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Psychic Thief (Fairly Peaceful RP)

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09-08-2003, 07:56
Jimmy sat in the corner of a bar. It was full of drunken men all happily singing and dance. Jimmy waited for the right moment. As they were all distracted by a particular chorous of the song Jimmy struck. The wallets of 5 men floated up into the air and kept rising until they touched the ceiling. The wallets slid across the ceiling until they were directly above Jimmy. Releasing his hold on the wallets, Jimmy caught them in his shirt as they fell. He searched through the wallet finding ample cash for what he needed. It was time to leave.

Jimmy arrived at the airport and proceeded to the meeting place. The Assington Psychic Authorities had been in to him lately so he had organized to leave the country. He awaited his informant to tell him where his destination would be.

OOC: Someone play the informant. They majority of this RP will take place in this other nation. Everyone is welcome. Let's try get a few characters in this one.
09-08-2003, 10:45
BuMp........ anyone interested?
09-08-2003, 10:50
Hello Jimmy I am Brad Enders I am your informat. You will be heading to Iraq. I thought you might like the heat hope you dont mind, they would never think to look for you there. By the way, did you get the cash for the flight?
09-08-2003, 13:36
Jimmy looked surprised.

"Iraq? You're damn right they won't find me there. Because I'll end up getting blown to pieces. The instructions were to find a safe nation away from Assington. Not to send me to war torn country. I hope you have a backup nation."
Gehenna Tartarus
09-08-2003, 13:53
Sarah Brent walked into the airport, and headed for a seat near the entrance to departures. She casually looked around, doing her best not to draw attention to herself. She got herself comfortable, pulled out a book and began to read. She hoped that the person she was supposed to meet would know that she was here.
09-08-2003, 14:01
"In fact I'm through with you. I knew I shouldn't have done business with you lot. I'm just lucky I have a backup."

Jimmy wandered off in search of his backup informant. He reached out with his mind until he finally found what he was looking for. He made his way toward Sarah and sat down next to her.

"I hope you have a better destination than me last informant."
Gehenna Tartarus
09-08-2003, 14:07
"Informant?" Sarah looked up surprised at the man's arrival. "I don't know what your talking about." She smiled sweetly and continued reading her book.

You should be more cautious. Do you want everyone to know?, she thought. How can I be sure, you're the one I'm waiting for?

[ooc: I'm assuming he's a mind reader? If not, I'll edit.]
09-08-2003, 14:13
OOC: Yes he possesses mind reading and telekenetic abilities.

IC: Jimmy replied with with his own thought relayed into Sarah's head.

"I made sure you are the person I was looking for. I'm not that careless."
Gehenna Tartarus
09-08-2003, 14:22
Sarah flinched slightly as she felt the words entered her head. She knew of this man's abilities but had never experienced anything like it before.

Everything is arranged. Transportation and a place to stay have been organised. The plane leaves in thirty minutes for Tartarus.

"If you are trying to pick me up, the least you can do is buy me a coffee." She lowered her book and smiled.
09-08-2003, 14:33
Jimmy's grin widened.

"I'll be right back."

He headed over to a nearby cafe and ordered a coffee after quickly searching her mind for what she liked.
Gehenna Tartarus
09-08-2003, 14:44
Sarah got up from the chair and followed him into the cafe. As he was ordering, she caught his eye and signalled to a table. She took a seat and began searching through her bag.

He returned with her coffee, black without sugar. That's an impressive trick, she thought. Before she remembered that he probably heard that.

"Here, you can have my book for your trip. I've finished it, and it saves lugging it around." She handed it to him.

Inside are your tickets and some general information about your destination. You will be met at the other end. You'll know who.
09-08-2003, 14:49
"Very professional indeed. Is there anything else I should know?"
09-08-2003, 14:51
The watcher looked up from the paper he was reading and grinned...exposing gold teeth...

So contact has been made...his general will be pleased with the way things are progressing...who is the girl though? Sange had not seen her on any of his intelligence reports...never mind...if she is a threat...she will be eliminated like his target...

