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So I read the book...

04-08-2003, 14:36
Meh. In short, had potential but didn't reach it.

In long... it was moderately interesting. Hardly a "can't put it down" but worth the time and effort to read I suppose. Funny in parts, but it didn't quite go as far as it could have. Started to get a little too serious given the earlier humourous context, then the serious aspects looked out of place.

I'm curious what the 'major character' that was culled had to do with it. A little more substance wouldn't have hurt, the plot was a little thin on the ground, maybe parts that should have been there weren't. Who knows?

Anyhow... if you haven't read it, it's at least worth the effort of borrowing it from someone. I expected a duller politically oriented book to be honest, given the game we're all playing here, that it certainly wasn't :)
The Most Glorious Hack
04-08-2003, 15:31
Pretty similar to my views, but I think I liked it a bit more.

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