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Fantastic proposal needs backing :o)

11-12-2003, 19:35
Free Bananas For All.
think this should become a resolution as fruit is all clearly great and fantastic for you (except pomegranates, theyre too odd).bananas are not only cheap and cheerful, theyre actually healthy :shock: and as a result free bananas can only improve the world.

everybody vote plz, for the sake of the monkeys, those poor cute defenceless monkeys :D
Catholic Europe
11-12-2003, 20:10
Could you give us some reason as to why we should endorse it.
11-12-2003, 20:30
YES!!! FINALY, a real UN proposal, im with ya brotha!! :D
Catholic Europe
11-12-2003, 20:35
YES!!! FINALY, a real UN proposal, im with ya brotha!! :D


Why's that?
11-12-2003, 22:23
carlemnaria certainly favors contributing any and all none harmful surplussess to universal abundance. this is something we do internaly as a matter of course.

being in a more temperate climate lattitude bananas are not an indigenous crop for us, but we do have and abundance of whole acorn flour, filberts, pine nuts, black berries, and a host of other good things to eat. all manor of root crops grow well as do cabbages and their relatives. tomatoes, avacados, and citrus we import from our trading partners and neighbors, along with those yummi pickled fish from our neighbor nixia. although we also have our own fisheries of river salmon and fresh water clams and crawdads. also goats milk and goats milk cheese. soy products and rice are also grown. though a signifigant portion of our population is vegan the carnivours among us enjoy an abundance of vennison and the flesh of some smaller creatures such as squirelles and qual. bear are seldom taken and domesticly mostly only sheep, goats and chickens are raised as livestock, although rattle snake meat is by many considered a delicacy.
at any rate we will certainly accept and consume surplus bananas but must appologise again that they are not after all a product of our regeon. lots and lots of lovely bamboo leaves? timber bamboo to build with ... paper made from chipping deadfals and from what rice grows in our one delta. oh we have other varities of nuts and both coffee and cocoa beans, some of the finest of both on the planet
hmmm we do grow peachis, pears and nectarenes too.

11-12-2003, 22:43