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31-08-2003, 12:38
Jimmy made his way into the rooms, erecting a shield of telekinetic energy around in case there were guns involved. He found Carl watching Sarah untie an older woman in the corner of the room. He looked at Carl.

"Hello there. So you're they guy trying to kill me? Pleased to meet you."

Jimmy extended his hand.
Gehenna Tartarus
31-08-2003, 12:47
Sarah stopped untying her mother and removed the gun, throwing it slightly across the floor away from her. She turned as she saw Jimmy enter. "Jimmy, don't so anything rash."

Just then a slightly out-of-breath Max appeared at the door, and tutted. "Damn fool!" He was relieved to find everyone was still standing.

Sarah untied her mother, and helped her to a chair, where the poor woman sat nervously, her eyes darting around the room. Sarah smiled at her and indicated Max. "Now, that Jimmy is here you won't mind my mother leaving with him, will you?"

The old lady stood and made her way over to Max. Sarah turned to Carl and smiled. "It won't be easy, but I think you will have no problems." She cast her eye around her surroundings. "But I'd rather not discuss it here, these places tend to have ears."
31-08-2003, 16:00
Carl turned to Sarah, and holstered his gun. "Agreed. My brother Jon has an appartment downtown... we can be sure there are no prying ears there. He tends to be the pryer."

As he turned to exit the room, Carl nodded to Jimmy. "Pleased to meet you. And i wasn't trying to kill you, just find a way to nullyfy your powers, knock you unconscious, keep you comatose across a several thousand mile journey across half the world and dump you right in the Counts lap." Carl shrugged, smiling to show he meant no hard feelings.
Gehenna Tartarus
31-08-2003, 16:09
Sarah laughed as Carl spoke to Jimmy. She remembered how difficult it was to get him somewhere he wanted to go, she didn't envy any one trying to take him where he didn't want to go.

She left the room and shouted to Max, as he was about to get into the car. "I'll ring you with our location." He nodded and got into the car." She returned back to the room.

"If you two are ready, shall we make a move?" She walked back over to where her gun lay, and picked it up. Putting it back into her waist band, she shrugged as she faced Carl. "You can never be too careful, you're not the only trouble we've had."
31-08-2003, 22:07
Carl gave directions to Sarah, and asked her to drive as he explained the situation to Jon over the phone. Jon was hesitant at first, but his greed soon overcame his objections.

They reached the apartment half an hour later.
Gehenna Tartarus
31-08-2003, 22:15
Sarah pulled the car to a stop and looked impressively at the location. It was certainly an improvement from the hotel. Hell, it was better than her own. She picked up her phone to inform Max of the address, before stepping out of the car.

She turned to Jimmy and then Carl, waiting for him to lead the way. Leaning back into the car, she grabbed the laptop she had placed in the passenger foot well.

She mentally began to spend the money as they walked to Jon's apartment. She sighed as she realised how much of a cut she had just agreed to, but with their help the job may be even easier.
31-08-2003, 22:30
OOC: Sorry guys this is Rancourania...been late evening now but I will try to post tomorrow :D
31-08-2003, 22:55
Jon pulled open the door to his appartment with an expansive gesture before the echos of the doorbell ringing had died away.
"Welcome to my humble abode... ma casa excetera excetera..." He waited for his brother and Sarah to enter, and pushed them down into comfortable low seats. "May I make you a cup of tea?" he offered, and moved to the kitchen as Carl nodded his afirmative.

Carl lounged backwards, glad to be able to relax momenterily after the stresses of the day. He ginned wickedly as he remebered about the sleepgass grenade he had forgotten and left in the hotel they had left a mear half hour ago.
ah well. Fifteen million will buy a lot of 'nades

He sat forward as his brother brought in hot cups of tea, and sipped deeply, enjoying the hot drink.

Jon was half fidgeting, and only could stand the silence a few moments before opening his mouth. "So sarah, want to tell us about this plan?"
He laughed nervously. "Enquiring minds want to know!"
Gehenna Tartarus
01-09-2003, 00:10
Sarah accepted the offered cup and took a sip. She sat back in the chair and laughed. She looked at Carl and then Jon. "Do you think I was born yesterday?" She rested the cup on her leg. "You kidnap my mother, attempt to capture Jimmy and now I'm meant to give the details just like that."

She stood up and walked around the room. "I need some proof that you aren't about to double-cross us, and go running off to your Count." She rested her eyes on Carl. "You've spent the whole of today chasing us around Erebus and now you're suddenly our friend." She turned on Jon. "And I know nothing about you."

She perched on the edge of a table. "You have to admit, I'd be foolish just to tell you everything without checking whether we could trust you first."
01-09-2003, 08:04
Jimmy spoke up.

