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Should we build off world colonies on the moon?

13-12-2003, 09:13
We of Chumba wish to hear from other nations, should we start looking to build off world colonies on the moon?

It could be Humanities initial step into the universe, We could use the lunar resources, the lower gravity to create new medicines. Getting into space is the safety valve for this planet the ultimate key to survival of the human race. If we never develop self-sustaining off-world colonies, would some then say the human races has a sistinctly finite life?

With resources running out, pollution increasing, and the ever growing hum of humanity, moon colonies will hardly be self-sustaining, but, it's a very useful step to the asteroid belt then may maybe other planets in our solar system.

But some might say "Our species has evolved to exploit a specific niche in the universe, namely the Earth." others might say "Why waste resources building a costly foothold on a sphere of rock?"

I ask you fellow members of the UN, friends, who would own it? Would it be like Antarctica, no single country can lay claim to it. We of Chumba, ask you to consider the Pro's and Con's very seriously, is settlement on the moon viable, or should we look to our own planet?
Catholic Europe
13-12-2003, 10:08
Erm, I think that some nations already have done this. infact, there are some entire regions which have no land on earth whatsoever.