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Der Fuhrer Dyszel
17-10-2003, 20:25
Let us not mention Admiral Hunny*Dew's true title in The Reich. In The Reich we build ourselves off of trust; trust, that regardless of title if they say they have the power, then they have the power.

Hunny*Dew ran through the base. She could feel her muscles starting to cramp up some.

She thought, "This must be a side-effect from that chemical. I must get to Queen Surukai and Dante first."
18-10-2003, 04:03
President Gorgoth messages Hunny*Dew again.

"Do you need further assistance from our country?"
18-10-2003, 04:27
*Surukai coughs a bit as she takes in a breath of the toxic air. It was attacking her lungs and it hurt. She felt the chemical slowly seeping through her body, it began to slow down her muscles. She slowly pulled herself up by the wall, and then grabbed Dante by his forearms once more, all the while she was talking to him.*

"G...g...enocide? ughn. Y..ya are a huff sent...sent...sentimentalist."

"I...saw...that...coming...a..a..a-mile away."

*Dante's words spooked her out, she hadn't realized he was still breathing, she was just babbling. She assumed it was yet another corky side effect of the bio-chemical.*

"I...cough Wha..what changed your..cough min...min...mind?"

"......I......coulden...could....could not tell you...for of me."

" for leavin' ya, I don' think me coulds do dis...."

"Jus...jus...just leave me already!"


*Surukai throat was throbing after that strain. Yelling was quickly crossed off the option list. She continued to drag the pile of chemical infected, broken-down, supposedly powerful man. It was rather nerve racking to see him, once again, down and dying. What was this, the third time this particular year? She ceased thinking and continued her painful struggle. However, the silence was soon forgotten and left behind on the beaten corridor. She heard someone coming up behind her, she turned to see a dark outline of a man. She instantly recognized the figure to be none other than Guts.*


*She squealed with delight at the thought of help for carrying the almost dead Dante.*

" ta see yas ag...aga..again."
19-10-2003, 19:12
Guts who has by now started to feel the effects of the chemical and is now slightly screwed up said to Surukai " Um... we... need... get.... out.... now..Queen." Guts sees her struggling again with Dante he picks him up carefully and drapes his limp body over his shoulders. He then picks up Surukai although she was protesting quite a bit he began to run with the increased weight he was slowed down a bit. However because of the adrenaline and the chemical mixing he could not feel anything so he ran at as fast a speed he could unhindered by the pain of his mucsles tensing. The gas mask it seemed had done all it could do. He ,in hopes of slowing down the chemicla more for the other two, gave them both one of the 4 he brought with him and then continued at a mad dash pace to make his way towards the exit.
19-10-2003, 23:46
OOC: o yeah its not like they are infected by it now!!!!

IC: INFERNO thinks in his head

[INFERNO:] I wonder who all is dead! or dying like me...
20-10-2003, 03:21
>Ishkabibel, might I ask how you can carry around two people and walk? Or are you assuming that (like everyone else thinks) Dante is a scrawny man and Surukai is some anorexic chick? If so, than I am sorry, but you are an idiot. Now, if you are assuming that the lack of food has made a weight change that is fine. It doesn't matter anyway, you can't carry two people over twenty unless you are a super strong person, in which as far as this thread is going, that is god-modding. Shame shame. I can see why you are saying this but, I am fixing this no matter what you think.<

*Guts realizes the weight is too much after a few steps. He puts Surukai down, remembering she can still walk. He continues to haul Dante out on his shoulders as Surukai staggers along as fast as the chemical will let her. After a few corridors of tripping and falling, the group comes to a split in the corridors. One goes left, the other right.*

"Which way did you come from?"

*Surukai asks in an almost nonchalant voice. The chemical was slowly effecting her bit by bit. And it caused pain, yet she still went along.*
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
20-10-2003, 04:09
Admiral Hunny*Dew ran along the corridors. She was running for a long time now and there was not a sign of Queen Surukai or Dante anywhere. While running, she felt herself fall. She landed hard on her back and heard a sickening splashing sound. She rolled over, placing her hands in a cold wet puddle that surrounded her. She stood up and looked at her hands in the dark corridor. They were covered with a dark substance. In fear, for she knew what it was, yet she needed to confirm it, she lifted her hands to her face and smelt them. She turned her head away in horror right away.

"Blood," she said, still standing in the large puddle of it. "That must mean someone was...injured here...or worse...killed."

She slowly walked out of the puddle and wiped the excess blood of her, only managing to make the mess worse. She looked down. She saw a trial of it leading down another corridor. She debated whether to follow it. It could have been one of Whitecastle's men. She decided.

She quickly turned around and headed away from the trail. She worked her way back down the corridors and came to a three way split. She chose the farthest one. She began to run down it.
20-10-2003, 05:16
The remaining EVAC helicopters outside the compound were ready for Guts's arrival.

The Lieutenant in charge radioed to Captain Mariner.

"Sir, The next set of injured should be arriving shortly."

Mariner replied,

"Good. Once they do, take them directly to the European Free States. I am dispatching some of our medical personnel to assist in temporary treatment aboard the helicopters. They should be there in a few minutes. Do not stop in Gorgoth- You will waste time there."

He tried to communicate with Hunny*Dew, but all he got in return was static. He knew something was wrong.
21-10-2003, 04:54
[[[Whitecastle Theatre]]]

A massive blast issued from the seas. One by one 3 explosions sounded. Guts/Grim/whatevers helicopter went in the first. The others landed on the base caving in the ceiling. A group of Spirits dropped bombs quickly on the base and area aroudn the base. Loud explosions sounded and sirens stopped.

The men that held Autumn fled and knocked out the chair. She gasped as she protected her neck from breaking. Her light weight stopped her from dying right away but she was dying fast.

The remaining soldiers stood there ground and the last General stepped in front of them.


They moved closer toward the base cheering.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
22-10-2003, 21:16
Admiral Hunny*Dew falls to the ground as she heard a hurdenous explosion echoing throughout the walls of the corridor. Her long brown hair spread across the ground as she felt pain shoot up her back. Her arms reached out in front of her as she grabbed to hold on to something.

She looked back, her long hair practically covering her whole face as she looked back to see a large beam across her back and legs. She cried out in pain as tears filled her compassionate eyes.

"Someone help," she cried quietly, with no chance that someone had heard her. The sound of the caving exterior startled her and as lay pinned to the ground and in pain. "Queen Surukai, I am sorry I have failed," she cried to herself.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
22-10-2003, 21:26
Outside the base, Jon Luther takes cover from the explosions. Upon getting up and dusting himself off he takes notice that someone is hanging in the distance.

"Oh no," he mummered as he broke into a run toward the person. As he came closer the sight of a female still struggling became clearer. He reached the woman as she stopped struggling.

He looked around panickly while breathing heavily from the long run. He saw a gun on the ground and contemplated for a moment. Guns had never been his style, he always relied on the power of God to help him.

He asked God for the courage to do this. He picked up the gun and took close aim while asking God for help and guidance. He pulled the trigger and the rope split. The girl fell as Jon quickly dispelled the gun and held out his arms. She fell into them and Jon laid her on the ground gently to check if she was still alive.

He prayed to God that she would be alright while thanking God at the same time for giving him the strength to try and save her.
23-10-2003, 04:17
> Good one DFD...

///Dante is rambling as his blood pours all overe Grim/Guts/ whoever. He struggles to breathe and slowky passes out.

Autumn just lays there.

The last general moves his troops in.
23-10-2003, 21:16
President Gorgoth heard of the attacks by Dante and shuddered. He then remembered that that's what the armed forces are for: To protect the greater good and make sure that civilians aren't hurt. He contacted Captain Mariner and told him to send more evacuation teams.

Following orders, Mariner sent another fleet of 10 helicopters along with several medical technicans for each victim.
24-10-2003, 01:21
OOc: Dood I didn't have any fricken choppers airborne or any where in the vicinity man how in the hell did you shoot one down if its not in the fricking air honestly wtf I havent deployed a single chopper since about twenty pages ago and even then it never really happened so basically nice way to pull choppers magically out of your ass. :evil: So yeah you could drop bombs and take out parts of the base with your "almighty" :? genocide and spirits but where in the depths of the bloody crimson hell did you get helicopters of mine from

Guts Says to Surukai "We should go that way because my boots foot prints are in the ground facing us here" and they proceed
24-10-2003, 01:49
OOC: i have no clue whats happening where the heck are we...Are the leaders safe, Are they still in the battle field, or are they on their way to safety????

IC: INFERNO wonders where he is and what is happning to him as of the moment he cant sense anything that was going on...
24-10-2003, 03:25
Thanks for handling my posts Der Fuhrer, I apreciate it. But one correction, Jon Luther is the commanding general of Flandern. He's used a gun once or twice before. Other than that, good job, I like it.

King Joseph
25-10-2003, 05:50
OOc: Dood I didn't have any fricken choppers airborne or any where in the vicinity man how in the hell did you shoot one down if its not in the fricking air honestly wtf I havent deployed a single chopper since about twenty pages ago and even then it never really happened so basically nice way to pull choppers magically out of your ass. :evil: So yeah you could drop bombs and take out parts of the base with your "almighty" :? genocide and spirits but where in the depths of the bloody crimson hell did you get helicopters of mine from

Guts Says to Surukai "We should go that way because my boots foot prints are in the ground facing us here" and they proceed

> Um...lets see. I dont care whos helicopters they were someones helicopters were waiting for you so they got hit. Tough luck...donts cry about it.

///Autumn slowly opens her eyes. She looks up and gasps for breath. She rubs her throat and looked around confsed.

Dantes is still passed out or dead....

The fourth general storms the base. They work fast through it stopping at nothing and searching all teh halls. They come to a hallway to see Grim/Gutz/whoever in there caryying Dante and Surukai aside of them. The fourth general pulls out his gun.


Some on the soldiers grabbed Dante from Guts. Others grab Guts. The fourth general picks up Surukai and carries her away. The soldiers finish searching the base. They come to a caved in hallway. Seeing nothing they headed out.

They exited the base. A jeep pulled up and the general ordered Guts Dante and Surukai into it. He stepped in with two other soldiers and they drove off. The other soldiers left by foot passing a helicopter.
25-10-2003, 06:12
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Der Fuhrer Dyszel
25-10-2003, 19:22
Admiral Hunny*Dew lay on the ground, tearing streaming out of her eyes from the pain shooting throughout her body. She heard someone behind her at the beginning of the corridor. She tried to cry out but no sound issued from here.

"Help," she quietly called out.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
25-10-2003, 19:29
Jon Luther lifted Autumn and carried her to the helicopter. She appeared to be very confused. He gently placed her in the back of the helicopter and sat with her, waiting for Admiral Hunny*Dew to come back out.

He watched as soldiers went into the base. He grew concerned, but stayed with Autumn. Later, he watched as they came back out, carrying what appeared to be Queen Surukai, Dante, and Guts. However, he waited to see Admiral Hunny*Dew come out. There was nothing, even as a Jeep pulled up and took the leaders away. He sat there, Autumn aside of him staring off blankly.

He debated. To leave Autumn alone might lead to consquences, but to leave Admiral Hunny*Dew in the base with that chemical was fatile. He debated and decided what to do.

He quickly hopped out of the back of the helicopter and ran toward the front of the helicopter. He got on the radio and after a few minutes of figuring out how to work the advanced radio, he called out somewhere; somewhere he did not know he was calling.

"This is Luther, Jon Luther of Flandern. I need help. Someone please respond."

He listened for a response.
26-10-2003, 05:55
Captain Mariner was sitting in his base tent when he heard his radio receiver begin to crackle. He was receiving a distress signal from Jon Luther asking for help.

He moved over to the table where the radio was and picked up the transmitter microphone. He replied:

"Captain Mariner from Gorgoth here. How may I be of assistance?"
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
28-10-2003, 22:28
Jon Luther heard the respond and jumped in surprise.

"Yes, Captain Mariner, we need assistance at a base outside of Whitecastle. Admiral Hunny*Dew has not yet gotten out of the base and I have an injured woman here. I need help immediately. Are you there yet?"

Jon Luther listened intently on the radio, waiting for a response.
29-10-2003, 05:31
Mariner speaks on the radio,

"I will redirect several helicopters to your coordinates, Luther. Glad to be of help."

At that moment 5 EVAC helicopters plotted a new course for Jon Luther's location. Escorted by 2 jets for each helicopter, security was an issue, and saftey must be taken into account.

The remaining EVAC helicopters moved toward the wreckage caused by the last attack.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
29-10-2003, 05:45
Admiral Hunny*Dew lie on her stomach with tears still streaming down her face. She was more of a business woman, this fighting and all was not really her style, and now she laid trapped beneath her hasty decisions.

She shut her eyes the visions of the crash piercing through her again. She never really had the oppurtiunity to apologize to Der Fuhrer about it and now she would be stuck here, never able to tell her what she thought.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
29-10-2003, 05:48
I lay somewhere, unconscious to the world, in a black world, seeing nothing. Death filled my half broken thoughts. Hell ran through my mind quickly. Then, nothing. It was dark again, thoughts ceased, and an excruciating pain eveloped me all at once. Again, nothing after that; nothing but darkness.
30-10-2003, 06:26
[[[Whitecastle Theatre]]]

The Navy retreats from the shores and the Elites leave too.

