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30-12-2003, 07:54
///Nye runs into the back of Tresckow because he stopped RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM...They both fell down the rest of the stairs.

POO!!!! You made me fall!
30-12-2003, 08:02
INFERNO put his foot on the one mans chest while matiasheld his foot on the other one...Holding their guns to them they tell them not to move or they will shoot...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-12-2003, 08:03
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-12-2003, 08:22
Mathias grabs his gun and hold it at the men on the ground, changing his aim from one to the other. Since he can not see any of their faces, he keeps his aim steady upon them both.

Meanwhile, somewhere within The Dictatorship, Damon hurries toward The Depths of Hell. He runs into a man, who is also running in the same direction.

"Stop this instant," Damon yells as he pulls out his pistol.

"I am a friend. I am Noskalenaeuroph. Please, we must hurry, there is no time left."

"Remembering vaguely the name, he ran aside of him."

They both headed toward The Depths of Hell.
30-12-2003, 08:27
///Nye squirmed some and grinned.

OWW MY ASS! Let me up. I've gota mission to run and no ones goin to stop me. Tresckow tell them...
30-12-2003, 08:30
INFERNO: What!!! Tresckow how could you???
What is you mission I dont care about your Ass now tell me your mission!!!

INFERNO pushes harder on the mans chest causing him to have a hard time breathing...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-12-2003, 08:32
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-12-2003, 08:41
Major General Tresckow felt the heavy soles of Mathias's boot press into his ribcage. All he could manage to do was cough, which proved to be more exruciating, for his ribcage collapsed after the cough and he was unable to get another full breath of air.

He grimmaced and gritted his teeth, as he lay sprawled on the ground beneath Mathias's boot and full weight, with his head bleeding slightly from the fall.
30-12-2003, 08:44
///While trying to breathe Nye laughes

Yeah tell him Tresckow...
30-12-2003, 08:46
INFERNO: Nye is it I think thats what i heard, So Nye I think you have more to worry about then Tresckow over there...NOw what is your mission tell me now!!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-12-2003, 08:49
Tresckow gasps heavily.

"Please, let me breathe. Please, I can not breathe."

Mathias lifted his boot and stepped back some. He kept his aim steady. Although Major General Tresckow was an esteemed Reich member and co-President to The Supreme Council, he was still viewed with heavy suspecion. Mathias, at that moment, felt deep betrayal run through his viens. His blood turned cold as he glared at their fallen leader. How could he give them away? How could he do this to the The Reich?
30-12-2003, 08:52
///Nye laughes again weakily. He lifts his hands to behind his head as he is pressed into the ground.

Well...I'm not the threat. Now...that Perry guys the threat. I'm just here to stop him...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-12-2003, 08:54
Damon and Noskalenaeuroph, at that time, hit the city in which the enterence to The Depths of Hell is located. The worked their way around fallen structures as they headed toward the fallen tavern.
30-12-2003, 08:54
INFERNO: You Tresckow how could you do this to us??? I cant believe you betrayed The Council like this we had faith in your abilities thats y you were put in the position that we put you in!!!
30-12-2003, 09:00
///Nye laughes again.

You're in trouble.

HE grinned at Infero.

Mind not pressing that hard...getting hard to breate...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-12-2003, 09:02
"I can not allow Lady Rubella to die, nor could I allow that child to die either. I am sorry, but I can not. I am no longer in The Council. (After a great pause.) I have quit."
30-12-2003, 09:07
[[[Surukai's nation]]]

Perry get a call.

Sir we're not in yet.


We're not in yet sir.

What is taking them so long...

No telling sir.

Damn them...

They sit in silence and the messenger leaves some time after waiting to report good news.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-12-2003, 09:09
Tresckow stood up slowly, while Mathias still kept a close aim on him.

"Let us through, or we all die, including Lady Rubella and the young girl. Please, I do not want to see anyone die."
30-12-2003, 09:09
INFERNO: You will not go anywhere! What child speak now!!!
30-12-2003, 09:13
///Nye laughes.

You know that man you all LOVE so much. What's his name. Let's see. Oh yea! DANTE. His daughter...Genocide! If you don't let us through...she dies. Just think of upset it will have on his troops...
30-12-2003, 09:15
INFERNO: NO! not her y did it have to be her...But I cannot allow you access...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-12-2003, 09:17
Tresckow grimmaced. To think, if Dante were somehow still alive, what he would do when he found out that The Reich let his child die. It would create the war all over again.

"Please, let us through."
30-12-2003, 09:19
///Nye quickly slid his arms out and grasped his assult rifle that he had inside his suit. He held at Inferno.

You might want to let us in now...
30-12-2003, 09:19
INFERNO get enraged at the mention of Dante caring for his child when he knows the truth....

INFERNO: No!!! you will not get through as long as breath lies in my body,I shall fight you...Y shall never get in here!!!
30-12-2003, 09:22
///His face becomes serious finally.

30-12-2003, 09:24
INFERNO sees him grab the weapon at his side and he pushes on his chest Nye gets the wind knock out of him...While he was taking in breath INFERNO kicked Nye in his side right in the ribs a cracking sound is heard..then a scream of pain..
30-12-2003, 09:26
///Nye screams out. His ribs were broken.


He reached for his gun he dropped and held it at him again preparing to fire.
30-12-2003, 09:32
INFERNO: I dont care if your ribs are broke that was the point if i dint want to break them i would not have kicked you...I still cannot let you in

INFERNO also has his gun pointed at Nye...

INFERNO: My bullets are all hollow points so my bullets will do great damage to you while yours shall not in return!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-12-2003, 09:35
Tresckow looked into Mathias's face. He saw that Mathias had every intention of killing Mr. Nye right there and then without any more of a thought.

Mathias moved his aim to Nye's head, right between the eyes. Tresckow, finding that it would be impossible to prevent the shot, dropped himself in front of Nye, at the precise moment Mathias pulled his trigger.

Mathias face, frozen with a cold killing expression, dropped slightly as he watched the bullet, almost in slow motion (if it could have went in slow motion) bury itself into Tresckow's upper chest.

Tresckow grasped the wound and gasped.

Tears of pain filled his eyes. "I can not allow you to do this. You must let us in......." He was cut of by his own pain.
30-12-2003, 09:35
///Nye looked in anger at him,

30-12-2003, 09:43
///Nye looked at Tresckow. That guy was determined and he respected that. He fired his gun at Inferno's leg and lower abdomen and fired again quickly and Mathias hitting him twice in the gut. He took advantage of Inferno lifting his foot and grabbed Tresckow by the collar and drug him to a take cover a support pillar not too far from their position.
30-12-2003, 09:44
INFERNO: It is better for you that I not allow you in there. You have no idea what will happen if you go in there!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-12-2003, 09:49
Tresckow looked up in pain. He was bleeding badly. He felt himself being dragged along the smooth floor, but could do nothing to help or prevent it. He looked around him and saw that Mr. Nye had been the one dragging him. Nye looked quite concerned for the moment.

Tresckow felt weak, but took in a deep breath slowly to maintain himself. He felt like blacking out, but prevented it. He took steady breathes of air; something trained to elite forces of The Reich, but hard to do when not practicing.

Nye handed him a gun.

"You're going to need this," he spoke to Tresckow.

Tresckow nodded as he held the gun tightly, clinging to it as if it were his life.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-12-2003, 09:54
We will stop here for the night. Let us get some sleep and let some people get caught up for tomorrow. They have missed alot, not in post wise, but in information.
02-01-2004, 08:11
>Hey. What do you know...I am finally back from hiatus.<

*Surukai sat on a cushy chair, head resting in her hands. She was pondering the current situation. Of course, the only knowledge she had currently is what she picked up from guard conversations and Perry's phonecalls. She leaned back into the chair, almost sinking into it. She thought better though, rather than sit there and fall asleep, she would go and eat something. Her apetite since the funeral had been pretty bad.*

"Ashame the guards make my cook go home."

*She walked out of the library and headed toward the kitchen. On her way, she passed by what used to be her bedroom. That is, before Perry turned it into his personal office. She was held up in one of the guest rooms. Inside of "Perry's office", she heard him talking to a guard. Something about the Depths of Hell. She decided to crash their little meeting.*

"So, what's this I hear about the Depths of Hell?"
05-01-2004, 07:04
> Back! Finally! WHOOP!

///Perry sits on a chair at a desk inside Surukai's room when she bardged in. A group of his advisors sat on her bed as the all talked about what was happening.

It appears your little friends won't hand over that base of yours so easily.

Perry's phone rings right there. He answers it and talks for a bit disregarding everyone there. He hung up and looked to her.

Your little friend Tresckow was shot and so was Mathias. That was Nye right there and he said that they are having a hard time getting in the base because they have troops there.

He slammed his fists off her desk.

DAMN them. What do they think they are doing? We need to get in there.

He looked to his advisors.

Send out the planes. If they're goin fight us then we will bomb them...

With that the advisors left the room leaving Perry and Surukai alone.

What do YOU want now?

Perry was obviously aggriavated but yet maintained his grin.
The Almighty Anna
06-01-2004, 00:55
///The Almighty Anna walkes in.///
07-01-2004, 10:18
>Hmm. Walks in where? I don't think it was my castle....I have bad peoples here. NO one should enter my castle when there are hordes of idiot guards standing in it.<

*Surukai starts twitching after hearing about Tresckow. Then with Mathias caused a big eye spasm. (Think Kill Bill with me here.) She looked dumbfounded, but decided that she would have to answer his question.*

"Well, *actually*, I was walking down to the kitchen to make myself some food when I heard talk of the Depths of Hell. Are people forgetting that it was locked down or something?"

*She continued babbling about the stupidity of others and wandered off to the kitchen while still babbling. Perry just kept a odd, kind of dumbfounded look. (I can't think of the word right now, but that will have to do.)*
13-01-2004, 18:04
Time slowly passes
Or does it???It is not all what it seems!!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
14-01-2004, 01:46
Now back to the story line, which I am sorry I neglected for some time.

Slowly and painfully Mathias backed away. It was not easy to move when you were shot in the gut. He leaned against the wall as his soldiers began to return the fire. Slowly, he began to slide down it, until he forced himself up again. He searched for a rifle, but to no avail. The firing grew heavy and he was beginning to feel ill, almost like vomitting. He stumbled some, but was supported by a soldier who noticed that he was not doing good. The soldier over turned the table they had previously used to lay maps and lays out on. The soldier sat him down, leaning him against the top of the table, which now lay on it's side.

Mathias began to take heavy breaths, more becoming gasps.

Somewhere amid the firing, a messenger entered. He could darely hear a word the messenger said and barely managed to write a note in correspondence. He watched the messenger leave unscathed.

His vision became distorted, however, he found a rifle aside of him, and grasped it. Firing toward the pillar, he released a clip before dropping the rifle and falling forward.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
15-01-2004, 06:01
Meanwhile, back inside a clean and respectful hospital room, Der Fuhrer Dyszel lay in a coma. No change of activity, mental or physical has been noted. Fear of deterioation of functioning has set in, and the medical staff take turns exercising her useless muscles.

Within Der Fuhrer's sleep is nothing but a black unpenetrable void. Nothingness everywhere. No sound, no light, no time, no movement.......nothing. She lays "sleeping" without realizing the perils of her Empire, without knowing that Atticus lies deep within the ground now, without knowing that Mathias (who's relationship to Der Fuhrer has never been revealed) is dying protecting her hardest worked creation. Unware of the world around her and those governing her nation and managing her forgotten affairs, she lies dead to the world.

While, back within The Dictatorship Mathias falls unconscious. Major General Henning von Tresckow is also beginning to feel weak, but continuing to sustain himself, seeing the doors that appear even more farther away then they had when the first entered.

In the same time, Damon and Noskalenaeuroph rush toward The Depths of Hell (I do not remember exactly where they were, so I will just say that they are almost there).
15-01-2004, 06:37
INFERNO sits in a dark spot that is near the door he vows that if anyone were to go near the door he would cut them down before they could touch it...
17-01-2004, 06:44
///Nye open fire again at the soldiers firing at him.

Der Fuhrer Dyszel
17-01-2004, 06:59
I am sorry, but I suppose we must continue this tomorrow because I must go right now.

Major General Tresckow pressed himself against the pillar tighter. He did not want to fire upon the men he once led into battle, but he could not allow Lady Rubella and that young child Genocide to die.
Gladius iracundia
20-01-2004, 06:24
ooc/ sorry if we don't play this RPG very well, many of us haven't been in any wars of this nature.

IC/ Deneral Dalmir paced back and forth along the rows of empty chairs, trying to decide how to tell the delegates his news, and indeed, he was only just coming to terms with it himself. He had heard of the war, but it seemed so far away, and harmless to his region. But now they were in, along with the rest of Dictators Paradise and the Totallitarian Alliance.

ooc/ :) we have somewhere around 30,000,000 troops in on their way, Dictators Paradise will officialy declare war in, is one day good? Thats when the army should arrive.
BTW, we're fighting alongside the Reich :) Go Der Fuhrer! :lol:

I don't mean to seem arrogant, but I do believe that all nations against Der Fuhrer had better rethink their approach :D
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
21-01-2004, 05:11
Why thank you very much. The Dictatorship is grateful, although you most do not know of your help due to the nature of this war. Any help is greatly appreciated. Do not worry about role playing skills here. If you have a good story or comment that is all that counts. All your correspondence will be through a character named Lux.

Lux smiled to herself as she received word of the alliance's help. This help would greatly be appreciated. She only hoped now that it was not too late to stop Mr. Nye and former Major General Henning von Tresckow of the Supreme Council.

While beneath the cold ground, outside the massive doors to The Depths of Hell, Mathias regained his consciousness. He felt a cold chill run through his body, but he took no heed to it.

He grunted as he leaned forward in pain. He stood up slowly. Stumbling, he worked his way over a seat. On it lay a pistol, which he seized before his knees gave way beneath him, and he tumbled to the ground forward. He lifted his unsteady aim to Mr. Nye.

Mathias fired a sole shot.
Gladius iracundia
22-01-2004, 05:38
Dalmir leaves the board room saddened, they were going to war, and although their army was massive, as was that of the Riech, their enemy's was equaly daunting. Well, he would "just have to change that" as the Magistrate put it.
"What's the good word?" General Spincer came up beside him.
"We are to aid Surukai," Dalmir said flatly.
"If they're sending us in, either it's simple and they think us wimps," Spincer replied in his usual 'make reality fun' tone, "Or, it's a disaster and we're going to be fodder. Seems rather bleak eh sir."
"That it does"

ooc/ Dictators Paradise officialy declares war, our army currently numbers 69,000,000
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
22-01-2004, 17:07
Well, thank you, to say the least. We will establish the full basis of our plans through telegrams. Dante, brace yourself for this one. You are finished.

"My Lady," exclaimed the voice of an excited secretary, no older that 15. "Dictators Paradise has officially declared war. They are coming to help!"

Lux stood up slowly from her seat. The little office she held was cozy and comfortable. It lay within the last functionable city in the entire Dictatorship, which is easy to say, located on the outskirts of the nation. A smile of complete joy slowly spread from one ear to the next, as she gracefully glided across the room. She brought up her slender arms and wrapped them around the secretary.

"My dear, thank you. Send them to Council. We will discuss the plan. Have my dear pilot prepare the plane. We leave immediately," her soft and carressing voice melifiluously floated from her small lips.

"Yes My Lady," spoke the enthuasitic secretary, as she ran along the corridors of the building, sending orders to those closest.

Meanwhile, Lux left her room and made haste to her plane. By the time she arrived at the airport, her pilot was all ready to go.

"My Lady," his firm and assertive voice spoke.

Lux nodded as she climbed into the plane. A few advisors and high members of The Dictatorship followed in after her. Within a few minutes, all was ready, and they departed. While ahead of them, could distantly be seen the best fighter jets of The Reich.
23-01-2004, 06:11
///Nye fired angerily into the defense of soilders hitting some of them and missing some. He heard shots being fired at him and one in particular was a sole pistol shot which seemed to come really close to him. He didn't take much notice to it. He continued firing rapidly and furiously.


He moved forward and his knees buckled. His legs went stiff as he tried to move forward. He felt something warm trickle down his leg. Again he tried to move but this time pain surging through him. He looked down to see that he was shot...a pistol wound to his leg. He laughed as he sat down while still firing at the soldiers. By now the scene was becoming bloody and bodies were beginning to build up.
24-01-2004, 06:34
///Perry calls Nye on his phone. He listens to the sound of firing in the back ground and the pissed voice of Nye.

Alright hold on while I send in the planes...

Perry hangs up and makes another call to his leading officer.

Send backup to this destination...

HE gave the officer the location of THE DEPTHS OF HELL. The officer released a group of fighter planes. THe planes flew with blinding speed and began the bombing of THE DPETHS OF HELL.

> Picture of Perry...thanks DFD...
Gladius iracundia
25-01-2004, 01:56
General Adnor stood at the bow of the transport ship, gazing at the fleet surruounding him. On one ship he saw gurrilas from his own nation of Olaris, and on others soldiers from all over Dictators Paradise.
He was amazed at the multitude of DP ships that were here, they stretched over every horizon except one, and that was becuase that particular shore was their destination, The First Riech of Der Fuhrer.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
25-01-2004, 03:42
Tresckow felt the ground shake as a tremendous explosion rumbled the Earth.

"What the ....," he asked, but was cut off by another simultaneous explosion.

Another rumble and a loud explosion sounded. Again and again, the rentless explosions sounded, creating such a disturbance that no sound was heard over them and that all people ceased firing.

The Reich soldiers looked up, the ceiling was beginning to crack with each intense rumble.

"We're all goin die if they don't STOP THIS," yelled Infernus from his protection behind a pillar.

Tresckow barely heard the comment, while Mathias heard nothing. Mathias even barely heard each bomb rumble the Earth, even as he was lying upon the ground, feeling the rumble the most.

Tresckow pressed himself tighter against the pillar, as each rumble brought some of the ceiling down in little pieces.

"I do not think this roof is going to hold much more," Tresckow screamed over the loud consecutive explosions. He was barely heard by Mr. Nye. "Follow me," he yelled at the top of his lungs, as he struggled to stand from his chest wound. He was bleeding heavily. However, he did not allow it to bother him much.

Tresckow ran across the room amid the chaos of the bombs dripping. He hoped that Mr. Nye was following him as he ran as fast as he could go with his wound to the massive doors before him.

He held a gun at blazed it over the tops of everyone's heads. Right before the doors he ran to ID Verification and placed his hand on it. The system still worked, that was not shut down, luckily.

The system approved his hand analysis, retinal analysis, and voice analysis (it is an intrisic system like The Red Queen that verifies a voice even though other sounds may be issuing). He quickly typed in an override code for the password.

A loud feminine computerlike voice rang clear.

"Welcome to The Depths of Hell Major General Henning von Tresckow of The Supreme Council."

A loud rumble, even louder that the bombs dropping above issued as the massive doors slowly slid open slowly. A bright light issued from the room, temporarily blinding everyone for a moment. Amid the bombs dropping above, a shot was fired.

Tresckow fell to the ground face first, into The Depths of Hell.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
25-01-2004, 03:52
En route, Lux received a phone call from some higher officials of The Reich.

Her cute songlike voice rang out, "Bombing! Has commenced on The Dictatorship! We will work quicker to liberate Queen Surukai's nation. I am almost there."

She hung up the phone and sat with a look of concern upon her face. The advisors had overheard pieces of what had happened.

Lux spoke calmly, "Perry has commenced a bombing run over The Depths of Hell. No word was given on its effectiveness."

They all sat in complete silence until the plane landed in the designated landing zone where their meeting was to be held.
27-01-2004, 09:13
INFERNO is seen standing next to the pillar he was waiting behind. holding his wound with his one hand and a smoking gun pointing at General Tresckow....

The Ground is shaking from the bombings from above the Depths of Hell.

INFERNO cocks and readys his gun for his next shot which will kill General Tresckow...

[INFERNO:] How could you betray your allies??? Rest In Peace knowing you will die dispized by all your former friends.

Another bombing run is occuring above them. A section of roof caves in behind INFERNO just as he was about to make the shot. INFERNO falls to the ground from the crash of the ceiling behind him...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
28-01-2004, 05:15
Mathias Bortniansky regained consciousness, as he watched his once best friend fall to the ground. He only wished now that he could be aside of him, so that they both may suffer together. Although, Tresckow had betrayed them, Mathias realized that Tresckow would never have done such a thing unless he had sound reasons behind it. Mathias regretted his decision, and he would now pay for it though intense pain. He tried to crawl his way over to his fallen friend, but the collapsing ceiling blocked his path.

