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Holy Hell Its Dante
10-08-2003, 06:28
> Like I said formality is off. I won't be polite anymore...
10-08-2003, 06:30
>Good, I think attempted assasination is a good reason for me to be upset. So I don't want to be someones possesion.<
Holy Hell Its Dante
10-08-2003, 06:35
> Well....first matters first then. Explain why NONE of you warned me about that trial...
10-08-2003, 06:37
>What do you mean, warn you about the trial. It was well publicized. Evil skanky flaming ass-bag.<
Holy Hell Its Dante
10-08-2003, 06:39
> No...more specificially THAT trial that put me in jail when I didn't do a thing. You knew about the poison and said nothing...
Holy Hell Its Dante
10-08-2003, 06:42
> Why didn't you try and stop me? You ALL wanted me dead...
10-08-2003, 06:43
What water are you talking about? I know nothing of water, only poison. And, I had nothing to do with any of that. All I did was go under on your defence. That is it.
Holy Hell Its Dante
10-08-2003, 06:46
> And let Whitecastle get away with the murder of innocents to put the guilt on me and to try and silence me. Yeah....I see how DEFENSE works...
10-08-2003, 06:48
It isn't my fault that WhiteCastle got jealous and berzerk. And it isn't my fault for being so smart and getting a few grades ahead in school!!
Holy Hell Its Dante
10-08-2003, 06:52
> Well no it isn't. I can't remember much about that. All I remember is that Whitecastle screwed me over and I took my revenge out on him! Thats why I stole his nation....
Holy Hell Its Dante
10-08-2003, 06:54
> Did I ever tell you HOW I got out?...
10-08-2003, 06:54
Always about the revenge isn't it Dante? Well, ya know, I don't take it out on the old leaders of my nations for making the drinking age 55. I can't change it though for some odd reason.
Holy Hell Its Dante
10-08-2003, 06:57
> Thats something that you can't understand. Day in and day out socializing with people compared to day and night merged in one dark room for 15 LONG yrs...
10-08-2003, 07:00
Oh, and you've kept your sanity so well, haven't you?
Holy Hell Its Dante
10-08-2003, 07:00
10-08-2003, 07:01
Holy Hell Its Dante
10-08-2003, 07:01
> DAMN! I was did duh fuhrer and inferno get into politics anyway?...
10-08-2003, 07:03
They got into politics because of your trial.
Holy Hell Its Dante
10-08-2003, 07:03
> can't understand it. I had so much time to think that I ceased thinking...
Holy Hell Its Dante
10-08-2003, 07:05
> I can't even remember what I did there. Have you found out the meaning of those doors yet?....
10-08-2003, 07:06
Yeah, I know you had a lot of time to think about it. 15 Whole years. Solitary confinement. I know the whole ordeal. And we didn't break yoyu out because we thought you were dead by then.
10-08-2003, 07:08
Other than to scare people, no.
Holy Hell Its Dante
10-08-2003, 07:09
> Should've been. YEAH easy to say 15 whole yrs when you're not there....
10-08-2003, 07:11
How did you get out anyway?
Holy Hell Its Dante
10-08-2003, 07:12
> Those doors have a meanin....a deep meaning. I'm not about to ruin that on you though. Someone will guess sooner or later. Oh and if I were you I'd keep a close eye on this forum. I'm creating a could guess what that means...
10-08-2003, 07:14
It means fun reading for the next two weeks. Right?
Holy Hell Its Dante
10-08-2003, 07:16
> I can't remember...
Holy Hell Its Dante
10-08-2003, 07:17
> Well...I gotta go now. I'll talk later if I get back on...
10-08-2003, 07:19
10-08-2003, 08:21
Dante i did something at that trial i injected you with the antidote to the poison so it didnt kill you it only made you slightly ill...and we didnt try to break you out because they told us you died on route to your prison. They even showed us pictures of your body....

I got into politics when my departed wife cheated on me with my nations king remember i told you my history!!!
10-08-2003, 08:32
Dante do the doors represent the innocent of youth???
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
10-08-2003, 20:01

I think Queen Surukai explained it well. I did not see that you were innocent. When you are younger you tend not to pick up the details. We were young and all the evidence pointed toward you.

Whitecastle's former leader may have framed you, but I could not see behind that lie. They had me convinced that you had done those dire crimes. It was not until after the trial and your reported death that I learned the truth.

I went into political science because the deception of the previous leaders and the lies and injustice bothered me. I could not stand the fact that I had let an innocent person die, although you were alive.

I went furhter with the studies to change the system. I changed the system. I let everyone be heard and I look into matters deeper than most political advisers.

I am sorry about the turn of events that happened when we had no power to change them. Those events made us who we are today. Had you not gone to prison then I would not have persued a political career. I would have went to become some one else. However, now we have power and we will not make the same mistakes as before.

We will take into consideration the fact that your past presents a major impairment to your attitude now. That will have some place in the trial.

From the depths of Hell (resurrected),
Der Fuhrer Dyszel ~%~
11-08-2003, 05:19
I Guess since we are making amends i will too INFERNO leaves to go to a room with a private internet connection... From there he gains access to his computer and creates a uplink with the mainframe of the cosp system... He thinks in his head is this the right thing to do i hope it is...INFENO runs a program from his computer....o well to late now!!! and activate!!!
11-08-2003, 05:23
INFERNO sits and waits for comformation!!! and it is recieved TETSEGA virus activated and Restoring all functions upgrade installing...

INFERNO: ok good this should help if i beef up The Red Queen no one will be able to hijack her again she shall work for herself...or for the Reich whichever she thinks is acceptable...
11-08-2003, 05:24
Ummmm, confirmed?

King Joseph
11-08-2003, 05:31
Yes all is restored now she shall return The true ruler of the cosp system!!!
Holy Hell Its Dante
11-08-2003, 05:32
11-08-2003, 05:35
INFERNO:lol im not doing anything i am done lol
11-08-2003, 05:41
only she and i know what her new abilities are...
11-08-2003, 05:49
she will make herself known in time but now i must get back to the trial even tho i doubt anything else happened!!!
11-08-2003, 05:51
Well, considering that most of us are online, this is a boring cession. Ho hum. (twidles thumbs)

King Joseph
11-08-2003, 05:54
ooc:dont say im not doing anything i think my role tonight is a very important one wouldnt you???
11-08-2003, 06:03
Oh, I certainly agree that your role is quite important tonight, but I am still sitting here being bored while I should be dreaming.

King Joseph
11-08-2003, 06:06
ooc why did you follow me lol i know you did...

ic:that program i sent with that file should increase what she can do now lol good for her she will be so happy now...
11-08-2003, 06:21
Yeah, I followed you, I was bored.

