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Improve the world's cultural perspective!

24-10-2003, 19:32
Delegates, we urge you to support the Fine Arts Act:

Whereas art is one of the fundamental means by which a country can culturally identify itself, and

Whereas the ability of other cultures to understand each other is paramount to successful globalization,

We propose the creation of a voluntary art endowment. If interested, a nation can donate a sum of its choosing to the UN art endowment. The money in the endowment will be used to fund international art shows, the circulation of works of fine art throughout the world's galleries, and the purchase of new works of fine art. All nations that donate money to the fund will have access to these services.
24-10-2003, 19:46
If the fund is only for nations who donate to it, then why not just keep the money for yourself, and give it to national art projects.
24-10-2003, 20:50
The money is shared by all the nations who contribute. This allows a poorer nation to have the opportunity to view foreign art and for rich nations to distribute their art, building a niche market, all over the world.
25-10-2003, 01:57
It is true that it might be just as advantuage to put the same amount of funds in your local artistic economy. This would be from an egoistic point of view be more productive, sinds it would boost your own economy more.

However it makes sense to pool it in the UN and let a global organisation use the funds. Assuming that the UN has the organizational ability, the advantage is that global investment of art will indeed result in more arts for the poorer nations. But mainly it will result in an increase in a more diverse form of Art. Instead of only supporting the type of paintings that happen to be hot in your country at the moment, it will support the spread the art forms your country including those you people had heard off nor understood. And how can it ever get popular if your people have hardly heard of it before.

I suggest it is an excellent proposal, the only thing that worries me is that I don't expect it to do so much for free trade. Instead it serves a much more important goal. Cultural exchange and more understanding of different cultures (and philophies). I expect the result to be a reduction in racist, cultural discirimation, cultural misunderstanding and therefore will reduce the militairy tension in the world greatly.

Making it support free trade seems like the proposal is so formed that will do almost nothing more than make the international art traders richer :-S.

Since it is voluntairy the effect will probably indeed be mild. However the actual effect mostly depends on how far people will support financially the proposal, and that depends can best be measured with voting suport.

I don't know if the joke is possible, but making multiple proposals with different severity seems to make sense. Just see how far the support goes. In other words just see how much people are willing to spend.
Oppressed Possums
25-10-2003, 07:38
I like the idea of isolation. If they want to spread their culture, so be it. I just feel that the more forcefully one influences culture, everyone loses cultural identity.

Let them be isolated and left alone if they wish and let them develop their culture at their own place.
25-10-2003, 08:33
I think you got a point possum.

It might be an idea to add to the proposal the law that the UN will import cultures from all over the world, but will not export them to nations that are not receptive. Sort of like a cultural database where other nations can have access to. Afcourse this would reduce the effect of the impact, but not completely.

Or make two proposals. This could be intresting. One that suggests this database and spreading of culture and art. And another one that gives nations the right to deny outside few points to there land.
Would be intresting. This little darn freedom thing brought down our public tv where it got practically crush by commercial tv. Other than that it also dissalows nations from using propaganda in a not yet war situation ;).
Afcourse that would also make it much much more easy for rules to control what there masses think and keep them ignorant of things you want them ignorant about. So I don't know the appropiate effect (lack of possiblility knowledge), but probably reduces civil rights quite a bit :). Making keeping control of your country more easy ;).

I am afraid if your despotistic dictator (or whatever governement form you have) says you can't look at it, it will remain you can't look at it.

And sometimes this is quite good. Some cultures are practically monoments, and we should feel quite ashamed for trying to flood them with our cultural standards, views, technologies, and art too.
But luckily most cultures, mostly the western civilization, doesn't start doing that until they have an economic gain for it :P.

To bad I don't have enough support to work out propose that second suggestion (if it is not already done so), it would be an intresting brain cracker for everybody. The pro and counters weight heavily against each other. Making the resolution would be hard enough though, how the bloody are you going to stop commercial tv satalite signals. :P.
25-10-2003, 08:34
Oh I was thinking.

This pretty resolution might also suggest something like eduction increasing or something. But still, don't think free trade.
Left-Handed Megans
25-10-2003, 15:25
Speaking on behalf of the Gearheads again (they really don't want to lose their UN status because of sharing a friends computer):

The Gearheads had no idea which category fit the proposal best. We agree that education may be a bit better. Is there any way we can make changes without having to reintroduce the resolution?
27-10-2003, 12:47
Speaking on behalf of the Gearheads again (they really don't want to lose their UN status because of sharing a friends computer):

The Gearheads had no idea which category fit the proposal best. We agree that education may be a bit better. Is there any way we can make changes without having to reintroduce the resolution?

Nope don't have a clue. Most likely not possible.
Though you could copy past it in a new one and change what you want to change.

The other one will dissapear when its time runs out. Afcourse you support is gone, but that is obvious. People supported for the old one, not the new one.