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Great Idea For A New Issue

Italiano San Marino
14-08-2007, 05:27
I used this as inspiration:

Many homeless children have been walking the streets and many people are concerned for their well-being.

"This is an outrage," community leader Johnson Babel exclaims. "Our children should not be wandering the streets! It is dangerous and some have been noticed to be vandalizing property. I propose that we make a shelter for these children so they can have proper health care, education, and less of a chance of one getting in serious trouble."

The result of this option is that in the third paragraph "The government is currently supporting a homeless shelter for children", and the crime rate drops slightly, with slight increases in the health care, education, and welfare areas.

"I agree with Mr. Babel but these children's futures are uncertain," says entrepreneur Richard Skyes. "What good is sitting in a shelter when real business can be done? These children have seen a lot and have much potential. I propose that we make business opportunities for when they are done with their studies. Not only would they be helping the community, but they will also have business skills for their adult years."

The result of this option is that in the third paragraph "The government sponsors a program showing homeless children how to be successful in the world of business", Civil Rights would go down one due to the lack of freedom of whether the children want to do it or not, Economy would go up one because the children are, of course, more successful businessmen, crime would slightly lower, health care and education go up slightly, but welfare remains indifferent.

"These two do not know the problems we already have at hand," claims citizen Butch Renegade. "Our people do not need to waste tax dollars nor their jobs on a bunch of homeless children. If we really need them off the streets so badly, why don't we turn them into slaves?"

The result of this option is an instant UN violation, in the third paragraph "Child slavery is legal", Civil Rights go down two, Economy goes up two (due to vacationers taking "advantage" to the new services), Crime would drop but so would education and welfare, and health care would remain indifferent.

See if this can be added or something. I would be honored.