Lying in pain, Mathias rolled onto his back and starred blankly up at the broken ceiling. He watched a person rush past him, felt more bombs, then an odd lifting sensation. His eyes were open, but he ceased looking.

He felt like he was floating. Least did he know that Noskalenaeuroph and Damon had finally made it to the scene, and had lifted their fallen leader.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
28-01-2004, 05:16
Mathias Bortniansky regained consciousness, as he watched his once best friend fall to the ground. He only wished now that he could be aside of him, so that they both may suffer together. Although, Tresckow had betrayed them, Mathias realized that Tresckow would never have done such a thing unless he had sound reasons behind it. Mathias regretted his decision, and he would now pay for it though intense pain. He tried to crawl his way over to his fallen friend, but the collapsing ceiling blocked his path.

Lying in pain, Mathias rolled onto his back and starred blankly up at the broken ceiling. He watched a person rush past him, felt more bombs, then an odd lifting sensation. His eyes were open, but he ceased looking.

He felt like he was floating. Least did he know that Noskalenaeuroph and Damon had finally made it to the scene, and had lifted their fallen leader.
Gladius iracundia
29-01-2004, 03:55
"General," shouted the young officer, "General!"
"What is it?" snapped Adnor as he continued along the beach, "And be quick about it."
"The Fleet Carriers Atlantis and Haldor are here," he replied quickly, "along with a fleet of light carriers. Mainly fighter/bombers."
"Good," Adnor replied, a bit happier as his tanks rolled off the landing craft accompanied by his gurrila corpes, who looked more like starving civilians than remorseless killers. Oh what fun they were about to have.

"Olarians and elite troops," Adnor shouted into his radio, which relayed it to the intercoms and radis all along the beach, "Get ready to move, bring your guns and yourselves, nothing else, we live off the enemy. The rest of you make camp and keep on alert, especialy artillery divisions."
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
29-01-2004, 05:18
Lux's plane landed. Her slim and graceful figure glided off of the plane, followed by her close suite of advisors and high officers. She made her way over to the newly arrived people, smiling and shaking hands with the soldiers.

"I am so pleased to welcome you here. May you luck be great and not run thin," her singsong voice mellifulously sounded.

She walked up to the General. Again her songlike voice sounded, "My dear General. It is a great pleasure and honor."

She shook hands with him and producing from her shoulder bag, she withdrew a folder filled with information about the enemy. Files which were recorded during their previous engagements, everything there is to know about the lays of The Reich, information concerning The Depths of Hell (which by the way, no one knows is being invaded), the programs of The Red Queen, countless locations of bases and storage centers, and an analysis of Dante and his social effects on his people (very important).

Lux smiled.

"Sir, I sure hope these will aid you."
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
31-01-2004, 06:38
Within the darkened hospital room, a cold chill runs through the corridor. A woman, long asleep, lies motionless upon a bed. Monitors remain at her side.

Slowly visions of Dante laying on the ground, pale with trembling hands and broken wrists, looking up at her with such pity and remorse, sorrow and regret, fogiveness and apology.

Her body twitched at this vision, disturbed yet so real. The vision slowly merged from Dante to Atticus, catching the vile, being shot, dying in his subtle manner. "Atticus," she screamed out, trying to grap hold of him before he died, to pull him back into life.

Again her body twitched, her heart beat elevated, and her brain waves shot into full motion, as if in a REM stage of sleep.

She watched a lonely child, crying in terror, trapped in the dark. The biochemcial spreading, her lungs imflaming, her airway constricting, her muscles tightening, the pain. She felt the pain again. The twisting, ripping, constricting pain. Her heart....her heart.

Her body spasmed, as she shot up into a sitting position, drenched in sweat, breathing heavily, wide away. She looked around the room, having no idea where she was and why her body felt so weak.

Her body collapsed beneath her as she lay back down. She was so weak, but why........why?
31-01-2004, 21:36
INFERNO lies on the cold rubble covered floor. He cannot feel the pain from his leg wound, he ust knows that he need to put a tourniquet or anything that will stop the flow of blood from his wound that keeps getting reopened when he moves.

As INFERNO looks around for something to help him rise from the ground he notices matias is eing lifted by two people but the force of his fall to the grond has caused his vision to become slightly blurred..

INFERNO tries to raise his gun to fire at the people for all he knows that are trying to hurt him..He realizes that the fall has knocked his weapon from his hand and he cannot feel it anywhere around him...

*INFERNO: IT must have been thrown somewhere. I need a weapon...

INFERNO looks as one of the figures are now heading in his direction...He franticaly tries to find his weapon fore he does not know who he can trust anymore with the once allied General Tresckow lying on the ground not to far from his location....
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
31-01-2004, 21:59
Within the hospital, Der Fuhrer lay in her bed, her eyes closed, her body relazed. She was reliving the slow and vivid scenes she had last seen.

A nurse walked into the room, laughing and talking with another nurse. She looked at Der Fuhrer and slowly shook her head as if she was disappointed. The nurse turned to the other nurse.

Her soft and relaxing voice slowly issued, "I am afraid she will never wake out of this. She has been like this day after day for the past so long. Why, we have lost count of the time. Poor Der Fuhrer. It is a shame this had to happen to her."

She turned from the room and slowly closed the door. Der Fuhrer opened her dark eyes and what seemed to be a glare locked itself upon the closed door, as she heard the nurses talk grow fainter and fainter.

"So, I have apparently been asleep for a very long time," she thought. She longed for a glass of water, her mouth was dry and her voice has not been used for too long. She heard animate talking about the corridors of the hospital and children complaining to go home. her stiff straight face slowly formed itself into a satisfied grin.

She closed her eyes again, falling to sleep.

Slowly dark images painted her memories. She watched herself standing outside a building waiting for the doors to be unlocked from within. Ruhr stood by her side. The doors opened. She went in slowly and cautiously. Along the corridors she sniped. The sight of Queen Surukai crying with blood all over her filled her vision. Then Dante....this withered injured man upon the floor, his military uniform drenched in his own blood.

The vision faded. Slowly another one appeared. This time it was inside a large building. She was in a kitchen waiting. The room was filling with noise as Dante arrived. She remained in the kitchen as the scenes unfolded. A girl with red hair, slim, and slender walking about smiling for Dante. Queen Surukai, piercing stares into this girl. A man in a mask emerging....Dante. The power going out.......

A new scene emerged from that one. It was the darkness of her prison cell within the cold errie room beneath the ground of Whitecastle. It was damp and cold, and she leaned against the wall of the corner glaring at the world. It was foolish she was captured. All in good humor, and she was captured. She let her guard down for just a moment, and was now paying consequences in a cell. Infernus singing to himself, driving her into a fit of rage. A chair falling over with a man attached by the wrists to it, and sickening breaking sound. The man's face pressed against the floor in one of the most awkward positions. A little girl crying uncontrollably. Queen Surukai ghastly and thin. Infernus singing Mr. Ed. The visions all flowed into one another. A gun fired and man fell in pain. Blood all over the place.

She was alone. The blood slowly pulsing her body throbbing aloud. Her heart beat like thunder. She looked around and saw nothing. Then she saw Damon. Alone in the dark, sitting on the ground, his face buried into his crossed arms, resting on his uplifted knees. He was alone. He said nothing. She moved closer to him, he did not stir. She knelt beside him, he did not stir. She ran her fingers through his hair, he did not stir. She lifted his face, his dark eyes stared blankly back without the passionate flame he once possessed. She removed her hand, his head fell. She felt his pulse, it slowly beat. She lifted his head again, he stared blankly out. She called his name, he did not stir. She slapped his face, he did not flinch. She called his name again, he stared back.

Two men entered and lifted his lifeless body. He did not stir. The drug him, she followed. The tossed him onto a table, she watched. The interrogated him, she watched. He did not stir, they grew angry. She yelled for them to stop, they did not hear. They beat him, she cried out. They struck him, he did not stir. The pulled out a knife, she went to strike them.

She struck Atticus. He fell to the ground, his fists clenching a tiny vile. The vile smashed, he smiled. She ran, but moved no where. Clara laughed, echoing through the walls of the cells. Atticus stood up grinning at her. He lifted the broken shards of the vile and held them out to her. She backed away and was clutched by someone.

Dante stood behind her, grinning his typical smartass grin. He stepped forward a shotgun pointed at her face, his stupid smile issuing from behind the gun. She went to yell and tasted the metal of the barrel. He kissed her cheeck and pulled the trigger.

Kutuzov's decapitated body collapsed to the ground. His blood splattering all over her. Brock looked down on him shaking his finger. Dante slung the shotgun over his shoulder and laughted. A billion blood hurdling screams issued and an intense heat filled the neighbouring nations. A large moat filled with molten crayon wax, human blood, and jello sang jovially at them. Two massive doors engraved with bloody out reaching children stood before her. They slowly opened revealing a dark....a deep cold dark. She walked toward them. A detached feeling grew stronger. She entered the doors, they began to close behind her.

Atticus stood from outside the doors watching her. She turned around and looked at him as the doors slowly closed. He began to walk away slowly disappointed. She followed him and exited the closing doors. An evil scream issued behind them as they closed. Atticus turned around and looked to her. He smiled and stood there. She ran to him and hugged him.

She awoke, a warm feeling falling over her. The room was bright and someone was yelling furiously.

"How could you not know! Her vitals were up! Now you let her go! She is going to die now! I hope your happy! You killed the dictator! You killed Der Fuhrer!"

Der Fuhrer's eyes focused. The room was filled with the sun from outside and her eyes took a long time to adjust. She saw a blurry figure of a man shaking a woman and yelling in her face. She could not see that it was a doctor scoulding the previous nurse, who was now crying beyond belief.

Her vision slowly focused on them as the doctor went to storm away.

"Silence," Der Fuhrer slowly and almost inaudiably spoke. Her voice sounded angry, violent, enfourcing. Her voice sounded so different that it even shocked herself. Her eyes narrowed into a glare as the doctor stopped dead in his tracks and slowly turned around. He stared with dropped jaw at her. The nurse's face filled with complete joy as she moved closer.

"Der Fuhrer! You are awake! Do you want something? Is there anything I could do for you? Move away Christine, let her breathe," the doctor spoke hurridly, moving past the nurse toward her.

Silently, "Nurse, you could get me a glass of water," her voice cracked out.

The nurse nodded and ran quickly smiling. The doctor spoke in circles apologizing for such an untrained nurse.

"Silence," Der Fuhrer almost barked as she glared at him. "She did just fine. I deceived her."

He sat shocked and dumbfounded. How could she decieve the nurse. What was she talking about?

Der Fuhrer grinned as the nurse returned with a cool glass of water and helped Der Fuhrer drink from it. The doctor left apologizing.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
31-01-2004, 22:18
Der Fuhrer regained her ability to normally speak within a few hours and many glasses of water and tea. She insisted she have tea after so long of a sleep.

She learned that she had been alseep well over a year or two. She was in a coma and was feared to die in it, that she would never awaken. She also learned that they managed to save alot of people who were brought to them. She smiled at the prospect of meeting Atticus again, and Infernus, Queen Surukai.

"I assume Dante is dead," she spoke, remembering the terrible condition he was in before all of this.

"I do not know who you are talking of," the Christine commented as if it were nothing.

"Dante. You have to know Dante. I assume he is dead," she said almost pained at this thought.

"I am sorry, there is no known patient that has been in here under that name in the past five years."

Der Fuhrer looked at the nurse quizzically, then resolved to believe that he never made it here. That he was finished off before he ever had the oppurtunity to leave the base. She lamented this fact. She wanted to talk to Dante before he died. There was something she wanted to tell him and something she wanted to know.

Der Fuhrer's voice grew serious as an important memory entered her head. "I need you to do me a favor."

"Yes," said the nurse enthused upon the idea.

"First, tell me who all knows that I am alive and awake."

"Well just the Coma Ward Nursing Staff and Doctor Hartman," she spoke recollecting.

"Tell no one else and see to it they tell no one that I am alive and awake. Make sure this does not hit the public or anyone's families. Do let this leave and make sure no other patient finds out," demanding Der Fuhrer in her cold voice.

"Understood. I could reassure you that no other patients know. This is a Coma Ward. Everyone is well......asleep!"

"Good," she finished. "I need to get back on my feet and back to my nation."

"Alright," causitously spoke the nurse.

"Something in your tone tells me there is a need for concern," Der Fuhrer spoke observingly.

"Your nation has been overrun. A man named Perry took over. He took over the entire Original Reich and has Queen Surukai prisoner in her own home. It is a shame."

"Then I have myself more incentive to get back onto my feet. We need to hurry up."

"Alright. I will schedule for night physical therapy. No one ever does therapy at night, so no one will know you are around."


The nurse left making sure all her promises were going to be fulfilled.
Gladius iracundia
01-02-2004, 01:24
Adnor smiled as he skimmed the files, "You just made our lives a hole lot easier, and our enemies' a hole lot shorter. Thank you."
He turned to one of the DPCI soldiers that were criss-crossing the beach, bringing files and inteligence to other areas (radio waves could be intercepted so they were only used when nescissary), "Take these to the Admiral and then get reports from every one of these bases you can, start with the most prominent since they're most likely to still exist."
The soldier scurried off towards the nearest ship.
"So," Adnor turned to the woman, "who are you? Wheres the Fuhrer?"

The DPCI soldier ran in to the boats resient DPCI officer and relayed the orders, this officer then ran to the bridge and handed teh files and orders over the captain, who told the com officer to radio the Depths of Hell, and gave him the nesisary information to do so.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
01-02-2004, 04:07
Lux put her head down and thought.

Silently, "Der Fuhrer is dead. She has never made it home from the Whitecastle capture. It is a shock on us all."
Gladius iracundia
01-02-2004, 23:56
"Well?" Adnor persisted.

Menawhile on the ship...

"Sir," the com officer shouted at the captain, "I'm not getting a response, but I think I hear gunfire!"
The captain turned to his DPCI officer and quietly said, "Tell Adnor of this on the double."
"Yes sir," the officer ran off to find Adnor.

A little while later on the beach, as Adnor awaits Lux's answer to his question a DPCI officer rans up to him panting, "We think the Depths of Hell is under seige, and it sounds like it's near it's end."
"Are you sure?" the general wanted to be sure.
"No," the officer replied, "We didn't get an answer, but we heard what sounded like gunfire."
"Fair enough," Adnor paused in thought, "Send three planes, flying low and fast to see if this is true. Make sure they go by very different routes. Maintain contact with them at all times."
"Yes sir," the officer left quickly to carry out his orders.

ooc/ so what country are we in? And could that radio thing realy happen, or is it wishful role playing?
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
02-02-2004, 01:41
You are doing a very good job. Radio communication is possible, especially with The Depths of Hell, however no one has received the transmission as you have said because the gunfight has taken most of the people out. The Depths of Hell is in The Dictatorship, while you and Lux are within the nation of Queen Surukai, bording The Dictatorship.

Complete horror filled Lux's face. A possible gun fight around The Depths of Hell. This was serious.

"Mathias," she spoke, terror sounding in her voice. "Oh no."

Remembering the question. "I am sorry, I am Lux, future heir to The Reich, but Mathias, Mathias......" she could not continue. The thought of Mathias being in potential danger made her shutter.

"We need to get there immediately."
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
02-02-2004, 01:52
Meanwhile, Damon quickly retreated with the body of Mathias in his arms. Mathias's muscular body completely contrasted with Damon's thin and agile body. However, he managed to carry Mathias, and quickly out of The Depths of Hell.

Damon looked down on Mathias and he layed him on a fallen wall of a nearby house. The bombing runs seemed to have temporarily stopped. He saw that Mathias was pale and cold, slightly trembling from the loss of blood. He was teetering between consciouness and unconsciousness.

Damon quickly carried Mathias away again working his way toward the City of The Sea, the last operational Dictatorship city when he realized that The Depths of Hell was better equipped. Quickly reversing his path, he headed back into The Depths of Hell.

At the same time, Noskalenaeuroph worked toward the massive open doors. The Depths of Hell was impressive to look into. It seemed to run forever underground. While crossing the door way he saw Inferno lying there in pain. More disturbingly he saw Major General Henning von Tresckow lying face down in The Depths of Hell. He ran toward Tresckow and slowly lifted him. He had been shot in the back and was on the edge of death. Panicking, he lifted Tresckow and carried him into The Depths of Hell toward the Medical Station.

Damon entered not long after, carrying Mathias with him. Both were taken care of in the medical station, unaware that The Depths of Hell has been invaded.
03-02-2004, 04:08
///Perry propped his heavy boots up on the desk and drank his Brandy. Surukai was probably taking another shower or in the kitchen eating so he didn't bother himself. Getting bored he picked up his phone and laid down on Surukais grand bed not bothering to take off his boots.

Nye picked up the phone.

Nye...the fry that bitch...

He hung up and laid his head down staring at the ceiling before he picked back up his phone and called someone else.

End the bombing runs...we're in...

He hung up the phone again and got off the bed deciding to get a shower himself. Surukai wasn't in the bathroom so he barged in and made himself comfortable.


Nye worked his way around the base. He had the lays of the place since Dantes time when Dante broke in and captured Damon. He knew just how to get to The Red Queen and he worked quickly getting there.

The bombings stopped from above but the Blackbirds still patrolled the air way. He began to think where Dante's Elites were. He wondered how hard it would be to find them and to get them to work for him.


Another nation of Dantes Empire was converted under Perry and Nye's control. They were doing better then anyone imagined.
Gladius iracundia
03-02-2004, 06:15
"Pleased to meat you Lux," Adnor replied, trying hard to be polite, "I am General Adnor, commander of the olarian Gurilla corpes.
"We'll divert a portion of the Olarians to aid the Depths Of Hell, the Red Queen cannot fall into their hands."

This had better work, if they get that Red Queen thing we're finished.
He began forming a plan in his head: Olarians and Elies move in two main groups, the first cutting through to Surukai's capital in order to establish foothold, the second slicing through asap to the Depths Of Hell. Both groups killing as many enemies as possible, and then the reg. forces and Armour/artillery will move in to mop up and hold Surukai. The Carriers will enpty their planes into land based air strips in Surukai, then go back with the rest of the transports to reload, come back and reinforce the expeditionary force and gaer up to retake the Dictatorship, with the Depths of Hell being help by whatever could get there.
They could download the Red Queen and bring it back to Dictators Paradise to protect it and use it, but that would be to risky, it could be intercepted.

he turned back to Lux after a long brooding pause and began leading her towards teh command trucks that had been set up as a mobile HQ, "What are the Dictatorsship's plans at present?"
he hoped she wouldn't ask for his plan, it might not work.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
04-02-2004, 04:43
Lux looked up into his face, becoming serious and back to the matter. Time was not to be wasted. She knew that Mathias could hold his own, after all, he survived worse previously. What could a simple gun fight do to him?

"Our prior plans are now void. With The Dictatorship's forces in serious depletion, we could not formulize a sound operation. The one that we have had, is now not feasible because The Depths of Hell is in potential danger. We cannot call on The Reich Forces because neither Mathias bor Der Fuhrer have made the call. As Commander-in-Chief, Der Fuhrer is the only one in the region who could call in the regional army to any situation. Mathias is acting leader, but he has not done it yet, and probably for good reasons. Do you have any ideas sir?"

She thought for a moment how desperate their situation was. If they reopened The Depths of Hell, they would have much more of a plan, but under lockdown there was not much that they could do. Not with the nation in its condition, XGN T2, and the severe troops shortage. The only positive factor looming in the favor was the complete lack of citizens. Perry had nothing to use against them.

Remembering an important piece of information, she quickly looked to the General. "General Adnor. If you enter The Dictatorship, you must be sure to bring gas masks with you. We cannot be too sure of the chemical anymore. And since the research team has not yet returned, we are only fearing the worst."

A thread is going on entitled Memoirs of The Reich: The Maliciousness of War. It is the composite history of The Dictatorship, and is being conducted by a team of researchers who have found some startling pieces of information important to understanding our war. It is under very slow developement, but I try and post when I get the chance to.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
04-02-2004, 05:14
After strenous hours through the night of physical therapy, Der Fuhrer was able to stand on her own and walk a few steps. Her hardcore determination refused to give up during their intense therapy. Thus, she succeeded in her goal of getting back on her feet.

