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It's not fair.

The Silver Turtle
03-05-2003, 16:00
Jennifer Government still isn't out in the UK.
Why must we alway wait?
21-05-2003, 17:52
Well hello!!!!!
It isnt out in Sweden either. I just got my copy only minutes ago. Ask your bookstore to order it :idea:

You didnt think about that one did you now :o
24-05-2003, 00:54
shop in ebay
24-05-2003, 15:24
Or you could try amazon
Kermitron Enterprises
24-05-2003, 16:24
I went to a bookstore the day it was out and they had six copies, but claimed not to because the release date was wrong. I placed an order and got a call the next day saying they found the six copies...

I live in australia though.
26-05-2003, 09:59
Australia has had a few distribution issues. :roll: The book is widely available now, though.

The reason it's slow to come out in the UK is because of legal issues... many real corporations are mentioned in the story and the publisher got cold feet. Basically they wanted to wait and see if the American publisher got sued first. July 3rd is the UK release date, though... only 40 more sleeps! :)
Crazy girl
09-06-2003, 01:25
do you know if it's out in the netherlands already? just read the first chapter, and now i want to know the rest....