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Vote on goods inspection act

New Vuhifell
13-12-2003, 21:16
Goods Inspection Act

It is noted that almost all off the world nations, for certain economic benefits have decided to either Import/Export goods for trade and profit. However to look into this matter nearly almost only a small secter of minority nations are looking into the matter of goods Inspection.The sheer quantity of goods being shipped by rail, sea, road, and the sky is astronomical, and if certain extremist groups find a way to either disrupt this trade or destroy it, it would not only be an economic loss but if the products being shipped were chemicals passing through a densly populated area, or near a power plant, an entire nations infrastructure can go up in smoke. This act proposes that all goods being from raw material to finished products should be inspected, cleaned if contamination is found, and quarantine the immediate area for possible radiation and/or toxic gases. This will surely make it harder for certain nations who harbor extremists to target and succeed in taking out key parts of infrastucture of nations. This act also proposes that all passengers on commercial flights onboard airliners should and will be inspected for any weapons or hazardous material. The Goods Inspection Act is passed will indefinatly make traveling/shipping from nation to nation safer and more secure.