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Endangered species proposal (not hippos)

16-12-2003, 05:12
I haven't submitted this proposal yet because I want feedback first so I can improve it. It would be an environmental proposal, and it's in official UN format. I believe I would list it under impairing the woodchipping industry, as this industry cuts down the forests.

EDIT: I am going to constantly update this, so I will not post every edit.

The United Nations,
ALARMED by the increasing numbers of endangered species that are on the brink of extinction and the fact that an estimated 35-150 species of life become extinct every day,
DEEPLY CONCERNED by the destruction of the habitats of animals and plants worldwide, due to increased commercial development,
RECOGNIZING that the preservation of these species is vital to the conservation of the environment and the world's ecosystems,
1. REQUESTS that nations take necessary measures to protect the endangered species within their borders through a ban on the intentional killing of endangered species and a crack-down on poachers;
2. CALLS UPON nations to restrict development that could lead to the destruction of the natural habitats of endangered species;
3. URGES nations to allocate funding for the rebuilding of destroyed environments in order to help endangered species repopulate, without violating any local private property rights;
4. DECLARES ACCORDINGLY that international sanctions shall be placed on any nations that violate this resolution by continuing to harm endangered species;
5. EXPRESSES ITS HOPE that native wildlife will continue to thrive in order to preserve our environment for future generations.
16-12-2003, 05:18
How extensive will this resolution go in its effects on the economy? As you know, all resolutions which improve the environment will negatively affect the economy -- but some to a lesser degree than others.

I think some people may base their opinions on how much it will affect the economy. You should post exactly how the resolution proposal will be filled out, with all the categories that you fill out in the proposal form.
16-12-2003, 05:23
If you didn't see it in the edit, I would list it as impairing the woodchipping industry. I see no reason why other industries would be affected by it.
16-12-2003, 06:07
Ahh. Thank you for clarifying that.
16-12-2003, 07:25
This would negatively affect more than just woodchipping. I'll give you an example you may have heard. In Australia, a few years ago, a farmer ran over 2 endangered mice in his tractor. The government confiscated his tractor, and fined him enough so that he went backrupt and had to sell his home, all because of UN resolutions.

For 2 mice, a family lost their home and their means of survival. 2 mice, 7 people. Who do you think is more important?

Another example. The EPA was recently found to be faking animal findings. Bobcat hairs found (and used to justify massive animal preserves, taking land from citizens wth little or no compensation) were tested, and they came from the same animal. Not that big, but they were found 3 states apart. The animal turned out to be in the San Diego zoo. The EPA refused to say who faked the reports, but based on internal documents, no one was fired, suspended, fined, demoted, or anything when the info came out. Further investigation indicates that the reports were made by different people, suggesting that planting evidence is a common occurance.

The EPA's funding is based on the number of people employed, which is based on the number of preserves and findings.

I could continue, but these are the best examples.
16-12-2003, 07:30
Under Friedylvanian law, (as of three minutes ago) woodchippering industry employees have been classified as a species. Their natural habitat being forests (which are in the process of being cut down) we believe that your proposal would cause a constitutional crisis that would be irreparable.
The Orion Nebula
16-12-2003, 08:32
Friedylvania makes a good point. Also, I think your proposal would be better if it included something about Hippos. Also mice. I like mice but mice should not be allowed to hunt tractors. We should set up large tractor sanctuarys and make sure that the mice stay clear for the protection of the tractors.

It would be good to get the Hippos involved in establishing the tractor sanctuarys because Hippos are environmentalists and have an almost legendary ability to raise soft money for worthy causes. This is almost as well known as their unconventional fashion sense.

Also if you try to run over a Hippo with a tractor, the family will not go bankrupt, but the tractor will be destroyed. This is why you should support the version of this bill that involved Hippos. Also woodchipping machines will be allowed to live in peace and harmony at the tractor sanctuarys.
16-12-2003, 08:46
This is almost as well known as their bad fashion sense.
A large percentage of the Londanian electorate consists of hippos. We would appreciate if you could take your hippophobic comments elsewhere.
The Orion Nebula
16-12-2003, 09:08
We would appreciate if you could take your hippophobic comments elsewhere.

