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Pax Germania
15-01-2004, 03:58

James Hartman (to assembly of generals): Alright maggots listen up! We've got a situation developing to our south, and I won't just sit around while those unorganized grabastic pieces of amphibian s#!~ from Dubelco steal our WAR! We had better square our a$$es away and get on the ball!

(Generals nod)

Hartman: Bull$#!t I can't hear you, SOUND OFF LIKE YOU GOT A PAIR!

Generals: SIR! YES SIR!

Hartman: Send the fifth, sixth, and eighth Armadas. Who's our elite fly-boys?!

General Williams: The first A.F. sir!

Hartman: OUTSTANDING! Send the 1st and 5th Air Forces, the 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 8th Divisions. Load up 19th and 20th Airborne. Hold all units at the edge of Eastern Detroit's waters, and await further instructions! Do you ladies understand that?!

Generals: Sir! Yes Sir!
15-01-2004, 04:27
Out Of Character


All participants in LETI roleplaying are to vote on the following issue. Telegram me with your answers within one week. Do NOT post in the forum on this topic. You may discuss amongst yourselves via TG or a separate thread. Give first and second choice preferences. Next Wednesday the results will be tallied and will result in Regional Founder Decree Number 2. If anyone doesn't like it, go form your own region. Then you can make regional founder decrees, too. ;) The result will NOT be retroactive, this is just for future reference.

Regarding Roleplaying and Nuclear Weapons in LETI

Realistically, the use of nuclear weapons in LETI would ultimately result in the destruction of LETI and possibly the entire world.

Options - Pick top two
First choice is worth two points, second choice worth one point, and third choice...well I don't give a crap about that one.

A) Yeah it's about time, Sam. I'm tired of seeing another nuclear holocaust every time I load up the damn forum. If that actually happened, it would mean the end of LETI and the world. I mean we can still have them and all, but finding interesting solutions other than lobbing them all over creation would be much better. And that would put that stupid Resicorp out of business once and for all.

B) That's all well and good, Sam, but what if it would make a really cool story line? How about we can nuke each other to our hearts desire as long as the nukie gives permission to the nuker. That's much better than setting up stupid roleplaying rules that I have to remember. Next thing you know you'll be trying to outlaw Intercontinental Ballistic Cheese Launchers.

C) You're an idiot, Sam. Who do you think you are anyway? If someone really launched a nuclear missle around here, every country would wait and see where it was going before they retaliated against everyone else. In addition, a nuclear blast would not hurt any neighboring nations and there would be no deadly fallout for the entire region. Nulcear weapons are viable weapons, that's why people shoot them around all the time in real life. I mean, it's not like i have 3 arms or anything.
Henceland Omega
15-01-2004, 05:11
::Back at the Hence Palace::

Hoover: Ok, is this everyone?

Boss (Pedro): Yes, we are all ready to go! But what are we actually doing?

Hoover: We're travelling to the lock and your fixing it.

Pedro: I know that. how are we getting there?

Hoover: By Edenstein transports.

Random Worker: Man, I don't know! Like you know? I heard like this story, like you know? I heard this ship was sailing to the lock like you know? And man, it dissappeared!

Hoover: Just stories.

Worker: I dont' know man, they sound real to me, you know?

Ruri: Idiots.

Hoover: Don't worry about it. We leave tomorrow...
15-01-2004, 06:51
:twisted: Good Evening :twisted:
We at H.A.M have decided to once again try to pull off Letistock. The reason for this is that no one sent any bands to the venue. We also cancelled because the feature band from H.A.M were all in the hospital due to a recent outbreak of paper cuts, really bad paper cuts. There was aslo talk of a war that was going on somewhere and thats why alot of nations in the region didnt send anyone. well that is understandable and all but i have just one question....

