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New Issue - Taxing Question

The 1 perfect stranger
31-01-2008, 00:41
I don't know if someone has done this or not, but I'm putting it out there anyway because I think its unique and new. Tell me what you think guys.

Name of the Issue: Taxing Question

Summary: At a local restaurant, famous for severing the great economic minds of @@NAME@@, three well known and highly respected economists discuss the current problem with taxes.

[option]"Anyone with half a brain knows all you have to do is cut taxes!" Shouts Edward Richardson while waving his dinner knife in the air to symbolize his idea. "If you cut these taxes, it will give people more money to go out and buy the things they want! Forget about government programs, the people themselves can go out and stimulate the economy by spending @@CURRENCY@@ in private health care and gas guzzling cars! Screw the public works projects and let the private industry take care of it all!"
[effect]Citizens of @@NAME@@ begin to destroy the environment with fuel wasting SUV's while spending too much @@CURRENCY@@ on big screen TV's and computers.
[stats]economy increases, happiness increases, private business increases, environment decreases, taxes decrease, government size decreases

[option]"I disagree. What needs the government needs to do is raise taxes!" Responds Donald Littleman, who is stabbing at his salad with a fork. "If the government has more @@CURRENCY@@ to spend, we can have necessities to life such as free public transportation, better housing for the poor, and greater advancements in research! It doesn't matter who pays what because this plan would allow everyone to use what the government offers for free with no strings attached! I mean, it's the governments job to protect us right?"
[effect]Citizens of @@NAME@@ sell just about anything of value to make ends meet, in exchange to take a new massive public transportation system and move into government funded apartment housing.
[stats]government size increases, environment increases, taxes increase, happiness decreases, private business decreases

[option]"The real problem here is that not everyone is getting taxed." Says Alfred Bently, who sips away at his drink. "You need to get rid of these flat income taxes on everyone and put a sky high sales tax in its place. Now everyone is being taxed. I mean, people have to buy things, so nobody can avoid the tax! Think about it, even those visiting our fine nation will now have to pay taxes if they want to buy trinkets and sleep within our borders!"
[effect] Citizens of @@NAME@@ now save their well earned @@CURRENCY@@ and watch as tourists fuel their economy with the new sales tax while being none the wiser.
[stats]private business increases, economy increases, taxes increase, government size decreases