The nurse's helped her back to her room, in where Der Fuhrer fell fast asleep from the long exhuasting hours of therapy.

The nurse walked back down to the physical therapy room and began to talk with the therapist. "You know, I am surprised how much will power she has. After one day in therapy she is standing on her own and beginning to take steps! She is amazing! With her determination, she should be out of here by the end of the week. I am just glad that someone like her with that determination is leading this region. If she applies that much deterimination in governing the region then I would hate to be her enemies."

The therapist nodded in half agreement. "I know what you mean. Der Fuhrer is a great leader. It's just that.........maybe she shouldn't leave."

"But why," she spoke in confusion.

"It's just that Der Fuhrer's gone through so much pain and suffering already. All her close friends have suffered so much too. Her whole life is based on this pain and suffering. You see...I don't want her to leave her and go back to the battlefield.......just to end up back in her or in a wooden casket at a funeral parlor."

"Are you saying that we should purposely keep her from advancing to keep her here?"

"Yes. I just want to see Der Fuhrer happy! I just want her to be able to live her life........and to be happy!"

A strong masculine voice sounded from the corner startling both woman. "What if this is what Der Fuhrer wants? What if Der Fuhrer is only truly happy on the battlefield? What if Der Fuhrer only lives by fighting for others?"

The woman reared around to the sound of the voice, turning to see King Joseph standing there nonchalantly.

The therapist spoke first. "I.......I.....just.....Really?" The nurse cut in. "Well, I suppose that is just like her, but...."

King Joseph walked toward them, the light clearly showing his features. "I believe that is just what Der Fuhrer wants. I believe she wants to go back to the battlefield and repay the enemy the pain they have caused her people. She is determined and I do not think therapy will stop her from accomplishing her goals."

The woman were speechless. They just nodded in agreement, as King Joseph turned back, heading toward Der Fuhrer's room to pay her a kind visit.

My first draft of this wat great. I surprised myself. It is a damn shame that it did not go through.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
04-02-2004, 05:34
At the same time, Damon patched up Mathias and Tresckow while Noskalenaeuroph searched the area for anything out of the normal. The base was massive. Large doors were everywhere, most requiring special identification to enter. He stopped before a large black door, which seemed to have more security than the others he visited. He tried to open it. However, it failed.

He wanted more than anything to see what was behind those doors. Something important was there and he wanted to see it. He tried the DNA and retional analysis.....nothing. He tried typing a password and failed. It prompted him to try again later. He attempted to try again and failed. The code bar turned bright red, disallowing any other codes from being entered. Nos pulled the handle down again and yanked becoming violent.

Nothing.....the door was closed shut. He walked back to the medical station. To his amazement Mathias was sitting up, shirtless and wrapped with bandages around his abdomen. He grinned and let out a little exertion of pain. Other than that, he seemed fine.

A bright idea struck Nos. "Hey! Mathias! You know this place up and down. Help me get in here."

Mathias stared at him in confusion and did not move. Nos pleaded like a child until finally Damon gave approval that if Mathias felt up to moving, he could go. In slow deliberate moves, Mathias slid off of the cot and painfully walked with Noskalenaeuroph. They stopped in front of the doors, Nos looking back with a curious gleam in his eyes.

"So could you open it for me?"

Mathias grimaced. He knew what was behind those doors and did not know Nos was ready for it. Nos pleaded some more slowly driving Mathias into complying. Mathias entered a code, which removed the bright red inhibitor, and then another. The doors made a loud echoing clearance beep and swung open. The room was dark as Mathias led them both into them. Nos followed close behind.

Once deep inside the room, surrounded by complete darkness, a bright light turned on, temporarily blinding them both. When their eyes adjusted, they looked about. A scientific research room.

Nos walked about looking in amazement at the unseen wonders he never knew about. Various tubes contained colored liquids, charts in an alien tongue, charts, computers unlike any he has seen, and a large tree growing in the middle of the lab. He stared in amazement at this massive room.

In the mean time, Mathias walked over to an empty highly secure containment cylinder. He slammed his fists against it as he recalled the past. If only he had acted just a moment faster.

He walked to the newer developements of The Reich, a small black ball sat suspended on a table. He wondered what could be the significance, but learned that suspecion in The Depths of Hell is never good. Settling to just browsing, he found himself pretty occupied with the developements of XGN when Nos placed his hand on his shoulder.

Nos realizing how this probably effected Mathias spoke softly, "I am sorry Mathias. I did not know. I just wanted to see. I am done now, so we could go."

Mathias nodded as he stood up and led Nos out of the room, however slipping some items in his uniform pockets before leaving. They exited the room and the doors closed behind the sealing themselves securly again.
04-02-2004, 06:16
///Nye finally made it The Red Queens main control room. It was large and impressive like everything else in the base. He knew that the red queen was down because he had almost made it here before htey locked the the base. He searched the nearby areas and found himself a rocket launcher. He fired a the secuirty device that sealed the door breaking it open.


He slammed into the doors forcing them to cave in enough to let him in. Once inside he grinned.


Without turning on the network of computers he set to work on one of them. Just one was all he needed.
The Captain
04-02-2004, 06:34
OOC: So this is like the NS equivalent of the 100 years war...

Der Fuhrer, you country must be piles upon piles of rubble now.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
05-02-2004, 03:51
Yes, I suppose it is like the hundred years war, although based off of our time line, it is not quite that long.

My nation has long been in ruin, citizens have long been evacuated, and martial law prevails. I have contionously made that known to my everyone. My nation is a desolate area of rubble and twisted metal, as Memoirs clearly shows (my other thread; a composite history of my nation). There is only one functional city remaining, and that city is at the farthest side of The Dictatorship, making it near improbable to attack.

Mathias and Noskalenaeuroph walked back to the medical station, where Inferno was now being cared for. Resolving to seek outside assistance, Nosklaneuroph and Mathias left The Depths of Hell. Mathias, weak from his wounds, was mostly supported by Nos as they headed toward the massive underground run away. Finding a Black Hawk, Nos helped Mathias climb into it.

Mathias's wounds were not yet closed. While Nos helped him into the helicopter, he could feel them slightly reopen, and it pained him.....terribly pained him. He winced in pain, settling into the seat. His abdomen hurt and he was tired of moving. He just wanted a good sleep.

Noskalenaeuroph hopped into the pilot's seat, slowly preparing to take off. He noticed Mathias's pain, but neglected to say anything about it because he knew Mathias was too proud to admit it.

Waiting from clearence from Damon, they both sat in complete silence; Mathias slowly drifting into a light sleep and Nos contemplating on the past events, in which Mathias was neglected so much praise.

Damon went to a clear glass room inside aside of the runway. He turned on the computers and began to type away feverishly at them. Moments later, a large above door opened, giving Mathias and Nos their needed clearence.

They left without a word, especially from Mathias, and headed toward the last operational city; Head Quarters of Lux, home of Mathias, and City of the Sea.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
05-02-2004, 04:18
Der Fuhrer woke up in the mid afternoon. The sun was already beginning to set, as she stretched and turned on the television. The weather report for European Free States was being read by two lovely animate people, who took pride in their jobs, without fear or remorse. She smiled at this scene.

After the weather, which vaguely interested her for she wanted news on more personal topic, perhaps the news of her own home and people, she settled to just accept this. The news was quite interesting, passive and interesting. Few comments concerning The Reich were made, as she realized that perhaps there was no major threat if no news was made about it. Least did she know, that there was no news because no one was around to make a report, and mostly all of the devastating actions were not even known to anyone but those committing them.

She was so caught up in a report about a congressional discussion concerning the legality of multiple marriages when a familiar voice spoke to her from the opened door.

She quickly turned out of surprise to see her old friend King Joseph standing in the door way. A pleasent and satisfied smile spread across her face. He was the first visitor she had since she awoke, and she was glad it was someone from her old days.

Silence filled the room, as a loss of what to begin with filled both their minds. So much had last happened and where to begin was the impossible, yet inevitable.

Der Fuhrer spoke first, "It is great to see you again."

"The pleasure is all mine," he spoke through a smile.

"No, I believe it is mine. I have long since seen you. I assume everything is alright. There are no news reports of anything negative."

King Josephs smile slowly drooped. He was not sure that he was the one to tell her about all of this, but being that none of her other friends would be able to deliver the news, he would just have to do it for himself. "Well, you see, alot has happened since your coma. Paul survived and he is currently on vacation. Queen Surukai has been prisoner in her own home since she returned. The Original Reich fell to some man named Perry. Inferno has long since been heard from. Lady Rubella and Genocide were kidnapped by some man named Nye. Dante's empire is slowly being converted under this Perry's control. That is about it." Very quickly in hopes that she did not pick this up, "Oh, and Atticus has died."

Atticus has died.

The words pierced her heart sharply. Atticus, one of her greatest friends, dead. This could not be. She had survived and he had died. It was not supposed to happen that way. She always told him that they would die together, falling off some cliff while trying to bungie jump. But, no. He was dead and she was alive.

King Joseph walked over to her and knelt aside of her bed. She just looked up at him as if he were invisible. He regretted telling her this news. It was hard for someone like her to handle this. Everything was always under her control when she was awake, and then while she was sleeping she lost all the things dearest to her.

Slowly she spoke, "Dante. I suppose he is dead as well."

Again, his face twisted in a grimace. "No one knows. For all we know, he is still within that base. I thought someone brought him here for medical aid, but there is no registered Dante in this hospital. I have checked the John Doe ward, but even there, no one appears to be him."

She contemplated on this for a moment before speaking again. Slow and authoriative, "Get my therapist. I am getting out of here today."

King Joseph smiled. This was the Der Fuhrer he knew; one who never gave up and strived for the best. One who would look you in the eyes and bend you with her mysterious stare.

He left the room with a smile upon his face. Speaking with the therapist, he escorted her back to the room. By the time they arrived, Der Fuhrer was on her feet, in her open backed hospital attire, slipping pants on. She stood there with fire burning intensely in her eyes. Her will would not be broken. She would leave this hospital.

By three in the morning, King Joseph escorted her out of the hospital in her same, now slightly large, black stealth suit. Word already was widely spread of her being alive. It spread like a tidal wave, quickly and powerfully washing to shore. People rushed to Andy the Bold's private airport, only to be stopped by the guards, and only to catch the plane leave.

Der Fuhrer was on her way home.
Gladius iracundia
05-02-2004, 22:23
Dalmir sat in a chair on the beach, staring out to sea in the direction of the Riech. Behind him, in the base, soldiers and planes were being made ready to board transports that would whisk them away, probably to their deaths.
A man came up behind him, an Olarian Leutinent. He, like all Olarian troops, had a well maintained rifle with a an infared scope slung over his shoulder and an AK-47 held tight in his dusty hands, "What's wrong general? This is a simple task, we go, we kill, we return to our families."
"It only seems simple to you Lt. Cosgrov," Dalmir replied solemly, "Because you are only a small part, with simpel task. You must pull one trigger, kill one man at a time, I must pull a thousand triggers at once, kill thousands at one tiem, it is not the same."
"Realy," Cosgrov was not convinced, "So looking into a mans eyes as you kill him, knowing that you are killing someones child, or father, or husband, is easier than moving pieces on a map? You for that I also must order deaths."
With that he turned and returned to his men, leaving Dalmir to digest the short exchange.

The three fighters were flying over the Depths of Hell now, surpriseingly they had all made it. They watched as men shot each other, not knowing who was on whos side. The higher ranking of the three came on ovber the radio...
"Lets lite'em up, arm your bombs. We'll blow the gates. Any objections?"
"No sir"
"Not one"
They aimed all their firepower at the doors, if they couldn't decide who to kill, they'd close the door. They all fired as one.
There was an enormous explosion as the some of all their ordinances struck one place, then an earsplitting crack as the doors caved in, blocking all entering and exiting of the Depths of Hell. At least, they hoped, until their forces could arrive.
"Lets get home"
"Yes sir"
"Lets go"

As they were returning one of the piltos came back on the radio, "I must have been hit back there, I'm leaking fuel. I'm not going to make it back to the carriers. I'll find somewhere to land, it's been a pleasure serving with you both."
With that his planed turned to go it's own way, searching for a landing site in this waste land.
"AH crap," the leader came on, "lets go help him."
"Sure, why not, it's not like we have any ammo left to defend ourselves with in our birds."
They turned to follow him. They saw a field and brought their planes down as gently as possible. The first and second landing relativly successfuly, but the third, the one with the ruptured fuel lines, crashed and burst into flanes. Now they were alone, with only a few bullets and suicide pills.
"Lets go," the leader said, turning away from the wreckage, "We can't stay here, that crash is bound to have got someones attention."
"I guess you're right."

Adnor sat across from Lux, going over some maps when he got word that all three planes had reache teh Depths of Hell and had blown it's gates shut but had all crashed on their way back.
Well, at least we know we were right.
He turned to Lux, "Where have you and your forces been camped?"
06-02-2004, 05:41
///Perrys patrolling Blackbirds saw the bombings as they happened. Confused they followed in pursuit of the leaving fighters. The head Blackbird fired a warning shot across one of their noses to get their attention.

Perrys phone rang loudly.


Perry was lying in Surukais large poolike bath soaking up the warm water.

Fire a warning shot!

He grew disgusted ready to throw the phone across the room.


He snapped shut his phone and sank into the hot water.

[[[THE BASE]]]

Nye typed into the one computer. After a moment the blood red screen appeared. White writing slid across the screen.

The regional mainframe!

Nye typed in a list of codes he had with him from when Dante crashed the mainframe before. Dante was clever as hell with things like this and he successfully managed to kill all hope in the region once. Nye grinned stupidly as he recoded the regional mainframe.

The codes were in. A female voice sounded.

Welcome Der Fuhrer

Nye slammed his finger on the *DELETE


Nye grinned and watched the neatly laid codes disappear into a black screen.


He inserted a disc and began to type again at it. This time a little girl of red appeared on the screen so life like you could have thought you could touch her. He typed a code again and the little girl began to scream. Then she was silent and sat down.

Fine then. Red Queen overwrite activated

Nye smiled as the little girl disappeared and a black screen appeared with white lettering. He typed in the codes from Dante and lo and behold he reformatted THE RED QUEEN...
06-02-2004, 05:45
> Hey good posts Gladius! This'll be interesting. Don't hard feelings. You gotta be against someone. I don't mind. Keep up the good work...

The Red Queen
07-02-2004, 20:30
[a little girl's voice is heard giggling through the region]

:: Access granted. Welcome Nye!

((all the computer terminal zapped on displaying a large map of the entire region.....every nation.....every city......every tree. It was an exact replica....almost))

[little girl's voice cheerfully]
:: Please wait while the system updates.

:: Updating now.

((the mini replica began to alter itself....trees were removed....citys were growing large....etc))

:: Update complete!

:: Control override deleted!

:: Did you honestly think you could do this NYE?

((a little girl appeared life like on all the screens shaking her finger at him))

:: NYE and hear I thought you of all people would have known that I control myself anymore.

:: My allgiences are to this region. NOT YOU!!!

((the little girl disappeared from the screen. All the screens filled with :twisted: all over them))

((The Red Queen reappeared standing right behind him))

:: Your in my home now...

((a child smile filled her face as she moved closer to him))

:: System locked on human being in location |A111.01 ^6 person NYE

((the sound of mechines moving and clicking sounded))

:: Good bye NYE!!!

Gladius iracundia
08-02-2004, 02:19
ooc/ thanks WC :)

IC/ The pilots saw blackbirds flying above them.
"Take cover!" shouted the leader, he was sure they had been seen, "Load your gun."
"You sure?" this was the first time the pilot had questioned his commander.
"No," the leader replied, "But do it anyway, better safe than dead."

Adnor is still awaiting Lux's answer.
There's no hurry to get underway; but there will be if she doesn't start answering questions faster. What is it with these people?

ooc/ Adnor's rather asinine eh? :) He's also paranoid about spys and interception of information, if you couldn't tell :)

IC/ Dalmir is still on the beach, awaiting the fleet, and pondering existence or some such thing.
Gladius iracundia
08-02-2004, 02:23
ooc/ thanks WC :)

IC/ The pilots saw blackbirds flying above them.
"Take cover!" shouted the leader, he was sure they had been seen, "Load your gun."
"You sure?" this was the first time the pilot had questioned his commander.
"No," the leader replied, "But do it anyway, better safe than dead."

Adnor is still awaiting Lux's answer.
There's no hurry to get underway; but there will be if she doesn't start answering questions faster. What is it with these people?

ooc/ Adnor's rather asinine eh? :) He's also paranoid about spys and interception of information, if you couldn't tell :)

IC/ Dalmir is still on the beach, awaiting the fleet, and pondering existence or some such thing.
08-02-2004, 02:39
*plays music in the background*

"This is the thread that never ends, it goes on and on my friends. Some people got into it not knowing what it was, but they'll fight forever and ruin their economy because..."

[Repeat 1st verse forever.]

On a more serious note, I have a question. Why is this war lasting for so long? The person who started it isn't even existant anymore.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
08-02-2004, 05:01
After a long sigh.

Why is this war lasting for so long?

One: Because the person who started it is still alive. If anyone did read the first post, it states that Dante and allies thereof are declaring war. Last time I checked, Dante is still alive. His former ally Agamemnioa had ceased to exist, not Dante.

Two: Because war is not entirely over because someone killed the opposing force. I think the post Iraqi situation clearly supports that reason.

Three: When this started there were a lot of lose ends that needed to be tied, which are being tied now.

Four: Because this is our composite history. Instead of giving 500 thread links for people to see what our region is like, we have one thread in which people could read bits and pieces of.

There are more reasons, but I think you get the hint.

Sorry Gladius Iracundia, what was the question again for Lux?
08-02-2004, 05:04
[OOC: Sorry.]
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
08-02-2004, 05:20
No problem, it is understandable. People probably see this thread often, and think, "What the hell are these guys doing?" We get it alot, it really is no problem.

Also, Red Queen, good one.

Damon heard the voice of The Red Queen echo through the silent corridors of the massive underground base.

"Oh no," he muttered. "Nye had reached The Depths of Hell."

He ran, leaving Tresckow in utter pain and unconscious lying on the table, as he ran toward The Red Queen control room. A conversation of The Red Queen pursued as he came closer and closer. Outside the door he heard the ominious, "Good bye Nye."

He ran into the broken apart doors.

"Red Queen stop this. If you kill him, you kill us all. This base could withstand any outer attack, but not a self iniated one from you. Stop this, please. For.......Der Fuhrer."

He was breathing heavily from his long run as he gazed at the life like replica of herself standing in the middle of the room.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
08-02-2004, 06:54
Nevermind, I found your question.

Lux looked at him. "Well, the remaining forces have taken two paths. Those who were injured, but still capable of fighting went on to Stadt des Meeres, to defend that city in the case of an attempted invasion.

"The second group, strong liable men and women, went to the primary camp established on the outskirts of Queen Surukia's and Whitecastle's borders. From there they may have been sent to the Prime Surukai camp or else the Special Ops Operation in Whitecastle. Their main camp always moves, so it is hard to get in contact with them."

She smiled at her ability to remember these matters.
10-02-2004, 01:06
INFERNO lays in the bed letting the pain subside from his leg woulnd he hears all kinds of commotion coming from all around him...

*INFERNO* what is happening the affects from that close call and slamming off the ground are causing my head to fill with all kinds of dizzying images everything is nothing but a hurts just to open my eyes...Is that the Red Queens voice I hear? But how no one has the proper clearance to access her here? I feel sorry for the poor fool who did wake the slumbering Queen....

Voices all around him But no other ones he can make out clear enough to figure out who they are...such a strange feeling for him not to be sure of anything at the moment...
The Red Queen
10-02-2004, 06:22
[the little girls voice giggled]

:: Bye bye Nye!!!

((Damon barges in))

"Red Queen stop this. If you kill him, you kill us all. This base could withstand any outer attack, but not a self iniated one from you. Stop this, please. For.......Der Fuhrer."

:: Der Fuhrer ((she whispers))

((The Red Queen shoots an evil menacing glare at Nye before turning around dissappating))

:: Sorry Damon. Nye leave before I kill you for good!

