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Issue on Nuclear warfare.

13-12-2003, 02:32
Ive created a bill on nuclear warfare called Basic Nclear Rules. It is supposed to create a universal system for nuclear warfare and to stop nations from bombing everything in sight. :)
Here is a copy
N.I.E. or Nuclear Inflationary Effect, which has 5 points. It seeks not to eliminate nuclear weapons, but to set decent restrictions. These points will set a universal standard for nuclear weapons.
1. Nuclear weapons can not obliterate a planet, or region.
Bombing people to the stone age kills all civilians and makes the place dangerousy radioctve for 50 years.
2. Nuclear weapons are proportional to population and military spending.
When even the newest nations can have huge arsenals of weapons something is wrong. Thus, nuclear weapons created that NS day can not excede the budget divided by $100 billion or the population divided by 10 million.
3. Nuclear weapons take time to build and thus grow slowly.
In order to prevent countries from nuking random nations, it takes 2 days to start replenishing nuclear weapons, but can be continual repenished thereafter.
4. Nuclear weapons are detirmined by tech age and certain tech ages have an agreed multiplication factor.
Technology eras have different capabilates, so countries in different ages can create more weapons, and still have a reasonable relationship.
5. Nuclear weapons create enviornmental disastors, which will affect the user along with the target.
Nuclear weapons create a nuclear winter which affects an entire planet. Countries that were nuked have 3 nuclear points for each nuke, while everyone else involved in the conflict gets 1. Each day you loose 1% of the points and a minimum of 3 points. At certain levels disasters would happen for example at 10 points a year long winter would occer.