King Joseph
Holy Hell Its Dante
11-08-2003, 06:23
> NO WAY! How the hell could you revive her. Now I'm sure to be killed.
11-08-2003, 06:23
what took you to reply i was waiting!
11-08-2003, 06:26
Sorry, I was reading that thread.
Holy Hell Its Dante
11-08-2003, 06:27
> Reading about what the hell you all were up to...
11-08-2003, 06:29
Yes, quite happy indeed.
11-08-2003, 06:31
ooc:o its ok im just bored....

ic: i made a counter virus to the first one i used it was alot better then the other one
Holy Hell Its Dante
11-08-2003, 06:33
> I'm screwed now. What the hell are you all doing?
11-08-2003, 06:36
freeing the red queen...
11-08-2003, 06:39
she is free and now no one will be able to take her over!!!
Holy Hell Its Dante
11-08-2003, 06:47
> Are you so sure? I mean I'm sure there is at least one way!
11-08-2003, 06:48
there is but i only know how to do it!!!
Holy Hell Its Dante
11-08-2003, 06:54
> We'll see about that!
11-08-2003, 06:58
lol try all you wish you wont be able to do anything to her!!!
11-08-2003, 07:14
anyone here???
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
11-08-2003, 07:16

You will not be able to inhibit The Red Queen this time around. We have added features that allow her to defend herself from viruses of all sorts and other mechanisms that may prevent her operations.

She is on right now on the regional postage board. I could tell her to come onto the forum.

I see that you were on here the whole time.


Job well done. Atticus is going to need the help.

From the depths of Hell (resurrected),
Der Fuhrer Dyszel ~%~
11-08-2003, 07:21
dont thank me my soldier went out on his own...
Holy Hell Its Dante
11-08-2003, 07:23
> you going to use her to kill me...
11-08-2003, 07:24
lol thats the good part no one can use her with oout her permission she is like a normal person only slightly better
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
11-08-2003, 07:27

If we had wanted you to die then we would have never tried to save your life in the first place. We would have killed you at the first chance we had.

I am leaving for the night.

From the depths of Hell (resurrected),
Der Fuhrer Dyszel ~%~
Holy Hell Its Dante
11-08-2003, 07:31
> Whatever. I guess I'll go to. No ones on anymore anyhow...
11-08-2003, 07:43
Wer den Pfennig nicht ehrt, ist des Talers nicht wert. :D
11-08-2003, 07:54
So confused about you above.......
11-08-2003, 23:04
Der Fuhrer, can't stay on right now. I will call you when I can go back on.
Holy Hell Its Dante
13-08-2003, 05:17
> I think I'll continue...
13-08-2003, 05:18
I think so also.
13-08-2003, 05:19
I was never here. :roll:
13-08-2003, 05:25
Hasn't this thread exceeded the maximum post length?

Oops, didn't mean to tell :P

:arrow: Carry on.
13-08-2003, 05:27
Hasn't this thread exceeded the maximum post length?

Oops, didn't mean to tell :P

:arrow: Carry on.

This thread has died many times, but ended up just...just..continuing.
13-08-2003, 05:30
who is on???
13-08-2003, 05:30
who is on???

I am, but I am lost...very...very...very lost.
13-08-2003, 05:32
your not the only one so am i...anyone else on that you know of
Holy Hell Its Dante
13-08-2003, 05:34
> Damn damn damn message didn't go through....
13-08-2003, 05:34
No, sorry. I lost everything after page 82 or something. Now I am just.... :?
13-08-2003, 05:36
O dante nice to see you...i forget what i was working on on here!!!
Holy Hell Its Dante
13-08-2003, 05:39
> HA! Well....I'm debating to rewrite that message...
13-08-2003, 05:43
then it must be somethig evil!!!
Holy Hell Its Dante
13-08-2003, 05:49
///A man in civilian dress walked across a room to a large desk with folders and papers all bout. Someone is sitting on a chair facin the world outside. (typical sceen)

Cierra we've got word that Dantes been arrested. Reports show that his people are growin restless and forming certain groups.

The lady spins around on her chair her hair over her shoulders and her eyes a purplish color with her black long hair. She stands up and walks to the man. She has a sweet little voice that is songlike.

Derek whats this you say?

Cierra I'm saying that we've got to do something soon.

You want ME to help with this situation?

You're the only one able.

She smiles and sits back down and crosses her legs behind the desk.///
13-08-2003, 05:56
bridges i need bridges!!!
Holy Hell Its Dante
13-08-2003, 06:06
///Cierra giggles behind her desk.

So you came to me?

Well....yes. You are the only person that...





Come on and look at these. I was just faxed them this afternoon.

Derek pulls over a chair in front of the desk and Cierra opens a large manila folder. She takes out picures and shows them to Derek.

This one here.....this is Inferno and there is Surukai....Oh this one is Der Fuhrer Dyszel oh and this one........King Joseph! Look at this though! This one has me puzzled......the freedom fighters were there....and so was this woman....

Derek looks at the picture.

So that unfaithful Clara is back. I bet she's after Dantes money.

The girl looks serious now.

Yes she is back and trying to take over others positions. I don't think its money though. There's something else she's after and I can't put a finger on it.

They both look at each other thinkin when the manila folder slipped from her hands and scattered maps and diagrams all over the plavce. Derek looks at them as he picks them up even though Cierra rushed to pick them up.

What are these?

Nothin'. Just forget that you saw them.

But this is....

I said FORGET you saw them.

Derek looks confused and reailzes that he overstayed his welcome. HE leaves leaving Cierra standing with the maps on the ground.///
13-08-2003, 06:13
INFERNO leaves the court room so that he can make a call he tries to call Khaos to see how the battle is going and his phone doesnt work there is only the sound of childish laughter on the line....
Holy Hell Its Dante
13-08-2003, 06:26
///Cierra grabs the maps and shoves them back into the folder.

I can't believe I let him see them! I've got to be careful! If anyone thought that I was leading a resistance then they'd have my head!

Cierra sits at the desk and writes a letter.



I'm sorry about the late response. I got your message about IT and took ALL electronics from my office. The cameras computers phones everything had been removed. I guess we've got to go back to the old ways! I'll be ready at N4 and N2 at 5060259. Be sharp and on the lookout!



She wrapped the letter and sealed it with wax and an emblem. Then see hurried off and gave it to a man who left so quick that no one noticed he left.///
13-08-2003, 06:32
INFERNO: lol very funny i need to make a call can i make one please!!!

The laughing only continues...
13-08-2003, 06:38
>Hello everyone. Just got my braces tightened yesterday morning. Hurt really bad. I am not staying on, just wanted to tell you that I won't be on for a little while. To much school work and such. And glomping Grant. Mr. Yummies as I call him, oh yes, goth guys are so hot. MMMMMMMMMm. Night all.<

*Queen Surukai walks out of your site and into her nice little bed where she is sleeping backwards. Hehe.*

"Night all.'
13-08-2003, 06:39
INFERNO:no no seriously i need to make a call
INFERNO: come on please?
INFERNO:thats it im telling

INFERNO hangs up and goes back into the court room DER FUHRER she wont let me make a call tell her to stop it!!!
Holy Hell Its Dante
13-08-2003, 06:42
///Cierra slipped back into her room and sat down turning her chair to stare out into the night.

How lovely a nice park would be right there......oh and right there a nice little sky scraper.......oh and right there a new airport.....

She let herself think of all the possiblities that she could create in that big city under her. Someone knocked at the door.

Come in.



We've got back news.


13-08-2003, 06:55
What you dont care fine :cry: but i wanted to make a call he gets dangerous with out hearing from me...
13-08-2003, 07:15
what did everyone leave???
14-08-2003, 00:27
ha ha you weakling!!!
14-08-2003, 04:03
Um, hi. Who are you, Untouchables? I am King Joseph.

