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hey, who's read the book? It's fantastic

05-06-2003, 07:21
I read the book in one day I was that captivated. I couldn't put it down...ok I lied. I read it in two days. but still! I highly recommend it...It's well worth your $20 bucks from Borders or Barnes and Noble...

Go buy it now!!! :D . What are you waiting for?
05-06-2003, 07:23
MODALERT: This belongs in the Book and Movie forum.
05-06-2003, 07:23
There is a forum for this, you know. :wink:
The SLAGLands
05-06-2003, 07:26
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The Most Glorious Hack
05-06-2003, 10:03
Go buy it now!!! :D . What are you waiting for?

Personally, I'm waiting for Amazon to ship it to me...
19-06-2003, 19:48
it is one hell of a book. also, without it i would never have stumbled upon Nationsates in the first place :lol:
Horsefeathers Hegemony
20-06-2003, 22:55
JG is wildly imaginative, deliciously Swiftian in in its sardonic skewerings.
I would add that the converse of Gorganzola's observation is also true:
I learned of JG from Nationstates, and the book then gave me me even greater confidence in the integrity, decency and trustworthiness of MB's website.
22-06-2003, 22:47
I rented the book from my local library. Personally, I don't have the money to go buying any book that might be vaguely interesting, but I will say it was worth the time to read it. I think my favorite scene was John Nike's speech about a world without Government.

"Just do it!"

It had me laughing for several consecutive minutes. :)
24-06-2003, 05:22
reminiscint of a book called scorch... or I guess a buch of other dystopian works
25-06-2003, 02:31
Actually, I found out about nationstates through a friend, and from there decided to get the book...just waiting for it to get here, now!
26-06-2003, 05:11
If I didnt read the book, I would not be here...Actually, come to think of it, I would! I checked out the site before I knew about NationStates(, and left it. Then, someone in the GamePro forums told us about this game. Heh, he even got mentioned in an issue of GP for bringing this to an Editors attention.
27-06-2003, 21:17
I just found out about this book today. But it sounds very interesting, i'll definitely be buying it.
28-06-2003, 08:25
I just finished reading the book last week and it was so good. I could hardly put it down and now i'm going to tell all of my friends about it.
28-06-2003, 17:43
I must also mention how good the book is. A friend directed me to Nationstates, and I just had to go purchase the book the next day. It is so hillarious on many levels. Even though I recently read a very negative review of it in LP News (the Libertarian party newsletter) which claimed JG was nothing short of a modern Communist Manifesto, I would have to say it is one of my personal favorite books. Max Barry may have a much more cynical view of corporations than I do, but his work is nothing short of brilliant.
28-06-2003, 21:03
I just finished the book, and it was a really great read. The only thing that kept me from reading it straight through was that I had to go to work. :wink:
It's a real page-turner, with plenty of action and lots to think about. It never drags, it just builds. The characters are solid and well-developed -- I grew to like some of them more as the book went on, and some less, but they always seemed real.

At first I was trying to figure out how the book relates to the game, and I realized that one way it does is in demonstrating how abstract political theories manifest themselves in reality. It's about how things that sound good on paper may not work out quite as we'd like when they're actually implemented.

Anyway, it's a really engaging and exciting book, and I recommend it highly.
02-07-2003, 19:42
I haven't read it, but it sounds great - as does "Syrup". I want to buy them both, but I have $70 worth of other stuff I have to get the money for this summer. I figure if I have money left over and I haven't spent it all on treating summer-long chocolate deprivation, I'll see if I can find either one at Powells.
Catholic Europe
02-07-2003, 20:48
It hasn't come out in my country yet (UK). :cry:
05-07-2003, 03:13
very very good book
11-07-2003, 15:05
I've read it.
Catholic Europe
11-07-2003, 21:49
Yeah, the book is good!
13-07-2003, 12:30
I really enjoyed it but there was so many characters it was hard to keep track of them all!
15-07-2003, 04:58
I got it as a gift, but I'm going to read some other books first.
17-07-2003, 04:31
I LOVED the book - just finished it. Only thing is, now that I've read the book, I don't see what NS has to do with JG.