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Google Image Searches are cool

11-01-2004, 11:29 (

They both take you to the same address. But which one did you want to go to? The second image was found while doing a Google image search of the name "Max Barry" (after some other, cooler pics took me to 404 errors).

The lesson here is that pictures are cool and help to sell your product.

The picture I found is from the ultraviolent Taxi Driver which features the very cool Robert DeNiro. You see it and think, "Hey, that was a badass movie". There is unconscious recognition and identification with the image. Already in your mind you've decided what you're going to see when you click on the image. That recognition carries over to Max Barry's web site.

Because it was found on a page other than the last on on a Google image search for "Max Barry", it is also relevant to Max Barry for it to appear in an advertisement for him.*
It's kind of like having the guy with a mohawk (mohawks are cool) shoot up a den of Russian terrorists and go get crazy laid after he eats Froot Loops, only over a book/author.

The difference being the book is more intelligent and will therefore get you seen as such, only now with sensitivity and being witty.

Max inspired a generation of Marketing majors.

Interesting bit of thought: Is Maxx Traxis Bickle or Iris?