Grrrr, stupid court people. Dante, it doesn't look good, now they're mad at me. Everyone who has defended you has now been either been reprimanded, dropped the case, or been physically removed from the court.

Reich memebers, you have my back on this, right? The Baron must be returned to New Majikistan.

King Joseph
14-08-2003, 04:05
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
Holy Hell Its Dante
14-08-2003, 04:11
///Cierra leaves her office and locks the door with a personal handcrafted key. She leaves the large sky scraper and walks to a parking lot where a long black limo is waiting. A guy helps her in and they drive down the street stopping in front of a massive house.

Cierra we're home.

Thank you Harold.

She walks into the house where a butler takes her fur coat off her.

Normon please have all electronics removed from this house immediately.

Yes ma'am.

Cierra gets dressed in a long blue dress with a black fur coat. She leaves the house by foot. She walks to the ghetto of the city where she meets a man who takes her to HQ.

Cierra. We've gotta be more careful. Securitys been raised. The resistance is seeping out to the public.

I know. Derek might know something.

Should we "take care" of it?///
Holy Hell Its Dante
14-08-2003, 04:12
> Thats cause they don't want me to have a defense so I automatically lose...
Holy Hell Its Dante
14-08-2003, 04:17
> Message me and we'll talk bout this...
Holy Hell Its Dante
14-08-2003, 04:28
///Cierra walks into a room with a bunch of people. They look at her and some wave others nod.

Autumn please sit.


Cierra takes a seat at the top of a long table.

OK! We've got the updates maps and diagrams. Everyone will receive a copy. Each of you are to study and memorize each map formation etc...

A man passes out manila folders to all the people there. Everyone begins to study them.///
14-08-2003, 05:01
is there anyone on???
14-08-2003, 06:09
Dammit i wish i could use the phone...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
14-08-2003, 20:22

I see you are having trouble with The Red Queen. Do not worry. I will let her have her fun.

You might want to consider our defense system that The Red Queen is going to be creating. The Dictatorship is going under it and Queen Surukai's nation will also be added. You have an option along with other people's nations if you want to have it or not.

King Joseph,

I do not agree with your personal treatment on the matter. You are being kind enough to represent Dante and spare them for the hassle of listening to him and his ignorant remarks. They should treat you with the respect you deserve for uptaking the burden of defending that henious man.

Queen Surukai,

Your nation will be included with the newest defense system. The Red Queen is going to be giving special attention to your nation because, besides The Dictatorship, you nation was the second most targeted one. Although Dante did not use COSP on us, we were his main objectives.


Watch yourself. That is all I am going to say, "Watch yourself."

From the depths of Hell (resurrected),
Der Fuhrer Dyszel ~%~
14-08-2003, 22:42
sure if i am allowed ill be on it unlike the rest of you it was used on me...
15-08-2003, 05:38
Dante, I will message you shortly.

Der Fuhrer, I thank you very much indeed for convincing them to allow the Baron back into the court. And thank you for your symapthy as well, it is appreciated. Also, I would like to be under the protection of the Red Queen. Hopefully she won't be disabled again.

King Joseph
15-08-2003, 05:55
:roll: God, you guys really should lighten up...Flandern, have to remove whatever is so far up your ass, because it is hindering your common sense. If you are going to bring in someone to help you, atleast tell someone else that...what happened was legit because no one knew.
15-08-2003, 06:09
*Chanting* RUHR HAS ISSUES LIKE EVERYONE ELSE LATELY *Does a little dance to go along.*

Is everyone just dwindling on the brink of insanity here lately?

Okay, Flandern, I think it is great what you are doing, you seem quite sane with absolutely nothing up your ass.

Now, Ruhr, please take a chill pill before I go crazed with reading the case defense thread. Mind you it is going nowhere and it has been how long since this case started? Please, just stop doing the whole *I know everything and I am all powerful* act because everyone knows only Queen Surukai can do that. Namely because I remembered that little COSP factor in which you would have lied about under oath in a court of law so ha!

Der Fuhrer, I am having absolutely to much fun and 1 in the morning!

~*Queen Surukai*~
15-08-2003, 08:41
im getting kicked out for answering my phone damn that court room is pathetic
16-08-2003, 08:43
damn phones!!!...
16-08-2003, 08:44
INFERNO just starts screaming at the top of his lungs the theme to MR. ED
16-08-2003, 20:33
Hurray for random chants!

King Joseph
17-08-2003, 06:31
I leave for school tomorrow. I may be busy for some time after that, but we will see.

King Joseph
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
17-08-2003, 23:03
To All,

I have gotten ahold of The Red Queen. It appears that she is having some problems and was not able to come on for some time now. One thing you all must realize about her, is her time is limited. She does not come on here often or when she does she often has problems that prohibit her from coming on during established times.

Moreover, I think that we should all watch the actions that we make. Keep a close eye on matters and if anything is suspecious please report it to me. Some of you know exactly what I am talking about and they are the people this is directed to.

Please tone down. I know we are all growing aggrivated by many reasons, but we must remain calm. A calm mind is much better in battle then that of an irate person.

Reconstruction will mostly be done in the region and over the regional postage board. The Red Queen finds it most appropiate.

King Joseph you have been added to the list. It was a wise decision.

Thank you all for your time.

From the depths of Hell (resurrected),
Der Fuhrer Dyszel ~%~
Dantes Imperial Forces
18-08-2003, 04:31
> Oh you're REALLY going to HATE me now duh fuhrer. I had to though!

///MY spirits land and they take a man who is heavily sleeping out. They carry him to a holding zone that is heavily guarded until further word is given...///
Dantes Imperial Forces
18-08-2003, 04:33
> Oh and for the record ALL electronic and all those things are REMOVED from this area....
18-08-2003, 05:29
///The small group of men prepare for another attack while the men with experience and expertice are called in and coming.



They are here.

Good then get them ready for immediate take off.

They want answers.

Well then bring C-12 here.

Yes sir.

The man walks out of the room and the general puts a manila folder quickly away in his desk while footsteps outside are heard coming closer. Two men come into the room and the one sits while the other leaves.


Ah....C-12. Long time.

MAybe but whats this all about?

We failed the first time and many times before and now another. We need your men to help us out.

Let me guess....HE stopped them.

Can't be sure but I think so.

DAMN HIM! We'll get him! This will be the LAST time he interefers with ANYTHING!

Listen though. He is in court and we can't kill him there.

F' the court! This guy is going to pay for getting in the way ONE TOO MANY TIMES!

HA! I knew you were the right person to talk to.

Wheres the girl?

With him at court.

Well....two for one! This gets better by the second.

Oh and even better.


That der fuhrer and inferno are there!

So I'll get my bounties on this job too!

You could if you try hard enough.

Any other information I need to know?

Yes! The red queen is back so don't use any electronics AT ALL.

GOt you. So back to the old times.


We could handle this. See you in NO time!

The man leaves the room with a huge grin on his face.

This is going to be real fun now!

The general sits back and gets back out the folder studying the pictures and maps. He writes stuff on a paper and starts drawing green lines on some of the maps.