Cant we all just get along? i mean honeslty there is no need for fighting is there? It's a pointless act that causes death and destruction. With that said i would like to anounce that HeavyArmsMetal will be invading The Free Land of O Capricho das Pessoas. There is a reason for this and i will tell you. We have recieved word that the leader of O Capricho Das Pessoas has taken one of our beloved citizens captive. Now you may be wondering how are we going to get to their nation, i dont even have any boats or planes. well all i have to say to that is two words.... Low Tide.... as soon as low tide hits we will march in all of our troops...and....what.... we dont have any troops either? on one second folks..... what do we do? i got it.... we would like to take this time to ask anyone if they would like to help by sending H.A.M some troops to help us?....all we have are enraged farmers with pitch forks. All help will be greatly greatly welcomed.....ok now we start training our citizens between 17 and 30 to be ninjas so we atleast have something..... i dont know who's going to teach them.....hey call mr. miagi..... the guy from karate kid stupid..... i dont care just get him!....

Thank you for your time....LOW TIDE COMES!

:lol: (but we need help first) :wink:
15-01-2004, 07:33
From the Desk of Chancellor Sammek

To: HeavyArmsMetal

We have approved visas for the band Limburger Death to attend LETIStock. We are also sending 12 Rowboats and 2,000 rabid weasels to aid in your conquest. Enjoy!
Pax Germania
15-01-2004, 08:10
::A small fishing trawler creeps along through a dense cold fog in the waters west of Euphoni. The Skipper signals for the king-buoy to be dropped.:

Skipper: This place looks lucky. There's a lot of action in these waters.

::Crewman Willis' eyes dart from side to side.::
Pax Germania
15-01-2004, 08:15
::The Pax College of Fine arts sends the Germanic Recorder Philharmonic. These performers may be used as they are needed (either in LETIStock or as instruments of torture for Meghann's P.O.W.s)::
O Capricho das Pessoas
15-01-2004, 09:16
*A press conference, the most activity seen in O Capricho das Pessoas in decades, is being held in the city of O Nenhum Sol. The friendly people of O Capricho das Pessoas, upon hearing that their beloved nation is being attacked, remain hidden in their homes in fear.*

* Their leader, Empress Rogue, emerges wearing several layers of clothes, darkly tinted sunglasses and a straw hat, smothered so thickly with SPF 45 that she reeks of 1,000 coconuts. She approaches the microphone with caution as the sun beats down heavily from above.*

"Fair people of O Capricho das Pessoas and of LETI, I address you today with a sadness of heart I have not yet felt before. Our people have lived for decades in peace and amity with a single goal of providing a prosperous and fulfilling way of life for all. Our gentle, God-fearing nation has been carrying out this goal successfully…until today. Dear people of LETI, hear me out! I pray to you, this oh so tragic day. Do not let our people be slaughtered by the thousands simply for the pleasure of a blood-thirsty, malicious nation. As a heart-broken, loving leader, I fall before you and ask of you one thing: please help me save these innocent lives. ”
15-01-2004, 14:53
To HeavyArmsMetal from the Ministry of Defense, MadderMike
We would be willing to send you a vast army of 3.421 street beggars, as you know every adult in MadderMike is required to be proficient in small arms use, not that we would let anyone that poor actually have a gun. These street beggars can be prodded along with sharp sticks or the promise of food. Give them some broomsticks and tell them to go "Bang Bang Bang"
Let us know if you want this vast army.
Oh so Pompous Mike Macbeth,
Ministry of Defense, MadderMike
15-01-2004, 16:46
:twisted: Biggity-B approaches microphone :twisted:

*tap* *tap* *tap* is this thing on? Hello my fellow leti regional type people. We would first like to restate that we are going to have a letistock, and to send a band if you wish. Ok now to the good stuff. We have just recieved word that O Capricho das Pessoas has indeed killed our beloved citizen for no aparent reason. The leader of the nation sent a video of what they did to our beloved citizen. Go here if you would like to watch. I know it is hard to watch but we will move on and prevail. We would like to thank Samsylvannia for their weasels. we have a good idea on how to use them. Also the ministry of defense your help would be greatly appriaciated.......he's here?.....ha ha ha ha ha ha (evil laugh).......(Clears Throat) i have just been informed that the one Mr. Miagi has arrived and has already started the training of our ninja elite. So now all we have to do is wait for LOW TIDE and O Capricho das Pessoas will be ours.

Um sir low tide will be in two days.