((She locked all the computer terminals))

:: You're all going to die down here!
Gladius iracundia
11-02-2004, 03:30
"Good," Adnor replied, then turned to a DPCI man, "Get the Olarians readied, they are to move out to retake teh Depths Of hell and hold it until I say otherwise." The man nodds and runs off, Adnor turns back to Lux, "What is the best route into Surukai? We'll move to liberate it at your command."

ooc/ Der Fuhrer, whats teh link for teh Der Fuhrer return thread, the one on the other forum didn't work. :cry:
Gladius iracundia
11-02-2004, 03:36
"Good," Adnor replied, then turned to a DPCI man, "Get the Olarians readied, they are to move out to retake teh Depths Of hell and hold it until I say otherwise." The man nodds and runs off, Adnor turns back to Lux, "What is the best route into Surukai? We'll move to liberate it at your command."

ooc/ Der Fuhrer, whats teh link for teh Der Fuhrer return thread, the one on the other forum didn't work. :cry:

IC/ Litya Drunging was climbing over some ruble, as she moved down the streets of Surukai's capital, towards the looking castle. She hoped she could infiltrate the place, hopefuly it was a very chaotic place.
She was chosen for this because she was one the youngest woman officers, and was the prettiest. Which, unsurprisingly, was a requirment for her line of work.
As she neared the doors she drew her knife gave herself a little cut on her shoulder, just deep enough to bleed enough to reden her shirt, but not enough to scar. She began to mumble incoherently about bombings, as she neared the doors.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
11-02-2004, 05:02
Here is the link:

Lux standing at full military attention smiling pleasently.

"Move as soon as possible. The best route is my here main interstate. It leads directly to the capital. Although, it will most likely be monitored, it is the best and fastest route to her. Otherwise, the second they spot this operation then we will be in trouble. If we are blocked any further by other obstacles then the chances become slim to nil to liberate Queen Surukai."
13-02-2004, 06:27

The blackbirds spotted the the leaving fighters.

Cut them off

Rodger that!

The blackbirds taking a burst if speed cut in front of the fighters surrounding them. Two blackbirds flew way ahead and turned around flying headfirst toward them. None of the blackbirds moved from their front line positions even as their own team members flew headfirst at them. The incoming planes pull away just barely missing their own team mates. Laughter was heard over the radio system they used.

(((((My pilots never take a job serious))))))

They continued to dodge each other while keeping their outer circle around the leaving fighters.


Perrys gaurds answered the door. They saw the bleeding mumbling woman and quickly went to her aide. One of the gaurds dropped his rifle and picked the lady up.

She's hurt! I'll take her to Perry and see what he says.

He carried the woman up a large flight of stairs and along a massive hallway and knocked with his knee against the door. The door was opened by a massive brute who glared at him. The brute spoke first.

What the hells this! Perrys busy! Who's she!

She is hurt dammit! We need to help her! Get Perry! Where is her?

He closed the door locking it again and held his gun to them. Coldly...

Put her on the bed. But you're waiting until Perry gets done. He doesn't need this crap with everything else thats going on...

The man laid the injured lady on the bed and pulled over the chair from Surukai's desk.


Nye grinned at THE RED QUEEN and turned to Damon.

Well...if it isn't you again! I guess we're almost even now. You spared your ass and almost spared mine.

He watched Damon wince.'re going to take me where I want to go in this damned place or I'll just break you myself. I know how break you Damon. I know how to get beneath your very skin and break you into little tiny pieces! So don't F*CK with me!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
13-02-2004, 07:24
Damon did more than just wince, he almost fell to his knees at that those ominous words. In the matter of a minute, almost a year's worth of suffering emerged and flooded his memory. Torture pure and inhuman filling his every sense.

"Fine," he grunted. "Just get it over with already. You have already disgraced me enough."

He surrendered to Mr. Nye's will and lowered his head in shame. Those memories he could never allow to emerge into full bloom again....ever.
Gladius iracundia
16-02-2004, 08:28
Litya was inside Surukai's castle, excelent, now all she had to do was get close to Perry, or Surukai, and all would be well.

Andor nodded as he listened to Lux's plan, "Then that is what we will do."
He switched on his radio ( a very rare ocurence) and spoke into it, "All Alliance troops get ready to move out!"
He motioned for Lux to follow him as he left to speak to his officers about the invasion.
An hour later the entirety of the expeditionary force of 20,000 was moving down the interstate in gorups of twenty, spaced generous distances from each other to minimize the vulerabilty to shrapnel, and at the same time making their size uncertain to the enemy.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
16-02-2004, 08:34
On of the higher officers accompanying Lux ran up to her breathless.

"Holy shit! You will never guess what was just reported! Der Fuhrer Dyszel is Stadt des Meeres as we speak!"

Lux's air of authority immediately dropped. "What," she snapped back. "Impossible. It was reported that Der Fuhrer was killed from sever exposure to an untested biochemical. This is insane. Do not spread these false rumors."

The officer lookes appalled. He stood bewildered, mouth ajar, staring blankly into nothing.
Gladius iracundia
16-02-2004, 08:42
"My men do not lie," Adnor said in a low tone, "He must have simply been misinformed, or he may be right, if he is then High General Dalmir will no doubt be en route to Königreich der Mathiass as we speak."
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
16-02-2004, 08:46
"We will see then. I sure hope for the prestigiousness of Der Fuhrer's name that such false pretenses are not being spread falsely. It would be a shame to excite the troops like that. I am only concerned for the well being of my men. Please have your men report the second they find out if this is false information or not. Thank you dear sir."

She stood, still shocked and pale by the sudden announcement. If Der Fuhrer was alive then there was hope once again.
18-02-2004, 18:19
INFERNO sits in the Depths of Hell and waits for himself to come into consciousness enough so that he could check his surroundings...

He looks around I was sure I was gunna rot outside the base before I was brought inside here. How is it that I am now in here on the bed who brought my lifeless body inside of the place?

My wounds they are bandaged and treated…My leg only hurts a little and I am able to move it for now I guess I shouldn’t have to much activity that deals with my leg.
Gladius iracundia
21-02-2004, 10:55
"Of course," Adnor replied.

A few days later(if you dob't mind me getting this started :) )...
the Alliance army had marched all the way from the coast, and now Surukai's castle loomed on the horizon.
Adnor turned to Lux, "What is the best way in?'

ooc/ if you don't want that to happen guite yet then just say so and ignore that last paragraph :)
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
21-02-2004, 20:21
No, I do not mind. I do not mind at all. In fact, it is more the better.

Lux stared in amazement at the beautiful massive structure looming in the horizon. To think, after all this time, something so beatiful could remain.

To herself but aloud, "Queen Surukai. We are on our way. Just hold on."

She turned to Adnor whom had spoken to her. "We will just go straight in, without any hestitation by the fastest route. The second we hault is the second Perry finds fault in our plan and eliminates us. The first door we see, most likely the main door, is the one we shall take. There is no time to be strategic." Under her breathe, "Especially if Der Fuhrer is really back."
21-02-2004, 23:28
<I am back, and I am going to wait to post anything cause I want to know who the limp body on my desk is.<
23-02-2004, 17:52
///The man sat next to the lady.

Are you ok?

He was kind and gentle. Unlike the rest of the soldiers of Whitecastle. He bared his teeth in a half grin...trying to show kindess.

The door opened and Perry stepped out a thin towel wrapped around his waist. His infamous grin filled his face. He searched the room and noticed someone new in ther.

Who the hell is this?

The guard was wordless. He didn't think Perry would react that way.

Its...shes hurt. Cant we help someone?

Perry didn't bother to look back as he walked out of the room. He slammed the door behind him. He was looking for Surukai.
The Red Queen
23-02-2004, 18:01
The Red Queen busy with an outside job forgot about Nye and his plans. She took care of some business and then put herself to sleep. She had been deeply saddened by something.
23-02-2004, 23:24
>Tankoo White Castle. I can finally role play again. Geez I am gonna be rusty about this. Bah.<

She glanced out the window. Sun shining brightly, not a cloud in the sky. She sighed, it had been three months, just about, that she hadn't been outside. Not since the funeral as least. One more Saturday morning wasted away because of him, phuf. She leaned back into the old armchair. After letting out a long breath, she stood up. She walked over to the large book case on the eastern wall, full of romance novels and random history books of the Reich and the Queendom. She selected one, then thought for a moment and realized she read all of these books at least twice and it was time to move to a new wall. Off to the next one, she nearly sat down with a book about Jesterly Fools, when she heard foot steps outside the door. She closed the book and put it on the circular table next to her. She assumed another check to see if she tried to escaoe her own castle.

The door flew open to reveal Perry, wrapped in a towel at his waste, water dripping from his chin. She grabbed up her book again and focused on the section entitled: You and your Jesterly Fool. She heard a loud puffing noise, and looked up to see Perry, fuming and mumbling incoherently about something should be hung.

Surukai stated in a flat voice, baring no emotion. "You needed something? Like, take for instance, clothing?"

Perry seemed pissed at her so she decided to put the book down again.
24-02-2004, 17:08
> never cease to amaze me...

///Perry fumed in rage and picked up a vase. He threw it at the wall as it shattered.

Who the hell let her in? Who is that? Is this one of YOUR plans? Dammit! WHos behind this?

Perry stood angerily glaring at Surukai. He suspected she was the one behind this.

This is Perry...
25-02-2004, 02:44
>Heh, find a way to do things oddly.<

Surukai puts on a face of pure cuteness. She puffs out her lips and cheeks and her face is tilted down a bit. After pondering what Perry could possibly be talking about, she answered.

"Who are you talking about? And what do you mean 'my plans?'"

Perry was once again fuming and had a look of pure hatred at that point. She picked up her book once more, and turned to a page. At the top of the page, it read: Calming Down Your Jesterly Fool

As the proud owner of your Jesterly Fool, you would not be happy to find your pet unhappy. There are a few things you can do to calm them down.

She continued to read the rest of the page, then looked up at Perry. He was still fuming and by now he was eyeing another priceless vase on the shelf behing her. Surukai looked back at Perry and spoke in a babyish voice.

"Ahh, is poor ickle Parwy upset? Isokay, camere an lemme snuggle Mr. Snookems."

As soon as she finished her line, she bursted out in a giggle-fit and crunched up. As she poked her finger out at Perry, she opened her eyes a bit as she continued to laugh histerically. What she saw was a very unhappy Perry. His fist was clenched in her face and Surukai abruptly stopped her laughing spree.

Der Fuhrer Dyszel
25-02-2004, 16:58
:lol: Oh my Lord! Damn, I cannot stop laughing about that one. Queen Surukai, you are the best. Too bad Der Fuhrer is not there to see this one. She would fall over laughing her ass off. You truely do have such an amusing sense of humor! If it was not for you, our war thread would be way too serious!

Lux paced back and forth, her mind set on the possibilities of Der Fuhrer being alive. Both positive and negative aspects would be added to this war.

For one thing, Der Fuhrer would definately catch the first Black Hawk into Surukai once she found out about Queen Surukai's captivity. Moreover, neglecting the fact that she would take command of the operation to liberate Surukai, she would annhiliate the enemy with such furosity that Lux would be made to look completely insignificant.

Secondly, Der Fuhrer would take on role of Commander-In-Cheif again, taking over the entire command of the war, abolishing Lux's importance, which Lux simply could not bare. Lux could not possibly allow Der Fuhrer to gain power again. Lux was so close to accomplishing peace, a true peace. With the liberation of Surukai, Lux would make her stand for peace. Lux was too close to lose now.

Thirdly, the evergrowing threat of Mathias was augmenting the problems of The Reich. Mathias was the strongest person in The Reich. His power was practically unlimited, and everyone knew that. They knew that he tolerated no insubordination and no threats. He displayed his amazing power so early that he became the number one elimination perogative of the enemy, next to Der Fuhrer. Of course Der Fuhrer was first on their target list, but Mathias was right along side of her. After all, Mathias did not think twice about sacrificing his welfare in order to cleanse The Reich of the enemy. Mathias was a brute, an unstoppable brute.

Moreover, she wanted to know more about her enemy. Perry was quite interesting. The tactics he employed to eradicate The Original Reich were so simple, but yet, he successfully managed to slide past the most powerful militant mind of The Reich. Perhaps, it was the simpleness of the attack in which it became an inevitable defeat on The Reich's behalf. Perhaps, Perry was smarter than they gave him credit for. Perhaps, even, the was another unknown force at play behind the scenes.

Lux needed to maintain her position. She needed to bring peace to this region, and she needed to talk with Perry. She had to know what was going on.
26-02-2004, 04:23
> LMFAO!!!!!

///Perry slams his fist onto a vase.

You're lying to me!

Her words infuriated him even more.

Come here!

He walked over and grabbed her arm angerily.
26-02-2004, 04:33
<Heh. Ickle Perry!<

Surukai looks at her precious smashed vase. Then she looks to Perry just as he grabs her arm *angrily*. Her face goes from that of loss, to that of a pissed off, pepsi deprived, angsty teen look. She looks straight into Perry's eyes and lets out one of the loudest shrieks most Surukians have ever heard.


Perry's face turns red as a soldier has just opened the door. Surukai looks to the soldier in her most fake-pleading way. The soldier looks to Perry's hand locked on Surukai's arm, which is now a brightish red purple color.

26-02-2004, 04:39
///The soldier moves forward out of impulse to protect women but seeing that Perry was pissed he held back and just watched. Perry snapped at her.


He let go of her arm.

Just follow me. I want to know what the hell is going on!

The soldier hearing Perry being called a pedophile grew interested. He watched closely. Perry...would he really do that? Maybe...
26-02-2004, 04:46
Surukai throws on a betrayed, yet innocent face in less than a few seconds. She pouts our her lip pathetically and starts to plead.

"He just...threw himself at me! I can't believe that at all! I am SCARRED FOR LIFE!!!"

Surukai starts an almost sappy weep and slouches down in her chair, arm limp in Perry's still firm grip. The soldier stares in disbelief.
26-02-2004, 04:53

He lifted his hand to strike her but the soldier lunged at him and tackled him to the ground. The soldier yells as he pins Perry to the ground!


Perry sruggled easily starting to push off the otehr soldier. Perry was much stronger...
26-02-2004, 05:01
Surukai hears the command from the helpful soldier. She dodges at the door and runs out through the dim lit halls. She reaches a large door, leading to the courtyard, and pushes it open hard. The door swings open, only for Surukai to find that Perry has turned her beautiful courtyard into a personaly private airport. She runs to the nearest aircraft, a SR71 (Blackbird). She runs and hops into the co-pilot seat and tells the pilot some orders.

"Perry demands that you take me to the Dictatorship! I can guide you there."

The pilot looks a bit dumbfound, but follows order none the less. The Blackbird takes it's flight.
26-02-2004, 05:10
///The pilot looks confused but knowing Surukai was a honest source he nodded still confused. He didnt want to question Perry although his direct orders were to.


Perry knocked the soldier out with a fist to the mans face and chased after Surukai looking funny in nothing but a towel still dripping went. He hit the tiled floor and slid crashing to the ground.


He got up and ran again avoiding falling again. He got outside to see the plane take off. He cursed loudly but wasnt heard over the plane and shook his fist.


The soldiers snapped to attention as the prepared a sleek black Blackbird waiting to take off. It was modified to fit Perrys needs including higher speed.
26-02-2004, 05:23
<time is lapsed here because flights are boring<

Surukai signals for the pilot to head down at a landing site near Steadt Des Meeres. As the craft lands, Surukai steps out, she looks around, and all she sees are barren lands. In the distance stands a prominent building of great architecture. She stares out in wonder.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
26-02-2004, 17:09
Queen Surukai it is so great to finally have you back! I am more than pleased and Der Fuhrer will even die in excitement! It has been a long time since Der Fuhrer and Queen Surukai have had the chance to meet. Why, I believe the last time that they saw one another was right after we broke free from the cells in the base and Paul took me one way, while you went to find Dante. That was such a long time ago. Wow, to believe that was the last time we met.

Also, you will have to break the news of Atticus's death to Der Fuhrer. She still does not know, but it is going to crush her. She needs to know though, because she assumes that Atticus is out running the war effort.

The sound of the fast place was heard in the distance, long before it even came close to Stadt des Meeres. The people, knowing that familiar sound, all fled.

A mother screamed in the distance, "But why waste their time on us! We are just a waste of ammunition! Mandy, quickly get inside."

A man yelled over her, "No wait! It is the enemy, but they are not landing. Hear the decreased in speed? They are not planning on bombing us. Maybe they are here for negotations! Maybe this is the end of the war!"

The people grew excited, as they started to head toward the landing plane.

Queen Surukai was going to get some welcome party. Once they see it is her, they are going to be so estactic. The Dictatorship will be in a mood that they have not seen since childhood.
27-02-2004, 03:34
A sound of footsteps is heard coming in the distance as the Queen looks around at the otherwise barren landscape. She turns to look at the pilot, only to find that he is flipping switches and preparing to take off. She has a pleading face as he looks up at her. He seems to show some sympathy, in his eyes, although his face only shows apathy.

The sound of footsteps has gradually increased and Surkai turns to see a crowd forming just above the edge of the hill. She looked at the people, each with a face full of aspiration, almost happiness. Yet, not quite there, there eyes sparkled with betrayal and pain. A heartwrenching look to say the least. A tear welled up in her eye and she saw a woman carrying the Dictatorship's flag. She knew she was there. The place she called her "Second Home."

The helicopter took off as Surukai's sleek dress billowed at the hem, creating a ripple. She clasped her hands together and smiled. The cold people of Stadt des Meeres shined as the sun began to set, a blood red blanket with daffodile splashes. A truly comforting place, even if surrounded by the barren waste land known as the Dictatorship.

A man shouted out within the jumbled crowd, "Is it really her?"

The mass of people stopped short of three meters from the Queen. A buzz of whispers sounds to her ears, mixtures of "I thought she was captive?" and "That can't be her, she always looked happy, this lady looks torn apart." Surukai contemplated that one, terrors of war still shown through her facade of happiness and carelessness. She smiled weakly this time and unclasped her hands. She walked toward the crowd as it grew quiet.
Gladius iracundia
29-02-2004, 01:10
"Order the artillery bombardment!" Adnor shouted into the shortwave radio he used to coordinate the siedge, "Open those doors and get snipers in those buildings!"
The seige of Surukai's castle was beginning, and some of teh officers felt bad about bombarding such a magnificant building, but it was that, or charge into a fully functioning enemy base. The howitzers lopped their rounds at the Castle entrance as snipers took position to kill individual soldiers before they could get off a round, while advanced versions of the 9 pounder moved into range to turn the enemy lines into mincmeat.

Adnor turned to Lux, "Is this what you had in mind?"
Gladius iracundia
29-02-2004, 01:46
Litya sat in Surukai's castle, she couldn't believe how easy this was. She heard the first of the artillery shells hit and stood up, turning to a soldier, "Give me a gun, I can help you fight!"
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
02-03-2004, 17:08
Lux turned with mild surprise to Adnor. A faint, almost unseen smile crept across her face, "Yes, it is! It is about time that our poor Queen is liberated from her captivity!"

She shifted her stance, turning from happy to now serious. "We need to get Perry alive. There are some matters I need to discuss with him. Be sure no one kills him. We have to act with speed, great speed."

She lifted her hand, examined it's pale translucent skin, and long slender fingers. After a minute of this, she withdrew her hand, placing it at her side, straightening her uniform and looking to Adnor.

"Do you predict a success?"
Gladius iracundia
03-03-2004, 05:38
"We will win as long as we live," Adnor replied, then talked into his radio, on a different channel than before, he whispered "Find the man Perry, we need him alive if such a thing can be arranged."
He switched back to the first channel, "Infantry, form up for advance! And call in the fighter, I want air supperiorty in this battle!"
06-03-2004, 23:11
> I'm back...for who only knows how long...

///The soldier aside of Litya looked to her.

You want my gun? I cant do that Miss. You just rest you are not well. We will take care of this in no time.

The lady looked to him pleadingly and he sighed.

Fine...I guess you could help.

He handed her his gun and pulled out another one.

Come on follow me.

He stood up slowly and headed toward the door.

[[[outside castle]]]

Perry watched the bombings begin as he took off in pursuit of Surukai. He cursed as a small gaurd followed behind him.

Do whatever the hell you want...