Well....I hope they could finish the job. This newest operation has all my time...

He studies the maps and the men leave ON FOOT at once!///
18-08-2003, 05:42
> Oh and duh fuhrer I AM watching myself. You'd be surprized! You should really pay attention here because I'm giving little clues away...
18-08-2003, 07:28
fine the since i cant go back into the court room i might as well go get some tacos...

just then a little Chiuaua comes in the building and says: so being in the bad mood that he was in and seeing how he was mad that he cant make a phone call before he realized what he was doing he kicked the dog across the room...

Attention: NO dogs were harmed in the making of this post had this of been real the dog would not have gotten kicked!!!
18-08-2003, 07:29
*She starts to eye the Pepsi sitting on the table. I will resist all temptation.....*

"Screw this!"

*She grabs the Pepsi and knock the white creature off her shoulder while starting a nice conversation with the black and red decked up one.*



















"I wouldn't have it any other way."

*She picks up the Pepsi and walks out the door, leaving the creature all but confused.*

"She really should layoff that stuff!"

"I heard that Melodramatic!"

"Sorry Mellifluous."


"Surukai shouldn't leave her precious lying around....."

"I will make sure she doesn't forget Mellifluous."

"Thankyou verymuch my little Melodramatic friend. Funny."


"Your name describes you a little to well."

"Shut up asshat."

"What ever fool."
18-08-2003, 07:48
lol ok someone needs sleep...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
18-08-2003, 19:46
To All,

Fine you want a story then I will create one myself. I will play along with you Dante.

A short and stout secretary comes clinking up to an office, knocking on the door three times. A stern and subtle voice comes from within, "Please come in."

The women walk in to find Admiral Hunny*Dew sitting on a chair on the phone with someone. "Hold on Cherlynn DeAndra, my new secretary, is here. I will call you back." Admiral Hunny*Dew hangs ups the phone and smiles at the new secretary.

The secretary speaks, "Hello Admiral Hunny*Dew. Nice day it is today."

"Yes, it is a pleasant day," Hunny*Dew responds as she moves to a pitcher and pours two glasses of ice water. She hands a glass to the secretary and they both sit on a sofa in the corner. Hunny*Dew speaks again, "Now what is it you are here for?"

"I heard from the grape vine that there is secret activity in some of Dante's nations. The people are growing restless and they may be planning an attack or something worse. I think we should increase our security and build up our forces, just to be prepared," spoke the secretary in a quiet and pleasant voice. Cherlynn is a very understandable person and knows how to approach people with difficult situations. She sits sipping her water and waiting for a response.

"I know already. We have pushed The Red Queen's activity because of this. The Red Queen already finalized the system. All that needs to be done now is for Der Fuhrer Dyszel to approve of it and then she will install it into the nations that need it the most or that requested it. We have heard wind of Dante's men planning something. That is taken care of. The situation that has us puzzled is this group of men that call themselves The Reich Freedom Force and slay innocent people in the name of justice or freedom. We need to take care of them," Hunny*Dew responded in a drawn out voice and sigh at that end.

The two of them talked for many minutes, while sitting there drinking their water. Cherlynn stood up and shook hands with Hunny*Dew. "I am so glad as to have had this chance to talk with you. To believe a woman such as yourself is a politican. You really could move crowds with you speeches."

Admiral Hunny*Dew smiled and accompanied Cherlynn out the door. Once gone Hunny*Dew sat back down and dialed the phone. Someone on the other line picked up, "Yes, we need to get Der Fuhrer back here soon. Someone needs to take care of this. I am not going to take this whole matter into my hands; and more and more people are finding out about this day after day. We really need to hurry."

The conversation continues on and on.

From the depths of Hell (resurrected),
Der Fuhrer Dyszel ~%~
19-08-2003, 20:15
*Queen Surukai walks into the room to find that her Pepsi is gone and Melodramatic is sitting on a small bar stool.*

"Okay my little devil asshat....where did Mellifluous take my precious?"

















"None for you..."

*Queen Surukai starts to fume and throws herself into a fit of rage. As she looks behind her she notices Mellifluous standing there."


"Mellifluous says no."

"I don't care."

"Well you should. For I am the mighty Mellifluous!"

"Dude, you live in my nation, I rule over you. I am the mighty Surukai."


"I think you lost Mellifluous."

19-08-2003, 21:59
INFERNO finally leaves the court building to go across the street to get some tacos!!!
19-08-2003, 22:02
OOFC: is it just me or are the times on here messed up...
19-08-2003, 22:08
>yep sure are
19-08-2003, 22:11
did they change the time zone for the site???
19-08-2003, 22:11
no idea
19-08-2003, 22:16

INFERNO looks and goes holy crap!!! he takes off running but it is no use his friend pedro catches up to him as if it were nothing

INFERNO: Damn mexican what do you want your not getting a taco so if thats what you want then you have to go away!!!

His friend turns around and walks away!!!
19-08-2003, 22:19
read ur tgrams infernus
19-08-2003, 22:22
sorry i was just introducing a character i might use!!!
19-08-2003, 22:23
k. sorry bout dat
19-08-2003, 22:27
it is ok i was just seeing if anybody liked the guy!!!
19-08-2003, 22:43
is anyone on???
21-08-2003, 03:21
I'm back, finally. I really wish this stupid trial would end already.

Also, we need to get Dante's nations under control, this is just no good. Now instead of one big baddy, there's a lot of medium sized baddies, which is a lot more confusing.

King Joseph
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
21-08-2003, 15:19
To All,

Sorry, I have been having difficulty getting on here.


I wonder what you would be doing with a Mexican character who wants nothing but tacos.

Queen Surukai,

Call me later. I will call you after nine tonight.

King Joseph,

Yes, we really need to prevent this. Especially now.

To All,

We have yet another situation to deal with. This is growing irate. I give full free role play to all members here, except Dante, to my characters. As long as it fits the proper ettiquette to role playing.

I will brief you all later.

From the depths of Hell (resurrected),
Der Fuhrer Dyszel ~%~
21-08-2003, 19:50
>Hello everyone. No, I am not going to be posting a weird message today. Just wanted to say sorry for missing the meeting on Tuesday Night. Yup, really sorry but I was fast asleep at 8-o-clock and got up a 7:30. Massive accomplishment. I got a hug and my arm licked and signed by my friend Grant. He be super shibby. Buhbye.<

*Queen Surukai glares at Mellifluous and Melodramatic.*
21-08-2003, 23:53

A little girl wakes up early in the morning. She goes downstairs and breakfast isn't waiting for her like it usually is. She walks around the little home looking for her gramma.


She walks into her grammas bedroom to see her gramma not there.


She hears talking outside the small window and goes over and looks out to see her gramma talking to the milk man. She yells out the window



Wheres beckfest?

Sorry baby but I didnt sleep good last night

Why gramma?

We'll talk later

K gramma!

The little girl runs to her room and the old lady goes into the kitchen and starts cooking breakfast.
22-08-2003, 00:18
After breakfast they sit in front of the TV to listen to the news.

And now here is Clark with the latest international news...

