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Syrup Appreciation Thread

14-09-2003, 21:14
I love Scat! :D
15-09-2003, 20:01
Scat's narration is the best part of the book. I love the mental commentaries that frame the story. I read Jennifer Government first, and I loved it, but I really think that Max's style in Syrup is more interesting. I really felt like I was inside Scat's mind, seeing the story through his eyes. You even get his warped spin on things. In a nutshell.. brilliant.
Catholic Europe
15-09-2003, 20:04
I'm hearing so much good stuff about Syrup...I will have to get it!

Does anyone know whether you can buy Syrup in the shops in the UK?
The Most Glorious Hack
16-09-2003, 03:17
Can't help ya there. I got both books via Amazon. You certainly could give them a shot. It's worth the leg-work as its an excellent book.
Catholic Europe
16-09-2003, 16:58
I don't think I would buy over the internet...I'm not sure.
19-09-2003, 02:19
I don't think I would buy over the internet...I'm not sure.

Why not?

And yes, many of Scat's thoughts were just "set the book down and laugh" hilarious.
19-09-2003, 04:24
So syrup is worth the buy? I was looking at it online and not understaning what it was about. Care to give a run down of the general picture of the plot without giving it away?
The Most Glorious Hack
19-09-2003, 06:48
Very much worth the buy.

Basically, the main character, Scat, comes up with a great idea, which is promptly stolen from him. The book centers on his ups and downs in his attempt to finally get recognition.

And his attempts to get into the pants of his object of desire, 6.