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VOTE to Increase Economic Freedoms! Now! Fark!

12-12-2003, 07:20
Good day all. Below is the new UN resolution up for endorsement. Please take due dilligence to review it. It is done in the spirit of

Resolution for Economic Freedoms

The people of the world have suffered due to economic imbalances created by varying levels of industrial, climactic, and resource issues. Much of this inbalance is caused by the ignorance of other countries to recognize the specific areas of strength of the economically challenged
countries. In order to correct this lack of knowledge the following resolution is presented to the UN.

WHEREAS information about countries strengths and weaknesses are largely ignored causing economic harm to those countries less economically stable.

AND WHEREAS a trade of information between countries could be enhanced by the temporary visitation by individuals of countries that have both high economic status and lower economic status.

AND WHEREAS these individuals in question should be extremely knowledgeable of their respective countries, people, land and customs .

AND WHEREAS these ambassadors are normally found in the female population and have characteristics that make them attractive to people and that among these traits are personality, attractiveness, and large bosums.

THEREFORE the countries of the world should engage in the swapping of attractive large breasted women in order to increase economic trade and bring equity to the worlds economies.

AND BE IT RESOLVED that the trade of these fair ambassadors shall last no longer than one month and that the ambassadors should have traits making them attractive to both the host country and the origin country or risk expulsion from the host country at any time.