiers obsolete in a sense that the cyborgs will be more efficient.

I. Humane in a sense that lives won't be needlessy wasted

II. Potential Lives won't be lost

III. Prisoners can be taken alive since you won't have to worry over cyborg casualties weighing against innocent lives

IV. Only the dead can be used as cyborgs, that or criminals under high crimes
28-10-2003, 10:00
Okay, Why would one use Robocop Cyborgs, a hybrid of The Deceased and Technology, when fully robotic soldiers would be easier and more practical.

The united nations has spread to space, and with them theyhave brought propositions of corpse desecration in an effort to further their ambitions across space as they do on the diseased mother planet.

Eizen calls upon all nations, UN and Non-UN to Reject this foolish proposal.
28-10-2003, 16:29
Cyborgs are more cost efficient in that, you are building on a pre-used construct.
28-10-2003, 17:20
But ... my resurrected kung-fu robocop cyborgs ... You MUST obey me! ... I created you! ... I am your MASTER! ... No ... NOOOOO!!!!!!!
28-10-2003, 17:23
How will replacing soldiers for cyborgs make war any better?

Without soldiers, you just have two nations filled with a lot of radicals, and no outlet.

So what, you win, and the populace just rolls over?

Don't think so, somehow. If anything, this might bring MORE innocents into harm's way.

Ignoring of course those who use WMD. Idiots as they are.
Catholic Europe
28-10-2003, 18:15
Hmm...would this be possible in the real world?! I think not, and so catholic Europe does not support the proposal.
28-10-2003, 18:46
A handsome young Cyborg named Ace,
Wooed women at every base,
But once ladies glanced at
His special enhancement
They vanished with nary a trace.
29-10-2003, 03:13
What's wrong with you? Of course cyborg warfare would be very contriversial but, if it was able to prevent people from getting killed then yes.
29-10-2003, 03:29
If you have good cyborgs, ones that have a replaced immune system, then they can heal them selves. Besides if you have cyborgs that have its bio-systems on the inside, you can have them act more human then anything else.
Kinky bunnies
29-10-2003, 03:47
A handsome young Cyborg named Ace,
Wooed women at every base,
But once ladies glanced at
His special enhancement
They vanished with nary a trace.

*takes down quote*
29-10-2003, 04:05
How in God's name was that post relavent to this proposal?
29-10-2003, 04:47
really...despite the millions of dollars each machine would cost, the result would be cruel dictators who don't care for the lives of their troops winning EVERY battle.
29-10-2003, 05:19

I worry that without war having a very real and tangable cost, ie: the loss of lives, that there would be no reason for countries NOT to start declaring war willy-nilly, over this ,that, or any other little thing.

It seems to me that you would run the risk of the concept of war becoming less of a ...real....thing, and considerd more like a type of game.
29-10-2003, 05:21
It is idiotic to say that Cyborgs would be cheaper or more effective, or more reasonable. heres some reasons.

1- Robot soldiers can be mass produced. Cyborgs made of the dead cannot and the supply is dependent on the number of deceased a nation can acquire without enraging its citizens. Also, one cannot just go around digging up graves because the human bodies used must be, to be blunt" fresh, fully intact, and not diseased. To actually make these soldiers they would have to be painstakingly prepared one at a time.

2- Robot Soldiers can be repaired mch easier. Despite claims of natural healing, that isnt going to work if a limb is amputated or vital organ ceases to function. In order to circumvent that particular problem one would have to make the cyborg more machine than man, which then begs the question why not go with a full AI system. With Robots almost any part can be fabricated and the unit reintroduced to service.

3- Robotic Soldiers arent the remains of somebodys loved ones, I find it hard to believe that the citizens of any nation who would do this would be thriulled at the prospect of having their freinds and families remains used for a purpose they did not consent to.

if you indeed have consent you will stil find that the number of viable units you can produce with this measure are too low for an effective military.

4- YOu do not know of the expected lifespan of these soldiers, the living tissue of the deceased you use will not last forever. However a robotic soldier with proper maintenance will last farlonger and with upgrades it can outlast organic or partially organic soldiers in terms of lifespan.


and if from what I take from the original post that these soldiers would be like Robocop, then the individual effectiveness would be useless as a front line soldier. What horrible speed...