Straining against his stomach...his silenced pistol chaffed his groin...Martinique Sange winced and shut off his thought process to the outside world...Although not a farseer of predictor of futures...he was a powerful empath who could tell peoples emotional state...too much psychic energy would give up the game before it has began...Smythe salivated at the thought of days to come...days when his fury can be...less contained...
Gehenna Tartarus
09-08-2003, 15:04
She took a sip, and reclined slightly in her chair, her hands cupping her coffee. She looked at him and smiled. "So, is your trip for business or pleasure?"

The less you know, the better. You never know who may be listening in..
09-08-2003, 15:08
"Hopefully a bit of both."

"Fair enough. Ah the restraints of being a hunted man."
09-08-2003, 15:15
'Aw sweet...'

They looked the perfect ordinary couple...taking coffee without a care in the world...Sange gripped his rosary beads tight within his leather gloved he remembered a time long ago...before the mind branch...before the accident...when he could of happily whiled away the hours drinking coffee with his love...Sange cursed and dissected his thoughts...

*You're getting old my have a job to must stay focused...these are not easy are getting paid alot of money...these are not easy targets...focus...the General knows best...these are not easy have the means at your disposal...*

Sange popped another valium and headed for the phone booth...
09-08-2003, 15:24
"So what will you be doing while I'm away?"

Jimmy gave her a mischievous look.

"Nothing unfaithful I hope."
Gehenna Tartarus
09-08-2003, 15:29
"You know, you can trust me." She finished her coffee, picked up her bag and got up. "Come on. I'll see you off at the gate."

If all goes well, I should meet up with you in Tartarus in a few days.

She linked her arm in his as they walked towards the check-in desk.
09-08-2003, 15:40
ring ring...ring ring...ring

This is Martinique...I have aquired the specifics...there is an anomoly...another specific has entered the equation...what shall I do about the logic...shall I proceed with the solution...or play chess for an hour?

*He watches them walk...hopefully the enormous tip given to the check-in clerk should come up trumps*

I am waiting for further instructions...

*Like all messages to his employer...he speaks to the 'Al+Mary Laundrette' answering machine...they will get back to him*

*Sange shaped his hand into a gun and pointed it at a passing kid...making the youngster cry...sometimes he loved this job...*
09-08-2003, 15:48
"That's good to know."

"I suppose I'll just hang around till you arrive then. I'll try not to get into any trouble."
Gehenna Tartarus
09-08-2003, 16:16
Sarah smiled, and led them to the nearest window. She had left his check-in to the last minute, so he'd be rushed through to ensure he made the plane. She waited for him to hand over the documentation.

You'd better not. I haven't gone to all this trouble for you to get yourself arrested or killed. Her eyes slightly betraying her thoughts.
09-08-2003, 16:24
Sange joins the queue a few tourists behind his target 'Jimmy'

Using all of his psychic channeling to block off his skill and alert them to his presence...all of his documentation was in order...he will be travelling under the name of Grendel Gorm...A 'John Doe' Tartarus name...he smiled at the womans little slip...It would cost them more than she could imagine...
10-08-2003, 08:10
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 09:17
As the lady at the counter checked the ticket and passport, a voice announced the boarding of Jimmy's plane. She grabbed his boarding pass and they rushed to the departure gate.

Once there, she handed him the documentation. She kissed his cheek and smiled. "See you soon, have a lovely trip."

Be careful.
10-08-2003, 10:11
Jimmy grinned.

"I'm sure I will. You make sure you behave."

"I will. This will work out fine"

Jimmy stepped into the tunnel leading down into the plane.
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 10:35
Sarah watched as Jimmy walked away, followed several other last minute passengers. She turned and made her way back through the airport, losing herself in the crowds.

Max Shaw stood waiting at Cordor International Airport in Tartarus. He read the information board. Delayed. He walked over to a small coffee bar and ordered, he had another half an hour to kill.

As he took a sip, his phone vibrated. Flicking it open with one hand he hit the answer button. "Shaw!...No, not yet...Slight delay...Okay, Sarah, I'll call you when he lands."