Thank you Susan

We've got interesting news today. It seems that Dantes nations are planning something. Although it wasnt officially released by any official leaders people have been hearing about numerous reports of secret organizing within Dantes nations. Even more shocking is the sudden news of Atticus's capture. While attending a political situation with foreign leaders one of Dantes men gave an order to capture Atticus who they tracked down from what appeared to be said as some tracking device. No word has been given about his condition yet.

Clark is it true that Dante is behind all these things?

No Susan. There is no proof that he is giving the orders or in anyway controling these national actions. But we should watch these nations closely.


This program was shut down by "The Dictatorship". We're sorry for the inconvience.

(the screen turns multicolored)

The little girl looked at the old lady to see her gramma horrified.

Gramma whats wrong?



Baby we're going on a trip.

Where to!!!

You'll see.

They pack their stuff and leave.
22-08-2003, 00:39
Oooo, very exciting, very mysterious.
22-08-2003, 00:43
> I'm planning somethin...
22-08-2003, 00:55
What are you planning???
The Little Girl
22-08-2003, 01:03
> You'll see...OH and if I'm right I could technically do this....

///SYSTEM RESTORE......SYSTEM RESTORE........SYSTEM RESTORE runs across a screen.

System restored....please hold....

The computer restores this nations main terminals to their original capabilites! A person behind the computer types and changes some things.

22-08-2003, 01:05
no sorry dante she disabled that!!!
22-08-2003, 01:16
yeah she disabled that long ago...
The Little Girl
22-08-2003, 01:19
> Well too bad I wasnt in the region when she did so I could do it becuase what she does only effects your region...So guess what THAT means!....
22-08-2003, 01:21 can play mine sweeper and not accully get blown up when your lose???
The Little Girl
22-08-2003, 01:24
> Inferno tisk shoulda guessed. It means that I also have control of the red queen because this is the original nation made for her to work in and I have it! But I'm not going to use it to destroy...I'm going to use it for something else...
22-08-2003, 01:26
you cannot do that my programs changed her a original code enough that your old hardware does nothing so ha ha ha!!!
22-08-2003, 01:43
ha ha ha are you there???
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
22-08-2003, 14:20
To All,

Due to the current situation and the ever growing threat of a revolution with Dante's nations, I will be holding a meeting with some people about matters.

I will post later about the outcome of events.

From the depths of Hell (resurrected),
Der Fuhrer Dyszel ~%~
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
22-08-2003, 14:24
To All,

Due to the current situation and the ever growing threat of a revolution with Dante's nations, I will be holding a meeting with some people about matters.

I will post later about the outcome of events.

From the depths of Hell (resurrected),
Der Fuhrer Dyszel ~%~
22-08-2003, 20:44
>Hey everyone, I went swimming today with a whole bunch of me friends. We pranced like faeries around the neighborhood too. In the rain no less.<

*Queen Surukai walks up to a vending machine and starts to put lots of coins in. She bangs on it until all the pepsis fall out. Heaven. Oh yeah.*

>Good story so far Dante. Keep me guessing kay?<
22-08-2003, 22:18
> I'm trying! I've got more up my sleeves!
22-08-2003, 22:30
> Oh and yes I've got control of the THE LITTLE GIRL the orginal COSP. If you didn't make that stupid post the one night about disabling system restore in your region then I'd never thought to use it to fix up this nation to its previous status! HA! Anyhow I think I'll take this time to introduce a new leader in the little girl. I call him Epcot and he has great abilities with THE LITTLE GIRL. He's made sure that no one could hack into it and stop him from continuing his plans. He also is securing certain codes and improving others. I'll make a list of the improved LITTLE GIRL soon...

///A semi large group of my spirits head toward the court room of the trials.

Commander we'll get him right?

And her!

Good. But aren't their others there that we're not authorized to attack?

Yes and we won't attack them.

When will we arrive?


The spirits head on.///
23-08-2003, 03:18
you know im sick of not being in that court room ill have to do something but what???
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
23-08-2003, 12:52

You are aware that The Red Queen could disable The Little Girl or the orginial COSP. She does have that power.

From the depths of Hell (resurrected),
Der Fuhrer Dyszel ~%~
23-08-2003, 23:25
shes able to do that???
24-08-2003, 00:23
thats not in the programming code that i had inputted into the Red Queen...
24-08-2003, 00:24
This is really getting long....tooo tooo long.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
24-08-2003, 00:31

I thought that you had taken care of that. I will see what The Red Queen is capable of doing and make a complete report and new thread just for her.

From the depths of Hell (resurrected),
Der Fuhrer Dyszel ~%~
24-08-2003, 01:10
no she stopped my upload before i had a chance to upgrade that feature...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
24-08-2003, 02:48
Perhaps, it is, but then again it is not over until all action cease.

Inferno, you neglected to mention that. I will have her upload that ability.
24-08-2003, 06:21
> Yo Ruhr its long but its still going. I've got a few things to patch up first. And those that been following now exactly whats going to happen...
24-08-2003, 08:02
good cuz i tried and she wont let me do it!!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
25-08-2003, 01:09
To All,

I think that the trials are finally moving on, because my post finally went through. I just thought that I would tell you all so that you could keep on top of the matter.

From the depths of Hell (resurrected),
Der Fuhrer Dyszel ~%~
25-08-2003, 01:17
Dyszel, skurwysynu, what is all this about?
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
25-08-2003, 02:53
I do not understand what you are asking. Please be more specific and I will gladly answer your questions.

From the depths of Hell (resurrected),
Der Fuhrer Dyszel ~%~
25-08-2003, 06:49
>Inu-Yasha comes back on Monday at 12. Whooooo.<

*Queen Surukai looks impatiently as she awaits further direction from the people planning this glorious thing.*

26-08-2003, 05:53
was it a rerun im not sure???

do we do it on this thread or the other one??
Holy Hell Its Dante
26-08-2003, 06:07
> tg
28-08-2003, 06:18
whats new in here???
28-08-2003, 08:05
Nothing is new here. Sigh....

King Joseph
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
28-08-2003, 15:53
Yes, I know. I have been waiting for one of Dante's story continuations, but nothing. Perhaps, he will post one sooner or later.
28-08-2003, 20:06
Yes, I know. I have been waiting for one of Dante's story continuations, but nothing. Perhaps, he will post one sooner or later.

i hope he does they are getting good!!!
30-08-2003, 05:07
INFERNO sits at a computer typing away all that is seen on the computer screen is 11100101111010000101010101010101101101001001101 it seems that INFERNO is making a new program...

INFERNO: now this should be fun everyone is too tense we all need to have some fun to cool off alittle!!!

INFERNO picks up the phone and hears the non-stop laughter he tells the voice that the program is ready for her the system is activated and the program is uploaded...
30-08-2003, 05:35
> Fine I'll go on...

///Spirits are seem flying at amazing speeds through the air. They are coming closer and closer to their destination.

Lets do this


Whats the plan

We're going to give them a little scare right over the building. We'll land 2 and the rest will provide air support. They'll go in and if they need back up we'll come in. THey're sending the old ones in to finish the job.

Good so we just sit up here and fly around

pretty much

Whos the target

You dont know?

No ones told me

Its that girl and that damn guy shes with. they might even take others who've got bounties

man I hare missing all the fun

They keep flying.

