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13-12-2003, 20:46
A proposal has been made to end the use of Napalm. I believe that this proposal should be supported and i myself have voted for it. Let me sum up the proposal. Napalm is a gas used the kill enemy soliders. I causes respitory failure and ultimalely a very slow and painful death. I believe that it shuld be supported and your support is neccesary.

UN Delegate, Fortress Europe
13-12-2003, 21:09
Napalm is not a gas and does not cause respiratory failure. Napalm is a mixture of a petroleum fuel and a thickening agent, usually polymer or polystyrene based. The result is a thick jelly that sticks as it burns.

Napalm is a deeply unpleasant weapon of war, but we will not support a resolution so clearly factually incorrect.

On behalf of Her Majesty Alexandra I Regina,

Mr Benedict Molefe MP
Secretary of State for Foreign and Regional Affairs
13-12-2003, 21:31
Thankyou, RNM.
13-12-2003, 22:41
We of Chumba agree, with said proposal and with the Envoy from Royal New Monmouth.

On behalf of the Emperor William VII Of Chumba