Even better tell that ninja dude to hurry up. In two days we Attack! Farewell and remember to send bands to letistock.

Biggity-B walks away from the microphone while singing the good old song by Outkast "Bombs over Baghdad" which has been remixed into "we gonna invade you" by the H.A.M band the Somebodies.
15-01-2004, 16:48
We are sorry about the video not working right but if you go to you should be able to find it under the funny video section. I dont know why but they called it the chicken dance or something like that. well have at it if you wish.
15-01-2004, 16:48
Jarlaxle: The mercenary band of Bregan D'aerth is willing to send a force of 50 soldiers to the aid of O Capricho das Pessoas; however, we will require some form of payment for our actions. The payment will be of my choosing, and when you are to pay. Send me your acceptance if you wish.
15-01-2004, 17:48
::Minister of Defense, Oh so Pompous Mike Macbeth to his staff "Round up those street beggers and put them on the fastest boat we have and get them to HeavyArmsMetal before they change their minds."
Eastern Detroit
15-01-2004, 17:56

Sam i know you said no discussion in this thread, but, here goes.

If we are to vote on this, I would prefer it to be a Forum Poll.

Each player not each country gets a vote

and each vote in the poll MUST have a post to go along with it, so we know who voted for what and so everyone else knows the stand of everyone.

This sort of voting should be public. And I am willing to list all of my puppets to prove that I only voted once.

And lastly, if you want this voted on in a fair and impartial manner(since you are conducting the Poll)

You probably should NOT post your own opinions within the poll, To be fair you should make a post stating your views and then vote accordinly and allow everyone else to do so.
15-01-2004, 19:27
15-01-2004, 19:58
Letistock is filling up rather quickly. We were so suprised at how much interest was in this event that we have decided to have the festival go for three days so that all the bands are able to play. thank you
15-01-2004, 20:08
Take the debate here (
15-01-2004, 20:13
Alas, our thread shall be dying soonly, is soonly a word? so here is the continuation of the LETI thread
15-01-2004, 20:19
::The Heavy Metal Band "Damish's Nazi Hordes" (OOC: If anyone can name the reference I'll um... Well, just compliment you on your choice of liturature) has packed up and are headed to LETIstock. Many Manarthian (and associated puppets of mine) people have journied there for a joyous fest of partying::

::In LETI, near the Welland Canal, some Manarthian ships (The remains of the Murcury and Triumph battle groups) break off their attack of Eastern Detroit's Navy and attempts to make a run for ED it's self::

::B-1's launching from Manarthian airbases fly over the canal and harrass the ED fleet, attempting to discourage pursuit, as the other carrier groups (Wainright, Brock, and Oddessy) concentrait on the ED fleet::

::As the ships approach the eastern shore of the ED main island, they commence long range bombardment of the coast, and the attached Wasp class ships prepair for landing::

::Prime Minister Jarnicki is happy to anounce a verbal treaty between Dubelco and Manarth for purposes of this war. She states that any other nation eager to send troops/weapons/supplies should talk to both Dubelco and Manarth before committing themselves, lest any "friendly fire" incidents happen::

::And finally, Jillian Tan, the Deputy Prime minister has let slip that Manarth will begin expanding their tactical and intercontinental ballistic nuke program (in preparation for a resounding defeat of Samsylvannia's proposal). In response to Samsylvannia's proposal, Tan was quoted as saying "What's he going to do if he wins anyway? Kick us out? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Seriously, if he does win, you're all still free to ignore him, and come to LOTI where we don't make silly rules and we only kick out copycats and people 2/3rds of us find increadibly annoying." Some reported her muttering under her breath ("it's not like he allows nukes to hit HIM anyway")::

OOC: I appologize to all for not posting for a while. As an appropriate excuse, I've got 3 writing and reading intensive cources (and a new SO). So... I'll post whenever I can.

