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UN member needs help in international inccidents forum

20-10-2003, 20:56
ooc: I know this should not be here but, i do not wish to spam all the UN so here goes.

IC: The Government of Exetonia regrets to inform all member states of the Un that they have been threatened with annexation from Baggra if we do not cease our hostilities against the Nation fit Blondes who insulted our country after a major earthquake a few years back. The Government of exetonia requests an emergency meeting of the Un to discuss helping this poor, young state who were only defending their rights and now face a big problem....

ooc: I hope you don't mind
20-10-2003, 21:07
exetonia thats what u can afford

Exetonia Gross Domestic Product
Population: 6,000,000
Civil Rights: Below Average
Economy: Reasonable
GDP per Capita: $7,500
GDP: $45,000,000,000
National Budget: $7,635,150,000

dont upset your enemys or they will bite harder.