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Let youth be equal? (new issue)

Linux and the X
29-12-2008, 07:12
Before people post "OH MY GOD, DIDN'T KRYOZERKIA ALREADY TELL YOU THIS VIOLATES RESOLUTIONS FOUR AND EIGHTEEN?", I already spoke to Kryozerkia. The reason my World Assembly draft resolution ( was in conflict with those resolutions was that it legislated an age of consent and age of majority, which those resolutions left to nations. I was in fact SPECIFICALLY TOLD that I could re-write it as a daily issue.

Now, with that said, I'd like to get an argument for keeping the ages of consent and majority as-is and for setting it higher than it is from people who believe that such action should be taken (I'd rather avoid accusations of bias).
29-12-2008, 10:37
Please read the stickies about how to write an issue. You'll find that avoiding bias is the last thing on anyone's mind. Each choice in an issue should appear to be biased towards an "Accept" vote. Each possiblility should lure the voter into thinking that, of all the unpalatable choices offered, this particular one is, if not the best, at least the "least worst".

I'd suggest, too, that you try to define exactly what your daily issue is about. The draft resolution you offered has a number of questions in it.
Linux and the X
29-12-2008, 16:23
I'm not worried about each choice being biased, but about the overall issue appearing biased. I'm not sure about the writing yet (that's the point of the thread), but an outline:

QUESTION: Should we lower the age one is given rights?

-No, it should be raised slightly
-No, it should remain the same
-Yes, it should be lowered slightly
-It should be eliminated completely