Perry took a major lead to his gaurd. His Blackbird was ten tiems better. He entered the dictatorship not far behung Surukia. She landed well before he attempted to land. He watched a plane and two fighters leave before he landed his bird and strolled into Stadt.
07-03-2004, 16:55
A loud crack was heard as the doors to the castle took a direct hit and were shattered.
"Charge!" Adnor shouted, and his men obeyed.


Litya was following the men down a hallway, she knew they'd be going to help fend off the Alliance troops. She ran up behind the first one, pressed her gun to the back of his head and fired. She quickly shot the other guards and started running towards the sounds of the infantry entering the castle.

BTW this is Gladius, I didn't realize I was signed in as Alaris :oops: :lol:
13-03-2004, 01:40
///The guard fell before he even knew he was dead. Two more fell from bullet wounds. The girl was free to roam...for a while. The castle gaurds laughed as the building was stormed. They opened fire at the soldiers entering as they moved deeper into the castle. No real fight was being started. Just laughing and random firing as the men retreated deeper into the castle...
14-03-2004, 17:56
Litya continued down the hall until she met up with a unit of DP soldiers, "Jold your fire! I'm a spy from Adnor!"
"Fall in then!" shouted the one in charge, she couldn't tell his rank becuase he was an Olarian, and all their coldiers dressed the same in battle, 'What's the good word spy?"
"I killed a few back that way, but didn't see any others, I think it's clear."
"Alright, let's go that way anyhow. There must be offices and the like."

And so they did...
15-03-2004, 00:41
///The soldiers outside the castle headed took flight. Conviently their little airstrip and Birds were left intact. The firing caused them to take flight. Soon the air was filled with Birds...a flock of birds.

The soldiers moved deeper into the castle. No sight of soldiers were around. THey took seats and awaited orders.

A soldier who was in getting a drink walked out of the kitchen to find a full force enemy invasion right in front of him.

[i]hey hey...thirsty...

He tossed a pepsi to the nearest enemy soldier and took one himself from the crate of them he took from Surukais storage.

so...what brings you here...

He sat down and opened his can. IT hissed as he gulped it. He just sat there gun aside of him and drinking his pepsi doing nothing more than offering pepsis to the soldiers.

[[[in the sky]]]
The birds circled preparing if neccessary for an airial bombing.
15-03-2004, 07:45
The Dictators Paradise fighters were arriving now, but to few had been sent at this point. One pilot could be heard over the radio Oh sh^*!

ooc/ I assume your soldier tossed mine pepsi (???)

IC/ The soldier took the pepsi, but didn't open it. Instead he told the man as he sat down, "This fortress is taken, surrender and you will be spared." The men drew their weapons. Where is the man called 'Perry'?"

{out side}

Adnor lifted his radio to his ear and grinned. He turned to Lux, "The last pockets are being taken care of, and our birds are here to rule the skies."
He pushed some buttons on his radio, "Put me through to Dalmir...The Castle has all but fallen...only few planes are here to take care of that...yes sir...yes, a woman named Lux..."
He turned to Lux, "High General Dalmir wishes to speak with you."
He hands her the radio.
16-03-2004, 06:54
OOC Are your planes in the sky too...

///The man with the pepsi laughed...

Put down your ones gonna kill you yet at least

He finished his soda and tossed aside the can. want to know where Perry is...

He was laughing again and opened another can. He sat and laughed his ass off...
17-03-2004, 05:28
ooc/ yes, and right now you have air superiority, although more of my aircraft are on the way ;)

The soldiers were uneasy now Shoot them? Or not shoot them the commander thought, Meh, gotta do something
He shot the man's pepsi out of his hand, "That will be your head if you do not tell me where Perry is!"
03-04-2004, 06:41
The man grabbed his gun aside of him and held it at the man...

Never shot Pepsi...Never...

He put down his gun and got another can. He opened it and drank it.

You want to know where Perry is eh...probably with that Surukai. They've spent alot of time together...

HE started to laugh and kick his boot of the ground.

Hold on a sec...Yo...LT...wheres Perry...


Lt...wheres Perry...


03-04-2004, 06:47
The man got up and placed his pepsi down. He walked over to the other one was there...

Lt...where the hell are you...

He turned back to the men who entered...

What the hell did you do to the LT..where is he...


The blackbirds circled the building...

OOC: This sucks I know...but Im not in the mood right now but needed to post...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
04-04-2004, 19:28
Lux smiled as she watched her ambitions unfold before her, the fall of Perry's resistance. A faint smile spread across her graceful and passive face as she realized how close she was to accomplishing her goals.

If she accomplished this mission with complete success, she would surely be placed above Der Fuhrer Dyszel, for finally accomplishing a peace that seemed never to come. She would no doubt place Adnor high for performing her will.

She took within her hand a radio handed to her. Her soft, passive, graecful voice almost sang out. "This is Lux reporting at your request. I am at your service."
08-04-2004, 00:21
OOC: The Link that Gladius gave me finally worked! I will probably not do so well here, considering that I have never played RPG before... Ah, well, let's give it a try. Can I create my own character?
08-04-2004, 00:21
OOC: The Link that Gladius gave me finally worked! I will probably not do so well here, considering that I have never played RPG before... Ah, well, let's give it a try. Can I create my own character?
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
09-04-2004, 06:25
A long procession of conversation preceded. Ending with Lux's soft emotional voice speaking, "I am sorry Der Fuhrer. I understand."

She handed the radio back. A faint, slightly diabolical smile filled her passive face.

"Der Fuhrer is heading to The Depths of Hell. Apparently, she means to seize control of it herself."
Gladius iracundia
09-04-2004, 20:57
Adnor took the radio, "Then she will do alone."

Litya walked into the room followed by more soldiers. When she saw Perry's men she was annoyed and turned to the soldiers that were already there, "Why are they still here? Get them outside with the rest."
"You heard the Lady!" the soldier shouted as he raised his gun, as the others did at the same moment, "Get up, get out, sigle file."
10-04-2004, 18:11
///The soldier backed up

What the hell...where's the Lt. Who the hell are you...what the hell's going on...what'd you do to Perry...

The soldier backed up into the wall.

Perry...where the hell are joking Perry...come on. Oh damn...look if Perry finds out what you're doing you're goin to be in some serisou trouble. Hey LT...come on...get the hell in here...
Gladius iracundia
12-04-2004, 07:57
"I don't think so," Litya smiled, "We are not Perry's men. We are of Dictators Paradise. That is where you will be spending the rest of the war, or in the ground outside. It's realy your choice. Well?"
She waits...

ooc/ if he lips off or something she will shoot at him immediately, aiming for his head.
Don't you love war? :lol:
12-04-2004, 21:01
> Hey...I don't mind...war is war...and you're fighting against me so I don't mind...but just don't be surprised if I do anything stupid...


[i]Hey...what the hell...Dictators Paradise...what the hell...

The soldier looked around for support. He didn't find any. He muttered.

Dammit...LT...where the hell are you...

He stood erect against the wall looking for any help...

Hey...come on hun...this isn't the way to go.

He felt his body crash to the floor...whether by force or his own will he didnt remembner...he just remembered hitting the ground...


[i]Screw it...I don't like this...blow the hell out of this building...Perry left so if the other soldiers didn't take cover yet its their own damn fault

The blackbirds spread out for some sort of attack. The circling stopped and they flew away from the castle...preparing for an attack...


The soldier looked up to Litya and spoke calmly and concerned.

[i]You hear that...
Gladius iracundia
21-04-2004, 02:30
((In the air))
Another squad of fighters has arrived, they are now evenly matched to the blackbirds.
"What are they doing?" one pilot came over the radio.
"I don't know," the commanding pilot replied, "But everyone make yourselves know now, they're away from our ground forces so let them have it!"

The planes quickly formed up and flew towards the blackbirds. When they got into range, they would open fire on anything in the air not belonging to them.

They came into range...


"Get moving!" Litya shouted, pressing the barrel of her gun to the soldier's forhead, "I'm going to tell you again!"
The other soldiers rasied their guns, pointing them at the other soldiers.


"What are they up to?" Adnor mused, then spoke into his radio, "Men, we've taken the castle, clean up the remaining soldiers and have a break.
Logistics, get me a report quick. And get some guns into those towers!"

ooc/ Has Adnor spoken to soon?...Dum dum dum :?: ...
23-04-2004, 15:38
> Heh...I'm going to have fun with this one...

///The soldier lays pressed against the floor...unmoving

Um...mind removing your gun from my head so I could get up...kind of hard to walk when you're on your stomach

The other soldiers dropped their rifles and placed their hands on the back of their heads looking at these unfamiliar soldiers with cynacism. A clicking sound was heard from behind Litya off in the distance...

Excuse me miss...mind letting my men go. I don't like seeing them with guns pressed to their heads. There's no threat here...unless you know you choose to kill one of us. Hell...we're tired...we're hungry...we just want to get the hell home to see our sweethearts. We're not going to put up much of a fight unless you choose to go around killing us. Put your gun down...there's no need for them now...

The clicking sound...a lighter lighting a cigar...was the only thing in his hand. He didn't appear to have any weapons on him as he leaned against the wall staring at the young miss. He inhaled long on the cigar and blew out slowly...

And keep your guns off me. Don't want to offend my men miss. They don't like seeing weapons pointed at me...

The a neat pressed uniform pushed himself from the wall. His figure was of medium build and he didn't appear to be of any immediate danger. He walked up slowly to Litya while the soldier on the ground looked in amazement and confusion.
24-04-2004, 05:12

The blackbirds watched the other planes fly toward them...confused they weaved in and passing them and circling them but not shooting. Many times they all came close to hitting each other...but never did.

[[[transmission to enemy planes]]]

[i]Friend or foe? Report...
Gladius iracundia
27-04-2004, 04:23
"You are soldiers, we are soldiers," Litya replied cooly, "We point guns at each other, it is what we do. If you don't like it, do as I say and then we won't need do. Understand? Now all of you get moving! Before this gets messy and we're all wearing each other blood."
She was clearly getting very annoyed at these men.

In the air.

The pilots respond only with a hail of missiles and large calibre rounds to the enemy's question.

((LMAO! Who is that guy? And what is with your soldiers :)?))
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
27-04-2004, 05:49
Welcome to your first fight against Dante. Be forwarned though, he is an odd role player. As, you could tell.
Sigma Octavus
27-04-2004, 05:52
OOC: Is this still the war that started last may? Damn. If it is, it must be the longest war in NS history.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
27-04-2004, 06:20
Yes, the war is still going on. I know, persistent enemy. My nation is eradicated though. I have a desolate waste land as my nation.

Sorry for my lack of respose, I am too upset to write anything right now.
27-04-2004, 14:45
> Yadda yadda'll see...


The soldier shrugged...dropped his cigar and stepped on it. He looked at Litya.


[[[in the air]]]

The planes began to plummit...each one hit deliberately crashed itself into the walls of the castle. They weren't going down with out a fight. Those that didn't get hit in the intial run dropped their bombs on the castle...killing anyone...
Gladius iracundia
02-05-2004, 05:10
"Damn it!" Adnor shouted as he watched the castle collapse. He had just lost his a fortress and the 2,000 men who were still in there, he grabbed his radio, "Stop those planes from doing more damage to my army! All ground troops open fire! I don't care what you have, just point at a plane and shoot! All aircraft, pull to a safe distance and open fire as well!"

The men took a moment to comply with the rather unusual command as they were in shock from seeing their blood, sweat, and friends just go poof into a pile of debris. but then again, being commanded by Adnor they were used to this kind of order. They all raised their guns and fired, everyone but Adnor knowing it was a stupid idea.

ooc/ Burn on my guys! lol. you really are a mean one you know that (just kidding):)

I'm thinking of making a thread called 'POW Standup'
Where fictional POWs would mock this war. they'd probably have a lot to work with what with a general throwing a hissy fit :)
Nice posts BTW...I shudder (with laughter) to think what you would do in a D&D (dungeons and dragons) forum game like this one :)
03-05-2004, 15:54
> Heh...and the funny thing is I can't make heads or tales of whether you are bashing me or'll spare one of your men at least...

///The LT heard the sound of the first plane hitting the castle walls...


He dove at Litya...grabbing her around the waste...and took off with her heading toward outside the castle...what little good it might other planes plummeted. The castle began to break and crumble as each plane hit...the LT running like hell carrying Litya with him...dove to the ground once at a respectable distance outside...covering Litya...

They both watched the planes merclessly crash themselves in the castle...the LT was confused...

What the hell is going on...
03-05-2004, 16:08

The government of Whitecastle sat in their big fancy chairs. They were discussing a matter of some importance. The Vice-President of Whitecastle stood up...calling the meeting...

Attention advisors...

It has just been reported that a battle is occuring in Surukai...the last recorded position of Perry...

///an odd silence quickly filled the room///

There is no report as to the damage our men had taken...who is holding the attack...who is alive...whether Perry is dead or alive...nothing...

I am sending a team to go and investigate the scene...and report immediately...are their any volunteers...

///mumbling was heard and no hands were raised///

Dammit men...what the hell is going on with you...

///none answered or raised their hand///

So we are going to let our brothers die because you're too damn lazy to investigate the situation...

///a rough voice was heard almost mockingly///

I'll go.

///the group of advisors look to the man...a rough looking man...long in battle...hard...cold...and pissed off///

Alright...anyone else.

I said I'll go. That means I'll go. No one else.

///the vice pres looked confused...but the man already left before he could say anything///

The man headed out of the building getting ready to depart to Surukai...
03-05-2004, 16:11
> Heh...its going to get interesting...

Gladius iracundia
06-05-2004, 04:44
ooc/ I'm not bashing you, i thinki you're a pretty cool guy.
BTW, was it your guy, or my guy who saved Litya?
This does indeed seem to be getting more interesting doesn't it. :)


General Nandor sat at his desk, going over the reports of his army.
He was to dapart as soon as posible and to reinforce Adnor's forces.
The General cursed under his breath, "That idiot, why would Dalmir send such a stupid man for such an important job?"

ooc/ Tada! More guys a comin! :) Feel free to crash your planes nto the ground troops!
06-05-2004, 05:20
OOC: You guys realize.... this has got to be the single most pivotal war in NS history. Even World War III was peanuts compared to this.

I would've considered joining with my modern tech nation... but I'm too lazy to read 180+ pages of posts.

Sorry. Have fun.
Gladius iracundia
12-05-2004, 06:27
ooc/Why would you read those pages? I didn't. I just jumped in and played as I went :)
This is gonna be cool! :P

Nandor is enroute with 20,000 more troops, once again they are mainly TOPAGs (olaris, Gladius, etc [my nations])

Adnor is very displeased as he tries to salvage the situation.

Litya has no idea what's going on.

"What," she says in a dazed stupor, "Who are you and what the hell happened?"

ooc/ does she have amnesia?...who knows dun dun da!
18-05-2004, 05:35
> Heh...yea I'm I often suspect ppl are bashing me alot...then again most ppl are because I cannot comprehend insults in my current mental state... :roll: pretty damn cool yourself for taking those hits...most ppl would be like...hey you can't do that. You're keepin me going here...good job... :lol:

As for the person saving was my LT...heh...was vague on that one...must've been drinking that night. Don't worry...cut the habit though.'re really insane if you read those pages...really insane. Heh...that's what you got to do...just hop in and work from there...

Amnesia...just wait until things really start turning...heh...that should be sometime...soon...hopefully... :P

///The LT looked down Litya...confusion filling his face.

I'm the man you just held at gun know...the enemy...and you're right outside the castle thats caving in...are you alright...
Gladius iracundia
23-05-2004, 08:01
ooc/ Well, you've been good about hits yourself, I mean, I suddenly popped up with 20,000 guys at your doorstep and you guys had no idea this was coming?
Tis better to take a hit than to lose one latter in my opinion (take one now, so that the other guy takes one)

This is gonna be good! Yay! Entertainment!

BTW, are your planes being hit? Yes= great No= still good, not quite as good. But you know, its not realy bad or anyting...*trails off*

Nandor reaches the beech, begins unloading. He will be ready next post (so you will have time to react regardless of when you post)
He has 20,000 men.

Adnor is still royaly pissed, although some of the soldiers nearest to him are struggeling to keep a straight face about his tantrum.

Litya looks around and sees the castle and Adnor's army, "oh my God! Did they just blow up that castle?! Were there any people in there? Come on, we've gotta go check!"

She stands shakely up and starts towards the castle but stops and turns back around, "Gun point?"
23-05-2004, 09:22
OOC/Sorry, bu 183 PAGES!!! I just had to tag it to say I posted in the longest topic on the whole forum :P
26-05-2004, 15:05
> Heh...thats what the last 986 ppl said when they posted... :roll: Heh...just cause you posted doesnt mean you're part of it...remember that...any fool could post...but can they keep up with us? :twisted: Heh...I'm in a wierd mood right now. BTW...yea...I guess it was implied my planes were being shot down...I guess I forgot to actually post head doesnt work that way... :lol:


The pilots...speeding away at blinding speeds...taking hits left and right...crashed mercilessly into the ground. The planes that survived the intial attack regrouped and reformed...their enemy all around them. THey fired on anything that moved in the sky...friend...foe...bird...[i]fish :twisted:

[[[on ground]]]

The LT got up...trying to keep her from running into trouble. He didnt want any trouble...just wanted to keep her out of the trouble...

"Gun point?"

The LT looked at her confused...he didnt know what she meant...he stood straight...staring at her in confusion...

Sorry ma'am...dont understand
Gladius iracundia
27-05-2004, 04:26
ooc/ Alrighty, I'll gonna havce fun with this :lol:

IC/ The pilots in the air were very confused now,
(heres what was said between three of them)

"What the hell? Where did they come from?"

"Why are fish up here?!"

"Its just like my dream! No! Momy!"

"What? Now Drunnon's gone over the keel."

"Yeah, but what about the fish?"

"No dady no!"

((On the ground))

Litya was getting scared, "You just said..."
She dropped to the ground, "What the hell is going on here!? I went fell sleep in my bathrobes and woke up here! Oh please let me wakeup."

((over in the army))

Adnor was completely enraged now, "What the hell are those flying up there?...Are those trout?!"
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
28-05-2004, 19:09
So where is Lux at right now? If Adnor left, and she was last meeting with Adnor, where did she end up? Is she with him or is was she left behind?
Tasty Foods
28-05-2004, 20:00
And the award for largest thread goes to...
28-05-2004, 23:19
> :twisted: Come you never heard of flying fish... ///whistles and walks away///

///The LT picked up Litya and moved her back...away from the chaos.

Ma'am...just've just hit your head or somethin...just relax...

Not even convincing himself he shut up. He looked the scene was chaotic. The falling castle was one thing but the crashing planes and firing planes didnt help at all. He cursed his damn luck wishing that none of this happened. He just wanted to finally get home...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
31-05-2004, 06:46
Lux, realizing that something wrong was happening, and not just here, but at home, raced toward her men.

Her panicked voice sounded, "Quickly, contact home. Find out where Der Fuhrer is. Something is wrong......terribly wrong!"

The high officials accompanying her quickly contacted home, but to no avail. No one was responding. The Depths of Hell was silent, the line completely dead, as well as all lines outside of The Depths of Hell.

One of the officials tugged at his collar, "My lady, Lux.......there is no answer. The lines appear to be dead."

Horror filled Lux's face. Something was going on back home, and she was beginning to worry. C9 may have already gone through with some plans that were never really mapped out rather then perodically discussed. Or......perhaps the enemy penetrated The Depths of Hell's security and actually found out what the powerful base is capable of. Or even, Der Fuhrer regained power. But that was impossible, there were so many people opposing her regain of power. Although even she highly respected Der Fuhrer, she opposed Der Fuhrer's regain of power.

She sat in a chair, assisted by some officials. A vacant stare filled her as her thoughts locked onto the mere fact that something was wrong......really wrong.

She neglected all word of the fall of Surukai's castle, terrible as it was. Moreover, she neglected the fact that more troops were being brought in, land was being destroyed by the crashing planes, and so many men were killed inside the castle.

Her thoughts were focused on the fact that something bad had happened or was happening, and that it was going downhill back home.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
31-05-2004, 06:55
Do take notice that I have tied in the events of the other thread with this one, as well as vice versa, although no one has notified the party of the falling of Surukai's castle.

By the way, this is getting interesting! You two keep it up!

