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Jennifer Gov't vs Syrup

10-06-2003, 12:30
Who here like myself has read both of Barry's novels? I bought Syrup in Australia as soon as it was released, and it remains one of my two favourite novels. I love JG, but I think it was a bitter larger in scope (overall level of satirical enviroment) and should have been longer. I really like getting lost in a book, and I think that JG could have immersed your even more. The other slight comment is that JG is more serious and slightly darker than Syrup, and that Syrup had a nieve innocence encapsulated in Scat's personality that was truly funny and endearing. I found that Jennifer herself straddled a likable human figure (in the mother sense) and the ruthless agent (like 8 from Syrup, and Jennifer's decription on the back of the book) This dichotomy seems to make her undefined as a representative character.
I also reckon John Nike should have died...But then I disliked Sneaky Pete from Syrup too.