There is no one in this game that is a bigger supporter of those noble beasts than I. I offer constructive criticism out of love. Ask the Hippos. Also the word Hippos must ALWAYS be capitalized.
16-12-2003, 09:13
The people and Hippos of Londana appreciate your concern, and are aware of your noble attempts to ensure protections in international law. However, we fear that your earlier comment was only counter-productive to the goal of adopting an inclusive attitude towards Hippos and not making them feel worse about their already unconventional fashion sense.
The Orion Nebula
16-12-2003, 09:30
Fair enough. I edited my post above.
16-12-2003, 09:30
2. CALLS UPON nations to restrict development that could lead to the destruction of the natural habitats of endangered species;

If would be nice if the resolution included development with the aim of
1. Preserving the endangered species and
2. Improving the livelihood of the residents (human) in the vicinity
16-12-2003, 14:24
we agree that, animals must be protected, we are battle to save the door mice in our nation of Chumber, due to mining, it's an on going battle.
16-12-2003, 23:28
I am going to try to answer a few of the comments at once:

First of all, the examples regarding the tractor running over the mice and the fake animal findings are irrelevant in regards to a negative effect on industry. One farmer does not constitute an industry and, nor does taking away individuals' land. The only major industry that would be directly affected by this proposal would be the woodchipping industry. However, your points are still valid concerns, and I will try to edit the proposal to incorporate them.

I do not quite understand Lumpy Nuts' comment. The proposal aims to decrease commerical development, such as cutting down forests, and building houses along lakes that could harm the species that live there. If you could clarify how development could preserve endangered species, perhaps I will add it to the proposal. And increasing livelihood is a completely different issue.

The rest of the comments made were unintelligent and not really worthy of response, but I will cover them briefly (please refrain from making stupid, counter-productive comments like these in the future):
Friedylvania's claim is unique and generally ridiculous. Even so, woodchippers are only a class of humans, and they are not endangered. In addition, their habitat cannot be restricted to forests that are being cut down, as this makes no sense. If anything, they would prefer to see their forests preserved.
In response to The Orion Nebula, I think you can see by the current vote count that the majority of us don't care much about hippos, which does not need to be capitalized. They receive the same treatment as the rest of the endangered species. The rest of your suggestions were unclear and idiotic. Please stop.
17-12-2003, 01:16
We do not fear extinctions. Our scientists have cloned and repopulated many extinct species.

Our mastodon and pterodactyl park is well worth a visit. You can spend the day (with a group) accompanied by an experienced guide and trainer for only 30 talers.

For you, 24.95
17-12-2003, 01:47
We do not fear extinctions. Our scientists have cloned and repopulated many extinct species.

Our mastodon and pterodactyl park is well worth a visit. You can spend the day (with a group) accompanied by an experienced guide and trainer for only 30 talers.

For you, 24.95
This is exactly the kind of post I would prefer NOT to see on this thread, as it is non-productive. This thread is for suggesting REAL changes to the proposal, not saying inane things about your nation or talk of hippos. Does anyone have any constructive criticism?
Oppressed Possums
17-12-2003, 03:14
Oppressed Possums
17-12-2003, 03:14
What about the endangered hippy? Do we have to take them off of the menu also?
17-12-2003, 06:04
wile i would not call, and do not wish to imply, the impact of hunting and poaching insignifigant, it is a simple fact that the largest single factor in loss of species diversity is not sentiend predition directly but rather habitat loss, due almost exclusively to development in three primary areas. these being housing, environmentaly insensitive forrestry practices (closely tied to development and its heavy consumption of forrest products) and road building do to such primacy of dependence upon roadway type rather then guideway based vehicules as means of transportation. (and closely realated to THAT are oil and pipeline development)

if we wish to solve this problem or impact it positively in some meaningful way we need therefor to incentivise such patterns of development as are less inharmonious with the preservation of natural habbitats.

two things stand out in my mind as likely to contribute most signifigantly to THAT end. greater support and encouragement toward mechanical transportation being guideway based (and built to modest scale proportions) and signifigant reduction in the percentage of forrest products used in new construction.

energy policies that favor noncombustive means of energy production also figure into this favorably

all three measures of course being fundimental to the carlemnarian way of life. our means of implimenting them could well fill neumerous textbooks, lab manuals, and handy do it yourself guidebooks, and throught our primarly school and library systems very much do.

Oppressed Possums
17-12-2003, 06:13
I'm very proud of my desert. I worked hard to make my land that way.
17-12-2003, 06:19
I'm very proud of my desert. I worked hard to make my land that way.

you do realize of course, that by having done so you are breathing off the air produced by your neighbors, without which you would sufficate?

Oppressed Possums
17-12-2003, 06:20
From what I understand, the ocean is far larger than ANY body of land. There are more plankton and stuff that produce more oxygen than all the forests and trees put together and then some.

I'm proud of my desert.
17-12-2003, 22:08
First to Oppressed Possums:
Nobody is challenging your desert; the proposal only stops future development of endangered species' natural habitat. And I wouldn't be surprised if your desert had some endangered species in it, be it snake or cactus.
And to Carlemania:
Did you even read the proposal? It focuses on curbing development, with poaching being only a subpoint. And some of your specific ideas are a bit intrusive on domestic affairs, which is why I chose to list more general things in the proposal. Countries can then decide for themselves how to best carry out the resolution.
And since I have seen very few comments against the proposal, I am going to submit it. Please support it!