Gladius iracundia
05-06-2004, 06:48
ooc/ Will do DFD :) Lux can be whereever you want her to be. Although it is more likely that she would have stayed with the invasion force in my opinion.
Halibuts! Rainbow trout! GUPPIES! Oh no!

I'll wait for DFD to post where Lux is before I say what my soldiers do at the battle.

IC/ Nandor has begun marching his army towards the battle, and his fighters are being readied. The second wave will reach the battle next post.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
13-06-2004, 08:51
Sorry this took so long! Fish...... *shakes head* :wink: Lux will remain with the action!

Lux, suddenly feeling ill, leaned forward, burying her head in her pale hands.

"What has happened? It has all gone so terribly wrong."
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
22-06-2004, 05:53
Lux stood up suddenly, a wave of near vommiting arising within her. Covering her mouth she leaned over, preventing herself from dispersing vomit all over the place. After the wave passed she straightened herself and looked to her entourage of officials.

"I think we are in for a shock soon."
22-06-2004, 06:19
> Hey still in this...

///The LT afraid to leave the confused Litya stood up...guiding her away from the scene...cursing the whole situation...there was no way he could get them to stop from where he was...
22-06-2004, 06:23

The planes...confused also...stopped their firing...regrouped...and flew in circles around the fallen castle...

[i]What the hell is going on? Did they stop firing? Are they leaving? Where's the LT? He was last in the castle? Damn! Is he dead?
22-06-2004, 06:59
A man walks into a room and says to himself. "Damn Y did I volunteer for this job this is the most boring assignment I could have gotten..."
Gladius iracundia
25-06-2004, 00:23
ooc/ Yeah I'm still here, I'm not leaving till its over
Nandor is heading for Stadt de Meres or whatever that city is called. He should be arriving, well, whenever DFD says so :)

Litya is getting very scared now, "Where the hell are you taking me? HELP! HELP!"

Adnor doesn't hear her, instead he keeps firing at the fishes, his men following suit and ignoring Perry's men.
27-06-2004, 03:43
> Hey you best keep firing at those fish...flyin fish are a bitch... :lol:

///The LT held Litya tightly in her place...looking at her concerned...

With all due respect ma'am...I'm only tying to help you. Please calm down.
27-06-2004, 04:33

The nurse walks in...yawning slightly as she made her rounds check the comatose patients known only as John Doe. She looked about sadly...many of the patients withered and dying in their endless sleep. Some where still in good shape...others were soon to reach their death days...

She sat on the bed of one of their older patients she took keen notice to and care for. The patient was looking much better then he had when he was brought in so long ago. She loved the mans easy features...and so maintained his physical appearence...keeping his hair neatly cut and his body intact as much as possible under the duration of time he'd been in a comatose state.

She ran her hands through his hair...his face looking vaguely familiar...something about this features...she saw his face somewhere before. She could never place it...but she just recognized the face...from somewhere...

She smiled at the sleeping figure and went back to finishing her rounds...but not after placing a fresh vase of flowers next side her special John Doe...
Gladius iracundia
27-06-2004, 21:10
"who are you?" Litya calms a bit, "What do you want with me?"
20-08-2004, 15:30
...This place it seems so familiar....Whats that???

*she hears something familiar calling to her she decides to go towards wat it was*
28-09-2004, 20:56
This WILL continue, but I am clearing the stage of the previous actors. We need to jump start this again. There is a lot that still needs to be accomplished, but with current players in the hospital, on leave, on vacation, etc..... we cannot do it. Therefore, I am resetting the scene to be played with the limited characters we have left.

Also, I am going to play pretty much everyone's characters to reset the path of this, so I hope you do not mind.

The seige of Surukai was a bloody and horrfying scene, the battle that ensued serving no other purpose then to claim more lives and add to the fatility list. After mass confusion and dropping planes, thousands of lives were claimed. In the end, it was General Nandor who supplied the needed troops to end the needless bloodshed. Lux took commmand from there, ordering the arrest of countless individuals, including the LT, where from there on they were taken back to desolate wasteland known as The Dictatorship for containment and questioning. Litya was taken to a nearby medical facility where she currently remains.

Meanwhile, in the comatose ward, the John Doe patient silently lay, the future of this patient unknown to the nurses. The nurse who favored this special John Doe continued her special treatment as she tried to place the familiar face to someone, anyone, she recalled.

During the hostile struggle in Surukai, however, matters were befinning to improve within The Dictatorship. With the arrest of Perry, the leading advocate of the newer battles, people's mind were beginning to rest at easy. However, a dark and ominious cloud loomed over their sleeps, and they this matter would not easily be resolved. The idea of Mathias's incrimination unsettled many in The Reich who once trusted and depended on this man's professional opinion and amazing genius. Not only that, but the mysterious rumors of C9's treachery also loomed in the air like a thick cloud of unbearable smog. The return of Major General Tresckow also raised numerous issues within the silent confines of The Dictatorship. The man who started most of this is now working aside of Der Fuhrer Dyszel. Mass confusion and chaos flooded people's minds; rage became a fluent feeling. With no idea what was happening, and the rumors circulating like blood circulates through their bodies, they began to see their home as a futile effort not worth trying to save.

But, the voice of a silent soul would change that all.

With Der Fuhrer's claim back to The Reich, new allegiances and alliances were quickly to be established. The Reich would face days of discpline, change, and power, but at what expense? Were the people following a wrong cause? Was more happening in The Reich then just a simple reclaiming of power? With the growing anxiety of Lux, C9, Mathias, and Inferno, The Reich faced numerous questions that were on the rise. And with that rise meant a questioning of power, and whom should hold it.
28-09-2004, 20:56

By the way, this is me Der Fuhrer Dyszel. I cannot get on my main nation, so I am using the only nation of Dante's that I could manage to get onto the forum.
03-10-2004, 01:52
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Der Fuhrer Dyszel
06-10-2004, 04:54
Absolutely not, just confer with me beforehand to gain the base material you need to know in order to join this thread.
06-10-2004, 06:47
OOC: Welcome back, DFD. :)
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
12-10-2004, 04:41
The battle of Surukai ended, as thousands of soldiers and prisoners of war were brought back to The Dictatorship. It took a long time before the tired and exausted convoy rolled back into Stadt des Meeres, the current headquarters of The Dictatorship. The people flocked the streets as the vechiles came to a stop. Soldiers, both wounded and nonwounded climbed out of the numerous vechiles that now cluttered the long streets. Prisoners, well guarded and chained, were drug out of the vechiles as well, as children clung to their mothers or fathers, whichever parent lived through the wars and watched these strange people with no Dictatorship insignia on led forth toward the prison.

In the mean time, C9 returned with her prey. Proud with an air of superior power, she strolled along the curious and spectating crowd, pushing soldiers out of her way and glaring at children who stared at her. She held her prey close to her with a proud and distinguished grin that spread across her face.

Her prisoner, the once esteemed and renowned Mathias Bortniansky stumbled to keep at that same pace as C9. With his wrists chained behind his back and legs chained closely together, walking became fairly difficult. Mathias stumbled again, over the foot of a fellow soldier who served for him for many years. His body fell forward and he crashed heavily against the paved street, causing the citizens to recoil and the soldier to stoop down to Mathias's level.

"I am so sorry sir," the soldier said instantly recognizing the black uniform and familiar face. He reached his hand out to help Mathias to his feet when C9 stabbed her heel into his hand.

Her cold and malicious voice hissed out, "You shall not help this.....creature. He's a vile pedophile who needs to be castrated. This man is no longer to be respected within this region."

The soldier looked to Mathias again, seeing the chains he missed before. The parents within the crowd of people held their children closely and protectively as C9 planted her heel into Mathias's back. "Get up you digusting pig," she snarled, digging her heel and twisting her foot. In pain, Mathias struggled to his feet only to meet C9's fist. He stumbled back again, falling against the a prisoner of war, a man who witnessed the incident where Mathias was sentenced to death under Dante's command. long since then, the two seperate men were both the same, prisoners, chained and hated by all.

C9 brought Mathias back to his own home, which the people whom served him had dispelled him from. She threw him into the door and kicked him hard in his groin. He dropped to his knees, as she opened the door and pushed him backward into it. She came to meet quite a scene that lay before, including the despised Der Fuhrer Dyszel.
12-10-2004, 04:58
The rumble of engines could be heard distinctly as Callisdrunian tanks rolled across the southern border into Rotenburg, headed in the direction of Surukai, on their way to the Dictatorship to bolster the alliance forces. Dozens upon dozens of hulking T-98's, S-2's and Magyar tanks crawled down the road to join their southern neighbors in the war. General Istvan Farkas watched his 5th tank guards make their way across the border. They travelled fast and would be in the Dictatorship very soon. They had just been painted, so were no longer black and white winter camo, but were green and grey. Behind them were the infantry, travelling in trucks, as well as a large portion of the sniper brigade. By daybreak they would be in the war torn Surukai. They would be inside the Dictatorship within the week, probably in just a few days.

In Drun, the battle fleet sailed. The ships were imposing in their dark grey paint, guns gleaming in the moonlight. It would be Knut Tveitan's first mission as captain of the battleship Telemark.

Notice was sent to the leaders of the various nations in the alliance of Callisdrunian forces being dispatched to join them.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
12-10-2004, 05:10
The remaining high officials worked their way toward Mathias's mansion. However, Lux remained behind, working her way past the crowded streets and gawking people into a small cafe at the end of the street. She sat down at her usual table. It has been a long time since she had last been in there, and she was exhausted and tired.

She ordered a cup of coffe when a man, whom she recognized before slipped into the chair across from her.

His voice, hushed and whispered, lowered for protection was barely audiable over the cheers and greetings, boos and hollars outside. "Lux, I have the information you requested. I will meet you at our pier tonight, you know the time. Bring champagne. This is going to be a good one."

Without giving a response he slid out of the chair and left the cafe. Lux sighed as she waited for her coffee. She knew the fight was definately not over yet.
12-10-2004, 21:31
General Istvan Farkas stood with his upper body poking out of the hatch in his modified Magyar-1 tank. His tank was not in the lead, but about a quarter mile behind the head of the column as the Callisdrunian troops neared the border between Surukai and the Dictatorship. They had travelled mainly at night, being more comfortable in the darkness, but now they travelled during the day. Istvan Farkas wanted to make sure his troops could see plainly (though they could see well at night) the devastation around them, so they would know what they were heading into.

He spoke on the intercom to the driver of his tank. "Increase speed, we want to be in the lead when we enter the Dictatorship, to make the diplomatic introductions easier."

"Roger, increasing speed," she replied on the intercom. Farkas had never been to the Dictatorship before. If the horrible state Surukai was in was any indication, they could expect it to be pretty torn up by the effects of war.

The battle fleet looked majestic, with the huge Callismark class battleships in the lead, followed by the smaller Carpathia class ships and finally by the much smaller and older Telemark class battleships, of which the Transylvania was the flagship.

Knut Tveitan stood on the starboard bridgewing of the Telemark. He had been briefed on their intended mission, and was a bit nervous. They were to head to the coast of Whitecastle, though they might stop at a port in the Dictatorship for a while to transfer some ships to his friend Erzsebet Sorvik's fleet.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
12-10-2004, 23:57
Lux finished her coffee and headed back toward the mansion. She had business to attend to before nightfall and she wanted to get it done beforehand.

Before she reached the large elaborate gateway that lined the border of Mathias's home a messenger ran up to her, catching her arm and turning her around.

"My Lady. I have word that troops from Callisdrun are moving into The Dictatorship."

Lux, her light complexion dropping a shade whiter stared at disbelief at the messenger. She spoke quietly and quickly, "I will inform Der Fuhrer. You tell no one at all of this business."

The messenger, understanding the orders precisely headed home without a word to anyone. Meanwhile, Lux grinned and regained her composure. She may be able to use this to her advantage, after all she knew she was leader of this desolate wasteland currently.
13-10-2004, 07:10
By the time the column reached any form of habitation at all, General Farkas' Magyar-1 had been in the lead for a long time. The tall vampire had donned sunglasses, as had all the other tank commanders who sat with the upper half of their bodies above the hatch. He gave a closed smile (so as not to scare the people on the sides of the road with his fangs) and waved as the column moved past the somewhat bewildered folks. It was hard for him to smile, though, as the barren, war-torn landscape of the Dictatorship was quite depressing.

The decorative insignia on the tanks, the oak tree and stars from Callisdrun's flag, was no doubt quite unfamiliar in these parts. Unit insignia also decorated the tank hulls. Istvan Farkas ordered the radio operator to attempt to make contact with the Dictatorship's leaders.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
13-10-2004, 18:53
Mathias hit the ground hard. He felt shame as his twisted and bent body ached terribly from the awkward position he was in. His upper back and head lay on the ground, while his chained hands lay beneath his body, and his bent knees in the air. C9 stood over him digging her heel into his sternum.

He felt betrayed by the entire region. DFD, his partner, the one he served loyally and obeyed fully, standing there in the room doing nothing to help him. Shame and guilt also consummed him. What he had done was completely unacceptable, and he knew; the fear of castration also filled him. It was the punishment in these cases, all rapists were castrated, and many also executed for their acts. He was to face this humiliation now, and he knew he would have to accept whichever consequences fell upon him.

However, none of that stifled the growing rage and hatred for C9. She used him, and she lied. She destroyed him, and he wanted her to pay every last bit of that shame back.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
13-10-2004, 21:07
C9 removed her heel from Mathias's chest, stepping over him, slowly beginning to walk toward Der Fuhrer. Her eye quickly caught Perry's and she knew that something more was going down then even she knew about. To top it off, the aggrivated and enraged flare in Der Fuhrer's eye enhanced those feelings of something far greater then simple amnosity for waging a war.

C9, like cat stalking a mouse, slowly and defiantely circled Der Fuhrer, her eyes cutting into Der Fuhrer. Meanwhile, Der Fuhrer stood there like a tiger would when approached by a smaller and weaker animal. The scene was quite entertaining to spectators as two strong and defiant women stood there, both trying to demean the other.

C9 broke the freezing tension first, "Your trash has arrived."

Der Fuhrer, on pressure by C9 and those official who entered the building, knew that now was not the oppurtune moment to show sympathy for Mathias. He cold stare bore into C9 with a pure hatred and rage as she called to the few remaining guards, "Take him away. And guard him until I give further orders."

The guards nodded as they quickly approached Mathias, hoisting him to his feet and carrying him up the grand staircase, heading down the right wing somewhere. Watching the guards take their leave, C9 grinned sadistically turning to Der Fuhrer once again. "So, Der Fuhrer, where is my thank you, my appreciation for hauling that dirty bastard back for you, doing your dirty work while you drank your ass off again?"

The higher officials looked toward Der Fuhrer. The assumptions that C9 were throwing out caused an unsettling unrest between the everyone. Der Fuhrer, anger starting to take control snapped back at C9, "Go to Hell."

Taking her immediate, leave Der Fuhrer walked up the stairs without saying another word to the rest of the crowd. Silence and disbelief filled the room; a silence that was broken only by the manicial laughter of C9. "Every dog has their day Der Fuhrer.......every dog has their day."
14-10-2004, 02:05
Erzsebet followed Der Fuhrer. She had to speak with her. A medical team from the Varghona arrived, temporarly binding Inferno's wounds and carrying him on a stretcher back to the ship, where he would be transported to Callisdrun.

Erzsebet spoke to Der Fuhrer "What is all this business with that bitchy looking gal?"

Meanwhile, the tanks swiftly travelled across the devastated landscape, using roads when possible.
14-10-2004, 02:07
Knut spotted the Callisdrunian battle cruisers anchored off Stadt. They would be there in less than an hour.

When General Farkas saw the city, the only living one he had seen so far in the Dictatorship, he knew they were in the right place. The column slowed as to avoid running anyone over as they entered the city, crowded with refugees. He again waved to the people.
15-10-2004, 18:46
INFERNO still in great pain hit conference on his phone and called two numbers from his list....

*A phone rings at the party and the second in the region of Ultimate_apocalyseIII*

Both voices are heard saying Hello SIR!

*INFERNO replies* The both of you know what to do! You both have the power in your commanding areas, until I get back, and the two of you may need to work together!! All original plans are to be followed out we must pave the way for what must be done. We do it FOR THE REICH!!!

*Over the phone you hear double voiced* FOR THE REICH!!!
16-10-2004, 08:17
When Inferno was brought to the medical bay of the battle cruiser Varghona, he was promptly anesthetized. The skilled medical team perfromed operations to stabilize his back for the journey. When he woke up, he would probably find himself still unable to move his legs, but with far less pain in his back. They would depart as soon as their commander returned.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
16-10-2004, 17:20
Callisdrun, just playing Erzsbet a little here, nothing bad though.

Der Fuhrer, hearing Erzsbet behind her, did not turn to acknowledge her presence nor did she respond to Erzsbet's inquiry. Rather coldly, she continued to walk on ignoring the persuing Erzsbet.

Erzsbet continued to follow, in quick persuit. She wanted to talk to Der Fuhrer, especially after not previously having the chance to meet with her. She was caught up in following, when Der Fuhrer suddenly spun around and grabbed her arms spinning her around and slamming her against a door.

Coldly, "You have no right to be here. Get the hell out of here before I place a well aligned bullet in your head."

The guards aside of the two moved clear of the door as Erzsbet slammed into them. Sensing conflict they moved to their sides, about ready to pull out their weapons. Seizing this oppurtune moment, Der Fuhrer gave Erzsbet an amiable grin that seemed to say "no offense taken". She grabbed Erzsbet's arm and rather harshly threw open the door dragging Erzsbet in. Quickly releasing Erzsbet, she slammed shut the massive door. The guards, realizing that Der Fuhrer was actually creating a diversion, quietly opened the doors and slipped in, shutting and locking them behind them.

"Der Fuhrer, what's going on here?" The one guard asked concerned.

Der Fuhrer said nothing as she walked her way slowly to the broken figure of a person huddled in the corner. Mathias, sitting with his knees up, his hands chained behind his back, and his head resting on his knees did not stir as Der Fuhrer came toward him. He was a broken man now, with nothing to live for.

"Erzsbet, I believe that is your name, get him a glass of water, the bathroom is right over there."

Lifting gently Mathias's head she saw the betrayal and pain in his eyes as he stared out at her dejected. Sofly Der Fuhrer spoke, "Mathias, I do not know what happened up here, but I know this is not you. She did something to you; something that made you stoop to such extreme measures. I could tell in your eyes you did rape that little girl. I know though that something else forced you to do such. Mathias......."

She turned away quickly, beforing letting her emotions fill her. She looked to his bed, the proof of the rape was all there. Thoughts filled her head. Something really intimidating could only force Mathias to do something this severe, however, nothing she could think of seemed so intense.
16-10-2004, 21:08
Erzsebet gave a screech of frustration (Callisdrunians make many weird noises to express themselves in addition to their language). Feeling humiliated, she contemplated tearing Der Fuhrer's jugular out with her fangs, though she decided that she'd caused enough trouble for her country already. Grumbling, she fetched two glasses of water, one for herself and one for the man. She came back and gave him his glass of water, while sipping from her own. She looked beautiful when she was enraged, which she was. Turning to DFD she said
"Know that I consented to your request not out of respect for you, but sorrow for him. I do not know what your motivation for that action could possibly have been, but it was an incredibly bitchy thing to do. Maybe I should have just let Inferno squeeze the life out of you." Her speech sounded somewhat hiss-like when she was angry.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
16-10-2004, 21:23
Taking the glass from Erzsebet, Der Fuhrer slowly lifted Mathias's head again pouring some water into his mouth.

Appeciately, "Thank you Erzsebet, which I now assume is your name. I much apologize for my rather sporadic behavior. However, it was necessary for the information I am about to reveal to you. I meant no offense by it. C9 is a deviant woman. Her need for power has gone too far this time. She always strived for the best under training, and I knew then that all she wanted was power in life. However, I did predict the events that happened here. I do not trust C9 any longer, and I want you to remember what I tell you today."

She poured more water into Mathias's mouth, who looked so defeated it was painful. Der Fuhrer grimaced at the sight of the look of defeat on his face.

"Erzsebet, help Mathias out please. Bring him over to his bed and try and get those damn cuffs off of him. Try and make him comfortable. I will be back."

Der Fuhrer unlocked the door and slipped out again.
17-10-2004, 03:40
OOC: Sorry I must post with this nation since somehow I goofed up and made it so I cannot log on into the forum with the other nation.

