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Education Effiency Bill

13-10-2003, 23:32
I recently submitted MY proposal for an Educational Effiency Bill. I ask that everyone, especially UN delegates come and take a look. Vote for it if you like what you see, and spread the word. Thanks!
Tactical Grace
13-10-2003, 23:53
This sort of thing belongs in the UN, not the General Forum. ;)

Tactical Grace
Forum Moderator
14-10-2003, 02:23
Just a quick overview of it is that it increases education efficiency by having 3 main learning levels of high school core classes. The quicker-learning students are in their own class, average, and then slower-paced. However, movement between class levels is possible, everything is confidential, and all levels cover the same basic material. Please tell me what you think, and support it as a UN proposal.
14-10-2003, 02:42
Nations of the UN, I plead of you, at least discuss the topic. This is an issue that affects us all. The very framework of society, the knowledge and continuance of your nation depends on it.
14-10-2003, 07:50
Rejistania has approved this proposal, because it seemed worht discussion. Our country has a very similar system, so we do not have to change that much. The only problem seems to be that the buisness does not sees in which learning groups the pupils were in. A 1 in an advanced group it surely better than a one in a 'slow' group.
14-10-2003, 13:35
Educational decisions are best made at sub-national levels, by province or state. This is the traditional approach and it works.
14-10-2003, 20:57
Your comment seems all well and logical with good strong democratic governments with a strong belief in education. They will oblige and more than likely make good education decisions themselves. However, the majority of the world, including those nations in the UN, does not always make the wisest decisions. It is therefore essential that we as the UN make those decisions for them. The education and welfare of children from all over the world are depending on us. The overall problems remain the same wherever you go, and therefore the solution will be the relative same as well. This is why an international approach to education in this instance is the best policy.
14-10-2003, 21:00
Rejistania, I completely understand your point. However, we do not feel that we should discourage children from going into a group where they would benefit much more from. This is why we do not want third-parties to know. We feel that children can achieve their full potential in the correct academic level and therefore want to do eveyrthing in our power to make sure that this happens.