And I agree with the COC, the voting should be public. For the record, my puppets are as follows:

Featherstones America
CWL (Due to die soon)
Machiavellum(I think it is dead)
Manarth News Network
Western Manarth(Just taking up space in LETI)

I may have forgotten some, if you find any don't hesitate to bring it to Sam's attention, because I'm sure he cares.
15-01-2004, 21:04
::Izimbeckwi, Izembeckwi, Iszembeckwi, and Izsimbeckwi have combined forces, and are now serving under a common rule. In honor of this merger the nation's website has been revamped. Enjoy::
Henceland Omega
15-01-2004, 23:19
Memo: To Heavy Arms Metal LETIstock team
From: Andrew Tobler

We wish for our band, Trance-Cyberia to be entered into LETIstock. The band is a techno/trance/funk band. However, we wish to know how much you will allow in the ways of accessories, such as lighting, extra speakers, pyrotechnics, and mind-altering drugs. Thank you.

-Andrew Tobler, Trance-Cyberia
16-01-2004, 04:04
To:Primiere of O Capricho das Pessoas
From: Nameless Underling #1 of Samsylvannia

We have confirmed your request for 10 bumper boats and 2,000 rabid moles and are shipping them immediately. Enjoy.
Of the council of clan
16-01-2004, 04:25
::2 Wings of B-1B bombers, the 673rd Strategic Air Wing and the 451st Strategic Air wing take off from Council of Clan and fly with a full payload of 4 Mach 6.5 Killjoy Cruise missiles each and unleash them over the canal at the Eastern Detroit fleet near that area. The two wings are escorted by the 4012th and 5302nd Aerial Superiority Squadrons of 24 F-15C's each. After unleashing their payloads they fly on and Land In Henceland Omega.
While the 2230th and 405th Military Airlift Wings follow on, carrying fuel, munitions and supplies for the 3 wings of fighters. Ferrying until the aircraft are self suffecient at a Henceland Omega Base.::

OOC: Hey Steve, where do you want me to land em?
16-01-2004, 06:37
there is no limit on the lighting or other equipment that can be brought to letistock, but just for general info there will be three stages set up so that as soon as one band is done then the next band can start up on the next stage. although the mind altering drugs are not to be brought we do not want this to turn into a woodstock that MTV puts on. We will have police on hand to make sure nothing go wrong.

Also we here at H.A.M. have gone into negotiations with the leader of The Free Land of O Capricho das Pessoas. Stick to the message boards for updates on the negotiations.

:twisted: Biggity-B :twisted:
16-01-2004, 15:22
To: Heavy Arms Metal
From: Marchion Ellastul

Mirabar would like to participate in LETIstock. We will send our leading bard, Deekin, to participate. Out little friend has little in means of equipment needed, and can forage in the forest if he needs food. We await the day of the concert, and are looking forward to the enjoyment of it all.
16-01-2004, 18:07

Nuclear non-proliferation treaty is drafted and wating for criticism.
17-01-2004, 02:15
Good Evening. I'm Clint Combclump.
And now, tonights top stories......

There are many reliable reports that a Giant Water Penis has been spotted off the Southwestern shores of Hairybackistan. The Water Penis, once thought to be extinct until a group of miniature Water Penis' were recently discovered mating in the remote waters of LETI, near Crippleslovenia. The Giant Water Penis, the larger cousin of the Miniature Water Penis, is a gentle giant, but experts say to leave them alone if spotted. In no circumstance should they be petted or played with. When aroused, these gentle giants can grow to nearly twice their normal size, and can be quite dangerous.

When we return, Hairybackistan agrees to send military aid to sister nations. More after this.....

*Tony the Tiger says.....theeeeeiiiiirrrr....Grrrrrrrreat!*
17-01-2004, 02:16
Good Evening. I'm Clint Combclump.
And now, tonights top stories......

There are many reliable reports that a Giant Water Penis has been spotted off the Southwestern shores of Hairybackistan. The Water Penis, once thought to be extinct until a group of miniature Water Penis' were recently discovered mating in the remote waters of LETI, near Crippleslovenia. The Giant Water Penis, the larger cousin of the Miniature Water Penis, is a gentle giant, but experts say to leave them alone if spotted. In no circumstance should they be petted or played with. When aroused, these gentle giants can grow to nearly twice their normal size, and can be quite dangerous.

When we return, Hairybackistan agrees to send military aid to sister nations. More after this.....