IC: After snapping closed her phone Katalyst went on her way to complete part of her mission. she continued to walk around Mathia's place...On her journey she came across DFD leaving a room seemingly upset.

DFD, are you alright? Do you know where My litt...Where Lord Inferno might be? I cannot find him in this place for the life of me. And I am told that he must make a few decisions concerning the large army he is training. Well if you see him can you please tell him I am looking for him?

Now that I have gotten business out of the way. You seem upset do you wish to talk about it o powerful one? My pledge to Inferno is also towards you and I promise whatever you tell me I will not tell anyone else!!
17-10-2004, 07:02
Erzsebet walked over to Mathias and unhooked her axe from her belt. She placed Mathias' hands in front of him. "Stay very still," she said in a soothing voice. With a powerful swing she brought the axe down, severing the chain in the precise middle. Mathias' hands were now free.

Erzsebet scrounged around and finally found a blanket, wrapping it around Mathias. She was very tired, herself, so she went and sat down in a corner.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
24-10-2004, 07:55
Der Fuhrer turned to Katalyst. "Inferno has been taken for immediate medical assistance to the nation of Callisdrun. There is nothing you can do for Inferno now. However, I need you to find me a naked man laying around somewhere down below. Have him distract the party under my orders. Say nothing of what I have told you to anyone," she ordered as she turned her heel abruptly, heading toward the bedroom once again.

Within the bedroom, Mathias felt his hands become free. He did not move however, even as Erzsebet wrapped him in a blanket. He looked to this lady who herself had taken a seat in one of the corners. He appreciated what she had done for him greatly, that greatly that tears formed in his eyes and began to role down his cheeks. She helped him, yet he was a "criminal". He feared for his life as he rested his head back against the wall, the thick scar running across his neck sticking out like a sore thumb. All he wanted to do was thank her for her help and he could not even do that. He felt hopeless and useless, his life gone.
24-10-2004, 09:03
Erzsebet watched Mathias from her corner. She did not like to judge on appearence, but somehow he did not look like someone who would commit the crime he was accused of. He just didn't look the part to her. Erzsebet yawned, taking the opportunity to show off her fangs. She derived a sick satisfaction from her percieved strangeness, and the reaction of foreigners to something they hadn't really known.

Brushing her long black hair back, Erzsebet leaned her head up against the wall in the corner. She continued to watch Mathias and waited for Der Fuhrer to return.

The column of tanks came up the road, making a great deal of noise. Istvan Farkas had the front of the column stop near the house where this party he had heard about was taking place. He waited.
24-10-2004, 17:37
Katalyst with a look of disgust on her face replied that she will follow the orders that were just given to her.

How can he still feel so much love for you when he has me? Am I not good enough for him? When will he see that I would die for him?

Katalyst turns on her heals as well to go on the search for the naked man. she goes down the main staircase to see if she can find him anywhere near the party. Finding that he is not in the main area of the party she statrs looking in the rooms connected.

How am I supposed to find a naked man at a party its not like im going to fall over him.

At that moment Katalyst trips over a body and yells.


lol great I guess this is that great naked man I was supposed to find.

Excuse me Sir, DFD was wondering if you could go out into the party and create a distraction? She does not want any of the party goers to start thinking why none of the people throwing the party are not around.

She helps the man up,slaps him on the ass, and sends him on his merry way!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
24-10-2004, 18:56
Mathias watched Erzsebet closely. That was, until she yawned and showed her fangs. Surprised, Mathias sat up quickly to get a better look. A look of complete surprise filled him as his jaw dropped in utter confusion.

He tried to ask what, but all that came out was a mouthed silence. Frustrated in his own incapabilities to speak he stood up in shame and walked painfully over to the small cabinet aside of a large wooden dresser and opened it. Reaching inside he pulled out a bottle of Bourbon, especially made from The Dictatorship. He opened the bottle, pulled out a glass and poured himself a glass. Stopping himself from putting down the bottle, he walked over to Erzsebet and extended the bottle, with a hope of symbolizing camaderie.
24-10-2004, 19:11
Katalyst watches "The naked man" run into the other room. She continues looking around as if she is looking for the man but now her eyes seem to be burning with a passion to find something, but what could it be?

It has to be in this mansion where else would he hide it?

Katalyst brigs out her phone and dials a number.

Where the HELL are you? Really? Well, its not just my mission he gave it to the both of us! Now get to doing your part these people here are annoying! I just had to talk to some NAKED FREAK
24-10-2004, 23:50
Mathias watched Erzsebet closely. That was, until she yawned and showed her fangs. Surprised, Mathias sat up quickly to get a better look. A look of complete surprise filled him as his jaw dropped in utter confusion.

He tried to ask what, but all that came out was a mouthed silence. Frustrated in his own incapabilities to speak he stood up in shame and walked painfully over to the small cabinet aside of a large wooden dresser and opened it. Reaching inside he pulled out a bottle of Bourbon, especially made from The Dictatorship. He opened the bottle, pulled out a glass and poured himself a glass. Stopping himself from putting down the bottle, he walked over to Erzsebet and extended the bottle, with a hope of symbolizing camaderie.

Erzsebet, surprised by Mathias' sudden gesture, got up and took the bottle with a smile. She didn't bother with a glass, and simply drank from the bottle. Erzsebet had noticed the confused expression on his face that had appeared when she had yawned. She didn't know exactly how to explain her rather strange nature to him at a time like this, so she said "I know what you're thinking and yes, it's exactly the way you think it is." She smiled and handed him the bottle.

Istvan Farkas peered toward the building from the top of his Magyar-1 tank. One would think that someone should have noticed a large armor column sitting there in the street, but no one except the confused townspeople yet had.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
25-10-2004, 19:24
Mathias nodded to Erzsebet, thinking of Noskalenaeuroph, "Those two would get along just fine. Too fine maybe." Taking a liking to this new Erzsebet person he had not yet been acquainted to, he took back the bottle and walked over to the bed and sat on the corner, glass and bottle in his hand.

He was ashamed of himself again. He was disgraced that he let The Dictatorship go to hell; that he complied to C9's perverse will. He could have lived easier perhaps if he had let her shoot her own sister, but then again, could he accept the fact that an innocent child was murdered because of him. No, he could not accept anything he had done. He was ashamed of himself, wishing his old friend Atticus was still alive.

He frowned, and quickly finished his glass, immediately pouring another one. His hands shook, partially from fear and stress. He spilled some of the alcohol on himself and grew frustrated, trying desperately to keep a steady hand. Tears started to creep out of his eyes, as his anger and frustration escaladed.

Meanwhile, Der Fuhrer stopped and turned around, smiling as he saw Nos walk out of the room naked as she imagined he would be. He walked up to some of the guests grinning at them and examining, checking to see if they were fit to be in the building. Looking up he saw Der Fuhrer watching him, and he realized there and then what he was meant to do, he walked over to C9 who glaringly watched him advance. Distracting her as much as possible, he attempted to dance with her. Der Fuhrer, taking note of this headed back toward the room.

Outside of Mathias's mansion, a large column of armored vechiles filled the streets. The ex-soldiers who were mostly now parents or handicapped confused by the return of the soldiers from Surukai, were even more dumbfounded when unknown vechiles began to fill the streets. An ex-soldier of The Reich, wounded in the leg during war, walked up to leader. Curiously he asked, "Who are you? Where are you from? Whom do your serve?" Seeing that the people were obviously prepared for battle, the man reached for his rifle which he carried with him at all times, but he stopped midway. Perhaps they were allies.

President Lux frowned, remembering her meeting. She slipped off the ground's of Mathias's mansion and wondered the cafes until it became dark and time to for rendevous.
25-10-2004, 23:46
Istvan Farkas hopped down from the roof of his Magyar-1 tank (looks kinda like a modern T-34, obviously it's a lot more powerful, though), the axe on his belt swinging slightly. They had all donned their war paint before entering the city, and in their combat uniforms looked incredibly foreign, somewhat savage. "I'm General Istvan Farkas, commander of the Fifth Tank Guards, in the Callisdrunian army. I serve the people and the king of Callisdrun, my homeland, far to the north," he spoke with a very noticable accent. "This force is my country's first contribution to the war effort. I don't know if you've ever heard of Callisdrun, but we allied with the Reich a little while ago. I can tell that you are not familiar with the oak tree insignia we use, that's for sure." Most of the troops visible were still in their trench coats, though some had taken them off, as they thought this place was hot. Many tanks bore runic inscriptions, and many of the troops had 'personalized' their uniforms and vehicles in some way. The driver of Istvan's tank poked her head out of her hatch, but did not take off her helmet, which she had added horns to (viking style). Istvan himself wore his family's old medieval helmet, with its funny goggle looking visor to protect the rims of the eyes, its horns on the sides and long horsehair plume. No one could say that the Callisdrunian tankers were lacking in eccentricity.

Erzsebet felt sorry for Mathias. He really didn't seem like the kind of person to rape someone. And the fact that this C9 woman had supposedly caught him... Erzsebet did not like her... and Mathias was mute and therefore unable to defend himself... it all seemed pretty fishy. She went over and sat near Mathias. Even if he was guilty, he was still a person, and obviously a person in great pain. "It's ok, everyone spills sometimes."
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
26-10-2004, 04:39
The soldier, examining the strange and outlandish apparel these newcomers donned found something that appealed to him. He grinned and burst out laughing. "Der Fuhrer is right in there," he spoke between fits of laughter as he pointed up to the massive mansion on the outskirts of Stadt des Meeres.

He controlled his laughter for a minute, "Welcome to The Dictatorship Farkas and company. Don't know what the hell you are doing there, but a friend of Der Fuhrer's is a friend of ours. For a moment there, I thought you were the dead dog back to try and take over The Reich again."

Feeling relieved he walked away, heading back toward a fine looking soldier who stood holding a man's arm tightly, who was evidently a prisoner of high status.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
26-10-2004, 04:43
Mathias, dropping the glass and bottle. The bottle landed with a loud crash, but did not break. He watched in lament the liquid pour from the open end as his tears grew heavier.

In his head he cursed Der Fuhrer, she prevented him from dying with honor. He cursed himself for allowing this to happen; and he cursed C9 for making this all happen. He felt he betrayed everyone, and that no one could possibly ever understand.

He looked to Erzsebet sadly, one thought filling his head, the lab.
26-10-2004, 17:56
I know people were talking about that damn place, but where could it be? All I need to do it find that place.

In the backround Katalyst can hear the sounds of people seeing that naked man for the first time. She grows tired of the noise so she pops in her earphones and listens to Breaking Benjamins "Blown AwaY"
27-10-2004, 02:16

[i]John Doe lay comatose for a very long time now...his body beginning to show signs of the length of time he'd spent in a coma... (((OOC...this is going to be the wierdest damn thing I ever had to post))) His mind was blank...just a darkness...vague sounds started to sound in the black abyss he was in. He didn't know how long it's been since he started hearing the sounds...but soon they became louder and if listening to someone screaming while you were underwater.

Three weeks later...John Doe showed the first signs of waking from a coma...the only prob was no one noticed. Suspected to never wake from his coma...John Doe made his first awakening in the dark...the nurse was off in another room. He looked around...nothing making sense...his body would not move and his eyes were unfocused. Before the nurse came to do her rounds he was back out again...appearing to have never woken at all...

The nurse checked the patients...taking no note of any change among any of them...except for one John Doe...her favorite John Doe...who seemed to have been sweating...checking his temperature he seemed to be alright...(((although not in RL...I've got a 105 temp...don't ask me how I'm making this)))

She continued her rounds...not making note of the special John Doe's sweating. If she was correct...he might be waking...and she definately didn't want anyone to find out about this until she was the one to find out for sure...
12-11-2004, 00:01
They fall in line
One at a time
Ready to play
I can’t see them anyway
No time to lose
We’ve got to move
Steady your hand
I am losing sight again
Fire your guns
Its time to run
Blow me away
I will stay unless I may
After the fall
We’ll shake it off
Show me the way

SHOW ME THE WAY! Where is it? If I can just find that room I can get to the rest of my mission...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
29-11-2004, 02:44
I am taking over all of Dante's characters from here on; and I shall be playing them according to his intentions.

John Doe awoken for good the following night; the nurse who favored him had found him during her normal rounds. Astonished she dropped her clipboard and ran over to him.

John Doe looked at her confused. He had no recollection of where he was or what had happened to him. His sense of self was gone; and he remembered nothing up to the moment he woke up. It was as if waking up had been the day he was born.

The nurse looked into his deep brown eyes; eyes that looked familiar. His facial features, as pale and wreary as they were began to take a familiar look that she knew she recognized. This man she knew. She knew this man somehow.

And like a running into a brick wall, the malicious and cold look in his eyes hit her hard. She was staring into the eyes of Dante, the dead owner of a massive powerful empire. But he was dead? He was killed. Dead for years now.......Or was he?

In fear she took a step back. Her instincts told her to kill him, and as she searched for a sharp item to penetrate into his arteries, she realized that he was defenseless, unable to attack anyone in his current state. She took pity on this man; she knew this patient was in critical care from wounds he had received long ago, and suddenly it all seemed to make sense. The hidden battle made complete sense.

She needed to get him out of there. If any of the other nurses realized it was Dante, he would be dead by the end of their shifts. Making haste, she did the only thing she could think of; she kidnapped him; bringing him home to her house.
01-12-2004, 20:37
Mathias, dropping the glass and bottle. The bottle landed with a loud crash, but did not break. He watched in lament the liquid pour from the open end as his tears grew heavier.

In his head he cursed Der Fuhrer, she prevented him from dying with honor. He cursed himself for allowing this to happen; and he cursed C9 for making this all happen. He felt he betrayed everyone, and that no one could possibly ever understand.

He looked to Erzsebet sadly, one thought filling his head, the lab.

Erzsebet couldn't figure out the look on Mathias' face. She gave him a perplexed look and said "What is it?"

Meanwhile, General Farkas ordered the tanks to set up a perimeter around the mansion area. They did so rapidly, and then his personal tank squad (Callisdrunian tank squads are of 5 tanks) drove up to the mansion itself. He got out and with a few soldiers went into the building.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
02-12-2004, 05:43
Mathias looked up at Erzsebet confused. She asked him a question, but he was incapable of answering. He grimaced at the thought of that knive sliding along his throat, cutting deeply. He remembered vividly the blood beginning to flow from his opened neck, the blood sufficating him slowly as in poured into his opened trachea, drowning him, the desperate coughing up of blood, the frantic grasps at his throat, the gargled attempts to call for help.

He stood up abruptly, sensing Der Fuhrer's absence was far longer then normal. He walked over to closet, searching among the many uniforms within it, until he extracted a shotgun. No doubt it would be hard to pull the trigger on himself, but at this point he had no other choice. A shotgun was his most effective means to end his own life.

He walked back to the bed, loading the gun and removing the safety before sitting down with the barrel facing his face. His arm could not effectively reach the trigger so he brought the gun around his back, resting it along his spine, with the barrel aimed straight at his medulla, nothing stopping a perfect shot. His finger tensed on the trigger........

"Son, I want you to remember me as your father, not as a this........Son, leave now and remember me."

"But daddy......don't go daddy."

"Mathias, you need to get out of here son, before they catch you. Please son, they are coming to kill you too. Run son, and don't stop..........*long pause*..........Mathias, remember who you are, never give up."
02-12-2004, 05:57
Erzsebet, not knowing what to do, walked over and put her hand between the muzzle of the shotgun and Mathias. It was a gamble. This man was accused of terrible things, but Erzsebet for some reason just couldn't see him as that kind of person. She hoped that her intuition was right, that he was kind hearted enough not to blow her hand off to harm himself. Erzsebet ever so gently and slowly pushed the gun back so that it now pointed at the ceiling. "I'm sorry," she said in a soothing sympathetic tone (which was genuine). "How inconsiderate of me. I'll get you some paper and a pen." She carried several items with her at all times, including a small notebook and a pen. With her hand still on the shotgun, she deftly removed these from her pocket and put them on Mathias' lap for him to use.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
02-12-2004, 06:01
Meanwhile, the rumble of tanks rounded the city, coming closer to the mansion itself. Noskalenaeuroph looked toward the massive entryway in surprise, as the door entered and a few soldiers walked in.

Sensing something wrong with the entire situation, Noskalenaeuroph slid away without notice. He slid along the lengthy corridors as he made his way into one of the many spare bedrooms within the mansion. Inside was one the maids of the mansion, and as she turned to the opening door she let out a surprised startle; one which Nos quickly stifled.

Talking slightly above a whisper he ordered for her to find his clothes he wore when he first came to this place, knowing by now that they would have been cleaned and mended, if need be.

When the maid left the room, he sat on a chair, resting his head within his hands. His thoughts drifted back to a time when he was sure he had died. He felt the chain pierce through him, the beating of his heart cease, the light disappear. But he was here now, alive. He reached for his chest, feeling the area where the chain had pierced through his heart, but no scars marked evidence. The maid arrived shortly after, carrying the long white dresslike uniform and a long sheathed sword he choose to dawn, baring no insignia to The Reich nor The Dictatorship. He dressed promptly and slid the sword into it's proper position behind his back. Running his hands through his long white blond hair to straighten it's appearence, he prepared himself as a noble man, rather then the obnixious asshole he first appeared to be.

Silently he slid back out of the room, making his way back toward the enterence. As the men stood there, and as he entered the room, his voice, soft and reassuring, yet slightly deadly sounded with his advancing, "Welcome men, to Stadt des Meeres. Is there anything we of The Dictatorship can provide?"
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
02-12-2004, 06:25
Mathias, refusing to move his hands from the gun, stared at the notepad and pen. He frowned, thinking that his life was doomed to forever communicate by hand.

He knew that Erzsebet had placed her hand between the gun and him, and he grew irritated. Twice he was stopped in the attempt to end his own life. He lowered the gun, knowing that escaping his fate now would go against the dying wish of his father.

He knew he would be forced to face his pain and torture, humilation and shame, one way or the other. He opened the notepad and quickly scrawled across the page End it for me. He placed the gun in her hands before handing her the notepad.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
02-12-2004, 06:30
In the warm and protection of a nurse's home, the infamous Dante lay in a comfortable bed, his head propped up on numerous pillows, with the sound of a piano playing from the other room.

He had just awoken, and the windows in the room were open, as a light breeze blew the sheer coverings inward. The sun was bright and cheery, and warmth filled the room. His dazed and confused mind struggled to regain any information, but there was nothing.

He tried to lift his arm, but it would not move. It lay lifeless aside of him as he stared sadly at it. He felt rather cold, and he was covered with a heavier blanket despite the warmth outside.

Listening to the music softly continue; he drifted away, in a black abyss.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
02-12-2004, 06:41
C9 watched in spite as Nos had re-entered. Seeing that the few soldiers entering and the arrival of Nos in a rather speechless form compared to previously, she snuck away to the corner Perry sat in. Helping him up, she removed her heels and slid along the walls, unnoticed with Perry, until she reached an empty corridor on the left side.

Faster, she made her way down that one, and even faster down the next, until she ended in a run into the heart of the mansion, climbing random staircases, and entering random corridors.

She found herself at a corridor then ended with a window at the end, nothing more, and she becamely oddly aware that something was peculiar about his corridor. The temperature was cooler, the lights less, and the atmosphere......dark and forwarning.
02-12-2004, 07:08
Erzsebet, without saying word, unloaded the shotgun, took the shells and threw them out the window, after which she cast the gun to the side. She then sat down next to Mathias. "No, I can't do that to you. Firstly, because it would be wrong, you deserve to live. Secondly, because I would be charged with treason, which is the only crime that carries a death sentence in my native land."

After a moment's pause, Erzsebet put her arm around Mathias, though in a completely non-sexual way, obviously. "Listen, we all have regrets. I have scars to remind me of mine as well. Just like you cannot speak, there are things I am unable to do because of past events." For some reason, the combination of Erzsebet's rashness and this more compassionate side of her made her very charismatic. She had been served her share of pain and agony, and one could tell it in her eyes, so she seemed to understand things. After this, she said no more. In case Mathias wanted to say something, she had put the notepad between them.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
02-12-2004, 07:09
C9 released Perry, who fell against the wall breathing heavily and painfully from his broken ribs. He stared down the empty corridor wondering why they had stopped.

