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Calapooya Workers Stand against AIDS charade

14-10-2003, 17:06
The Workers' Councils of Calapooya object to the wording and effect of the current UN resolution on AIDS. Alleviating the suffering caused by this disease in developing nations is a vital priority. A great deal of this suffering, however, has been caused by capitalism's inability to operate on a human scale, seeking instead ever increasing profits at the expense of millions of lives.
This resolution does nothing to resolve this issue. Instead of a real solution it offers capitalist snake-oil panaceas, relying on tax incentives for the very corporations that have caused the crisis. The resolution also relies upon market competition to solve this terrible problem. In essence it is asking us that greed be applied as the remedy for greed. That the pharmaceutical industries of nations that reject the UN will come around to a humane point of view out of greed for increased profit does not seem to this Council a viable socialist alternative, something we are bound by our principles and our form of government to seek.
We will vote against this well-meaning, but ultimately futile and backward resolution. The ills of capitalism cannot be cured by the same forces which have caused the problems in the first place--competition and the drive for profit.
The Workers' of Calapooya would whole-heartedly support a joint resolution of anti-capitalist nations, presented to the UN, that seeks to find a real solution for the tragedy of AIDS by addressing the real causes of the crisis.
The free workers of the world can accomplish this by our cooperation and generosity. We cannot use their inhuman system for the benefit of humanity.
The Supreme Workers' Coucil
on behalf of the Workers' Councils of the
Calapooya Workers' State