*Tony the Tiger says.....theeeeeiiiiirrrr....Grrrrrrrreat!*
17-01-2004, 03:20
*Emperor Ed, Empress Carolyn and Chancllor Sammeck sit in a truck stop just outside of the Ohio Border*

Sam: I need to use the bathroom *Leaves*

Ed: Wow! I can check my country from here!

Carolyn: Ohh come on...

Ed: *checks country carolyn runs off to get sam to show him something pathetic they come back*

Sam: wow thats pathetic, I'm putting gas in the car.. *leaves*

OOC: We are almost to indiana everyone! Bye!
Henceland Omega
17-01-2004, 07:24
::In Edenstein's Palace::

Bert: All right! It's time! Let's go!

::Jay and Bert go rushing into the Rec Room and hide. Bert hides under a table in the corner. Jay runs into the closet. They wait... and wait... and wait.... and wait... ans wait...::

::2 hours later::

Bert: What's going on? Carolyn never misses Star Trek!

Jay: Yeah, but I just did!

Bert: What happened? ::They walk into the hallway where they run into Onotov:: Hey! Onotov! What happened to Empress Carolyn? Is she not feeling well? I noticed she didn't even watch her favorite show today! Ha ha!

Jay: Yeah, we were going to st...

Bert: Stay with her and watch it today! Heh heh!

Onotov: Didn't you know? Her and the Emperor got together with Chancellor Sammek to discuss relations since the death of Emperor Conn.

Bert: They did?

Onotov: Yeah, they left LETI to discuss things in a remote part of Indiana.

Jay: Then how are we going to ass...

Bert: Assist her?

Onotov: Ha ha! You boys are so eager to help! Why don't you guys go back and relax! They'll be back in a few days!

Bert: Oh ok... ::Onotov leaves:: DAHHHHH!!!!!
Henceland Omega
17-01-2004, 07:52
::In the Hence Palace::

Ruri: The team is ready and awaits pickup from the Edenstein transports.

Hoover: Great!

Ritsuko: (whispers to Luna) Does she ever talk with any emotion?

Luna: Shh! Rits-chan!

Corran: Hey, look at this! It's a proposal on the nuclear weapons ban! We'll have to discuss this. Luna, put a discussion of this on our agenda when the work week begins again.

Luna: ::bows:: Absolutely!

Ruri: Reports are also coming in from the ED front.

Hoover: Make sure you watch that situation carefully Ruri! Eastern Detroit is very suspicious, and you also have to make sure you know where CoC is.

Ruri: About that. We have a request from them asking to allow a base for their planes to land. Commander, what do you suggest?

Ritsuko: Suggest? How many of them are there?

Ruri: 2 wings of B1s, 48 F15's, and 2 wings of Airlift supply planes.

Ritsuko: Well, Grahf is still ruined, so Sabrewulf's the only place we can put them. I'll send them to the utility supply base on the western of Junpei Island.

Ruri: Ok. ::She walks back into the map room::

Ritsuko: Boy, how can she DO that?

Luna: Ritsuko, it's just the way she's been brought up.

Ritsuko: Yeah, but still! She annoys me with the way she blatantly flaunts the fact that she thinks she's better than us!

Luna: ::sighs:: Ritsuko that's not the way it is...

Corran: Hmm? Something going on?

Ritsuko: Nothing...
17-01-2004, 08:20
*140 Km southwest of Eastern Detroit. 2/3 of the home fleet consisting of 2 Yetrimosky Super Carriers, 4 Ul'yanovsk class carriers, 4 Slava-M class cruisers, 13 Sovremenny class destroyers and 24 Korsa Class Frigates are on patrol. AWACS aircraft from that ship detect an enourmous amount of blips on the radar.*

*The AWACS speaks with the EDS Jerulselaem, the flagship*

AWACS: Incoming Bogeys, bearing 130 moving pretty fast. there are hundreds of them and they look to be on a course with Home.

Admiral: All right order aircraft into the air. Spread the ships out in an anti-air formation. and get me the Leader

*Phone rings at the Office of Mohammed Ayatollah Adied*

This is Mohammed Ayatollah Adied's secretary? Yes? how many? May Mohammed Bless our path. I'll notify Defensive Command.

