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Syrup by Max Barry

15-02-2003, 18:59
I noticed that it's not being made or sold right now, from what I can tell. But it likely is at your library (which is where I read it). :)
10-04-2003, 00:01
I bought it on used...but it hasn't arrived yet
11-04-2003, 23:30
i looked everywhere in all of the libraries at my county and it wasnt there! i was so mad!
14-04-2003, 18:40
I recommend Interlibrary loan if your library fails to have a book you wish to read. Also, vote for funding for libraries!

An interesting sidenote: Who do you suppose funds libraries in Jennifer Government's world? Or Universities? Pepsico State University. Yuch.

16-04-2003, 19:47
I think you're right Condorcet....didn't Jennifer's daughter go to the Mattel School or some such?
21-04-2003, 05:57
I just go Syrup a week ago...AWESOME, it's hilarious and really really interesting.
22-04-2003, 00:09
01-05-2003, 21:34
I ordered a copy through my bookstore with no problem, reading it now and laughing out loud!
Very-very clever and aware of itself in a honestly cool way, instead of that annoyingly fake "hip" post-modern way we're so often sold.

It's also cute where the faux-American idiom slips and the Australian accent comes through.

For those looking for the book and having trouble finding it: Got mine through Barnes&Noble, book published in trade paper by Penguin, 2000. ISBN: 0140291873. $11.95 (Not exactly the best cover art - if that's supossed to be Scat and 6, they kinda missed)
20-05-2003, 22:44
i was just reading Syrup again, and man is it great.