Almost there

30-08-2003, 05:38
> Whats going on? Planning to kill me?...
30-08-2003, 05:44
Pedro comes running in INFERNO INFERNO!!

INFERNO: I have no tacos!!!!!!!!

Pedro: o thats ok something strange is happening...
30-08-2003, 05:47
> Whats going on? Planning to kill me?...

no we are not gunna kill you.
30-08-2003, 05:57
> Oh damn...

///approaching target///
30-08-2003, 06:03
INFERNO: ok Pedro whats happening???

Pedro: um i forgot...
30-08-2003, 06:11

A black limo pulls up to the capital building of Mahanoy and a thin and pretty young woman in a business suit gets out with 2 body guards.

Kelvin you don't have to follow me. I'm fine...really.

We've got orders Miss Autumn

Fine then, but I'm really fine.

They all go into the building and walk into a conference room where a large group of people are sitting at a long table that is a shiny black. A person shows her a seat and she takes it. The other men stand in the corner. An old business leader sits at the head.

Welcome Miss Autumn

She nods and places a briefcase onto the table.

We hope that you'll please us with your report

Oh, you will be. ///smiles///

They start talking about financing and stuff to start the meeting...
30-08-2003, 06:15
(Does either side exist anymore? The guy who started this thread is gone, the guy who he was fighting against is gone...)
30-08-2003, 06:19
> Obviously you wouldn't have wasted the time to read all the pages. The sides were Dante v Der Fuhrer Dyszel. Both still around...
30-08-2003, 06:20
(Does either side exist anymore? The guy who started this thread is gone, the guy who he was fighting against is gone...)

yeah both sides exist still but the one who started this thread doesnt he/she didnt participate in it muscha anyway...
30-08-2003, 06:22
well accually now the sides sometimes get blured
30-08-2003, 06:30
<<<the boring talk over>>>

Now Miss Autumn would you tell us your report

Yes Mr Willmorth I will. ///pulls out manilla folder///

We've got here the exact positions of the rebellion forces. Each mark indicates the positions the rebels plan to move in.

She shows the maps.

And here we've got pictures of the targets. ///passes around pictures/// This isn't a light matter anymore. They've got everything done so clear and all that we're bound to be taken over any day now.

///murmur goes through room///

SO...your telling us that the rebels are planning to attack soon.

Most certainly. Its written all over those papers.

The people look at the papers and Autumn stands there looking at the chaos she created grinning without anyne noticing.
30-08-2003, 06:44
<<<people too busy reading>>>

Autumn stands their and smiles. She knows what she is doing is terribly wrong but something in it excites her.

Miss Autumn could you please tell us where you got this information from?

Yes from rebel headquarters.

And how?

Now I can't reveal that. But I could tell you though that I know more about this then you could imagine. If I can suggest being in charge of the capital to organize the counter attack then I can help save this from happening and then we could stop this in the other nations.

Well...thats big. I dont know if we could do that

Vote here and now.

A vote goes on.
30-08-2003, 06:55
<<<vote ends>>>

Well Miss Autumn I think that you've just got the job. Please help us

Thank you. I will do my best. ///smiling///

She collects the papers and slids them back into the folder and in the briefcase. She leaves the room smiling.
30-08-2003, 06:58
i wish i had a briefcase they are cool
30-08-2003, 07:06
[[[while leaving the building]]]

Autumn walks out of the building and notices that her guards aren't behind her. She stops still smiling.

||||||| BOOM |||||||

The building explodes from the inside. Autumn is knocked to the ground from the force of the explosion. On her knees she turns around to see the building in flames and pieces.

She gets up quickly and gets in the limo.


The limo tears down the street as police cars pass it speeding to the building.
31-08-2003, 04:38
i might come back from where im at....????
01-09-2003, 06:42

///on tv///


(a reporter in a summer dress is outside a flaming building while police and EMS personel are running around)

We're here live where a major capital building of Dante's has just been blown up from within. Police already have pointed that this is a crime done by the renegades. I'm here now with police cheif Tom. Tom what do you've got to say?

Well Karen....these regenades or rebels as you say have been planning attacks for some time now. It just happens that we found out that the suspected leader of the rebels met to discuss soeme business and the second they walked out the building denotated. Eyewitnesses are now speaking with investigators. But if you've seen this woman you're to contact the police IMMEDIATELY.

A picture of Autumn appeared on the screen. A man sitting in front of the tv grumbles.

Now what'd she do. They're trying to pin this on us. THat girls got a lot of explaining.

He turns off the tv and summons a servant.

Call a meeting now...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
02-09-2003, 15:53
Dante you must return to court immediately or we will be forced to take you there again. On encounter, if you refuse you will be shoot. That is all.
02-09-2003, 18:40
yes Dante return now you should get a fair trial and recieve a fair judgement....if not i am there for you!!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
04-09-2003, 16:09
Alright everyone. We will break up and search. I want your best men in this job.

Start searching all of his nations.

I will be sending my men to Whitecastle. Inferno you go to Mahanoy. Queen Surukai you go to Holy Hell its Dante. King Joseph you could take anyone you want.

Do the investigation on here and post any findings and apprehend all suspects. Do not let him get away. Check everything.

I will be offering a massive award for any person who turns Dante in to us. He has many nations and may diguise himself. If you find him report him or arrest him and bring him here.

Thank you very much. I hope we get this fool again.
04-09-2003, 17:24
There are no military bases for him to hide in in Holy Hell its Dante, I took out those as well as Dantes Devastation. Don't search major compounds.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
04-09-2003, 20:06
Ruhr I am glad to hear from you again. If you wish to help in the searh you are more then welcome to.

Queen Surukai direct your search to Dantes Elite Forces.

I have deported a search and find crew moments ago. They will be within his national borders by night. As of the moment, nothing had been reported.

From the depths of Hell (resurrected),
Der Fuhrer Dyszel ~%~
05-09-2003, 02:54
> HUH?

///A myseterious order is given to lock all national border and not let ANYONE in.///

> I hope you plan on going all out with this cause I'm not leaving my borders open for you to enter. You've got to kill my men to get into my nation...
05-09-2003, 03:01
///At the border Infernos troops are stopped.

You can't pass...

We've got orders to search.

You CANT pass...

Both sides are keeping to their orders. Uh oH! Lightening flashes followed by loud tunder. Heavy rain pours down.///

05-09-2003, 04:05
*As Queen Surukai finally lands outside the borders of Dantes Elite Forces. She hops out of the helicopter. As she strolls up to the gates....*

"Hi Bob! Hi Harry! Nice to see the two of you again."

*She waves as she passes through the gate.*

Harry: "Hey! Miss Surukai! No one is permited on the grounds!"

*She waves once again and disappears behind a wall.*
Dantes Elite Forces
05-09-2003, 04:13
> You shouldn't have done that. I wasn't kiddin'.

///BOB turns around and grabs Surukai from behind. He drags her away as she kicks and fights into a room. They inject a shot and she falls asleep soon.

Harry send her to him. He'll take care of this.