*Across Eastern Detroit Aircraft are fueled and put into the sky, including 3 wings of MIG-31's all equipped with long range R-33 missiles.*

*Back at the fleet 112 Su-37K(naval Version) and 43 Su-27K take to the sky and head for the oncoming aircraft. They open fire with with a volley of 200 AA-12 Adder missiles at a range of 80KM., switch targets and fire another 100 AA-12 Adder missiles*

*The 216 Mig-31's move at Mach 3 towards the Oncoming aircraft and when within the 160 KM range of the R-33 missile they each launch at 6 different targets sending 1296 R-33 Mach 4.5 Missiles at the oncoming waves of aircraft.*

OOC: what beaches are your troops trying to land on and what waters are your ships coming from. I kinda need that info. That and which cities and what targets are targeted by how many of what aircraft using what type of munition.

*As the missiles are put on radar, Gold Leader opens up communications...*

Gold Leader: All wings, incoming missiles! green Leader ENGAGE!

Green Leader: All right boys lock and load then pray you come home...

*As the missiles begin ripping into the wings of A10's and F-18's, the F-22's lock on with Sidewinder missiles on 2 targets apiece, then switch to sparrow missiles, fire one volley before they begin to drop. The F-18's managed to drop a total of 367 bombs, similar to ASW designs (made to hit sea level craft as well) on the Eastern Detorit Fleet. the A-10's get off some rounds on the first 2 islands bases but aren't fast enough, and all go down. the B1B's streak thru the fleet, targetting the main carriers with cluster bombs, (overkill or just completely crazy?) and then make their way into the islands. Designated wings fly past the landing party, destroying a few surrounding emplacements. The B1B's faster than the rest, manage to fly away and scatter. The wings are scattered, torn, and broken; combine into squadrons of mixed design and head back to Dubelco. A total of 1500 missiles may have been fired, 1000 confirmed. All A10's and F-18's shot down. 97 F22's shot down, 103 MIA. All B1B's escaped terror, (hey something lucked out).

Just as the emplacemtns are destroyed, the LCACS land on the shores. They unload their troops and Abrahms tanks, and the Helicopters begin to land and unload, with the Super Cobras taking defensive halts around the beach party. Off in the distance towards where the fleet is stationed, 5 AC-130 Spectre Gunships fly in with 500 F-22 support from northern friendly bases. *

OOC: Tons of losses, but I think I got you too.
18-01-2004, 00:46
*Chancellor Sammek watches the situation map with deep interest. Without warning, an enormous strike fleet that has taken weeks to amass launches from Samsylvannia, steaming for Hairybackistan. At the same time, aircraft of the 101st and 102nd Attack Wings take off towards the west. Their target: Edenstein air defenses. Hairybackistan is unsuspecting and will not be ready. Suddenly, the aircraft are jumped by Edenstein fighters.*

Sammek: (to himself) Where did you come from? No matter...

*The superior D.O.S. aircraft make quick work of them and continue for the coastline. More aircraft head for Crippleslovenia and Henceland Omega, as well as Dubelco and Euphoni.*

Sammek: Ah, weren't expecting this, were you Corran?

*Soon, Hencelands remaining bases are in ruins and the other countries are flounding badly as they can only manage a pitiful defense.*

Sammek: Time for Phase II.

*A total of 27 Ohio class missile submarines surface and launch hundreds of cruise missiles towards LOTI, bound for Council of Clan and Manarth. Samsylvannian ekranoplans unload 4 divisions of marines in Eastern Detroit and 6 more in Pax Germainia. Suddenly a radio operator calls out to Sammek.*

Radio Operator: Sir! It's Edenstein, we have incoming fighters.

Sammek: Where? Where are the headed?

RO: They're headed for our headquarters.

Sammek: How did you know, Emperor? No matter.

*DOS air defense do their work admirably, turning them away at minimal losses. The Samsylvannian suprise attack catches them all off guard. In a matter of hours, the Samsylvannia flag flies over the capitols of the ten largest nations in LETI and LOTI. The remaining countries pose little threat to the mighty forces of Samsylvannia and will be taken care of in due time.*

Sammek: Excellent...

