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Support the Amendments to the GAI Proposal

23-10-2003, 00:50
Description: Following the pasage of the Global Aids Initiative(GAI) the economies in many UN nations took a major hit. The Jurian States believes that this has made the bill counter-productive since it made more people poor in an attempt to provide aid to the poor. We propose that the following amendments be made:

Amendment I: Nations should provide tax breaks to private businesses and citizens to donate money to the inter-national AIDs fund.

Amendment II: That all nations using funds from the AIDs fund can only apply to have 55% of the costs regarding aids paid for. Any nation that violates this and recieves more money than is needed to cover 55% of the costs will be banned from receiving further funds until the money has been payed back.

Most of us know that the Global Aids Initiative resolution was meant to help the poor, however, it did create some problems. If wish to try and correct some of the problems caused by it please support this bill, since all it does is reduce the harmful economic problems that were created by the GAI.

Amendment III: Nations using the AIDs funds will have to find a way to pay back about 15% of the money they used to countries that contributed to the AIDs fund.

Amendment IV: No nation should be required to pay more than 5% of their total yearly GPA to the AIDs fund unless they wish to do so.
23-10-2003, 01:05
I agree on these amendments. :lol:
23-10-2003, 01:28
why not just pass a WHO bill to form an organization to take over the control of this? and then handle all medical crisises through it?