Autumn is confused and still trying to regain herself.

Dante is out cold in his blood drenched uniform with a hole in his ass and going to somewhere.

The jeep stops at a hosptal and takes Gutz Surukai and Dante inside. Surukai is taken to a nicely decorated room with flowers of purples in the ICU. Guts is treated and taken to a room and Dante is taken someone in the heard of the hospital unheard of.
30-10-2003, 21:02
Inside the hospital, within the kind and passive boundaries of European Free States, doctors and nurses bustle about tending to their abudance of patients.

A group of doctors stand around one man on a stretcher, looking and shaking their heads. They worked on artifically resisitating him, but to no avial.

"This is not good. I am afraid there is nothing we could do for him," a doctor said shaking his head sadly. The man on the stretcher was almost a hopeless case, but it did not stop the doctors from trying their hardest. The man had a bullet hole in his chest and severe exposure to this biochemical. He was as good as gone when he was brought to them, but they tried there hardest.

The first thing they did was try and stablize him, although hopeless it seemed. They worked hard and patiently on him.

In another room, another case seemed hopeless. A woman covered in blood, although no visual signs of a wound, lie lifelessly on another stretcher. The doctors worked hard on her trying their hardest to keep her within the borderline of living. She kept on passing over and back. The hard working doctors worked on stabilizing her as well.

In the next room another case laid in the same condition; trying to be stablized although it was almost hopeless. As well as the next room, where another man lay in almost the same condition, although not as severely.

All four cases were desperately worked on. The doctors strived their hardest to stabilize each one, but the outcome was unpredictable. Two seemed almost definate not to last the rest of the day, while the other two had a great hope.
31-10-2003, 04:34
> :twisted:

///The leaders are treated and sent off to the Flandern to be transported to the other nation for medical treatment. Surukai Guts and Dante are flown in to Flanderns nation.

On the way there Dante is on extreme life support machines and queen Surukai is on a respirator. Dante is poorly bandaged and blood is seeeping through them. They land in a city and hope someone will take them to the other leaders...
01-11-2003, 06:38
INFERNO comes in and out of conciousness all though the night docters try feverishly to try and maintain what little lifesigns he had to begin with!!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
02-11-2003, 18:55
Atticus is lying on a stretcher with doctors all around him trying to stabilize him. The shake their heads. It does not look good for him.

A bullet hole in his chest perfusively pumped out blood, the chemical wreathed his muscles and inhibited his nervous system.
04-11-2003, 14:38
The Doctors and Nurses try throughout the night to get INFERNO into a stable condition they work tirelessly for many days and nights having brought him back a multitude of times...they are ready to give up on him when a large gasping sound is heard throughout the room they turn to see INFERNO's status has come up to a stable level and that he was breathing on his own accord....

[Doctor:] His Vitals are Stabilizing, breathing returning to normal he should make me if anything changes I am going to help work on the others!!!

[Nurse:] Yes Doctor! You will be notified if anything changes in his condition...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
04-11-2003, 16:54
The heart monitor slowly came the the ear piercing long unbroken beep. The doctors tried desperately to save him.

"We lost him," the doctors said after strenuous hours of toiling to save his life. He took off his face mask and gloves and walked out of the room with his head down.

The nurses unplugged the machines and left the room with the doctor to work on the other patients. The patients were all in a critical state and they had not the time to worry about their lose. They received word that more patients would soon be arriving and they worked at thier hardest to stablize these patients.

Inside the abdoned room, Atticus lie on the stretcher. No longer breathing, his eyes glazed staring at the ceiling, his heart beat......nill. His face looked oddly serence, except for the pain that shone in his eyes.
06-11-2003, 00:54
*In the darkness of hospital room, you see the faint profile of a face. As you look closer, you see the steady rise and fall of the bodies chest. The mouth is slightly opened, and a few machines are hooked up, monitoring the vital signs. A dim light is shining through the window, the curtains slightly opened revealing a full moon. There is a quiet swoosh as the body takes in a breath through the mask.*


*The body is slightly twitching, as it awakes. In an instant, the eyes shoot open. A closer look reveals the face of a girl, that of Surukai's. She tries to raise her right arm, but it is tangled in random wires, obviously keeping her concious.*


*A light flickers on in the room, and a doctor walks in. As he looks up from his clip board, he seems stunned when he sees his patient sitting up in her bed, figiting with the wires. He rushes over to her and grabs her right arm to stop her. Only to be met with the left hand, and a loud cracking sound of course. The doctor drops her arm as he puts his own hands to his face. A slight yelp from him and he is back to work. He calls for a nurse.*

"She seems to be okay, I guess now we can test her for any brain damage." The doctor seemed a bit relieved for a moment.

"She seems fine to me." The nurse was now staring at her, the big chestnut eyes of Surukai meeting the nurse's small green ones.

"We still have to check, a series of tests are in order here."

*Surukai hugs her knees as she looks to the window, the full moon still bright and demanding of her. She turns her head to see two men come in, with a stretcher.*


*The doctor looks down at her.*

"Oh no, you aren't. Being exposed to a chemical like that won't leave you unscathed." The doctor was acting like a cat. It was as if he though himself higher than her.

"But...I am...fine...."

"No you aren't!"

*She looked up at the doctor with a blank stare.*

"If you were in a dungeon...for so long....dragged the notorious Dante....half dead....around...only to be saved hours would be fine too...."

*She stared blankly as tears filled her eyes. In an almost nonchalant way, she looked at the doctor and stared. For a long time. Just stared. Not angry, not sad, not happy, no emotion. As if she were jaded. All that showed were the big brown eyes, and a single tear ruining the now pale complextion.*

"I just....want to go.....home."

"Do you even know where home is?" The doctor was now definately thinking highly of himself.

"No....been to long. Probably won't be accepted any...more."

"Where do you live?"


"Get that stretcher over here now!" Screamed the doctor. He was pissed, being toyed with by a mental person, a girl no less!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
06-11-2003, 05:01
Love the post Queen Surukai. They are always worth the anticipation.

Admiral Hunny*Dew cries out in vain again. The pain in her back is immense and she can not tolerate it one bit. She continues to lie trapped beneath the fallen beam of the roof above her.
06-11-2003, 05:31
///Dante is arrives on a stetcher hooked up to all these breathing machines and heart monitors and such.

Is he dead?

No just unconscious right now but he is slipping fast.

What should I do?

I dont know. Get some doctors here or something.

They wheeled the stretcher into the hosiptal which was full of people. They ER was filled. Other people were in there. The left Dante with a nurse in the waiting room while they went to get doctors and clear the ER.

A little boy was there with in the waiting room. HE got up and looked at Dante from behind the nurse.

Thomas sit down.

But mom I want to look.

Sit down now.

She stood up to pull him back to his seat. She got one good look at the person on the stretcher and let out a scream. Her husband helped her back to her seat and she sat there shaking.

Whats the matter?

That man...that man...that man...blood...dead...oh dear...he's not dead is he?

The husband got up and walked over to the nurse who kept checking his pulse.

Is that man dead?

No but he might go any second. Why?

Nothing. My wife is just concerned.

He looked back and laughed. BEfore coming back to his seat he looked at the man. HE saw blood stained the white sheets and that a steady flow of blood dripped from his mouth. His eyes were closed. HE looked dead he admitted.

HE sat back down and comforted his wife when he realized something. HE shot back up and ran over to the stretcher grabbing the side of it as he looked.


What is it?

The husband felt sick all of a sudden and backed away from the stretcher. The little boy looked at his father and the wife looked concerned. She went over to him.

What is it?


Dante. DANTE! You mean the man you fought against in that war? You mean THAT man! THAT man that killed my mother!

Yes. YES! THAT man.

How could you be sure?

I fought against his army. I was in his nation for sometime and I remember seeing a TV broadcast where a picture of him was on it. I know its him.

Oh my!

The little boy looked scared at the man in the stretcher. HIs grammy was killed because of that man and he was afraid that THAT man would do the same to him.

The nurse overheard all of it and didnt say anything. She knew that man was Dante. And at that moment she could end all of these families sufferings easily by pulling the cord to one of the breathing machines. She debated on it with her hand on the cord.

She pulled. After a few seconds which seemed like minutes she heard a sickly gasping sound as Dante struggled for a breathe. She quickly reset the cord and the machine kicked back in.

I cant do it. Killing him like that wont solve anything.

The doctor came back in. He checked Dantes vitals which were really low and rolled the stretcher toward the ER but stopped outside of it. It still wasnt cleared and teh people inside were all arguing.

He read the readings on the machines to see how Dante was doing. HE shook his head.

He's in a coma.
06-11-2003, 05:32
There I posted....
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
06-11-2003, 17:14
I see that Dante. It is about time.

The doctors scoffed as they were being rushed out of the Emergency room. They still had not finished with the other leaders. They were not aware that the man being brought in was Dante.

There was chaos in the Emergency Room as doctors yelled toward one another. Those in there, at the moment, refused to leave without stabilizing their patients, and those trying to come refused to leave their patient die.

An argument pursued. It was not coming to a close, by the sounds and looks of it.
06-11-2003, 19:19
In INFERNOs room there is a big hustle and bustle about how to handle him now...

Doctor #1:] he is in stable condition i say we let him rest and see what happens during the course of the night and make a more informed descision tomorrow...

Doctor #2] Well I say we give him a shot of adrenaline and see if he wakes up....

Doc#1]Y would you want to do that that might kill him!!! right now he is stable so let him be.

Doc#2] it will cause his body to react and by that reaction we could tell if he will make it...
07-11-2003, 04:58
Meanwhile, Mariner stood outside the main base, with a upbeat but flustered look on his face. He thought to himself,

Self, why don't we do something about this? All of this hub-dub going on with these hospitals and people dying and some people getting saved from the poison.


GET OUT THE BROOMSTICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07-11-2003, 14:46
Firing is heard all throughout the hospital something is happening….

A man moves out of the way of the firing guards and kicks one of them in the head knocking him out. He turns and gets the other guard in the chest with his fist sending him flying into the wall. The man picks up the dropped guns and walks onto the floor of the fallen leaders taking out guards out as he goes along….

He gets to the room he finally wanted the man walks in and drops his now empty guns on the ground. He Pulls out a large knife raises it above his head and says

[Man:] For Lord CHAOS you Traitor!!!

At the moment five guards burst into the room and see that one of the leaders are in danger they grab their guns and open fire on the aforementioned Assassin…he Spins and drops the knife falling to his knees…Looks up at the Guards…

[Assassin:] The End is Only The Beginning!!!

He falls to the ground dead…
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
08-11-2003, 05:43
A doctor runs to the leaders to see if they are alright. He takes notice to a blood splatter on the wall next to the one bed. Lying upon the floor is one of the doctors, a hole in head, which blew out through the back of the skull, leaving shards on the floor.

The Emergeny Room was in chaos. The argument over occupation of the room was still carrying on.

One of the doctors yelled, "We have a dying a patient outside that needs immediate care. We will not let him die without help."

"I do not care. We have several dying patients inside here. We can not evuacate them for one person," responded the head nurse of the Emergeny Room.
08-11-2003, 20:45
*The two men approach Surukai, with stretcher in hand. The doctor slowly walks toward her.*

"Now, you do want to live don't you?" The Doctor was starting seem stupid.


"You are mentally ill young lady!" The Doctor was quite oblivious of her identity apparently.

*She stretched her legs over the side of the bed, then touched down on the floor. She took a step towards the ignorant doctor. So as she stood face to face with him, she spoke.*

"You are ignorant. Do you even know my name?!"

"Your name is............"


*The two men with the stretcher took another step forward. Surukai's head snapped toward them.*

"Don't come near me!" She was yelling at this point.

"Calm down Surukai!" The nurse tried to talk to her, but approached her all wrong.

"You...all...just want me to die.....!"

"SHUT UP!" The doctor was screaming at her.

"Let me out...there are other people that need some help, and I am just taking up more space." And then slapped the doctor. "You should not tell me to shut up. Do don't even know who I am!"

"But do you yourself know who you are?" The nurse was at it again, in the catlike prowess. Actually getting the girl's attention.

"Ye.......I think....take me home..."

"Who are you?"


"That isn't good enough....."

"I live somewhere else. Not here, not here at all....."

"Where do you live?"


"Stop this childishness."

"Put me somewhere else, someone else needs this room."

*She bit her lip, hard. It started to bleed. She started to pluck out wires, and needles from herself. After five minutes passed, and the doctor standing speechless. She pulled on a hospital robe, and walked past the doctor, the two men, and the nurse. However, the nurse seemed to be immune to this, and followed her.*

"Please, don't do this mame."

"I reasons...."

"I am afraid you can't do this!"


*They passed by a few doors at this point, and it seemed since the nurse was there, the patient was allowed to leave.*
12-11-2003, 03:12
President Gorgoth declared an end to major combat, seeing that there was no more practical use for his army in this conflict. He ordered all units to withdraw back to Gorgoth. He told all involved nations that Gorgoth was a country with hospital freedom. If it is necessary, nations may utilize our facilities. It is his sincere hope that the greater good prevails in this war.