*The intercom buzzes.*

Sammek: Damnit! *Flips intercom on* Yes?

Intercom: Sir, it's time for your press conference.

Sammek: Of all the...fine, I'm on my way.

*Sammek hits ESC and shuts down his brand new copy of Command & Conquer: The LETI Expansion.*

Sammek: Just when it was getting good...
18-01-2004, 03:58
::Mark McMillan (i.e. KrazyKrazyMark) shuts down his copy of Command and Conquer: LETI Expansion after the guy he was playing online, XxChAnSMMKxX logged off::

McMillan: Good thing. That guy almost had me. Who would have expected Samsylvannian forces could over run that Council of Clan possition.

Wonder who that guy was anyway? He sure knew how to use those cheese launchers.

Ah! 'nother player. ::typing:: bring it you looser!!1! ::stops typing::

PRPHTLVREVANS11? What kind of name is that? Sounds easy enough. Bastards are even choosing Die Elite Reich. Hehehe.

::He gets back to his game::
Henceland Omega
18-01-2004, 04:50
::HO Channel 2 Newsbreak::

Diane: Good morning, I'm Diane Simmons for HO Channel 2 News. We now bring you live to Wraith where Elhaym van Houten is standing by for a momentous occasion.

Elly: That's right Diane. I'm here with His Henceness and Space Advisor Rom Tism.

Rom: Hey baby!

Elly: Now what you're seeing here is a recording from earlier this morning when the space satellite "Penetrator" was launched. The satellite successfuly broke through the Earth's atmosphere, marking the next step in HO's space program. Mr. Tism, what are your comments on the launch?

Rom: Well we certainly got it up if you know I mean! I knew it would work, because we're just that hence!

Elly: Well it was quite a success. Your Henceness, what would you like to tell the people of HO about this launch?

Corran: Well Elly, it shows the great intelligence and perseverance of our people. If we continue like this, nothing we propose to do will be impossible!

Elly: Some great words of inspiration, Your Henceness.

Corran: ::smiles at Elly:: Thank you. I appreciate your compliments!

Elly: ::hesitates for a moment, then turns to Rom:: Now Mr. Tism, what are your next plans?

Rom: To take you back to my house and... ::notices a scowl on Elly's face::

Elly: I meant the space program!

Rom: Right. Well our next step is to get something that can completely orbit the earth and be controlled. The next satellite will put us even closer to scoring. Heh heh. "Score..."

Elly: Uh... right. In any case, today will certainly be a momentous occasion for Hencemen everywhere as we continue in our Space Quest. This is Elhaym van Houten reporting!
18-01-2004, 06:12
Just to help Ed posted this a while ago, and I think people should start using it.
18-01-2004, 06:15
Just to help Ed posted this a while ago, and I think people should start using it.
Of the council of clan
18-01-2004, 06:20
Eastern Detroit
18-01-2004, 06:32
OOC:Ok, you can't report my defenses destroyed, my carriers sunk, or the troops landed on my beach yet. Slow down, that was only the first wave of my air defenses. On top of that, you can't go dropping bombs until you tell me how many of the 1300 missiles i launched got through. If all of your F-18's were destroyed at about 60-100 miles from the fleet, how did they drop bombs?.

OOC: Just for future notice, you have to make allowances for Mines on approaches for good harbors, declare what harbors or beaches your landing in. You have to make allowances by the fact that your landing vessels couldn't just sail right up to my shore without being noticed, AWACS, sea patrol, submarines, etc. You have to make allowances that I might have elaborate shore defenses, 16" cannons with a range stretched out to a 100 Miles using Rocket Assited Laser guided 8" Discarding Sabot rounds. You have to make allowances that I would have dummy guns. Also self Propelled 122mm and 152mm artillery and MLRS systems. SAM systems all over the places, Su-39's and Su-25's flying air support from airbases. Pill boxes, Tank traps, Trenches. Long range Maritime Patrol Aircraft Tu-95 Bears and Tu-22m Blackfires. Gas shells in my guns, and hell small tactical nukes. You also have to understand that your planes aren't magically on top of the fleet. They have to get through the Infrared and Radar guided Sam defenses, additional aircraft getting launched and more land based on the way. But this isn't going to go anywhere anyway. So the country is yours.