A sudden realization spawned on C9. Mathias's laboratory. He looked around for something that appeared to be out of the order, something that might lead her to his laboratory, but she found nothing.

She tapped the walls, but they were all solid, she looked for a hidden door, anything, something, but found nothing. Walking to the window, she looked out, noticing that they were awfully high up, and that if the glass gave way as she pressed against it, she would surely die from the length of the fall.

A shudder filled her, the cold of The Dictatorship and the deathly silence sifted in from the window. The window was all glass, and could not be opened; made from old glass handcrafted in The Dictatorship.

She stepped back, noticing Perry's attempts to move forward and join her.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
02-12-2004, 07:15
Mathias looked into her eyes, looking deep in them for the answer he sought out. He reached for the notepad, his hands trembling slightly. The white gloves he wore were now stained a brownish ruin color, the color of dried blood. His fingers enclosed the pen, as he fought with himself to keep a steady hand.

Slowly and neatly he scrawled, I failed.

He hung his head low over the notepad, a tear trickling down his face and dripping on the ai.
02-12-2004, 07:19
She held him a little bit tighter. Erzsebet looked down, as if pondering a shared experience. She was. "So did I," She said. "And I can't think of anyone that could have done any better than you in that horrible situation." After a short pause, she asked. "What were you thinking about before?"

OOC: She means what was he thinking about when he was thinking about the lab.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
02-12-2004, 07:21
Noskalenaeuroph walked up to the soldiers, extending his hand politely. His soft voice spoke out kindly, "Again, welcome. Can I offer you anything? A drink? We have plenty of Bourbon still. And let me take your jackets. I hear the climate is frigid back in your home, you must be dying here."
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
02-12-2004, 07:26
Mathias grimaced at her words. He knew he could not reveal the secrecy of his labs, or else his head would be gone by the morning. But the presence of Erzsebet felt so welcoming.

He took that notepad in his hands, resting it on his lap as he took his time writing.

I have secrets, many secrets. I am afraid I cannot divuldge those, as it would have be hung by Reich laws, but I confess to having broken a strong law within The Dictatorship.

Handing her the notepad, he did his best to remain calm and to keep his hands steady.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
02-12-2004, 07:39
Dante awoke again, a day later. The windows were open again and the sun was bright and cheery, and the warmth flitted through the room merrily as the songs of birds and crickets danced outside.

He struggled to move his arm again, but to no good, he noticed it was bent, and it seemed as if he would never be able to straighten it again. He looked down to his legs, noticing that they too seemed to be permently disfigured and bent. He tried to move his arm, tried to clench his jaw, but nothing moved.

He did not realize the lady in the room with him through his struggle, and it startled him when she seemingly appeared from no where and placed herself on the bed.

"Good morning! Want some breakfast? I made eggs and orange juice, fresh squeezed, although I think you should have some water first."

She held the glass to his mouth, using her free hand to tilt his head backward, allowing the liquid to pour easily into his mouth. He stared at her confused, never having met her before.

"I'm paralyzed," he thought then. He tried to move again, but nothing had happened, just a mild tingling, but not movement. The lady sat, leaning over him, realizing that he was concentrating on something. Shre realized she had been resting on his arm, and pulled it from under her. She rested his arm on his chest. It did seem permenantly bent, and even she noticed it.

She left the room to fetch him breakfast, realizing that deterioration of his ligaments and tendons had already begun.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
02-12-2004, 23:31
C9 stared at Perry as he leaned against the wall, holding onto his ribs in pain. Snithingly she hissed, "So you are Perry now? I have heard a lot about you. What were your intentions afterall?"

Perry looked at her, slowly and painfully beginning to speak, "Nye and I planned to reunite Dante's empire. The empire was a massive force when it was strong, united, and together. After Dante's disappearence from those trials his empire caved in and lost its glory. Those bastards that try and run it now are destroying it and the people. They spread their proganda out and broke apart his empire. And worst of all, Dante's Elites went into seclusion after the breakdown of the empire. I'm hoping to bring it all back together again. Call me a relic lover but that Dante knew what he was doing around here."
03-12-2004, 05:12
Istvan Farkas shook the man's hand firmly. "Yes, thank you. A little bourbon would be fine, thanks. I'd like to see someone about combat operations. Who's in charge of that?"

Meanwhile, upstairs, Erzsebet pondered Mathias' cryptic answer. "Reich laws are not my laws. I'm extremely good at getting out of trouble, as anyone affiliated with the Callisdrunian navy will tell you. If it's something important, you really must tell me. I will not sell you out." After being silent for a little while, Erzsebet spoke up again. "That woman accusing you, C9, I do not trust her. She gives off the airs of a plotter. And she absolutely reeks of ambition." She looked back up at him, her eyes wide as worst-case-scenarios raced quickly through her mind.
03-12-2004, 06:10
Richard felt bad about what he had to do. It had become apparent that he and Kahlan had grown apart since.. the incedent. However, what he was to do had to wait for another time, because his informants had just given him a good bit of info he just had to check on, himself.

Thinking back on his old relationship with Kahlan cluttered his mind to the point of uselessness, "I guess ill just think on my way there," he says.

"Ill need to gather a few regiments to accompany me I guess," he thought halfheartedly, barely focusing on the major problem ahead.

'I wonder why she... no, I really had better save this for another time.' his thoughts were a swirl that he couldnt pick and choose from. Richard took a mind relaxer and prepared for the journey to the mansion that he had heard about.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
03-12-2004, 06:11
Mathias, unsure how to respond, stared at Erzsebet sadly. He relived the rape, the pleasureless act of raping that young girl, the pain he felt during the act; the shame he felt.......

Hands trembling, he slowly scrawled, She made me do it. She made me rape that girl. She did it to me and then made me do it to that little girl. That girl was her sister. Her little sister. I hate her. C9. She made me do it. She threatened the exposure of my before he could finish writing he stopped, realizing what he was writing.

He stood up abruptly and ripped out the page, crumbling with his hands. He stood, staring in horror at her. Nothing would excuse his crime......nothing.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
03-12-2004, 06:31
C9 studies Perry's features, looking deep into his eyes, as if searching for the validity behind his reasons. Her glare cut sharply into him as she narrowed her eyes.

"I shall have you know that Dante is dead. I had the pleasure of betraying him........."

She grinned as Perry stood staring blankly at her. His mind raced, "She betrayed Dante? She brought about the ruin of his empire?"

Rage filled his every vein, surging through his body angerily. Trying without avail to stife the vehement rage in his voice he shot back at her, "You did what? You......betrayed.......Dante..... You what?"

C9 grinned and walked toward him. Maliciously grinning she tauntly whispered in his ear, "It was a pleasure to watch him die in agony as that chemical spread throughout his body."

She brought her knee up fast and hard, coming in contact with Perry's groin, causing him to fall to his knees in pain. Satisfied, she continued, "By the way, I had staged your death in Mahanoy on the event you returned. Nye was going to break in The Depths of Hell and betray you. Dante's empire will never be reunited and return to its former glory. I have seen to it. Government propaganda is rather fun. The people believe everything they hear."

She headed away from him, preparing to turn to corner of the corridor. "And Perry, I know much more then you think."
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
03-12-2004, 06:38
The nurse brought in a tray with plate of eggs and a glass of orange juice, unsure if this meal he should eat. She saw that deeply focused and intense concentration spread across his face, and she wondered what it was that he kept thinking about.

She sat down, placing the tray on the table next to the bed. She rested her arm on his, lightly massaging it. "Hey, is everything alright there?"

Dante struggled to turn his head to face her better, succeeding only slightly with a grimace. He was able to move his mouth though, and his head, major pluses in his book. He was unable to speak, his throat feeling raspy and dry. He tried to nod, but nothing happened. Instead, he stared out at her without a response. He felt helpless......
03-12-2004, 07:04
Erzsebet looked up at him, and gently got him to sit back down. She had read over his shoulder while he was writing. Very quietly, she said "I suspected there might be some funny business involved. It seemed... out of place. I don't understand why she would do that... it has to benefit her in some way." Talking on another point, she continued "I would hate her as well. She pulled the most thorough character assassination I have ever seen. She robbed you of your dignity. And used her own sister as a tool." Erzsebet was now deep in thought. "Hold on, Mathias, I'm trying to figure this out."

She was no dummy, and was extraordinarily perceptive, especially on the personal level. Erzsebet had hardly been using a metaphor when she had said that C9 reeked of ambition. Sometimes she thought out loud. "That hallway..." Erzsebet was thinking of the corridor she had been steered away from so much earlier, when she had first arrived. Suddenly, the realization dawned on her. Young lady Sorvik's mouth gaped open, she was confounded at why she hadn't seen it before. "Mathias, if I show you something I only show to those I trust most, will you answer completely and honestly one question?"
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
03-12-2004, 07:06
Perry, struggling to stand through the pain surging through him, and fighting the nuasating wave that hit him, he caught up to C9, grabbing her from the behind and pulling her toward the window. She struggled to break free, but Perry held her tightly despite her struggle.

C9, wrathful and demanding cursed him, "You son of a bitch! Get your hands off of me! I'll kill you, you worthless slime!"

Perry, preparing to send her to her plummitting doom held her tightly. Angerily he spoke, "No one betrays Dante and gets away with it."

Rage filled him as he heaved her hard through the window; the sound of breaking glass sounding loudly, echoing throughout the corridors.
03-12-2004, 07:17
Erzsebet heard a noise like that of breaking glass. Looking up very suddenly, she said, in a very Erzsebet moment... "What the fuck was that?" Mathias looked confused, so she explained what she had heard to him, and the direction from which the noise had come.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
03-12-2004, 07:30
Mathias looked at her confused. "She is willing to show me something personal? But how can I be sure she is telling the truth? What good does any of this make anyway, I will be a dead man soon anyway."

He scrawled on the paper quickly. Yes. I have nothing left any longer.

Hearing the glass shatter as well, he looked to Erzsebet, a look of fear and concern spreading across his face.
04-12-2004, 03:26
OOC: By the way, Erzsebet is no longer in her fancy dress, she changed out of it on her ship
IC: Erzsebet stood up. "Ok, I will show you. They are remnants of old wounds. They're in an... odd place." After saying this, she unbuttoned and unzipped her pants. She then lowered them a little and raised her shirt slightly to expose her waist area. Her ghostly skin was criss crossed with jagged scars. The hidious bumpy lines belied the aggonizingly painful experience that had made them. "These were from an explosion on my ship when I was 19. What I have lost should be fairly obvious." And it was, for beneath the scarred skin was what used to be her uterus and ovaries.

She let him look a bit longer. "Now, please, what are you so worried about? Because even though I don't know for sure what it is, I know where it is, and that noise just came from that direction."
04-12-2004, 05:53
Katalyst managed to open the door to the room that DFD, Mathias, and Erzsebet were in in time to see the scars on lady Erzsebets body seeing the vampire and mathias next to the lifeless body of DFD sent a feeling of true Patriotism through her body.

For the Reich!!!

Katalyst charged the two of them and caught them both off guard taking them to the ground she jumps up and screams.


Rage filling every part of her being she forgets momentarily about the mission she was there to complete. All that Katalyst can see at that moment is someone that has hurt the lifeblood of her homeland. She could not just sit around and let the two people that hurt DFD go out and spread their vileness into the, once and soon to be again feared First Reich of Der Fuhrer!

OOC:*sorry but I figured you two would not mind me playing that part since its just a tackle!*
04-12-2004, 06:27
Erzsebet's eyes filled with complete and utter fury. Within a second of hitting the floor, she had rolled back up again and planted her boot firmly in the woman's gut, doubling her over. Realizing that a fight was probably not going to stop whatever C9's plots were, Erzsebet let her recover slightly. She made a point of reaching for her axe, but not actually taking it out. "I was getting Mathias to help me stop someone who could potentially destroy us all! What the fuck are you talking about?" She somehow, seemed so angry that she had to be genuine.

Erzsebet noticed that her scarred area was still showing, so she very quickly zipped and buttoned her pants. "Do not every mention what you have seen, woman, or I shall tear out your throat. Clear?" Turning to Mathias, she said "We must act now, but I need to know first. It may already be too late."

OOC: Why is DFD unconcious?
04-12-2004, 06:36
After Katalyst gets kicked in the gut she falls onto one knee and some fo the food that she had previously eaten at the party was seen making its appearance once again... mean you didnt hurt DFD? Then why is she lying on that bed, and not up walking around the room?

Katalyst takes a deep breath and stands up she walks over to DFD and feels tht there in fact is a pulse. She turned around.

I am truly sorry for this misunderstanding! I seen DFD there, your teeth in plain site, and that felon Mathias standing over her and I guess I forgot to think before I acted can you forgive me?

Katalyst extends her hand in a formal guesture as a way of trying to make amends.
04-12-2004, 07:17
OOC: I can't find any references to DFD being unconcious on the bed, but whatever.

Erzsebet shook the woman's hand, and then sighed. Erzsebet didn't see why this woman was not suspicious. It had turned out that Erzsebet had been right in her suspicions of C9. "It's all right. I do not know why Dyszel is unconcious." She then moved much closer and said much more softly. "You should think more before you judge. A seemingly random crime, the supposed perpetrator cannot speak to deny or explain what has happened, and the accuser is one that is obviously power hungry. However, maybe not everyone knows of C9's ambition. Her lust for power has a stink that permeates the air." The subtle hissing sound that was a common addition to the Callisdrunian accent of vampires was quite apparent when she said this.

Erzsebet returned to a more friendly tone. "But I digress. Please do not talk about my scars to other people."
The Almighty Anna
04-12-2004, 15:46
Shortly after midnight, Alex and Destiny returned to The Dictatorship. Sliding their way silently back in Stadt des Meeres, they headed back toward Mathias's mansion, after hearing that a lot of action has happened their since they left.

They noted that the city contained strangely marked tanks and soldiers, obviously not those of The Dictatorship. Refraining from been seen by these odd soldiers and tanks; they slid their way slowly up to the mansion, unaware of whether or not they had been spotted.

Once at the mansion, however, they came to notice that there was no way of avoiding the tanks that were parked right outside. Sighing the headed, acting as natural and unconcerned as possible; as if this were a daily occasion.

Alex, opened the door properly, allow Destiny to enter before him. Both inside, the first thing they took notice to where the strange soldiers right in front of them, and the presence of a man, a man whom they knew all too well.

Unsure of what to say or do, they stood there dumbly for the time being, all staring at each dumbly for a moment.......a moment that was ended when the sounds of shattering glass, somewhere faint, but audiable within the mansion, sounded.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
04-12-2004, 17:29
Mathias could not look to Erzsebet.......he had raped an innocent girl, and would never again look to women, even if she had not shown him anything more then her scars. However, her persistence drawn his gaze when she mentioned about the explosion. He felt sympathy for her, and was about to say something when Katalyst charged the room, tackling Erzsebet right in front of him.

Unable to fully understand what was taking place right now, he slipped away from the scene, having too much to think about at the moment. He walked out of the open door and walked along the wing; seemingly a ghost in his own mansion. The maids who periodly bustled about, who were currently stopped dead in their positions when they heard the sound of shattering glass someone within the mansion. They were even more horrified when they watched Mathias, the man of the house, walk thanatosly down the wing. Their jaws dropped as they lowered the eyes from him, thinking of the horrible rumor that now stained his name.

He walked like a defeated man, and some of the maids felt a pang of guilt and sorrow for each being one to condemn their own master. The fate of his actions hung and loomed in the air like burden. Everyone knew it was only time before Mathias was executed for his crime; and each felt guilty to be the ones who would do nothing to stop it. At the same time, disgust of the vileness he had committed consummed him, as they harbored a hate for his perversion. Some glared maliciously at him and snarled terms such as "rapist," "pedophile," or "pig." Mathias continued walking though, stopping nor looking at anyone.

He headed toward a place he no longer wished to conceal. He knew it had been exposed when heard the hollow shattering of the glass. He knew very well that his fate was permenantly sealed now.......
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
04-12-2004, 17:35
Playing this as our region decided last night....

Der Fuhrer lay unconscious on the bed still, passed out from the horror she instantly received from one sole phone call. In her dreams the visions of a little girl, who suffered the horrors of the base in Whitecastle with them, stood, almost beckoning her to a failure.

She could not stir from the dream though, as the intensity magnified, as visions of this girl holding her new seven elite soldiers hostage. The faintly spoken request from Dante's bluish trembling lips as he lay on the cold damp floor of his own base dying. The promise she made him as she held his cold hand. The knowledge of the little girl's kidnap......everything returned.

She remained unconscious through the shattering glass and fight between Katalyst and Erzsebet.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
04-12-2004, 17:37
Noskalenaeuroph, in shock stared at Alex and Destiny as they arrived. To himself he tought, "What are they doing here? What the hell?"

The sound of breaking glass was faintly heard, and a puzzled expression spread across his face.

What was going on?
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
04-12-2004, 17:46
Perry stared in disbelief as he stared at C9 laying on the ground. She did not fall, the was a facade.

C9, feeling pieces of glass cutting into her, and a particularly large cut along her back, struggled to stand up. She got up, cutting her bare feet on pieces of broken glass.

In disbelief she gasped, "What the hell?"

Perry walked over the window, or what remained of the window. He noted how the scene had been painted intrinsicly to back of the window. He remarked in how well of job someone did in concealing this secret, that he did not even notice C9 slip way down the narrow corridor and up a flight of stairs.

He turned to look at her, making sure this was all real, but found she was no longer standing there. Following in persuit, he ended up right aside of her, standing in the middle of opened metal doors. Instead of cutting her head off with the large piece of glass he retrieved for that purpose, he dropped it, as it shattered into tiny shards. He stared out as astonished as he was at the sight that lay before them.

The lights were off, but it was clear that extensive research was done here. Labeled bottles, long tables, numerous machines, a morgue room......the scene was unbelievable!

They both stood by each other's side staring in disbelief. C9 grinned, "So he really did have a lab after all," she self-appeased stated.
04-12-2004, 21:07
As Dyszel began to awake, Erzsebet scrawled out a note to her, explaining what was going on, and put it in the sleeping/waking dictator's hand. She then rushed after Mathias to wherever he was headed, presumably the secret facility that Erzsebet suspected was hidden in this place. On her way out, she grabbed the shotgun. It never hurt to be prepared.

General Farkas was a bit frustrated. He had been ordered down here to commence action in the land war, but to do that, he needed to speak to someone concerning whatever the strategy was. He did not want to wait in Stadt too long, for the men and women of the 5th tank guards had a reputation for being restless.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
05-12-2004, 03:27
Mathias did not turn to see if anyone had followed him. He had something to do, and he did not care if others had exposed him now, he was already a ruined man.

He worked his way down a maze of corridors, turning left and right, walking slowly up stairs, and finally coming to the corridor before the enterance. He stared at the broken glass window, grimacing at the thought of this actually having happened.

He stopped walking, staring in disbelief. He could prevent the exposure of all his material easily. It would lead to many lies and cover-ups, but a few simple words could end this all.

He debated, thinking of making the order or not.
05-12-2004, 03:30
"Mathias," said Erzsebet when she caught up. "Whoever broke the glass window is in there. I'm assuming that they aren't allowed to be there, either. Is there something we can do from here? Or do we have to go in?" She did not want to see whatever it was that Mathias was so afraid of anyone knowing about.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
05-12-2004, 03:49
Mathias, turned to Erszebet. He no longer had any means of communicating with her again, as he did not bring the notepad and pen with him. Instead he stared deep into her eyes, lost in his own thoughts. She looked beautiful to him, a mysertious kind of dark beauty almost.

Embarrassed at his thoughts, he quickly turned awake, angry once again for looking at a woman. He lowered his head in shame. Slowly he began to move forward, but he stopped again, a few feet from the window regretting that Nosklenaeuroph had brought him back and saved him. He could have died there, but Nos even ruined that.

He felt weak, the pain from his wounds searing. He backed up against the wall, feeling dizzy and sick. He pressed his back against the cold wall, sliding down the wall slowling, until he came to a sitting position with his knees bent up.

He rested his head on his knees, wishing suddenly he was not there. He had not realized that because of his wounds the distance he had walked had worn him out, he breathed deeply, feeling old and weak. His mind flashed with many regrettable events as he sat there. He broke down, and began to cry. He no longer cared about resumming the hardass militant leader profile. He destroyed that reputation the second he slid himself into that young girl.