He walked back to the arrivals and waited for the plane.
10-08-2003, 10:43
Jimmy was in his seat attempting to stomach the horrible aeroplane food when the comm sprang to life.

"This is your captain speaking. Errrrrr we have a slight delay here. It seems there is a storm up ahead and we're going to go around it. Errrrrrr this will delay us buy about an hour or so."

Jimmy wasn't surprised.

"That would be right." He thought to himself.
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 10:50
The tannoy sprang to life. "Flight GT562, from Assington has now landed at gate 7..."

Max stayed seated in the chair, reading his paper. He knew it would be a while yet before the passengers would get through luggage collection and customs.

Finally a stream of people began to emerge from the arrivals gate. Sarah had told him that the contact would find him. He wasn't that confident, but he trusted her word.
10-08-2003, 12:10
Jimmy had no luggage and so began his search for the contact. Within minutes he located the man and walked up next to him.

"Hi. I'm a friend of Sarah's. I believe you were expecting me?"
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 12:15
Max smiled. Going on the description Sarah had given, he looked like the right guy. He looked around the arrivals, checking to see if anyone was watching them. He turned and led Jimmy towards the exit.

"The car's just outside." He indictated the black car waiting outside; a driver already seated inside.
10-08-2003, 12:28
Jimmy observed the car.

"Very nice. So are we going on a joy ride?"
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 12:35
Max laughed. "Unless you want to spend your stay at the airport." He opened the back door for Jimmy. Once he was in, Max took the front passenger seat.

Within minutes they were out of the airport and on their way and heading into the heart of Cordor.

Max turned to Jimmy. "So, what exactly is your reason for being in Tartarus?"
10-08-2003, 12:40
"Let's just say Assington is not the ideal place for me to be at the moment. I thought I'd hang around here for a while until things die down.
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 12:44
Max laughed loudly. "Just like Sarah, bringing home all the waifs and strays." He turned to the driver. "Anything?"

Flynn cast a look in the rear-view mirror. "I think we're clear. It's hard to tell this close to the airport. We'll be sure when we get closer to the city."

Max waved a hand in Jimmy's direction. "The boy back there should be able to pick up any trouble, according to Sarah."
10-08-2003, 12:49
Jimmy nodded.

"Unless they too are psychic. Then they may be able to hide themselve from me. But I can't imagine that anyone would go to this much effort to capture me. Now that I'm out of Assington they don't need to worry about me."
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 12:57
Max turned in his seated until he was facing Jimmy. "What did you do? Why did you have to leave?"
10-08-2003, 13:11
"I was just trying to make a living. Just a few petty thefts here and there. You wouldn't think that would get the APA on me."

*APA = Assington Psychic Authorities
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 13:16
Max smiled. "So, using you talents to make a quick buck, huh?" He looked back to the road. "Steal anything good?"
10-08-2003, 14:17
OOC ...tell me if I do something wrong.

(Events in this post occur only 10 minutes or so after Jimmy boards the Plane.)

IC. She was leaving. With a smooth motion James slid the sunglasses over his nose and stood up. At six foot six he towered over most of the public in the airport. Almost as wide as he was tall -all of it muscle - people tended to make way for him.

His target was leaving quickly, yet with a relaxed air that effectively hid her hurry.

Professional indeed... he mused, as he changed angles to intercept the pretty blonde as she reached the exit.

They arrived at the door in the same instant. James locked his hand onto her elbow, and guided her into the waiting taxi.

"Just this way, Ms. Sarah" He insisted, "theres some gentlemen who have a few questions for you"
10-08-2003, 14:18
OOC ...tell me if I do something wrong.

(Events in this post occur only 10 minutes or so after Jimmy boards the Plane.)

IC. She was leaving. With a smooth motion James slid the sunglasses over his nose and stood up. At six foot six he towered over most of the public in the airport. Almost as wide as he was tall -all of it muscle - people tended to make way for him.

His target was leaving quickly, yet with a relaxed air that effectively hid her hurry.

Professional indeed... he mused, as he changed angles to intercept the pretty blonde as she reached the exit.