With that, all of the helicopters, soldiers and officers picked up and left for Gorgoth.

Upon arrival, they were greeted with applause, for they fought and had some success, though their overall contribution was minor.
The Red Queen
12-11-2003, 03:29
[a little girl's voice is heard innocently laughing deep within an evacuate base]

:: Deleted!

(she removed Gorgoth from the regional database)

:: He has retreated.

(she returned to her navigation and constant monitoring of regional and world events)
12-11-2003, 03:56
The Doctors stand above INFERNO

[Doctor:]NO visible signs of improvement what shall we do???

[Doctor#2:] Like I said shoot him full of adrenaline!!!

[Doctor#1:] That is your answer for everything!!!A child comes in Mommy my tummy hurts and your answer O SHOOT HER FULL OF ADRENALINE!!!

[Doctor#2:] Well I like the stuff Sorry...

[Doctor#1:] ITs not a cure all drug!!! I still say we wait....
12-11-2003, 04:07
The doctors continue arguing until some of European Free State's most established members enter upon confusion of the chaos.

A man with a self assured and affirmative voice spoke confident and bold, "There is no need to worry. There is plenty of room. Bring in the patient. More personel have been called. They will be arriving shortly."

The doctors recognized this person as a person of prestige within the nation. They ceased bickering and began to move beds and table to fit the newest patient in.

The man left the room and told the nurse to bring Dante in. She did such without a question.
12-11-2003, 04:10
Outside the base in Whitecastle, Jon Luther made his resolve. He made one final call desperatly with the radio, this managing to change the destination of the outgoing signal.

"This is Jon Luther of Flandern. We are in desperate need of help. I repeat desperate need of help. I need one evacuation team. Just one. Over and out."

He listened intently for a response.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
12-11-2003, 04:22
The message was received in a far away nation. The radio cackled as the message played over the radio. A nearby soldier leaning against a helicopter staring at a bright sun over his head, a nonlit cigerette in his mouth, listened to the incoming message.

Between the cackled static the message was said, "This is Jon Luther of Flandern. We are in desperate need of help. I repeat desperate need of help. I need one evacuation team. Just one. Over and out."

The soldier's mouth dropped, the cigerette falling onto the ground.

"Oh crap," he muttered as he ran across the roof toward a door. Running down the stairs, his boots thudding heavily as he panickily called out a man's name he stopped five floors down by a man, not familiar to him, that placed his hand on his shoulder.

"Calm down soldier," he said. "Who is it you are looking for?"

"Damon. I need Damon. He is needed back home. It is really important, and quick."

The man nodded as he guided the man down a corridor and into a room where Damon leaned against the wall, looking only half alive.

"Damon," he spoke between heavy breathes. "Jon Luther requests help in Whitecastle."

A slow drawn out and seemingly inaudiable voice rasped out from the man against the wall, "Whitecastle. What does Whitecastle have to do with any of this."

He pulled himself off the wall and followed the soldier down the corridor. The commanding officer tried to assist him, but Damon refused the help. They went back to the helicopter. The commanding officer went with Damon and insisted that Damon was not to fly alone or pilot at all. Hence, the commanding pilot took command and led the fleet of helicopters off of the roof building and to the coordinates of the nation of Whitecastle.

Damon picked up the radio. His tired and drawn out voice spoke into the speaker as he adjusted its settings.

"This is Damon responding. Your evacuation team is on the way."
12-11-2003, 04:29
Deep in the region of Ultimate_apocalypse a crackling sound is heard in a pitch black room footsteps are heard walking towards the crakling noise...tripping then a whole slew of curse words fill the pitch black room...a clicking is heard

[MAN:] Hello...Hello...who is there???This is Acting Leader Yu Fleck is someone there??

Nothing but silence is heard then the battery in his reciever died and the only light in the room is extinguished!!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
12-11-2003, 04:35
Admiral Hunny*Dew closed her tear burnt eyes. It appeared as if she had lost hope.

However, her mind burned with the desire to be reunited with her friends. She had faith in her region, in her friends, and her army. She continued to believe help was coming for her, although outwardly it appeared that she had just given up.
12-11-2003, 05:00
A womans voice is heard somewhere in the land of Ultimate_apocalyse...

[woman:] Y wont oyu come and save me you promised to come back for me...They get closer with every passing day I need your protection...We need you back!!! When will you return my Fallen Lord

the voice goes low and stops....
12-11-2003, 22:52
*Surukai slowly, but in a stable fashion, walks down the corridor. She is smiled at by a few people, but when two men come from behind and grasp her arms, she screams.*


"Calm down lady." Says one of the men.

"Yeah, yas need ta cum wit us."

*She stops screaming, and slowly falls to the floor in a fetal position. She grasps her knees and wraps her fingers around the hospital gown and robe.*

"" She says it quietly this time and the men yell for a straight jacket.

*She rocks back a forth. Wishing she was out of there.*

13-11-2003, 22:19
> the queens going crazy! HA!

///Doctors bring in Dante and begin to work on him.
16-11-2003, 05:23
[Doctor:] Maybe we should just let him try and live on his own...

[Doctor2:] yeah let him Wake on his own who knows how long this coma will last...
16-11-2003, 21:29
*She stretches out her legs. The two men were still grasping her arms. She looked up at the one man, who sat on a waiting room chair. He just stared at her. His eyes were wide open, and his mouth was forming words, but not spilling out sounds.*


"Nothin' ta see here."

*The man who was staring snapped out of a tranced state. He patted his son on the knee, the boy had what seemed to be a broken arm. He whispered into his son's ear.*

"That's the queen."

"The queen of what?"

"That right there is something you will remember for the rest of your life."

"But who is she?"

"That is Queen Surukai, going crazy at that!"

*The mans whispers grew slightly louder as he became more excited.*

"I HEARD YOU! YOU THINK I'M CRAZY!!!!" The shrill voice spilled from Surukai, who at current time, was being dressed in a straight jacket, where everyone could see her in this state of loonacy.

"See what I mean son, Queen Surukai is going crazy."

*The man fitting her into the straight jacket, dropped the strap he was fumbling with.*



*The two guards looked at the woman's face, with disbelief. It was the queen, and they hadn't even recognized her. They started uttering words of apology. Surukai just walked off, running into random tables and carts of medicine.*

"Not...tellin' anyone.." She utters.
16-11-2003, 22:00
The Doctors hear a large commotion out in the hall... They look out in the hall in time to see some strange woman fall to the ground and tear away a Strait Jacket while running away from the attendants!!
17-11-2003, 01:56
<Technically, I am keeping the straight jacket on. I like them, they're shibby.<

*Surukai runs through the halls of the hospital. She reaches an exit, and notices a nurse nearby. She speeds up and rushes through the doors. The nurse looks up.*


*She sees the crazed woman outside, straight jacket and all. She rushes out the door after her.*

"Get back here! You aren't allowed to leave!"

*Surukai abruptly turns around and stares at the nurse.*

"Yes I am. 'Cause I'm not tellin'."

*The nurse looks dumbfounded, so Surukai took advantage of this moment and rushes away. She looks frantically around, trying to find a way out of the area. A bus is slowly pulling away from it's stop.*

"Dammit, can't make it fast enough."

*She tries to think. Her brain isn't working right, and she becomes frustrated.*
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
17-11-2003, 03:12
"We have her. Sir, she is stabilized. Sir, we have her. We have her. She is critical, but we have her," a frantic and excited voice of a doctor yelled to one of the important people who had entered the hospital.

The person walked over to one of the stretchers and looked down at a woman in a black stealth suit on the stretcher. Dried blood covered her body, but there were no wounds. She was one numerous monitors, which monitored everything from her heart beat to how much carbon dioxide was in her blood.

The man smiled happily and spoke in his assertive and serious voice, "Keep an eye on her. Do not let her slip out of it. You hear me, do not let her slip out of it."

The doctor nodded as the man left the room. He exhaled slowly and went to work on this new patient, who was a wreck. His chances were faint. He appeared to be shot somewhere in the lower extremities, stabbed in the chest, and his wrists were broken in such odd positions that he wondered how this man could do anything without being in such extreme pain. The man had lost too much blood, he could tell by the cold and pale color of his skin, neglecting the lack of oxygen showing in the blue tips of his fingers and his dark blue lips and eye lids.

The man looked like he was sleeping, like he was in no pain. He face was relaxed and his lips were closed slightly. It was amazing how peaceful he looked under the circumstances.

The doctor forced open his eyelids and let them drop as he backed away. His eyes told so much. The doctor saw in one instant, the pain and suffering this man had seen. In one instant, the entire reality of this man's condition flooded the doctor. The man's eyes showed the reality of the event, the pain, the suffering, the sadness, and the lose. His eyes asked why, although they told the answers.....unwilling to believe the truth that they had seen.

Forcing the man's eyelids open again, this time not looking into them, he shone a light at them. The pupils did not contract.......this was bad. The doctor frowned and looked at all the monitors, recording information onto a clipboard he had aside of him. The man was indeed in a coma, but whether he would live the night or not was the big question.

Another group of doctors took over, ones that stabilized this man. After over an hour of strenous and exasperating work, they managed to stabilize the man. Upon the stretcher, for they had no time to move either of the patients into proper beds, was a small plastic holder. One of the doctors finished some type of paperwork and slid it in.

The papers read:
Patient: Unknown
Sex: Male
Age: appr. 30

Doctor's Notes: The patient appears to be in a coma. Nothing is known about him as of the moment. He has numerous wounds and was stabilized. Condition is critical. Patient is not to receive any pain reducing medication, or any medication as a matter of fact. Keep a close eye on him.

The doctors left the room and sighed heavily. A nice cup of coffee seemed to them a impossible moments ago. Now, the dream seemed more distant, for a room a waiting patients lay before them. They all grumbled as they stood before the patient insistant glares.

"Mommy, why are they covered in blood?," asked the little child with the broken arm.

The mother could not answer for she was in a bewildered state at the sight.

"How could they walk out of there looking like that? Have they no respect?"

No one answered her, for they too had their eyes glued to the doctors. The doctors walked through the corridors and into a room full of showers. Almost letargically did each of the doctors climb in them, cleaning themselves of the feeling they each wore from being exposed to such a "mess" as that one.
17-11-2003, 14:24
INFERNO's doctors stand there and wonder why they havent had as bad a problem with their patient as the others have with theirs...

[Doctor#1:] So far no major complications but he is showing signs of be in a coma but still have some signs of being in a sami-luced state...

[Doctor#2:] I still say shoot him with adrenaline!!!

[Doctor#1:] We are not shooting full of adrenaline!!!!So shut up where the hell you get your degrees inside a cracker jack box!?!?!?

[Doctor#2:] I dont have to take this im going out to get yelled at by some parents!!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
18-11-2003, 04:00
Meanwhile, in a helicopter flying at a blinding speed, Damon and his men working their way toward the coordination of Jon Luther's broadcast. They were two hours away from broadcast point. The group of helicopters broke into two groups, one that headed for The Depths of Hell and the other that headed to Jon Luther's location.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
21-11-2003, 04:28
The helicopters arrived, three of them. Damon's landed aside of a Little Bird he recognized all too well. He hopped out, speaking with Jon Luther.

"Hello Jon. What is it you need?"

"Admiral Hunny*Dew is still inside. Quick watch this woman. I must find her."

He showed him Autumn, who looked a nervous wreck. He sat down aside of Autumn.

Jon Luther went to run into the building, but Damon's hand stopped him.

"Take this in case you need something."

Damon handed him a "walkie talkie". Jon left in great speed inside the base. He worked his way around, listening closely to any little sound.

After almost a half hour of searching Admiral Hunny*Dew had heard him. She let out a faint cry for help. Jon Luther, being skilled as he was, he heard the cry and ran toward it. A large beam lay across her. He slowly lifted it, but it's weight was extreme. He managed to set it wavering on another rock. Wasting for no time, he ripped Hunny*Dew from the her place, the beam crashing down right at that moment.

Working fast he navigated his way, carrying Hunny*Dew, through the dark corridors. After almost an hour and a half total time, he found his way from the base. He carried Hunny*Dew toward the helicopter and handed her to Damon, who looked sickly ill.

"Are you alright?"

"I will be fine," carried on the voice of the once established Damon.

Damon took Hunny*Dew to his helicopter and placed her in the back with three other soldiers. They watched her closely as she closed her tear filled eyes, closing out a tear.

One of the soldiers in the other helicopter jumped out and ran to the helicopter in which Jon Luther was at.

"I will fly this one. You should rest sir."

Jon Luther just nodded and slid himself into the co-pilot's seat.

Damon's helicopter took off first followed by the one Luther was in, and then the rest. They headed toward European Free States under the direct orders of Admiral Hunny*Dew.
22-11-2003, 03:16
> Alright...I've missed some. Here's the deal. There's shady stuff going on and that's all I'm going to tell you...

///Dante lies in a coma. He is on the verge of dying.


A spirit lands in Mahanoy from Whitecastle. Another one lands from somewhere else. Some type of transaction is made and they take off toward one of Dantes many nations.
22-11-2003, 03:27

A grouchy man is in a meeting with some more leaders.

The rebel has been killed.

How do you know this?

Soldiers reported hanging her before they left.

