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Before Contacting a Pacific delegate about a Resolution...

18-12-2003, 02:14
In the Nationstates world, acquiring UN votes is difficult. You must build a region, advertise for it, raise support among the populace, and compete with opponents, all tiring work.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the three regions with some sort of special ability(In the five Pacifics, it is their status as new player spawn points. In the Rejected Realms, it is that region's status as a depository for ejectees.) have a commanding advantage in endorsements. Over 1/4 of the entire Nationstates world (albeit not always the most active portion) is crammed into this elite group of regions. So an enormous amount of endorsements has fallen to their delegates: Poskrebyshev, the Matt-DUCK, Norion, Nastic 2, 1 Infinite Loop, and me.

This would appear to be a treasure trove for those seeking to further a Resolution; After all, if even one of these people were convinced, it would go a long way toward advancing (or stopping) a Resolution.

It isn't.

You see, all six of these regions have UN voting policies. Their Delegates will vote according to opinions sent them, if and only if one of their constituents sends it. Opinions from outside the region are generally ignored, given the mass of opinions inside the region, that the Delegate has to deal with.

So unless you actually live under one of these Delegates, do not contact them about Resolutions; Your opinion will not be heard.