"I am may able to help here. They won't get a lie past me."
Gehenna Tartarus
01-09-2003, 13:03
Sarah looked at Jimmy and smiled. "That was what I was hoping." She turned to Jon. "So convince us."
01-09-2003, 14:26
"Whoa whoa whoa...erm, NO" Jon exclaimed. "I don't trust psychics and I dont want you poking about in my head!"

"Sarah, you must understand something" Carl joined in, "You can trust us for as long as you're offering the most money. Your offer tops the Counts by ten million. That buys my loyalty unless someone else comes along and offers me more." He paused to sip his drink. "And," he continued, "it doesn't take a genius to see whats going on. Theres no way you have the kind of money, and Jimmy here", he indicated the psyhic with one finger, "is a theif with some rather special abilities. I'm guessing you're going to make a big heist."

Jon caught on quickly, and said;" It's true that if you gave us the plans we could try and make the robbery ourselves... but if you've gone to all this trouble to get your self a psychic i'm guessing we wouldnt have much luck doing this on our own."

Carl nodded agreement. "And its not exactly as if theres any love lost between us and the Count. Like Ford said: hes just this guy, you know?"
He sat back. "So you can either chose to trust us, or we can go back to the situation with the guns pointing at one another and the violence and so on. your choice."
Gehenna Tartarus
01-09-2003, 17:22
Sarah looked at Carl, her face emotionless. "And you have to understand something, while it is hard to trust someone who could so easily turn on us without a moment's notice."

She took a sip of her tea. "You're right, we are planning something big. Something that we need a psychic for. Something that is going to bring in a lot of money, if we're successful." She looked at her hand resting on her leg. "But I need to know, that when we go in, I can trust you."
01-09-2003, 20:10
Carl sat back. "I can't offer you any more. All I really know about you is that you have helped a wanted criminal to escape, and are planning a huge robbery. It doesn't exactly lend me to trusting you either. " He shrugged, and the group sat looking at one another in silence.

Jon spoke up. "Jimmy, can you help? If you can tell whose lying, can you give an early indication if any members of the group are going to try and betray the others? Not that I like the idea of you knowing my loyalties... But I wan't that money quite a lot."
02-09-2003, 07:28
Jimmy grinned.

"Well..... none of you are lying at the moment. I think you can be trusted for this mission. And if I turn out to be wrong then you will regret it severely. I doubt someone will pay you more than what we are so you are fairly trustworthy."

Jimmy looked at Sarah.

"Give 'em shot. They shall stay loyal as long as you pay them."
Gehenna Tartarus
02-09-2003, 07:50
Sarah turned on Jimmy. "Are you suggesting that I wouldn't pay them." She looked at him, not happy. She sat there for a moment, before her attention returned to Jon and Carl.

"Okay, you're in." She looked at her watch. "Once Max get here, we'll begin. Again."
02-09-2003, 08:33
Jimmy's grin widened.

"Of course I'm not suggesting you wouldn't pay them. I'm er... merely assuring you that they shall remain loyal because of the money."

He turned to Jon and Carl.

"If you two try anything....... I'm not going to be happy. Carl. Remember when I knocked you down before? If you cross us you can expect that again....... except twenty times stronger."
Gehenna Tartarus
02-09-2003, 09:42
Sarah relaxed back in the chair. She was still unhappy about Jimmy's remark, but she smiled just the same.

She watched Jon and Carl as Jimmy spoke. She wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of one of his attacks. She'd seen it first hand what he had done to Carl, and he had experienced it.

She hoped her mother would get over the trauma she'd gone through today. Sarah decided that she would buy her something nice once all this was over to make her feel better.
02-09-2003, 11:17
"So gentlemen. Are we decided?"

Jimmy sat back in his chair.
02-09-2003, 15:27
Carl saw Jon looking at him, and he nodded. "We're agreed. We'll help with the robbery, take our cut, and you'll never hear or see from us again."
Gehenna Tartarus
02-09-2003, 18:48
Sarah smiled. "It's not the hearing or seeing you that bothers me, it's the not knowing whether you really intend to retire that troubles me." She nodded. "Okay, I'll risk it. But if you try and double-cross me, I'll shoot you myself."

She walked over to the door and pulled out her phone. After a couple of minutes, she clicked ended the call. "Max will be here in a few minutes." She looked at her cup of tea. "Do you have anything stronger? After the day I've had, I think I need it."
03-09-2003, 08:01
Jimmy relaxed back in his chair.

"So.... why exactly does this count want to get me? All I know is I somehow anoyed his wife or something. Also..... you're not the only guys after me. I blasted some guy into the ocean a while ago. Haven't seen him since though."
03-09-2003, 19:10
03-09-2003, 19:10
Carl shurgged away Jimmy's question, not knowing why he had been hired by the Count.