Good and Dante?

Dead too. He suffered major injuries inside the base and they released SINDFLIX which proved to be a success. All leaders effected are dead from resources. They were carried out lifeless when evacuated.

So our major obstacles are gone?

Yes. Dante is dead and so is Der Fuhrer and so is Inferno and Surukai...well lets just say she's seen better days.

Good and the girl?

Taken care of.


Yes it is.

What now?

Well our influence has spread to Mahanoy. They are now under our control thanks to me.


Yes I took the chance to take over and gain control. They follow my orders now.

YOU? But we tried so hard.

Well...they believed me.

Good you've done well.

It gets better. They sent a general off to some ball who captured a member close to Der Fuhrer and gang.


Yes. Just the other day. They took her to somewhere and are holding her there. They also have the girl somewhere too. And I gave orders to try and seize the rest of his empire. Mahanoy is working there.

WOW! Damn boy!

I am doing my job. Oh I forgot to mention that I have conformed other nations too by myself.


Yes. I now have control over 5 nations in his empire.'re promoted.

Sir I've promoted myself a long time ago.

///he pulls out a gun and shots the grouchy man in the head.

To his court there who did nothing to stop him he spoke.

Make that six nations...
22-11-2003, 03:45

///reporter on TV

This is Mirounda. Today Mahanoy has come under the power of Lt. Perry. Actually it was conformed awhile back but we're now able to talk about it. Perry is leaving the people live as they always did but he's changing the government from the inside out...This has been a brief report from Mirounda.

The report goes off and citizens looked confused at screens and radios that broadcasted it.

This Perry...what did he plan?
22-11-2003, 03:57
*Surukai looks around, she sees a man walking with a cellphone. He has a little girl with him. It reminded her of him. She ran toward the man, screaming out a name.*


*The man looks up at the crazy lady. He shakes his head and walks on with his daughter's hand in his. Surukai runs toward him and he looks at her again.*

"Please, help me!"

"Who are you, lady? You're scarin' my kid."

"I'm.....Queen.....Surukai. Don't you recognize me?"

"Naw lady, you don't look like the queen, you look like an escaped lunatic."

"I was in a fortress of Dante's for over a month, what do you think I would look like?--Please, can I borrow your cellphone?"

*The man looks at her like she is crazy.*

"Hey, Bob. Get this, I am talking to the Queen of Surukai. Can I call yas back after she gets done with my cell?"

*The man known as Bob seems to have laughed at this and said alright to it. The man hands her the cellphone while still chuckling, she picks up his daughter.*

"Thankyou so much!"

*She grasps the phone tightly and dials.*


*The tones sound odd to her, but she puts the phone to her ear.*

"Hello? Calenia, this is Surukai."

""Surukai? I thought you were hospitalized....or dead....!""

"No, can you please send a helicopter to get me?"

""Where are you?""

"I have no clue, somewhere in, hang on..." She asks the man where she is, he talls her and relates it back to Calenia.

""I'll get it there ASAP.""
22-11-2003, 04:03

///reporter on TV

This is Mirounda. Today Mahanoy has come under the power of Lt. Perry. Actually it was conformed awhile back but we're now able to talk about it. Perry is leaving the people live as they always did but he's changing the government from the inside out...This has been a brief report from Mirounda.

The report goes off and citizens looked confused at screens and radios that broadcasted it.
22-11-2003, 04:14
///Lt. Perry walked along the dead grouchy man.

Old man...and you never trusted me...tisk.

He walked out of the room and took a seat in the man's office which he now claimed for his own. He picks up the phone and calls back to his home base.

I've got control. Move in the troops.

He hung up the phone and walked out of the office. An entourage of officers followed him.

You're coming with me...we're taking the GOLD!

He acted like he fired a gun at an invisible person.

Lets go...
22-11-2003, 04:52
///Perry left in a SR-71 from Whitecastle. He boarded it and took over. Since he took over Perry began mass producing this speedy plane. It took trillions to do...but he invested in it. The speedy plane took off somewhere, while many others left the nation and headed toward the nation of Surukai....their first target.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
22-11-2003, 04:59
The helicopters fly at blinding speed toward their home nation, but it will take at least an hour before they arrive, due to their speed.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
22-11-2003, 04:59
Please be kind, I must go for the moment so I will not be on. I will be back on in about an hour.
22-11-2003, 05:02
> I'll try...
22-11-2003, 05:02
*Surukai waits patiently as Calenia tells her it will take a while to get to her.*

"Here is your cellphone, I don't need it anymore. Thankyou for letting me borrow it."

" really are the Queen?"

*The man stares at her, and starts to quiver slightly, the little girl is now hugging his leg.*


"You...were.....pronounced dead on the news...."

*She looks at the man in wonder.*
22-11-2003, 05:06
///From the nation of Mahanoy news was given about the assult. They had preset the troops through the confusion with Rubella and the confusion with the base. It wasn't going to be a problem for...

22-11-2003, 05:07
> make this easy I'm moving to Whitecastle because thats who's throwing the assult...
22-11-2003, 05:11
> Perry flew over the nation of Surukai. His troops were moving in fast and would be there in about a half hour. He flew over Ultimate_Apocalypse. The troops would take about 45 minutes to get there. He flew over The Dictatorship...about an hour to target time there.
22-11-2003, 05:22
INFERNO lays in his room...when the monitors in his room start showing an elevated level in his vitals...

[DOCTOR#2:] Whats happening...He was fine a second ago...the activity is more in his head then in his body his mind must be sensing somthing is going to happen...

[DOCTOR#1:] Shut up his mind is just having a problem restarting...none of that damn hoo doo voodoo stuff you keep going on about!!!
22-11-2003, 05:31
///A young officer lead the way of the troops toward Surukai. His name was Kardon. Colonel Kardon they called him. He led the troops with great speed. Above them flew Perry at a great speed that they almost missed him.

The Blackbird ///one of the soldiers called him
22-11-2003, 05:42
[DOCTOR#1:] Did you hear whats happening???

[DOCTOR#2:] No Whats happening???

[DOCTOR#1:] This madman is taking over all of the fallen leaders nations..He is getting them in one fall swoop...since right now noone can find the leaders...

[DOCTOR#2:] Didnt we just have Queen Surukai Here???

[DOCTOR#1:] Yes but i seen her take off before so she must be on her way...

[DOCTOR#2:] Im glad were not in that region...
22-11-2003, 05:43
///A twisted smile filled Perry's face.

Hold the first attack and press the second attack to move first.

[[[outside Surukai's nation]]]

The troops held back and formed a perimeter.

[[[outside Inferno's nation]]]

The troops took off in their SR-71s. The strike was going to be quick and easy.

[[[outside The Dictatorship]]]

The troops moved forward coming close to the gates. This would be the easiest objective.
22-11-2003, 05:46
///SR-71s filled the air and released missles and bombs in designated areas. They attacked without mercy. One fleet of these planes landed leaving off some soldiers.
22-11-2003, 05:47
> Oh yeah that was in Infernos nation...
22-11-2003, 05:51

[:] Noooooooooo what the hell is happening

{guard:] they are attacking quick do something...

[:] What quick send the air fleet!!!
22-11-2003, 05:57
///The soldiers entered an underground base that they blew open with the bombs and missles. Armed personal opened fire on them taking six down right away. The rest took cover and lobbed grenades at them.


right sir

The youngest soldier broke into a run across the open base as the rest of the soldiers pinned down the personal. The soldier almost made it to his objective when a bullet pierced his leg.

dammit I'm hit


The young soldier about 16 crawled along the floor while the fire fight became intense. Two soldiers moved out to prevent the personal from firing on the boy. The boy made it to his objective....a generator...a massive generator. He attached some C4 to it and wasting no time detonated it. He was vaporized as the power shut off...taking out his underground power system.


Another group snuck into the base of the main generator. It would kick in any minute. They were almost there.
22-11-2003, 06:05
[[[at The Dictatorship]]]

Perry landed his fleet. One nation was out of the picture but 2 were still up. He led the troops onto those grounds. The planes bombed the large cities taking them out while his troops moved in from the grounds.

Find The Depths of Hell

Perry was smiling but obviously angry. The entered a city. A screaming child was there. He grabbed the kid and held a gun to her head. This gained his corps free movement through the city.
22-11-2003, 06:06
[:] Well get to it!!!

[Guard:] Um.....most of the fleet was taken out in the original attack Sir...

[:] Well then how about the naval Force???

[Guard:] We dont have one we are surounded by land...

[:] Shit well find something!!!!
22-11-2003, 06:08
OOC: Don't you people think it's about time for a new thread?
22-11-2003, 06:12
> Nope...this is the composite history thread...

[[[Infernos nation]]]

The soldiers hit the genrator.


They strapped it down to the last bit wth C4 and booked it out of the base. Once in the planes and off the ground they detonated it...the entire base went up flames and collasped leaving a massive hole in the ground.
22-11-2003, 06:15
[[[Der Fuhrer nation]]]

Sir we can't find the base.

What are you talking about? Make sure you find it...

Yes sir.

///Perry walked along nonchalantly still holding the gun at the girls head. The soldiers fought against the strongest of the Reich forces which wasn't hard because they weren't prepared. The assualt was deadly and swift and no one could provide the counter to it in that little time. Perry smiled at this thought because he knew he had them...
22-11-2003, 06:19
[:] Go do something!!!

the lights flicker and then go out...

[:]What happened???

the guard stands the getting messages in fromhis headset

[Guard:] uh huh ok alright...Sir they took out our entire power supply

[:] I can tell that what do you take me for

[Guard:] It dont look good Sir they were just to fast for us they are almost here and we have barely any men left....
22-11-2003, 06:22

With that all men in the building got their sniper rifles and waited for the enemy to come if the were going to die they would die fighting!!!
22-11-2003, 06:27
[[[Infernos nation]]]

The troops stand gaurd of the nation and do run by bombings. Pretty much though they are finished. After months of planning the well planned operation was successful. Ultimate_Apocalypse fell first. ANd Perry got word of this smiling twistedly.

This nation is going to go any minute also. They are trying to put up a fight but they cant because they can't communicate with each other. We took out their communication towers and now all thats left is keeping those who resist in line...

Right sir!

Perry entered the office of the former Admiral Hunny*Dew and knowing she wasn't in he made his way through. A plump scretary ran out to him.

Sir you can't go there. She's not in.

Perry pulled out his gun and shot his square in the forehead. He walked into her office and got on her phone. He called somewhere.

Steel Butterfly
22-11-2003, 06:35
OOC: Is this the longest thread ever? :shock:
22-11-2003, 06:36
>Sorry, brother took the computer from me.<

*Surukai's helicopter arrives, short of 2 hours later. She slowly climbs in, seeing no familiar faces. They head off toward the nation.*

"Queen Surukai, it is good to see you again."

*The General said in a proud way, he was shaking for some reason.*
22-11-2003, 06:38
[[[Surukai's nation]]]


Then attack fools.

The soldiers entered the nation at that command. A fleet of planes began to bomb the outside of the nation and working their inward.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
22-11-2003, 06:41
Well, thank you for the telegrams. At least it was not a shock.

Silently, in a hospital far away lay the great leader Der Fuhrer, unconscious in her coma and unaware of the events back home. Her beloved Reich had perhaps fallen. Her lovely nations were under foreign control, and she was powerless to even do anything.

True, the troops were taken by shock. Such a fast manuever would leave most nations defenseless. It was night in The Dictatorship and people were nestled silently in their beds. They had no way to form an organized militia at this time and on such short notice.

The communication towers had been knocked out during the strafing mission and bombings. The nation was left in the quiet.

There was no around, but a sole helicopter fleet, moving into the nation at that moment. They saw random patches of fire burning in the night, signs that bombs had been dropped there. They saw the tracers of the soldiers below them.

"Damon," called the one soldier leading the entourage. "It appears The Dictatorship is under attack. No damage has been reported yet, but it looks bad. I demand that you lock The Depths of Hell this instant. We must not allow such a powerful base to be exposed and open during any attack."

A exasperated, almost ghostlike breathe rasped over the speakers, "I am working on it at the moment. I just need to. I can not get it. No, it will not lock from my helicopter. I do not...," static cut him off.

"No, we lost him. Damn them," yelled the officer in control of the helicopters. There were planes in the sky. The helicopters, although easily out matched fired upon them. They had to try.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
22-11-2003, 06:43
Welcome back Queen Surukai. That is alright.

The helicopters managed to take down a two of the planes. They barraled toward the ground. Upon impact, they became fire balls in the night.
22-11-2003, 06:46
> Ulgh...looks who back! Like what I did to your home? Its mine now...

///Perry smiled evilly! Words about complete success sounded from almost all the troops. Some causuailties were taken but they were only minor...
22-11-2003, 06:47
///The planes saw the helicopters come in.

Take them down

The pilots followed Perry's sole orders. They began firing at the helicopters.
22-11-2003, 06:52
>I have to fast forward in time since I was gone, I am now in a nation, yeah.<

*The helicopter drops down and Surukai looks around.*

"This....doesn't look.....familiar...."

"That is because we aren't in the Queendom, sorry 'bout that.."

*Surukai sits in the helicopter, she was playing solitaire on the laptop of the helicopter.*

"Queen, maybe you should contact the Dictatorship."

