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A way to have war has been made

13-12-2003, 08:45
Created by The Supreme holy Empire of Hobbeebia-N.S.A leader
Notice all Nation states players
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Rules for Engagement for all Nation States
1. All nations that are considering war must gain approval from region leaders.
2. Then a War Monitor must be elected to watch over the battles.
A. War Monitor-A nation that has no link to any nations at war, and must be approved by region founder. The Monitor must look at 4 areas of each nation at war. The 4 areas are player stats, Economy, population, and Industry, and strategy. The monitor will decided the battles winner and is the final authority on the battles
3. All battles will take place on the regional message lodge.
4. Nuclear weapons must be known by the Monitor, and the region founder. Nuclear missile surplus can’t exceed 10 nuclear missiles. No nuclear missiles may be used until the monitor allows. Other rules are below.
1. Nuclear weapons can not obliterate a region, or country.
2. Limit 10 weapons by both nations.
3. Nuclear weapons take time to build and thus grow slowly. 3 days
, it takes 2 days to start replenishing nuclear weapons, but can be continually replenished thereafter.

All other rules and regulations are left up to the Monitor.

Details: All cities must be known to War monitor and regional leader. Plus nuclear missile silos must be in a military base. You must also state the amount of troops in each city and base. Troops count is based on half of pop.
Ex. Hobbeebia
Cities: Bases
1.Hoben-capital 100,000 troops 1.Ft.lawson-1 nuclear silo,1,000 troops
2.Hobun-normal 0 troops 2.Ft.daleson -9 nuclear silos, 5,000 troops
Catholic Europe
13-12-2003, 10:09
Please suggest this in a roleplaying sticky either in II or NS. This has nothing to do with the UN.
13-12-2003, 10:26
uh, yeah this really does have alot to do with the UN. Its a proclamation, that means it gets put in the UN section of the forum. Next time please think before posting a reply.
13-12-2003, 15:12
Have to agree with my good friend Catholic Europe here, this is general, international incidents, II, but not the UN.

As a proposal it can't work as it changes the game mechanics.

I also know that as one of the oldest and largest nations in NS I'd be peeved if people were to start stating that you can't have this, or you can only have so many of these. If you have an unbiased adjudicator, then let them agree on how many / few nukes you are allowed.

Love ya loads
Taday's spokesman for Nebbyland
13-12-2003, 16:18
I hope this resolution passes because it can make the game more exiting and I will support it.