Jon leaned forward to answer, as he set a glass of red wine down for Sarah. "He didn't want you killed, just kidnapped. Knowing the Count, he'll probably demand you appologise to his wife in person; then he'd want to hire you himself. I wouldn't advise it though, he's not the best employer in the world."

Carl agreed. "And you don't strike me as the best person in the world to take an order, Jimmy"
04-09-2003, 07:55
Jimmy grinned yet again.

"I've been told I have a problem with authority. I have no intention of going near this count guy. I'm still concerned about this other guy that was after me. He was some sort of psychic as well."
Gehenna Tartarus
04-09-2003, 08:16
Sarah sat back in the chair and took a sip of the wine. She felt it's calming effect almost immediately. She let ler mind empty and focus on the conversation between Carl, Jon and Jimmy; pleased for the moment to be able to relax. It had been a nightmare few days.
04-09-2003, 08:40
Jimmy looked at Carl.

"I have a question for you. Why were you so diffucult to mentall stun? Oh and how were you always finding us?"
04-09-2003, 21:47
Carl laughed. "A transmitter hidden in the sole of Sarahs shoe. Not a perfect plan, as it meant we could only follow her, not you. Still, it seemed to have worked. As for the stunning, lets just say I have certain.. advantages. Still, it was a less than plesant experience."
05-09-2003, 08:09
"I bet it was. That would have killed a normal guy."

OOC: can we try and speed things up a little?
Gehenna Tartarus
05-09-2003, 08:17
[ooc: Sorry, but I'm trying to work out what security the place they are hitting has for them to require a psychic. If you have any ideas TG me.]
05-09-2003, 11:13
OOC: Ohhh fair enough. I'll see what I can come up with 8)
09-09-2003, 08:55
Jimmy spoke aloud.

"I wonder whatt happened to that other guy after me. Do you guys know anything about him?"
10-09-2003, 08:35
OCC: Gehenna Tartarus????? are we going to continue?
13-09-2003, 18:08
OOC: Simple, have the whatever protected by psychics itself, which would need Jimmy to overcome. Alternatively, some kind of lock in addition to normal security that recognises people based on their brainwave patterns.

Jimmy could psychically "scope out" a person with access, and replicate their brainwave pattern in order to get in.

Just some ideas!
Gehenna Tartarus
13-09-2003, 18:14
[ooc: I like, those ideas. I'll post something tomorrow, once I put it all together. Then I'll TG you to let you know.]
16-09-2003, 07:55
OOC: Are we ready to continue?
Gehenna Tartarus
16-09-2003, 20:02
Sarah put down her cup and picked up the laptop that she had placed on the floor near her chair. She knew that she had made an agreement, but she couldn't help but feel a little uneasy at sharing her plans.

She rested the computer on the table, and within minutes the screen was filled with pictures of 'The Emperor's Bane', so named for the legends of desperation that surrounded its history. It was said to poison the life of anyone who touched it.

"The Museum has installed a state-of-the-art security system just to protect this stone." An image of the diamond spun in the middle of the screen. "I have secured a way past the Museum's original alarms as such, but we start to hit trouble as soon as we get to this antechamber."

The picture changed to a blueprint of the Museum. "There is only one way into the main chamber, this is to limit the chances of anyone stealing the Bane. Now, this room's security consists of..." She went on to explain the problems ahead.

[ooc: decided not to list all now, so we can deal with each as we hit it]
17-09-2003, 08:23
Jimmy whistled.

"Hmmm. I see why you're going to need my help. So when are we planning to strike?"
17-09-2003, 16:34
Carl merely raised an eyebrow. The security sounded impressive, but no more so that some of the black op's he had been on. "mind you... i was a lot better equipped then " he remembered. The corners of his mouth twitched. This was going to be fun.

"So, what the first stage of our plan?" he asked outloud.
Gehenna Tartarus
17-09-2003, 20:03
Sarah smiled. "I don't know about everyone else, but plan is to hit the sack." She looked at the others in the room, and groaned. "I feel like I been running around Erebus all day." She switched off the computer. "We'll meet here tomorrow, say nine o'clock, to go over the rest of the details."

She turned to Jimmy. "Stay here until Max returns, he'll take you back to the apartment." She shot a 'if looks could kill glance' at Carl. "I need to check that my mother is alright."

She picked up the laptop and walked over to the door. "Any burning questions before I go?"
18-09-2003, 08:16
"Nope. Have fun."

Jimmy turned to Carl.