::Message from Mohammed Ayatollah Adied's office to Dubelco::

We surrender to the forces of Dubelcol, Manarth and Of the Council of clan.
Eastern Detroit
18-01-2004, 06:34
::As the Surrender is sent out, caves throughout the island are full of activity.::

::The ED airforce slips out of the country and heads south over the US and then they go on an unknown heading::
18-01-2004, 06:50
::Manarth accepts Eastern Detroits surrender::
18-01-2004, 20:49
The government of MadderMike denounces the latest attacks and the forced surrender of the deeply religious nation of Eastern Detroit by these aggressor nations just because they want control of the enormous oil reserves. MadderMike offers sanctuary to the Mohammed Ayatollah Adied in one of our billionare compounds deep in the eastern mountains of MadderMike.
Henceland Omega
19-01-2004, 08:48
::On ED::

Smucker: Well I think that just about does it... what say we head back for home?

John: Sounds good to me, we don't awnt to be around when things start getting more messy.

Eddy: Yeah, let's go...
19-01-2004, 09:13
Dubelco accepts the surrender of Eastern Detroit.

*The beachhead that had landed, now secures the immediate area, with their air support in defensive flanks.

The Lexington Carrier Battle Group stationed off the eastern waters of ED begins it movement into ED waters.*
Of the council of clan
19-01-2004, 22:44
::about 20km North of Lima, Eastern Detroit on the SW corner of the Island, a Virginia Class Submarine surfaces::

::On the Bridge of that Sub a man comes up and looks out over the shore with binoculars::

::The Man spots a flashing light and turns to the Exo of the sub::

Man: Well there's our buddy Mohammed Ayatollah Adied and his Ontourage.

Man: Exo, get our Seals to lower a Zodiac and go and pick up those men.

Exo: Aye, Aye Commander Kimball.
Of the council of clan
20-01-2004, 02:44
::Commander Kimball II on board the FFCS Bonefish turns and talks to his guest. A man in black robes and a mask covering his entire body::

Kimball II: So Mohammed, how do i really know it is you?

Adied: You don't, but as per our deal you take me to MadderMike and I pay you 40 million dollars. That should help you resupply at a neutral port and maybe even rearm.

Kimball II: Ok Mohammed, So what are you doing after that port.

Adied: Well I'm going to continue my movement from afar, your welcome to join.

Kimball II: As long as i get to take on those Major Clan bastards.

Adied: Well, The Greater Federation may stand in my way, if so you'd prove to be most useful.

Kimball II: So who's picking you up from Madder Mike?

Adied: A West Palm Beach flight of course, Those West Palm Beach people are most useful since there is no clear government.

Kimball II: Navigator, make for West Palm Beach, maxium Silent speed.

Navagation officer: Aye Aye SIR!

::The Bonefish makes for Madder mike at 22 knots.::
Henceland Omega
20-01-2004, 03:51
::In the Hence Palace::

Ruri: Emperor, may I ask you a question?

Corran: Sure Ruri, what is it?

Ruri: I've been looking at the satellite images of our regiobn and nation and I've noticed that we have no information on the DDR Islands at all.

Corran: Oh yeah... well... Um, we just haven't gotten around to it. We've almost been afraid to.

Ruri: May I suggest an operation to sweep the islands with our satellites and ascertain the terrain as long as no manned objects land on the islands?

Corran: Umm...

Luna: I think that's a good idea, we've been wondering about that for a while. If we figure things out and let the public know about some of it, it'll really caml them down! They're still upset and suspicious since the Rape of Tifa and all...

Corran: Ok. Ruri make it so, but I want to know about every facet of this operation. We're treading on treacherous waters with this one!

Ruri: Ok.
20-01-2004, 06:15

New Leti Thread....... from this point on please post everything in that thread,

thank you,

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Could one of the Mods please Lock and Archive this thread? I'd greatly appreciate it.

I have saved this thread thus far.
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