*Surukai looks up at the general, and nods of course. She hooks up the satelite cord, and homes in on the Dictatorship.*

"Damon? Are you there?"
22-11-2003, 06:52
A loud screeching is heard through the hospital...Doctors rush into the room where the screeching is coming from...The man in the bed is going through violent convulsions then his body drops and his vitals slowly go back to normal

[DOCTOR#1:] What was that...

[DOCTOR#2:] something really bad must have hapened to something he loves dear!!!
22-11-2003, 06:54
///The troops attacked with a great force on the outskirts of Surukais nation...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
22-11-2003, 06:56
The helicopters were hit, one by one. There was not much they could do, for the length of their flight had exhuasted their fuel, and the soldiers were tired themselves.

From on the ground, a child clung to her mother. The little girl, tears in her eyes, for her father had just been killed, looked up into the night sky. She was one of the very few children around in the nation, for most of the civilians were gone. This child was brought in after the war began, hence why she was still there.

"Mother, look," the child pointed to the night's sky. "It is raining helicopters."

The child looked in amazement. Green, yellow, and white lights blazed through the sky. Occasionally, a large flaming helicopter would "rain" from the skies. It was a sad sight indeed.

The mother clutched her child as a helicopter landed not too far from her child. She grasped her child and ran away, fleeing for their lives, as the helicopters rained closer and closer.
22-11-2003, 06:57
The snipers of Ultimate_apocalypse grow antzy...

[Sniperz:] where are they do they intend on letting this city go or do they have other plans....
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
22-11-2003, 06:58
Damon receives a direct satelliette transmission.

"This is Damon," his deathlike voice echoed back.

The signal was weak, for he was almost all the way to European Free States by now.
22-11-2003, 07:00
///The plane shot down a helicopter right over a fleeing family.



Perry gave another phone call.

The last nation is being attacked now. Send in the delegates...

He hung up the phone and kicked his feet onto the desk. He watched the helicopters shot out of the sky in the distance.

Too bad...
22-11-2003, 07:01
"This is Queen Surukai, can you hear me, Damon?"

*She was pleased that the signal was good enough to work with. She sat back and waited for a message to return.*

"What nation are we in?" Surukai asked the General.

"Dante's Devastation." The General said nonchalantly.

22-11-2003, 07:02
> AH! GOOD one! Love it Surukai! :D

22-11-2003, 07:03
HA HA HA We won!!!

[Sniperz:] O no he has gone crazy from waiting....
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
22-11-2003, 07:05
Damon responded.

"Queen Surukai. A war has broken out. The Dictatorship is under attack," a long period of static seperated the sentence. "I need you to close The Depths of Hell from your nation. The code is jammed from here. It must be closed by a direct computer. Could you do that?"

Static responded.

"Queen Surukai, are you there," spoke the overly tired Damon.
Dantes Devastation
22-11-2003, 07:08
[[[In Dantes Devastation]]]

Sir it seems that Queen Surukai has landed.

Ah...the lady of Dante.

Yes her.

Send her in.

///the messenger ran to the helicopter with the message
22-11-2003, 07:09
*Surukai fumbles around with the headset, she tries to get the connection going again, she manages to get it up.*

"Do you think I can get it from here? I'm in.....Dante's.....Devastation."

*Static returns, she waits patiently.*
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
22-11-2003, 07:12
Damon heard the faint words.

He spoke more or less to himself, "Dante's Devastation. How did she get there? What is going on?"

"We need you to take it from your nation, that is unless there is a direct link, which I doubt, from Dante's Devastation. Der Fuhrer would have never installed a direct link."

He waited for a response. European Free States at his feet. He had just entered and was working his way toward the helicopter landing of the hospital.
22-11-2003, 07:14
///One of Perry's men rush up to him...

Sir there is satellitte communication going on.

Dammit! I said find that base and NOW!

The man left. Perry was growing angrier and angrier. The man rushed to the troops and gave them the order.

Perry says to find that base now.
22-11-2003, 07:18
*Surukai tells the General to get to Surukai as soon as possible.*

"Let's get going!" Shouts the general, so the soldiers jump to their feet and load into the helicopter.

*Surukai sends one more message.*

"Damon, whatever it takes, save the Reich."

*With that, she lifts off and heads toward the Queendom.*
22-11-2003, 07:20
He takes aim and fires direct shot right between the eyes...but it was his own man what was he thinking???how could he have done that...???
Dantes Devastation
22-11-2003, 07:21
///the messenger got there too late. Surukai had already left...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
22-11-2003, 07:26
Damon heard these words and it was as if an ice cold blade had pierced his heart.

"Fair Queen Surukai. I will try my best."

He tried to crack The Red Queen's code, but to no avail for she had prevented all people from taking control of her now. She trusted rarely anyone.

Damon grew frustrated. His heart pounded furiously, half in fear of losing The Reich and half out of exertion. Below him shone brilliant red and white lights. They had reached the landing.

Damon leaped out of the helicopter before it had even landed. The entarence to a flight of stair lays before he him. He ran to them and thrust open the door. He ran like it was the end of the world down two flights of stairs, when his vision blurred and went black, his heart made wild attempts to leap from his rib cage, and he felt and odd sensation of floating followed by extreme pain.
22-11-2003, 07:30
///The soldiers begin to search houses for secret enterences. There had to be some way to get into that base...
22-11-2003, 07:32
[sniper1:] what are you doing thats our own guy!!!

[Sniper:] HA HA HA HA you think you can tell me what to do i am the great warrior in which i cannot tell you...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
22-11-2003, 07:34
The nurses inside the hospital heard a loud crashing sound. The loud echo of Damon falling down the stairs chilled their bones.

"What do you suppose that was?," asked a curious nurse.

"I have no idea. Mark," she called to the janitor. "Please investigate that sound."

Mark walked out of the room and headed toward the stair case. He looked up the stair case, nothing, he looked down a flight, nothing. He walked down a flight and on the bottom of that flight, laying grotesquely sprawled out, lay the figure of Damon. His head was split open and blood dripped onto the white floor panels.

The janitor rushed for help.

"Ciera. A man, at the bottom of flight six. Bleeding."

The nurse listened to no more before she ran down toward the man. His arm had been broken and perhaps his leg. He called for a doctor.

However, no one responded for they will still working on the trauma downstairs. Three nurses came to her aide, and each one helped to carry Damon to a stretcher, where they then took him into a room.

"Tell the doctors that we have another patient up here."

The nurse began to hook up monitors to record his vitals.
22-11-2003, 07:38
///Perry grew furious with the slowness of his men.

Come on

The soldiers moved down the streets working and searching thoroughly. They entered an old looking tavern...
22-11-2003, 07:38
*Within a short time, Surukai starts to see the familiar lights of the cities. She was finally home. After her long months away, she finally got back. However, once there, it seemed she was greeted with war. She quickly opened the lap top up and started typing away codes after codes of information.*

"Get us to the capital pronto."

*Surukai was talking while breaking the code to the Depths of Hell.*

'ACCESS GRANTED' blinked across the screen. She cracked the code.


*She cracked her fingers in a computer geek fashion, and started to type some more codes and information.*

'LOCK DOWN' blinked across the screen. She let out a sigh of relief.

"Did it."

*However, just as she relaxed, and the helicopter landed, she was boldly interupted by a group of soldiers, that which didn't wear the Surukian military gear.*

22-11-2003, 07:41
> NO!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
22-11-2003, 07:44
The ground beneath The Dictatorship rumbled as those massive concrete doors shut, locking in all those who may have still been in, and locking out all those who even thought about entering. The base secured itself as the enormous base locked. The Red Queen, moved to a defensive protocal that defended the base.

A large breath of relief was expelled by those who feared take over. For, they knew that rumble, meant that they were safe.
22-11-2003, 07:46
///Perry got word from the soldiers that the base was locked.


He left the room draggin the little girl with him and left on his plane.

We're taking out the queen...
22-11-2003, 07:46
HA! now you can never have the full reich!!!
22-11-2003, 07:47
[[[in surukais nation]]]

The men gawked at the lady in front of them. They pulled out their guns at her and jumped back some...

22-11-2003, 07:50
*Surukai stared at the men.*

"The least you could--"

"Don't move we said!"

"I want some clothing, I'm stuck in this hospital get up."

"We don't care!"

*Surukai put on her 'I'm going to kick you in the balls so crouch before hand' look. The men backed up a tad further.*
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
22-11-2003, 07:53
At that time, an odd figure walked into The Dictatorship, a figure who's face was seldom seen in the nation. He walked in the dark, unseen by anyone.

He had no idea of what was happening, but he did know that nothing looked good. He had a sword on his back and hair.

He saw a man leave the nation, but did not want to expose himself to take out this man, when he would be annihilated before he even moved in.

He knew he would regret this later. However, he decided to follow this person, confiscating one of the plane's from a now dead pilot.
22-11-2003, 07:55
OOC: o no not that look!!! I know that one well...

IC: at the hospital the mans vitals seemed to become stable and the doctors left him there to go to their other patients...
22-11-2003, 07:55
///Keeping their distance they nodged her into her castle.


They didnt want to risk getting nailed in the balls so they gave her freedom to do as she wished in her long as it wasnt kinaiving...
22-11-2003, 07:57
///Perry arrived at Surukai's nation. He was flying at a blinding speed to the castle where he received word they had the queen...

If the queen is alive then that screws up everything...she was supposed to remain in that hospital...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
22-11-2003, 07:58
Just so you know, this new person is Noskalenaeuroph.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
22-11-2003, 08:00
I am out for the night. I need some sleep.

Noskalenaeuroph landed farther from this man he followed. They were at Queen Surukai's nation. Something was not right by this. He wandered what this man was planning.
22-11-2003, 08:02
*Surukai is led into her castle as the soldiers keep there gun on good aim. She walks toward her bedroom. The soldiers start to follow her. She turns around abruptly, catching the soldiers off guard.*

"Don't follow me you perverts! Can't a girl change in peace?"

*She walks toward her room once more and slams the door shut. She opens her large wardrobe and selects a pair of board shorts and a tanktop. She figured if she was trapped in her own castle, she might as well declare is a casual dress time. She started to change into the clean clothing, then though better and headed to her shower.*
22-11-2003, 08:08
///The soldiers monitored her every move and patrolled the castle. They didn't follow her into her bathroom...but they did stay outside it.

Perry arrived and walked right into the castle.

Where is she?

taking a shower.

He grew furious and wandered around some finding his way to her bedroom. He plopped down on her bed and waited for her there.

> I'm going to go too...tomorrow night we'll continue
22-11-2003, 08:38
*Surukai turns on the hot water and blasts the shower, she thought she heard movement outside the door, but brushed it off as nothing. She bagan scrubbing her hair with some conditioner, and neglected the shampoo.*

" be clean..nice feeling..."

*After a 20 minute shower, short on her standards, she finished cleaning herself up. She felt fresh, clean, and so un squirrely. She drys off and wraps her hair up with a towel.*

"Bah! Lack of toothbrush equals cavities and junk."

*She brushed her teeth and pulled on the boardshorts and tanktop. She slipped on some slippers and unlocked the door. As soon as she opened it, she was met by a array of guns and a peculiar looking man.*
24-11-2003, 05:12
Sniper#1: Sir!!! its to late for us active the U.A.U.L.C Ultimate Apocalypse Underground Lockdown Code its the only way!!!

Alexander: This is Alexander the leader of Underground Ultimate_apocalypse did I just recieve the lockdown orders???

Sniper#1: Yes do it do it now!!!

Alexander: Alright lockdown activated...It shall not be unlock untill we get orders from lord CHAOS himself to unlock this place communication severed....

Sniper#1: What??? No!!!! hes dead!!!

nothing but static.....
25-11-2003, 03:42
///Perry grinned at Surukai. He stood directly in front of her blocking all ways around him.

Surukai...ah lookin well.

She made the slap him in his crocked face but he moved back.

Get me in the base.




Then suit yourself.

He walked back over to her bed and plopped down.

Then.....I'll stay here until you spill....
25-11-2003, 04:00
OOC:Jeez, why is this thread so huge?
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
25-11-2003, 04:00
The doctors worked well into the night tending to all the patients. Admiral Hunny*Dew was found to be alright, but suffered severe spinal cord injuries, which may paralyze her from there on.

She lay, flat on a bed, staring at the ceiling. Damon was somewhere in the building. He had not come yet to see her and she grew worried.

She tried to move, only to find that severe pain pulsed through her body, that and she was strapped the her bed.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
25-11-2003, 04:06
It is so huge because Dante is persistent. Moreover, because he comes up with new story plots and twists all the time, keeping us on our toes.

In a cold silent room lay a table. A body lie on it covered only by a thin sheet. It was the body of Atticus Ruhmanah, the once loved and esteemed Ambassador.

Sticking out from under the thin white sheet, was a foot. On the foot was a toe, which bore a tag of the time of death and reason.

The time was unknown, but the reason was fatile wound. Gun shot to chest and overexposure to a biochemical.

