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Delegates, please consider the Flat World proposal

23-10-2003, 00:45
A new proposal proclaiming the well-known fact that the world is flat has been proposed. Please consider it for your endorsement.
Thank you.

Duke Bob of Newhart
Grand Duchy of Guaca
Tunstal Moroni Region
23-10-2003, 00:49
...We have satellite photos and scientific evidence that disagree.
23-10-2003, 00:50
Please. At least put some effort into making a better pitch than that.
23-10-2003, 02:50
Not meaning to attack anyone in specific, but I'm tired of all the nonsense proposals going on. :?
Oppressed Possums
23-10-2003, 02:53
Are you proposing to make the world flat?
23-10-2003, 08:04
I was going to write some smart-aleck response, but I looked out my window and--BY GOD, IT IS FLAT!!!!
1 Infinite Loop
23-10-2003, 08:13
hey the Feds could have easily faked those images, probably to hide the secret stuff that they have on teh oter side of the flat world, well you got my endorsement.

also I need the name so I can find it in the search funciton
23-10-2003, 17:34
Not meaning to attack anyone in specific, but I'm tired of all the nonsense proposals going on. :? You may want to rethink your characterization of Duke Bob's proposal. I read it and thought that it came a little too close to what's going on outside the NationStates simulation. At it's most basic level, Duke Bob has looked around and created a belief that he wants everyone else to ascribe to. In essence, it is a "Faith Based Proposal" that is out of step with what we all know to be reality. How are we all going to handle this proposal if it gains momentum for it's implementation yet we all know that it's false? Does this scenario sound all too familiar? We have certain governments in the real world who believe that all they have to do is think and say something in order to make it valid? Think of another case study: the Sasquatch. You know, there are "pictures" of the thing. Just because YOU haven't seen it doesn't render it physically unreal. It's a big country out here and it may be in hiding. If you find this hard to believe, wire me $800,000,000 and I'll get back to you in about, say, 6-9 months to let you know what I've found out. Now, where have we heard an example of this kind of thinking? Good job, Duke Bob! With a good "action plan", "strategic alliances", "marketing initiatives" and "staying on message" at your disposal, a new world is on the horizon!
23-10-2003, 19:22
Either way, I say we accept the proposal.
23-10-2003, 19:50
Flat World

In order to realize the true potential of the United Nations as a Grand and Glorious body, it is proposed by this delegate that we indeed proclaim and pronounce the truth. And truth is indeed what this proposal is all about.

Since time immemorial is has been widely believed and acknowledged that the World is flat. It is time that the many great NationStates (v1.6) of this elevated assembly proclaim this to the World.

The many detractors of this fact may state that "we have satellite photos, we've sent spaceships AROUND the planet, we KNOW it is not flat. I would beg them to prove that they've seen more than one side at a time.

Many of us,who are gathered here ar this moment, are looking at our world through the flattest of screens. If this is not proof, what is? (Even if your screen isn't flat, it ALMOST is and that is good enough)

The automobile industry may complain quite loudly at the introduction of this proposal, but WHY? We're trying to SAVE LIVES. Understanding and acknowledging the flatness of the world may prevent thousands, if not millions of our precious citizens from driving off into nothingness. Do not be deceived by their advertising.

The World deserves to know this Supreme Truth of Our Glorious Existence (SToOGE). It is a fundamental right!
23-10-2003, 20:30
I would beg them to prove that they've seen more than one side at a time.

This statement works against you, if the world was flat, at one point or another, you'd see two sides, the same goes if the earth was in the form of a cube.
23-10-2003, 21:16
Not meaning to attack anyone in specific, but I'm tired of all the nonsense proposals going on. :?

I concur. Where's Enodia been lately?
24-10-2003, 01:02
I can't believe people are taking this proposal seriously.
24-10-2003, 03:23
Considering that we have spacecraft and have confirmed that the world is round, we regard your proposal as stupid.