"So... what shall we do to kill time?"
Gehenna Tartarus
18-09-2003, 09:32
Sarah got into her car, and placed the laptop on the seat beside her. She placed her head in her hands for a moment, trying to wash away the memory of today. She couldn't believe that one day could have been so bad.

She started the car, then pulled out her phone. She told Max of her plans as she drove towards her mother's home. Her home. She was always amazed how she seemed to return there when her life seemed troubled. And it definitely was today.

The drive took nearly half an hour, she smiled as she saw the familiar building for the second time today. She noticed the light on in the kitchen window, her mother was back to her old routine.

She stepped out of the car, and grabbing the computer, she made her way into house.
18-09-2003, 20:26
Carl ginned back at Jimmy. He realised he was starting to like this impulsive man.

"Jon, why don't you get us all some beers? Nothing like watching "Die Hard" a few times and downing some cold ones the night before cracking some top shelf technology, high risk, will kill us if we screw up security."

Jon handed out the beers and turned on the DVD player, the huge screen descending from the ceiling as the movie was turned on.
19-09-2003, 07:34
Jimmy sipped his beer.

"Indeed. You never know.... we might get some pointers from the movie."
20-09-2003, 12:43
It wasn't long before Jimmy and the others had fallen asleep in front of the tv. It had been a hectic couple of days and all were glad to get some sleep.
20-09-2003, 20:04
"ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz" Jon snored, waiting for Sarah to do something interesting.

Gehenna Tartarus
20-09-2003, 20:34
Sarah dialled the number as she walked around her apartment. Things had definitely altered since these plans had been made. Max had called her yesterday that there had been no answer at the door last night, when he had gone to meet Jimmy. She just hoped that nothing bad had happened.

A voice at the other end of the line pulled Sarah away from her thoughts. "Yes, its Sarah...Everything is fine, although there is a change in the plans...No, nothing like that. We've gained some help...It was either that your loose Jimmy...Fifteen million...I know, but they could help, a lot...You have my word."

She clicked the end call button
Wandering Argonians
20-09-2003, 20:58
OOC: I am intrigued. Is there room for another?
Gehenna Tartarus
20-09-2003, 21:30
[ooc: I don't see why not. Telegram me your idea for your character.]
21-09-2003, 02:10
Jimmy slowly regained consciousness. He looked around to see Jon and Carl still sleeping. It looked like early morning. Jimmy thought he better call Sarah.

Sarah.... it's Jimmy. I'm still at Carl's. So what's on the agenda today?"
Gehenna Tartarus
22-09-2003, 21:40
Sarah jumped as she heard Jimmy's voice appear in her head. She still wasn't used to it. In a way, she felt invaded. She focused on what she wanted to convey.

I'll be there shortly. I have a few things to pick up, so I'll be about an hour. Max will be soon. She was about to stop concentrating when a thought struck her. And Jimmy, I'd prefer you using the phone.

For some strange reason, she didn't like people in her head. It stopped making your thoughts your own. And she liked her thoughts to be just for her.

She finished the coffee she was drinking and made her way out the door.
24-09-2003, 09:20
Sorry. You don't have to worry. I'm not actually in your head so I can't tell what you're thinking. But I'll use the phone in future if that's what you want.

Jimmy looked at Carl and Jon.

"Get up guys. Max and Sarah will be here soon."
Gehenna Tartarus
24-09-2003, 09:38
Feeling slightly guilty, and hoping that Jimmy could still here, Sarah thought. Sorry, I didn't mean to sound off...I guess it's early and you caught me before my coffee.

She walked out of her, appartment and got into her car. She couldn't help hoping that today was an improvement on the previous day.

* * *

Max pulled up outside Jon's place, a little surprised not to see Sarah's car parked outside. Getting out, he walked over to the door and rang the bell. He just hoped that Sarah had mentioned he wa s coming.
24-09-2003, 09:42
Jimmy got up and went to the door, opening it to see Max.

"Hey Max. How's it going?"
26-09-2003, 01:45
27-09-2003, 14:51
28-09-2003, 12:55
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29-09-2003, 08:45
30-09-2003, 08:43
01-10-2003, 13:34
04-10-2003, 13:31
OOC: This thread is officially dead.

IC: Jimmy felt a presence in his mind.

Who are you?

That is not important. Your help is needed. You must return to Assington.

Do I get a say in this?

No. You will return to Assington now.

Without warning, a telekinetic force far stronger than Jimmy could imagine took hold of him. The door was ripped off it's hinges and Jimmy was hurled into the open sky.

What are you doing?

I am retrieving you.

Jimmy had to endure the flight back to Assington in silence. The unknown force blocked out his powers so he was not able to contact Max or Sarah.

I guess that's all over then.

Yes.... yes it is.

OOC2: All done.