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Angry Mob Marching Down

The Joseph Coalition
09-11-2008, 01:11
Title: Angry Mob Marching Down

Description: A group of angry citizens have entered a riot against the police on the streets of @@NAME@@. There is a debate about how the situation should be dealt with.

Validity: Valid for nations that have large governments.


[options]"Instead of trying to fight with the angry mob, we should try to reason with them" says anti-violence activist @@RANDOMNAME@@. "If we fight them, they are sure to get worse and worse".
[effect]police are required to negotiate with criminals before using force
[stats]civil freedoms increase, size of government decreases, crime increases

[option]"Please, we have the manpower and the resources to fight to fight with these criminals" says police cheif @@RANDOMNAME@@. "We don't need to negotiate with criminals, if they start something, we are going to finish it at their expense".
[effect]police often kill criminals while trying to catch them.
[stats]civil freedoms decrease, size of government increases, crime decreases

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