They arrived at the door in the same instant. James locked his hand onto her elbow, and guided her into the waiting taxi.

"Just this way, Ms. Sarah" He insisted, "theres some gentlemen who have a few questions for you"
10-08-2003, 14:21
OOC ...tell me if I do something wrong.

(Events in this post occur only 10 minutes or so after Jimmy boards the Plane.)

IC. She was leaving. With a smooth motion James slid the sunglasses over his nose and stood up. At six foot six he towered over most of the public in the airport. Almost as wide as he was tall -all of it muscle - people tended to make way for him.

His target was leaving quickly, yet with a relaxed air that effectively hid her hurry.

Professional indeed... he mused, as he changed angles to intercept the pretty blonde as she reached the exit.

They arrived at the door in the same instant. James locked his hand onto her elbow, and guided her into the waiting taxi.

"Just this way, Ms. Sarah" He insisted, "theres some gentlemen who have a few questions for you"
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 14:35
Sarah knew it was pointless putting up a struggle. The man was huge, he'd probably break her arm without even noticing. She flashed him a smile as they entered the taxi. "What is this all about?"
10-08-2003, 14:45
James efficiently patted Sarah down, and finding only a small mobile phone which he pocketed, he flashed her a quick smile and gently guided her into the taxi.

In the drivers seat of the taxi was a slim man of medium height, dressed identically to James - at a signal from the passenger seat he began to dive, leaving the airport and starting down the motorway.

The smaller gentleman in the passengers seat turned to face Sarah, A bald spot in the middle of his head badly combed over.

"My name is Count Lebniz of Distopistry" he extended a hand to her, and briefly touched fingers. "You have just helped a wanted criminal escape from this country, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist that you tell me exactly where he is gone, and more importantly - everything you know about him."

Next to Sarah, James shifted in his seat. A fold in his suit gave Sarah a glimpse of the pistol hidden there. The Count was still looking at her, waiting patiently for his answer.
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 14:51
Sarah knew that they meant business. The man beside her was armed, not that he wasn't dangerous without it. She fixed her eyes on the man in the front passenger seat.

"Look, Count Whatever of Wherever. You've got the wrong person." She sighed. "I've just seen my boyfriend off. And I'm kind of missing him already." She smiled. "So, if you would just pull over and let me out, I'd be most grateful."
10-08-2003, 15:13
The Count sighed. "My dear, I'm afraid you don't understand." He drew himself up, a tad self importantly. "I am a high ranking Distopian official, and until two days ago I was enjoying my holiday here. Unfortunatly for you, two days ago my Lady Wife's handbag was stolen by this 'Jimmy'. The contents of said handbag were indeed only worth several thousand Despos, however her distress is worth far more to me." His calm ice blue eyes seemed to look into her soul. "Frankly Ms. Sarah, her distress is worth more than your life."

James was pulling out a lap top as the Count was making his speech. He had attached Sarahs mobile to the computer through a customised cable, and was reading off the screen. "Sir, I think I can tell you who she made her last call to...
The computer emitted a few low pitched beeps.
"Someone in Tartarus. I can't be more specific than that right now, Sir"

The Count nodded his thanks, and turned back to Sarah.
"We know where he is, and we know you helped him get there. What we don't know is what can he do. My wife swears no one touched her that day, and the CCTV cameras agree. Her bag seemed to float off the ground the second she put it down, and disapear into the crowd. "

His calm was gone now, he seemed angry.

" Now Ms. Sarah, you WILL tell me what you know."
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 15:23
"I'm touched by how much you care for your wife, and how distressed she must have been to have her bag stolen." She looked the Count in the eyes. "But my Jimmy doesn't steal." She made a grab for her phone. "And that's private property. If you want to know who I called, it was my bother. Could have saved you the effort if you had just asked."

God, how am I gonna get out of this?
10-08-2003, 15:54
"I'm touched by how much you care for your wife, and how distressed she must have been to have her bag stolen." She looked the Count in the eyes. "But my Jimmy doesn't steal." She made a grab for her phone. "And that's private property. If you want to know who I called, it was my bother. Could have saved you the effort if you had just asked."

