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Proposal to add Immigration / Population Issues

16-12-2003, 12:31
A proposal to increase the level of realism in NationStates by introducing these elements to NationStates:

* Emmigration / Immigration as a result of economic success / social welfare / political oppression / previous immigration waves
* This immigration to be cross NationState Nations
* Drastic decrease of population numbers as a result of poor health standards / oppression / warfare / very poor economic situation
* Improved economic stability due to regional collaboration but reduced political control due to centralized governing; inter-regional politics to influence Nations signed up for unions of Nations

Thus this proposal to improve gameplay and game fun.
16-12-2003, 12:52
Game mechanics proposals are deleted on sight.
16-12-2003, 19:16
Then where does one post this kind of 'game mechanic' proposal?

Shee City
16-12-2003, 19:42
Then where does one post this kind of 'game mechanic' proposal?

I don't think you can - I get the impression no game mechanic issues are acted on. Probably best to put it forward as a suggestion for NS2, if someone hasn't already. Some kind of interplay between immigration, population and population controls would be funky.

Shee City