Least did anyone know, that Atticus was dead. The shock it would have when his beloved friends found out.
25-11-2003, 06:02
///Perry received word about warning the nations of their fate. So he decided to do just that. He sent one of his soldiers to give word to the dictatorship. The man left carrying to word with him. He wanted to see the look on their stupid faces when they heard this would be the fall of them...
26-11-2003, 06:59
a loud straight buzzing is heard from one of the rooms the doctors rush in to find The man that they had decided to wait on to see what would happen to him was there standing ripping out the needles and wires the littered his body

[Man:] I am INFERNO!!!Where are my clothes??? I must leave I have to speak with atticus...

[Doctors:] INFERNO sir we are sorry to tell you but atticus is....Dead...

[INFERNO:] What no i mus....t...leave

[Doctor:] you are not strong enough yet sir please rest

The Doctors help the newly awakend Leader back onto his bed and reattached his heart monitor so they can keep track of him for now...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
02-12-2003, 07:03
Three days went past, with no change in Der Fuhrer Dyszel's condition, nor Paul's and Dante's. Damon was up and recuperiating from severe malnutrition and exhuastion. Admiral Hunny*Dew was quite talkative, despite the dreadful surges of pain issuing from her back.

The funeral for Atticus was to be held the next day. They took the body to morgue the previous day, for they were over their heads in backuped up work.

The morticians worked instrincially on the pale thanatoid body of Atticus. The once brave and loved speaker of The Reich was now dead, after his survival from Dante's clutches. It was terrible indeed. The morticians debated on whether to have an open casket or closed casket. His face was distorted to look as if it were in some much pain, and there was nothing anyone could do to change it.
02-12-2003, 07:24
Modalert- too many posts. Lockage. But please don't delete it.
02-12-2003, 07:24
inside of INFERNO's room Doctors are checking him out to see if he was able to leave or needed to recuperate more...

[Doctor:] Well Sir In my opinion I think you need more bed rest!!!

[INFERNO:] No! I must be able to leave atticus's funeral is soon and I am going to it!!! I must say my final respects to my fallen ally....

[Doctor:] Well I suppose it would be alright if you go in a wheelchair no other way as of right now you are to weak at this moment to walk around...And if I let you go you must not fight you are not strong enough to put up any battle yet

[INFERNO:] Alright I will listen to you...I will stay in the chair as long as I get there tho I dont care how!!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
02-12-2003, 16:57
Modalert- too many posts. Lockage. But please don't delete it.

Please mind your own business. I hate to be rude, but we have worked on this for so long, and are finishing up. This is the thread of our history and until Dante is completely stopped, then we will stop at nothing to finish it.

You are not being bothered by it, so please just leave us be.

The viewing was being prepared for with great care. Flowers were neatly brought in and stationed throughout the room. The casket lay out, the body already prepared and lying in it. Chairs were being set as food cooked somewhere amid the "home". A little boy and girl peeked in at their father, who worked deligently to maintain the prestigious of this funeral. Atticus only deserved the best.
05-12-2003, 03:35
>Eeek. Of althings people, don't get this thread shut down. We are an active role play here. That means it won't be locked till we stop. Besides, this thing took way to long to get this far, we won't let it be shut down just because someone thinks it is too long. Arg.<

*Surukai tapped her foot as she watched Perry sitting on her bed. It was making her mad that he was here to begin with.*

"Hmph." Surukai sulked away as she walked out the door toward the kitchen to eat some actual food.

*As she walked out the door, one of the guards chased after her, which made Surukai's mood slip about a million miles deeper than before. The guard kept his gun on aim as if Surukai would try to escape from her own home.*

She started up a conversation with the guard. "So....what's the deal with you following me?"

The guard took a few seconds to answer, as if afraid of the deadly kick Surukai enjoyed so much. "My orders Lady."

"If you are going to be in my home, the least you can do is show some common courtesy. You can call me something a little less degrading. Maybe my name for starters."

"Whatever.." The guard huffed out with some agitated tones.

Surukai quickly changed the subject, for no particular reason. "What do you think my chances of getting out of here are? I mean just for a day. I would like to visit a friend..."

"And who is this friend?" The guard was getting cocky now.

"A good friend, he kinda got killed. Yeah. I'd like to go to his funeral."

"So what if he got killed? Why would we let you out of here."

"I've got a good couple of reasons up my sleeve." Was the answer Surukai gave the guard. She was thinking today.

*Surukai finally got to the kitchen, and headed straight for the freshly stocked pantry.*
05-12-2003, 22:37
The funeral would take place tomorrow. King Joseph would attend, and it would be the finest funeral in Flandernese history.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
05-12-2003, 22:55
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
05-12-2003, 22:58
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
05-12-2003, 22:59
Anyone coming to the viewing tonight, are welcome.

The funeral parlor filled with flowers. Many sent by fellow friends of Atticus. The body lie within a closed casket, which would most likely be remain closed for the funeral and viewing.

The little crept about the room reading the cards with her brother. It appeared to her that this man was very important. Her brother stared in admiration, for he have never seen his parents so dedicated to the appearences and arrangments in the parlor.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
05-12-2003, 22:59
Anyone coming to the viewing tonight, are welcome.

The funeral parlor filled with flowers. Many sent by fellow friends of Atticus. The body lie within a closed casket, which would most likely be remain closed for the funeral and viewing.

The little crept about the room reading the cards with her brother. It appeared to her that this man was very important. Her brother stared in admiration, for he have never seen his parents so dedicated to the appearences and arrangments in the parlor.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
05-12-2003, 22:59
Anyone coming to the viewing tonight, are welcome.

The funeral parlor filled with flowers. Many sent by fellow friends of Atticus. The body lie within a closed casket, which would most likely be remain closed for the funeral and viewing.

The little crept about the room reading the cards with her brother. It appeared to her that this man was very important. Her brother stared in admiration, for he have never seen his parents so dedicated to the appearences and arrangments in the parlor.
06-12-2003, 01:27
Inside INFERNO's room...INFERNO is getting ready to attend his fallen friends funeral...

[INFERNO:] Get my card and the rest of the my things so i can go to this with out having to worry too much...
06-12-2003, 03:08
///Perry grinned to himself as the queen stormed out for something to eat. Feeling a bit hungry himself he walked out of the room and toward the direction the guards pointed him in. He made his way to the kitchen and saw the queen there and his soldiers keeping close aim on her.


The soldiers lowered there weapons and left the kitchen. Perry grabbed an apple out of a large fruit bowl and held the red fruit in the air twisting it.

You could make this easy and just let us in that base...or you could fight and die only for us to get in anyway. I guess they haven't told you that they have your dear Rubella? They do and plan to kill her and some little brat too...

He took a bite of the apple and grinned at her.

Now...I whats this my guards tell me about a funeral? You want to go to your friend funeral? I could arrange it. I'll you go...but not alone. I'll be coming with you. We'll both go. Go get dressed. We'll leave tonight...

He left the apple sitting on the table and walked out of the room. He wondered around the castle.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
06-12-2003, 04:31
The viewing was about to begin. People already were arriving and filling the seats. For as silent as the death was kept, there was anticipated a large crowd.
06-12-2003, 04:36
*Surukai turned around suddenly as she heard Perry's voice. The first thing you see is Surukai with a dumbfounded face and a bagel half hanging out of her mouth.*

"Wow, that was generous."

*She dodged up the kitchen stairs to the thrid floor, down the hall and to her room to search for suitable apparrel.
06-12-2003, 04:41
///Perry walked out into his plane. He waited for the queen there. He started his plane as he waited impatiently and buckled himself in.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
06-12-2003, 04:48
A man clad in a white dress-like outfit took a seat in the corner of the room. He had not known Atticus that well, but he knew well enough that Atticus always provided the best for The Reich.

He waited until more guests arrived, hoping that someone he knew would be there. Someone who could fill him in on the information.
06-12-2003, 04:51
*Surukai walked to the wardrobe sitting in the corner of her vast bedroom. She flung one of the doors open and searched for a good black dress. She filed through about 10 of them and then selected a very simple one. It had thin straps and went down to around her knees. She slid the dress on and pulled on a pair of black heels and then closed the door. She then walked to another wardrobe and slid open one of the drawers near the bottom, she selected a very simple silver necklace, which had a German cross hanging from it. She clasped it around her neck then closed the drawer. She then opened one of the doors on the said wardrobe and pulled out a nice sweater (jacket esk?) and ran down the stairs, attempting not to snap one of the spiked heels.*

"Bah! Where is he at?"

*She looked into the kitchen, and noticed he left through the door. She pulled the door shut behind her and ran to the plane.*
06-12-2003, 04:56
///Perry looked up as she got in.

Its about time.

He let the plane taxi down the run way and then take off.

So...where is this place at anyhow?
06-12-2003, 05:01
"Where is it at you ask? I believe it is in Flandern? I am not sure, if you would let me call...damn."


"Erm, see, I don't really know of anyone who could tell me, that is awake."

*Surukai sits there biting her nails.*
06-12-2003, 05:04
///Perry laughed as he dove the plane toward the ground rapidly.

Hold on.

The plane plummeted picking up alot of speed for its already fast abilities.

We'll see...

He called a certain person who confirmed the location of the viewing. The plane reached there in no time and landed in the nearest port. Perry helped the queen out of the plane and started walking. They would have to walk awhile before they got there.
06-12-2003, 05:08
*Surukai stepped down to the concrete runway. She started to walk.*

"So where do we have to go to get to the funeral parlor?"
06-12-2003, 05:13
///reahcing out his hand he halted a Taxi and opened the door for the queen.

Not too much farther. Here get in. I don't feel like walking the distance...
06-12-2003, 05:15
"Lazy lazy lazy."

*Surukai didn't like the idea of a taxi, but got in anyway.*
06-12-2003, 05:19
I know...STOP...

The taxi slammed to a stop jolting Perry forward off the seat for he was leaning forward.

DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!

He paid the driver who was really nervous about the slip up and got out of the car. He opened the queen's door.

You coming? SO tell me something about this guy. Who was he?
06-12-2003, 05:20
>I have to go now, my mom needs the computer. Bah. Just roleplay my character for now, and I will be back on later. Or as soon as possible. Sorry bout this.<
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
06-12-2003, 05:25
Alright, I will play then because we know what happens when we allow Dante to play your characters. See you.

Queen Surukai followed Perry.

"That man is Atticus, and he was a great leader. I did not know him that close, but I do know that he had some hard times."

She walked quickly ahead of him into the parlor, for it was a bit chilly outside and the presence of this man irrated her.
06-12-2003, 05:25
One of INFERNO's remaining men comes in with his outfit. A set of bullet proof body armor tha mimics civilian clothes and after finishing dressing got back in the wheelchair and was wheeled off to the viewing...
06-12-2003, 05:28
> See ya...

Perry followed the queen into the parlor and took a seat in the back of the crowded room.

Der Fuhrer Dyszel
06-12-2003, 05:35
Queen Surukai took a seat aside of this Perry.

The man in clad in white looked around and saw Queen Surukai.

Whispering to himself he spoke, "My dear. It is Queen Surukai. I must speak with her."

He took notice to the man aside of her.

"Oh great. He is here. I will have to wait for the perfect oppurtunity then."
06-12-2003, 05:41
Minutes after leaving the hospital INFERNO is almost at the viewing.He gets more and more nervous the closer he gets to his fallen friend...The Doctor told INFERNO he had to go with him to make sure that he followed orders.INFERNO said it was a good idea fore the get togethers they have sometimes, things get out of hand and a doctor would be a good thing to have with him...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
06-12-2003, 05:50
A minister stood before the crowd and prepared to speak a few short words and rememberances. As he cleared his throat, Inferno entered the building. He smiled at Inferno, for it was good to see that he made it out alive, after having been told that the man was dead.

The man in white turned around at the sound of a door opening, to see Inferno had come. He sardonically smiled and turned back around.

"It appears that there may not be a problem after all. But wait, if he is still alive then perhaps Der Fuhrer is still alive. No, they said she died. She would not allow this to happen to her lovely Reich if she were dead. I wonder if Inferno knows that his nation has fallen," he quitely muttered to himself.

Queen Surukai looked back quickly.

"Inferno, do you mind not being so late. Come and get in a seat. The minister wants to speak. Do not be so rude."
06-12-2003, 05:56
Perry grunted. He thought Inferno was dead...not that it mattered now but it created complications.

He waited to listen to the ministers speech but all he could think about was the food.
06-12-2003, 05:58
INFERNO looks at Queen Surukai...

[INFERNO:] Im sorry!!! Not all of us could just walk out of the hospital just like that!!!
06-12-2003, 06:07
INFERNO quick snaps back and gets a little feeling of embaresssment... :oops:

[INFERNO:] Sorry we'll sit here....

INFERNO is wheeled to a clear area and the doctor takes his seat next to him..
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
06-12-2003, 06:09
The minister cleared his throat and began.

"To the friends of the departed Atticus Ruhmanah. There is much to be said about this man, and not the time of day to say it all. Therefore, I will be breif.

"Atticus was a great man. He was loved by all for his jovial and compassionate manners. He was dedicated to the people of The Reich and fought to preserve them. Atticus will always be remembered as such; the fun and loving kind man.

"As will we remember his death. He died to try and save our beloved leaders (at that moment the minister bowed his head in remorse). He took a bullet for our great leader and her enemy. He fought to save us all from a vile substance. May we remember his valiant efforts up to the very end.

