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War of Assassins U.N. Proposal

09-10-2003, 19:55
OK. When I say war of assassins, I mean sending assissination attempts on a leader of another country that you have declared war on. So what is stopping the other country from hosting an all-out war you say? Think about it. If you openly attacked someone and nuked them, its gonna get the person you nuked's allies after you, and you couldn't take on all of them. So this is just a one on one war, or maybe you could include more nations in it, but none of them would want to nuke someone and get their nations destroyed. They'll all be afraid of openly attacking someone. And as I stated before, this will save civilian and your troops lives. Millions of them.

In this I just use nuking to make a point

This could also come up with some pretty good rp's too.