Harry ties up Surukai and carries her away. Deep and far into the nation she goes.///
05-09-2003, 04:16
*Queen Surukai lays limp ashe is being carried off. She is feeling quite stupid for not carrying a nice little knife right now.*
Holy Hell Its Dante
05-09-2003, 04:19
///Harry takes her somewhere else where no one else knows about.///
Holy Hell Its Dante
05-09-2003, 04:21
> We'll take this to the arena. I want you to fight Hilly...
05-09-2003, 04:24
>Aww. Okay. I get to throw stuff back at her! Yay.
Holy Hell Its Dante
05-09-2003, 04:27
> Oh and let me get this right...we're through with formalities right?
05-09-2003, 04:37
Yup. Sure are.
Holy Hell Its Dante
05-09-2003, 04:48
> Just wanted to check...

///message to all nations listening to this

Dante is no longer here. He left long ago. But if you want Surukai back you better think about these trials some more. And take notice that we weren't kiddin when we said that we've got orders to keep you out.///
05-09-2003, 05:25
///Mahanoy receives word that Surukai was taken. Autumn also receives this word.

Oh...this isn't good. But this could be the perfect diversion we were looking for...

Yeah Autumn but its dangerous

I need to meet this queen.


Dante used to really care for her thats why.

But why

You can't understand.

Fine Autumn but be careful

Just keep everyone off my back. I need to find Clara too so you get ahold of her.

Sure thing

Autumn left the room. This is it then! The stand off! She called the border control. Autumn here keep tell Infernos men that we've got Surukai and to back off right now or else they're little queen will be in trouble. Tell them to deliver a message to duh fuhrer. Tell them to tell her that this is no longer possible to avoid. They brought about this. I gave hints before but no they didnt listen to them. Anyone who enters these borders will trigger a rebellion. ANd watch your backs now. You should've just let Dante regain his throne...

She hangs up the phone grinning.



We've just got word that the those claiming to be Dantes government are here now. They're here for YOU!


Yeah they tracked you after the explosion. They think YOU did it!

THATS INSANE. That explosion was meant to KILL me.

What should we do?



Keep them away at all costs.


The man runs off and starts talking to a bunch of people. Autumn walks into her office and takes all important documents out the desk and places them ontop. She lights a match and scourches the place. The first alarm sounds followed by the sprinkles but Autumn disabled them in her room. She wanted this place to burn completely.

She walks out and was ceased.

Autumn you are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything YOU day can and WILL be used against YOU in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you are unable...

DAMMIT SHUT UP...You've got the wrong person.


A guard hits her with his night stick and she falls to the ground. They handcuff her and take her away.

On the way to the police station the road is road blocked off by stunning black vechiles. A leader spoke.

Unhand Autumn now or die.

You're facing the law.


You cant do this to the law.


The man fired a shot and killed the officer. Other police opened fire on the assembly but these people were more skilled then the police force and easily took them all out.

Get Autumn out of here to safety. She's not safe here anymore. They know shes the leader of us...///
05-09-2003, 05:54
INFERNOS troops: :lol: HA HA HA HA HA ooooo we are so scared oh no not Surukai what ever will we dooooooo!!! :shock: what! Yessir...but....we...we just thought that....ok sir dont take action...but we...yessir dont want harm coming to Surukai we will await orders!!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
05-09-2003, 16:06
Dante, this is insane. I guess you want yourself yourself dead.

Inferno, hold your position, until I give further orders. My men will hold their positions as well.

From the depths of Hell (resurrected),
Der Fuhrer Dyszel ~%~
Deceased Der Fuhrer
08-09-2003, 04:01
Hey everyone I'm back finally!

A dark figure is seen moving in the dark shadows directly into the capital of Deceased Der Fuhrer. He enters with an id card that lets him come in. The guards at door the pull up their guns but drop them at sight.

"Rodney is was long and painful, but I'm back. I just want to take a nice hot bath and relax some. Please......," Damon cut off and collapsed to the ground but was caught under the arms by Rodney. They brought him to a sofa and laid him down. His breathing was not better.

"I see the exposion to XGN left perminant damage on him," Rodney sighed. Damon layed there breathing heavily. Rodney looked in amazment. "I still can't believe he's alive. I thought they killed him or that they just threw him off in the ocean somewhere!"
08-09-2003, 05:10
INFERNO's Troops:lol Ha! we only take orders from the Great INFERNO!

INFERNO: For the moment take Der Fuhrers orders!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
08-09-2003, 15:53
"Insubordance," scuffed the great Admiral Hunny*Dew, "I will teach them. They have no right to disobey Der Fuhrer's direct orders."

She phones up to another post, "Please send the second division of the Night Hawks to sector six nine where Inferno's troops are located. They are disobeying Der Fuhrer's order and I do not want them to think that they are able to disobey Infenrno's orders. I want you to send this message to Inferno, as well. Tell him that I will not tolerate the training of his men, if they do not realize that Der Fuhrer is just powerful as Inferno and that insubordiance to The Reich is never tolerated."

She sits back down to find that a yellow envelope is lying on her desk. She reads and jumps up. "Damon is back. Impossible." She calls to another line. "Tell Der Fuhrer that Damon is back in his nation. Tell her we must welcome him home."

She hangs up the phone and sits smiling excitedly.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
08-09-2003, 16:09
Admiral Hunny*Dew leaves her premises and heads toward the nation of Deceased Der Fuhrer. She is more than happy about Damon coming home. Although, she was not told much about his condition, she figured that he would be alright. Damon could handle intense situations very well. She brought with her a small case of Bourbon and a box of Bon Bons.
08-09-2003, 16:39
INFERNO: you will not send anything at my men they are trained to obey me and only me they will obey Der Fuhrer for the moment until i tell them otherwise!!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
09-09-2003, 16:05
In the midst of a dark nation, Der Fuhrer, herself, and a small elite group of covert specialists enter a well hidden base. They hacked its code and broke into the base.

They group of men formed a defensive perimeter, only to discover that the threat was inside the base, not out side. They turned inward, slowly taking out personal. They knocked each one unconscious and carried them away into darkness.

A still small voice is heard next to Der Fuhrer's ear. The soft sweet voice of Admiral Hunny*Dew is heard to her, "Der Fuhrer, Damon is home. We have received word. Currently, I am en route to his capital where he is residing. I will send your regards. On the update of information, I need you to withdraw from there. I have reason to suspect Dante is somewhere else. I need you back here to give you the coordinations of this nation and the materials you will need to go there."

Der Fuhrer responded and called her men out. If Admiral Hunny*Dew had a suspecion about something, usually it was true. The men left as silently as they came.

On the way back to their nation they stopped at the premises in which Inferno's men were holding. Der Fuhrer jumped out of a helicopter and landed on the ground, one knee in air, the other on the ground. She looked up surreptiously. "If you have a problem with my orders then show me now," she demanded still half kneeling on the ground. She kept her hand near side ready to strike if need calls. "If you can not listen to my orders on your own accord, without being ordered by Inferno, then tell me now. I do not take kindly to insubordiance."

The helicopers hoovered above, Reich Elite's watching with admiration and trained guns.
10-09-2003, 05:13
INFERNO's Troops: we have no need to listen to you we obey INFERNO we will only listen to your orders because our Master INFERNO wishes it to be....
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
10-09-2003, 16:03
"Then so be it," I said as I raised myself; a sadistic grin forming on my face. A helicopter lands next to me and I jump in.