"May God bless his soul and take care of our beloved in heaven. Atticus, your spirit rests within us. We will never forget you."

As he finished his speech, tears filled his eyes. He left the podium and sat in a seat, as someone began the procession to his coffin, which was closed. The first person, the man in white, placed a white rose on his coffin as he spoke something softly and carried on into another room, looking back quickly at Queen Surukai and Inferno.
06-12-2003, 06:16
///Perry walked up to the coffin with the queen. He looked at the closed coffin and grinned.

Now why would they go and do that...

He ripped open the coffin.

06-12-2003, 06:18
The Doctor stands and wheels INFERNO up to the coffin. INFERNO bows his head and says a prayer for his Friends Departed soul...

[INFERNO:] Hope we meet again old friend...

INFERNO places a black rose on the coffin, to him it is one of the most respectable flowers of them all...just as INFERNO finishes prying for his friend the casket lid is ripped open and he is face to face with his dead friend INFERNO stands and takes a step back...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
06-12-2003, 06:37
The man clad in white saw this disgrace by Perry. Infuriated, by this final attack on The Reich, whether direct or indirect, he unsheathed his sword and quickly sliced through the air, holding the sword inches from his neck.

"I will not tolerate this any longer. First you take Lady Rubella, then you try and destroy the Reich and take over The Depths of Hell, then you lay seige to Queen Surukai in her own home, and now you come here and insult the dead. This is insane. I will stand by no longer. This is for Kutuzov," he yelled as he lifted the sword and brought it down, again stopping before the man's neck.

"Stop," cried the voice of Queen Surukai, causing the man to stop instantly. "Perry did not kill Kutuzov. Remember, that was Dante. Killing this henious man will not bring back Kutuzov."

He lowered his weapon and walked away, Queen Surukai glaring at Perry and quickly following the man.

"I am sorry, but if you killed him then Lady Rubella would surely be killed. It was best to let him go. I hate the man too, trust me," she said to the man.

Perry stood in the middle of the floor dumbfounded, while Inferno say in the wheel chair. The man in white sat in a sofa chair.

"I am sorry Queen Surukai."

"Nos, it is alright. I understand completely."

"You know my name?," he asked amazed.

"Yes, Noskalenaeuroph. I have heard of you, but the rest have not, so keep it silent."

"I see. Alright. I most leave. I have created a disturbance."

The man in white nodded to Queen Surukai as he left the parlor out into the dark streets of night. He slipped into the shadows, the faint white slowly diminishing.
06-12-2003, 06:40
///Perry grinned at the man as he left.


He went to the food table where everyone gave him stupid looks and helped himself to the food. He stacked mini sandwhiches on his plate and different salads. Sitting by himself at a small table he ate while people still stared at him stupid.


More people looked but quickly looked away. He was alone and everyone afraid to come close to him.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
06-12-2003, 06:43
I am out for the night. I will be back on tomorrow for the funeral.

The minister took a plate as well and picked at some items, placing them on his plate. He sat at a table with members of the community he served in as they quickly engaged in a talk about the man named Perry's behavior.
06-12-2003, 06:46
[Doctor:] INFERNO!!! Sit!!!

INFERNO glares at the Doctor....The Doctor jumps back and says sorry will you please get back in the chair you are not well enough yet...

[INFERNO:] That was not right for him to do that to him...~~
06-12-2003, 06:53
///Perry glances over his shoulder at Inferno and grins going back to one of his sandwhiches. He mutters something but is too hungry to care if it was heard or not.
06-12-2003, 06:58
INFERNO says to the Doctor, That man was looking at me and he whispered something but I couldnt understand it.

[Doctor:] Let it go he just wants to make you ruin this even more then he has...
06-12-2003, 07:01
> HA! Leaving for the night...

///Perry eats another sandwhich sitting by himself still.
06-12-2003, 07:38
damn this thread still up :shock:
06-12-2003, 19:21
>Yes this thread is still up. We all loves it like a little baby.<

*Surukai remains in the soft chair for a few minutes, before heading back to Atticus's coffin. She looks at the distorted face for a moment until a tear comes to her eye.*

*whisper* "Goodbye dear Atticus."

*She closes the coffin back and picks up the two roses and places them in a cross back on the coffin. She then unclasps her necklace. She takes it in her right hand and looks at it fondly for a moment. She places it on the intersection of the two roses. Before she headed off to the food table, she sits in a moment of silence for the fallen friend that meant so much to the Reich.*

"See you someday."

*She then turns around and heads off to the food table as her stomach reminds her that nutrition is a "good" thing. She picks up a plate and takes a couple of sweets, then takes a little bit of the mini sandwiches, at least some of what was left after hurricane Perry came in. She picked up one of the red roses off the table, and carried all of this to a little table in the corner. As she passed by the bar, she ignored the alchohol and just took a pepsi and guers. She was about to have a good little time with herself all alone in the corner.*

"Bah, people talking happily at a viewing, so shameful."

*She sat down at the table and opened up the guers, she needed a good kidney stone for once, just to lighten her atmosphere.*
06-12-2003, 20:38
INFERNO is wheeled to the food table he looks and sees it has some jello and pudding something he asked for at the hospital and never got...

INFERNO stoked all the jello and pudding on his plate he could and was wheeled off to his table...

INFERNO sat at his table thinking of his dear departed friend.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
06-12-2003, 21:50
The door slowly opened, quietly, almost unheard. Silently, a lady walked up to the coffin. She looked at the closed lid.

"Atticus, you have done well."

Without looking at anyone, she left the building. The funeral was to be held shortly and she wanted to make prepare herself for it.

The funeral parlor attendents, slowly came in and lifted the casket to take it to the church. They quietly left, trying not to create too much of a scene.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
07-12-2003, 06:01
The minister stood up and spoke to the crowd.

"My friends, let us go now, the funeral is about to begin. Transportation will be provided. Let us go and say our final goodbyes to our beloved."

The minister led the way out of the back of the parlor where numerous black vehicles were awaiting to transport them.
07-12-2003, 06:12
INFERNO and the doctor are the first ones to follow the minister out to the cars. INFERNO helps himself onto his seat as the doctor folds up the chair nad places it in the trunk and takes hs seat in the drivers side...They follow all the proceedings of that when you are in a Funeral procession...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
07-12-2003, 06:24
The cars stop outside a grand and beautiful church. The structures were amazing; large Seraphims stood before the gates as saints and apostales stood about happily. It was a lovely church indeed.

The minister led the people into the church where they began slowly taking their seats.
07-12-2003, 06:35
INFERNO is lead into his seat by the doctor he slides into his seat in the front of the church...The Doctor next to him...They wait for the rest of the church to finish filing in....
07-12-2003, 06:39
///Perry grabs the queens arm and pulls her into the front row too.

Come queenie...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
07-12-2003, 06:43
I will play Queen Surukai.

Queen Surukai took her seat after the rude manhandling Perry forced her into the pew.

"You could be gentler."

She sat, the casket lay in front of them all, sealed tightly.
07-12-2003, 06:52
> Fine

///Perry watched the people arrive. He didn't like people...
07-12-2003, 06:53
[INFERNO:] Who are you and what gives you the right to think that you can treat Queen Surukai like that???

INFERNO makes a fist unseen by Perry and Prepares for the worst...The Doctor seeing the fist leans in and advises against fighting that his body is not up for it yet..INFERNO responds back I knw that but I dont allow any woman to be treated like that...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
07-12-2003, 06:55
Meanwhile, back within the hospital in European Free States, Der Fuhrer lay unconscious. Her condition has not improved and she was still critical.

Damon lay on his bed, when he overheard a nurse talking about the death of Atticus and his funeral.

To himself he spoke in a deathly realization, "Atticus is dead?" He stood up slowly for he was still exuhausted and weak. Feeing tubes were attached to him and he painfully pulled each one out. He disconnected the monitors, and removed needles the supplied plasma and all to him. He walked out of the room, in his hosptial dress, mooning everyone he passed.

A nurse caught his arm gently and held him there.

"Sir, you must not leave."

"You did not tell me Atticus was dead."

"Sir, I did not know you were aquainted with him."

"I am part of The Reich, of course I knew Atticus. Please take me to the funeral. Just quick. I need to see him. I need to tell him something, something very important. I need to ask him something that only he could answer."

"Sir, he is dead. He can not answer you."

"Please. You do not understand."

"Alright, sir but only with doctor consent."

Aftering obtaining permission to accompany Damon to the funeral, she guided him out of the hospital, holding his arm, supporting him. They were flown there.

While in the plane, the nurse looked at him.

"Why sir, you are bleeding."

Damon looked down to his arms, which were bleeding from the removed tubes and such. He did not feel the blood running down his arms.

"Oh," was all he said as the nurse pulled out gauze and wrapped his arms.

"You should really watch yourself Damon. You are going to die and not even know it one of these days," she spoke with great concern.

Indeed, Damon lacked feeling. He was trained not to respond to pain, but something else was playing at him. Something far more troubling.
07-12-2003, 06:59
who here is against the UN :D we should ban together to disband it :twisted:
07-12-2003, 07:01
The doctor jumped alittle as his phone vibrated he answered it and it was the nurse asking him a question INFERNO did not know all the doctor replied was what are his vitals and after a short little pause he said yes that would be alright...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
07-12-2003, 07:03
Ignored. Sorry, strictly in character role play. If that is what you want to discuss, open a seperate thread and I will join you there.

The plane landed not too far, for the funeral was being held in European Free States, in honor of their friends. Atticus would have wanted it.

The nurse had a car awaiting them, where it then drove them to the massive church.
07-12-2003, 07:04
///Perry watched the minister get infront of everyone and prepare to speak to them all.
07-12-2003, 07:12
INFERNO held his anger toward the treatment of Surukai and turned to listen to the minister...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
07-12-2003, 07:13
The minister began to speak. "Dear friends of Atticus Ruhumanah, it is a sad event that has brought us all here together..."

"and family," spoke a quite voice in the back of the church. "Friends and family."

The minister looked back to see a frail old woman sitting there. He was not aware that Atticus's family was alive. He thought that almost all of the leaders in this war had their families killed in it. He felt a wave of utmost shame fill over him, as his cheeks reddened.

"I am sorry," was all he could manage to get out. His tongue felt like it had swelled and chocked him.

At that precise moment, the doors opened, allowing the cool air to blow in. A well built man was standing in the enterence with a lady aside him, holding his arm. The light outside shone, blurring their features.
07-12-2003, 07:20
///Perry looked at the old lady and then the person.

Who the hell are you...
07-12-2003, 07:20
INFERNO thinks to himself I know that man from somewhere dont I? No NO pay attention to the minister...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
07-12-2003, 07:26
The man, supported by the nurse, slowly walked into the church. He was clinging onto her tightly, in fear of falling flat on his face. His head still pounded from his fall down the stairs, and there was a thick cut, stitched, across this left forehead.

He heard a rude comment from some man he had never met. He noticed that the man was sitting with Queen Surukai, and assumed that she had finally decided to marry. He was glad to see her here, it meant that she was finally well and free. Least did he know though.

Then, he took notice to Inferno in the front of the church. He grinned. Inferno best not see him, lest he be surprised out of his mind. Damon, taking notice that the church was packed, had a hard time finding a seat. Seeing that open seats were aside of the man with Queen Surukai and one with Inferno, he worked his way slowly to the front. Someone, closed the doors behind him and he reared around at the sound. The person was not there, but the doors were closed, from the outside obviously. He was becoming dizzy slowly.
07-12-2003, 07:32
///Perry moved over.

Would you look at room here...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
07-12-2003, 07:37
The nurse held tight to Damon, as he slowly slipped from her grasp.

Queen Surukai whispered to Perry.

"You are in a church, have some manners."
07-12-2003, 07:39
INFERNO jumps up from the pew when the doors slam and sees that it was Damon he makes the doctor slide as far as he can and signals for him and the lady to sit next to him and pay his last respects...He looks at the guy and gets alittle more mad when he slides over but there was still room for Damon and the lady to sit..
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
07-12-2003, 07:52
Damon and the nurse make it to the pew, just as Damon collapsed with a thud into it.

"Forgive him, he is still to weak," the nurse silently spoke. She felt ashamed that they had just made such a disturbance in the funeral.

The minister smiling at the sight of Damon joining them, regained his confidence to continue, trying to avoid eye contact with the old lady he had incidently insulted.

"Family and friends of Atticus, we are together here to mourn in the loss of a great man..."

"Great. You call him great," spoke an angered person in the back.
"Great when he supported the release of XGN. Great when he left office. Great when he neglected to pull us out of the war."

The person stood up. To everyone's surprise it was a teenager, approximately fifteen years of age.

"Atticus does not deserve this luxery he is being given. He has done nothing to The Reich. Why, we even have him to thank for the death of Der Fuhrer Dyszel. He almost killed all of the Original Reich leaders. How could we call him great?"

Everyone was silent and speechless from the crude remarks. The wind outside was the only sound heard for the moment.
07-12-2003, 07:55
///Perry laughed to break the silence. He hated being in a room full of silent people. It made him paranoid.
07-12-2003, 07:59
INFERNO jumps up Infuriated...

