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Max Barry / Jennifer Government make TIME

06-02-2003, 00:42
Max and the book made TIME magazine. It was a good review... so the question of how much impact the game/web site had will be blurred. OTOH, the early interest and buzz was largely due to the game, so that ought to get some attention.

Unfortunately, the review didn't mention the marketing scheme.
08-02-2003, 02:34
I bought and read the book. With the right Director it would be a great movie. Sorry, Max but it needs to filmed in the A genre vice the B Grade. Love the story the telling was slightly campy at moments.

So how is it ranking on the bestsellers list?
08-02-2003, 20:59
Hmm. I only found out about this game site today, and just read a brief synopsis of the book. Pretty good stuff here. When's the movie supposed to come out?