It takes off into the horizon, as others follow. I call to Inferno, "Inferno, if this is what you wish, then so be it. I call off all ties with my troops and yours. Hence, our nations will then be seperated. I will not tolerate the insubordiance of any Reich troops. Your troops are not loyal to me and that will never do. They are too naive to realize and respect their superiors. If they can not obey my orders then they can not fight in our army."

With that, I disconnect the line.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
10-09-2003, 16:09
Admiral Hunny*Dew approached Damon's capital. The city is booming with activity and the people are excited that Damon has returned. Parades are being thrown and people are flocking the building just to catch a quick glimpse of Damon.

She is hurtled into the excitement with a rush of people. She can not help joining in their gaity, as she smiles and chats happily with people who respect her. She stands there smiling as a group of people surround her, welcoming her and issuing her to toward the building.
10-09-2003, 20:03
INFERNO: what severing the ties damn...she...i cant help it if my troops are that loyal to me...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
11-09-2003, 04:00
I order the helicopters to return to Inferno's troops. Once again, I jump from the helicopters into the group of Inferno's troops; landing once again on one knee.

"You think that I am inferior to Inferno. I know it. I want you to realize something. I will not tolerate this behavior. Inferno is just as respectable as me. You can not respect one without respecting the other. Pay attention," I called out.
11-09-2003, 04:52
INFERNO's Troops:We are sorry!! We respect you also but He is our leader...We ment no harm Der Fuhrer...
11-09-2003, 04:56

///Antiaircraft weapons are fired from the border shooting down the helicopters. Men instantly surround duh fuhrer and infernos men and takes them hostage. They had no chance...outnumbered and without a plan. WE took them down right away. They fought but not hard enough. Duh fuhrer is injected with a shot and taken away to this nation.///
11-09-2003, 07:05
Oh snap! Um, I need to be told about this before I can react to it. Someone tell me!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
11-09-2003, 16:02
Had I even known about this I would have told you. This is insane, Dante. I really hope you know that my men will be all over this now. Good luck.

From the depths of Hell (resurrected),
Der Fuhrer Dyszel ~%~
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
11-09-2003, 16:14
Static is heard as Admiral Hunny*Dew tried repeated to contact Der Fuhrer. Upon realizing that something was direly wrong she phoned back to The Depths of Hell. Mathias Bortniansky was waiting there, where a loyal soldier helped him. The soldier answered the phone and responded. He called all national leaders and gave them the same speech.

"Fellow national Reich leaders. We have confirmed that Der Fuhrer is missing. No word has been found on where or what had happened, however, we know that she is gone. I am calling a meeting within Damon's nation to discuss the matter fully. We need to discuss the last whereabouts we had heard from her, who she contacted last, etc. Please attend. We must find her before it is too late.

Moreover, and most importantly. Queen Surukai may also be with her. It was confirmed that Queen Surukai has also disappeared. No word on her either. We must get them back immediately."
11-09-2003, 20:31
INFERNO: men... men... no way what has she done...what she is can it be my men can that squad all be dead!!!
12-09-2003, 21:25

Surukai is led into a room where a long table sat in the middle of the room with only two chairs. In the farthest chair sat a man with his head down and his hands behind his chair. The man lifeted his head at the sound. He saw Surukai there and smiled

Surukai take a seat.

Dante sat there grinning and Surukai stood there.
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
12-09-2003, 21:33
Off topic:
asl.'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa/hgxs mmmmmmwq,l

Sorry, my cat wanted to make a post. There it is. My cat is the best role player on here. No one could beat that post.

On topic:
Der Fuhrer woke up from the drug that was used to cause her to fall asleep. She found herself in a dark room with no lights, that was direly cold. She shivered, figuring that she was in a prison of some sort.
12-09-2003, 21:42
///The guards of Whitecastle came into the prison and found duh fuhrer. They escorted her out with guns pointed to the back of her head. If she moved the wrong way they were going to shoot her.///

> You've got to be here too...Cat? Only you!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
12-09-2003, 21:47
I complied with their will. I did not feel like having my head blown off. They led my along a maze of twisted corridors and dark rooms. I had never been here. This was some place that was not recorded in the regional maps of intelligence.
12-09-2003, 21:51
i hate errors on the server
12-09-2003, 21:51
first Dante runs and there is no sign of him...then Queen Surukai is kidnapped.....and now Der Fuhrer is missing what the hell is happening now my elite go and search every nation you can for them and do it quick!!!
12-09-2003, 21:51
first Dante runs and there is no sign of him...then Queen Surukai is kidnapped.....and now Der Fuhrer is missing what the hell is happening now my elite go and search every nation you can for them and do it quick!!!
12-09-2003, 21:52
12-09-2003, 22:19
> Damn last post didnt go through...
12-09-2003, 22:31
you telling me ive been having problems for awhile now...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
13-09-2003, 03:40
Admiral Hunny*Dew panics frantically as she orders troops to aid in the search for Queen Surukai and Der Fuhrer. She calls up to Inferno, "Inferno I need you to lead a search and rescue mission. Hurry and do not waste your time. I would aid myself, however I need to meet Damon."

She hangs up and hopes that Inferno would hurry.
13-09-2003, 04:00
Wow I must be Psychic since I have already done that yeah go me...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
13-09-2003, 04:02
Off of topic:
Mostly everyone will be on tonight. I contacted them and they will try and get on, even for just a few minutes.
13-09-2003, 04:09
OOC:I guess thats good...

IC:Sir we have been looking all day for them we are gunna go and follow up on some leads we have heard about...
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
13-09-2003, 04:17
Admiral Hunny*Dew enters the capital building where people surround her welcoming her. They guide her over to Damon, who is sleeping on a couch, as if he just plopped down upon it. His breathing was, in fact, not good.

However, he looked serene lying there in deep sleep. She knelt beside the sofa and kissed Damon. It has been so long since any of them had seen him and he had been through so much terror that it was only appropiate to welcome in such a manner. She only wished that he was awake.

Warm tears ran down her cheecks as she knelt there filled with pure joy and happiness.
13-09-2003, 04:26
INFERNO:all Troops kick up the search anyone on chairs kick them out and ask them where our missing leaders are...
The Red Queen
13-09-2003, 04:32
*accesses COSP*

I am going to search all facilites within the region. Any sign of anything odd will be reported. Message later.
13-09-2003, 04:34
ummm...isnt that the weapon shouldnt you use the scanning mode or is that what is applied secretly when you say that...???
Deceased Der Fuhrer
13-09-2003, 04:36
Damon wakes up to see the lovely Admiral Hunny*Dew right aside him. He sits up and talks gently with her.

She told him about the Der Fuhrer/Queen Surukai situation. They both left together to aid in the search.

As we left thousands cheered for us.
13-09-2003, 04:47
OOC: lol that the response you get whenever you leave a room lol right!!!
13-09-2003, 04:55
///duh fuhrer is brought into the room with me and Surukai and tossed in///
13-09-2003, 05:00
INFERNO's Search and Retrivial Squad:Sir i think we found the location loading building up into the Red Queen to scan to make sure!!!