[INFERNO:] He was a great man he sacrificed alot for you people...More then any of you will ever know!!!

The Doctor tells him to calm down but it was too late INFERNO spins and falls down onto the pew....
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
07-12-2003, 08:11
A dark feeling is triggered within Damon. He stands up, with the aid of the nurse and faces the child.

"My my, it seems that you fail to understand what great is child. Great is not about failing, it is about how well you try. You are too young to understand that, so you are forgiven. But let me tell you, I know Atticus well, better than most. I have trained Atticus, just as he has trained me. He thought me all I need to know about publics' opinions and how to gain their support, as I have thought him how to view the enemy and how to fight them. Atticus had a heart of gold. He would sacrifice himself before letting The Reich fall, as would many of us. Atticus failed to end the war, but he held a peace when he ruled. No one attacked us and no attacks were issued under him. When he ruled, he almost ended this war, but Dante was persistent. You do not understand Dante. You never felt a blade slowly enter your body by his hands or his tropps hands...."

Damon cut off there. It was the first time he spoke of something that had happened to him in those months he spent in the enemies clutches.

Queitly he finished his speech, "Atticus was the only one who tried his utmost hardest to get me out of there....."

The nurse pulled him down slowly. He was obviously upsetted about this statement.
07-12-2003, 08:22
The Doctor checks on INFERNO and his vitals are elivated....during his check on him INFERNO wakes to hear Damons arguement....He thought it was heartfelt and that the end of it was a bit troubleing for the man to say...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
07-12-2003, 08:33
Queen Surukai, listened closely, for she too had experienced great times with Atticus and this boy's statement upset her. She slapped Perry for laughing.

"Silence. You are so rude."

We will stop here for the night and wait until more are on to continue. We will let them be present for the funeral. When you do come on, post your arrival if you are not yet here, or just claim that you were already in the church amoung the vast crowd.
07-12-2003, 08:36
ooc: Alright i will stop....

IC: INFERNO sits there listening to the silence from the outbursts...
07-12-2003, 08:39
> Alrighty then...

///Perrys face twists from the hit.


He grumbled to himself.
09-12-2003, 06:02
The Doctor nudges INFERNO alittle with his elbow...

[INFERNO:] Ow!!! What was that for???

[Doctor:] You were drumming on the pew with you fingers...

[INFERNO:] Sorry but I havnt gone to church I quite sometime...Should it be taking this long to do this kind of thing???

[DOCTOR:] Im not sure...
10-12-2003, 04:20
*Surukai hears Inferno and the Doctor talk during the procession again.*

"Shh! Yes it is supposed to be 'this long'. Now quiet."

*Surukai puts her finger up to her lips and she quietly shushes them. She was very agitated that no one had the common courtesy to let the dead rest in peace, save Damon. He had a good excuse, but hyperness is no excuse for interupting. She went on to listening. It was very quiet now.*
10-12-2003, 04:47
INFERNO sits there quietly after getting yelled at by Surukai...

[whispers to the doctor] she didnt have to yell at me... :(
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
10-12-2003, 16:59
The minister, aftering the church resummed it's silence, and the arrogant young boy left out of embarrassment and aggitation, continued with the funeral.

I will write out the speech later, I do not have the time right now to go into a lenghty post.
13-12-2003, 06:16
INFERNO thinks to himself that was such a great sermon and whole mass thing...

[whispers to Doctor][INFERNO:] Is it over yet?

[Doctor:] I dont hink it is yet...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
13-12-2003, 06:49
The minister spoke in a depressed, yet motivating tone, fit for the atmosphere of the church.

"Friends and family of Atticus Ruhumanah, we have all lost a truely great person indeed. Atticus has brought to all our lives a great happiness and sense of peace. He has brought joy and happiness to the depressed and mourning, thus we should not mourn Atticus's death, for it will go against everything he had opposed.

"Atticus would not want us to sit here and mourn completely over his lose. He would want us to move on, but to remember him; him and his deeds. Atticus was a great man, a man who's shoes are going to be very difficult, perhaps impossible, to fill.

"During Atticus's rule there has been a drop in mental depression and suicides from depression. There was something about Atticus that people just admired, and it is now that we must honor him for it.

"Atticus's last breathes were taken saving our lives and trying to save the lives of our beloved leaders. Let us take a moment and give thanks for his sacrifice."

The minister stopped to allow the congregation the time to give a silent prayer to their God for the dearly beloved and deceased.
17-12-2003, 22:23
*As the moment of silence ends, Surukai begins to wonder, When do we have to have that nasty wine and those yummy wafers? *

>Props to Der Fuhrer for the lovely speech.<
The 7th Chapter
17-12-2003, 23:03
The 7th Chapter will join forces with the highest bidder. money talks
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
17-12-2003, 23:29
I will bid five dollars.

The minister looks about slowly, lamentfully.

"Dear friends and family. Atticus has passed into the world beyond this. We may not know what that world is, but we do know that his spirit lives on, through children, through us."

He could not finish. Remorse and regret had filled him. Why was it he who had to perform the deed? He could not bare the burden, for that is what it was. The people in the congregation looking at him as if he had something to do with this terrible death. Slowly, his hearing went into a light buzz from the silence. His vision became distorted.

However, before he fell he guided himself away from the alter. The pall bearers unstood this, and taking the oppurtune moment, they stood up.

One spoke, "Family and close friends, if you have any last words, you may now come forewards and say them."

The mother of Atticus, a feeble old woman, stood up slowly and walked toward the casket. She was leaned over a walker. Aside her stood a younger lady, perhaps her daughter. But did Atticus have a sister? He never mentioned a mother, yet this person claimed to be such.

She muttered a few inaudiable words to the coffin, and with the aide of the lady, went back to her seat. Damon stood up, followed by Queen Surukai, and then Inferno. Together they all joined in front of Atticus's closed casket.

"Good bye. You have fought well. We will not forget you," Damon whispered. Then, as a grin spread across his face, "You won the bet buddy."

He placed his hand on the hand crafted casket. He smiled as if Atticus was right in front of him looking at him, and slowly he pulled his hand away. Turning around slowly, he walked back to his seat and sat down.
19-12-2003, 05:13
INFERNO whispered you were a great warrior till the end....

INFERNO nods to the doctor...The doctor comes up with a bag that they brought with him...

[INFERNO:] I saved this after I found it...

*INFERNO brings out the sword he used to gain his freedom and bring him into the seat of power in his nation** he lifts the lid of the casket and places it in with atticus and closes the lid back up*

Keep it safe my fallen ally may it aide you in the afterlife as much as it helped me in this one...

*INFERNO goes back to his seat to wait for the funeral to end*
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
19-12-2003, 21:52
The minister watched Inferno hand over his beloved sword. Atticus would have been happy.

The pall barers lifted the coffin and carried it slowly out of the church and into the awaiting hearse. The minister and congregation slowly flowed out of the room and into awaiting car, where the proceeded to travel to the site of burial.

The took out the coffin and stationed it to be lifted down into the grave. The minister again spoke, but people were having a heard time hearing him, for he spoke quick and quietly.

Damon watched as they lowered the coffin into the grave. Inferno, Queen Surukai, him and those close to Atticus were given shovels. Slowly they shoveled the dirt onto the coffin.

Damon whispered amid this, "May you sleep well my friend. I will be joining you some day."

The laid down their shovels. They entire procession remained for a while before the cold weather brought them all back to a large hall for dinner.
21-12-2003, 07:59
Before parting INFERNO looks at the newly covered grave plot...

*INFERNO thinks to self*

He too should have been in there but Y? Why isnt he in there along side his ally....and why does he feel better then he has felt in years???
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
26-12-2003, 16:05
Silently, in the depths of the cold grave Atticus lies sleeping for all eternity; taking with him a sanguine hope for all people and the future of The Dictatorship. His bold, brave, and loyal actions laid down aside of him silently.

While, in a cozy little hospital room, the once reknowned leader of The Reich lies just as silently, give the sounds of the artifical lungs. Long will her sleep last, although her sleep is not eternal.

Back at the funeral, all the attendees quietly depart, eating barely anything at the dinner after the funeral. Damon is taken back to a hospital to finish recuperating, while all others return to their homes, or place stay.

Christmas passes in The Reich. A feeling of desolution cloaks the region, like a thick impassable fog. The realization that Der Fuhrer is no longer around finally strikes them all, like a knife wound to the heart. Merry was many nations' Christmas in the region, but not those close to Der Fuhrer. The lose of her presence at balls hit them hard. Her long gowns and jovial attitude was gone this Christmas.

Deep within the remains of The Dictatorship, the remaining soldiers living in the nation, on the outskirts of The Depths of Hell, drank themselves away that night. Depression has settled in and they drank away. For the loss of Der Fuhrer and the other numerous leaders. They drank for Queen Surukai's death, Infernus's death, Paul's death, and even Dante's death (for they have grown quite used to him). Least did they know that they were all alive, for they have been long amiss of news. Least did they know that when they found out the latest news they would drink to near death, for the loss of one of their best friends would hit them extremely hard. Atticus was close to them all, he would intensely be missed.

.....And the days went on, dragging slowly.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
28-12-2003, 02:46
Damon recuperated after a few more weeks in the hospital. He walked out of the hospital, not realizing that Der Fuhrer was still alive and there. He thanked the hospital attendents for all their help as he left the hospital and headed home, a deeper feeling of remorse and depression hitting him.

He made it as far as the airport before someone stopped him.

"Sir. I am sorry to be the one to tell you, but......your home has been destroyed. A man named Perry had taken control and had ravished the region with one quick move."

"Perry," he whispered as the face of an arrogant man filled his face and quick visions of him inside the church and at the dinner afterward filled him.

"Yes sir. I am sorry."

"That is alright. I am going home."

Without heeding the man's warning, he continued on home.
29-12-2003, 10:47
Weeks after the funeral and alot of rehabilitation while still at the hospital the dreaded news is told to the almost healed INFERNO.

Doctor: Now that you seem to be alright i can tell you your nation has fallen...At the hands of Perry he took over many other nations...

INFERNO: What....but how...NOOO!!!

INFERNO starts screaming and passes out hitting his head on one of the workout machines in the room...and is rushed back to his room where he lays in a coma like state!
30-12-2003, 07:12
///After some time the plane carrying Nye and Tresckow arrives at some airport. Nye pulls Tresckow out.

30-12-2003, 07:20
INFERNO jumps out of bed after he had awoken form his injury and heard something about the depths of hell being he decided to head to it to try and keep it secure
30-12-2003, 07:20
///Perry receives the word of Nye's arrival. He calls to his troops.

Station all troops from Almighty Anna to Der Fuhrer and Surukai. Then from Dantes Elite Forces set up a perimeter around Ultimate A.

He hung up the phone and smiled to Surukai.

Looks like we're going to have some fun...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-12-2003, 07:25
Damon hears the sound of approaching planes.

"My home is not going to fall you bastards. You hear me. My home will not fall, ever," he yells into the sky as planes flew over his head.

Knowing exactly the one place they could be headed, he set for there as well.
30-12-2003, 07:33
> REady!

///Nye looked at Tresckow.

Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-12-2003, 07:34
At the same time, deep under the ground, the sounds of the planes are also heard.

Mathias Bortniansky stood up, while his team looked up at him inquiringly.

He wrote onto his little notepad.

Men, prepare yourself for danger. We may have to defend this post. I know that sound, and it can not be anything good. They are not our planes.

The men grabbed their guns and loading their pockets with preset clips of ammunition. They moved into defensive positions and waited; waited to defend themselves against the ominious evil coming their way.
30-12-2003, 07:37

INFERNO sits in front of the depths of hell since he cannot enter....and waits for anyone who would want to enter he has no weapon on him so he finds a place to hide and just waits....
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-12-2003, 07:38
Major General Tresckow glares at Mr. Nye.

"You will never get away with this. Remember you promised to let Lady Rubella and the child alone."

Mr. Nye unconvincingly nodded in approval, while Major General Henning von Tresckow led the way toward the accursed base. He knew that he would not be able to live with himself after this action, but he could not allow Lady Rubella or the young girl to die.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-12-2003, 07:40
Mathias watched Inferno enter and move in front of the doors in which he also protected. They must have been that well hidden to have not been seen that easily. Mathias placed a rifle on the ground and slid it over to Inferno.

They would defend those doors until their deaths.
30-12-2003, 07:42
///Nye grinned.

Don't worry they'll be safe...
30-12-2003, 07:48
///Nye followed Tresckow whistling to another bites the dust.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
30-12-2003, 07:50
Major General Tresckow stops right outside of an abandoned old tavern. The wall caved in and the sight a wreck.

"This is it," he spoke in a defeated tone.

He led Mr. Nye into the tavern. The door to the base was open, but a large beam half covered it. He crawled under it, for it was impossible to go over. Mr. Nye followed him.

They walked slowly down the dirt covered stairs; their boots echoing off the dark walls.

A light sparkled somewhere below.

"Someone is already here. Is this an ambush. He betrayed me."

"What do you have planned?" General Tresckow asked, stopping dead in his tracks.
30-12-2003, 07:54
INFERNO: sssh i hear them coming they are almost here....

INFERNO readys his gun to fire..