God, how am I gonna get out of this?

James deftly flicked the phone out of Sarah's reach.

The Count looked disapointed for a moment, and reached for his own mobile.
" Jon? Yes. I'm afraid so. She claims to have a brother in Tartarus. I'm afraid you're going to have to follow up by meeting him. Yes, as much force as necessary. I'm becomming quite peeved with this whole business, and Ms. Sarah has started to annoy me."
He closed the phone with a click.
"Tony, stop the car."

The taxi pulled into a semi-abandoned industrial park, two lorries in the corner were all to be seen in the bland, gray and somewhat dusty surroundings.

Tony and James reacted to a hand signal and pulled out their guns, aiming at Sarah's chest and forehead respectively.

"This is your last chance, Sarah. Tell me what I want to know, and you may go free. Defy me further, and face the consiquences."

(ooc. please?)
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 15:59
"Okay." She looked at the guns. It wasn't worth dying for. "I answered an ad in the paper. The guy was offering good money to get him out of the country." She swallowed hard. "He's a psychic. Said he'd know who I was at the airport. I was to organise the trip and meet him there." She looked the man in the eyes, pleading. "That's the truth."
10-08-2003, 16:15
The Count nodded. Psychic ablities would explain the recent events. There had never been an emergant psychic in Distopistry however, and the Count did not have any idea of how to deal with them.

He was a proud man, but not so stupid as to fail to realise he needed outside help. He reached for his mobile again.

"Jon, the target has some kind of psychic ablities. Use my acount, hire someone local - a bounty hunter experienced in dealing with psychics. Remember we want the target alive and relatively unharmed."

As the Count replaced his phone in his pocket, he acknowledged Sarah with his eyes. "Thank you Ms. Sarah, you have been helpful. James, deal with her."

James nodded, and fired his gun directly into Sarah's chest.

Two minutes later, the taxi was driving away, comfortably within the speed limit.

Behind two abandoned lorries in a run down industrial estate, a woman lay drugged, a small tranqualizer dart protruding from her breast.
10-08-2003, 16:23
After trailing Jimmy to Tartarus...Sange was perplexed...Cordor city was the likely destination they were heading for here...He knew they had a powerful E-Branch...

But it was the man that met Jimmy that had him in a cold sweat...Max least the infogram on the man seemed to confirm his ID...this man was a serious Psyche player...way out of Jimmys what was the connection...what was Jimmy holding up in that cranium of his...

Obviously enought to commission Sange...not a cheap outing...As the car pulled out onto the highway Sange followed in his rental...having already disposed of a prospective tail...this mission had his blood pressure soaring...he popped another valium
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 16:31
Sarah woke. She had no idea how long she had been out for, she assumed it had been a while. She reached for her phone, then remembered that the thug in the car had taken it. Could things get any worse? She looked at her surroundings. They just had. She was miles away from anywhere. No phone. She began walking, hoping that someone stopped to give her a lift.
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 16:35
Max watched the traffic as they neared Cordor, suddenly the car swerved into a small airfield. Waiting for them was a private plane. Max turned to Jimmy. "Sarah's idea. She thought it would be easier to hide you this way, just in case anyone was tailing you. The plane is going to take you to Erebus. That's where she's gonna meet us."

[ooc: Erebus is the capital of Tartarus.]
10-08-2003, 16:45
Back in Rancourania General Entemith Smithe head of The Double-Punch... Psyche-Corps most powerful phenomenon organisation...took an important phone call...

Unknown caller: I trust the snake is in the bag metaphorically speaking?

Smithe: Ah...yes chancellor...everything is going fact there has been several twists in the vipers tail so far...I will tell you over coffee...

UC: Our agent is reliable?

S: The very best...20 years Double Punch field agent...psyche ability 7.775 nodes efficient...body tone physique maximum...has a small drug problem...but we all have our vices don't we...

UC: Indeed...I here that Max Shaw is know Rancourian history?

S: Kind of ironic in a way isn't it? That our paths should cross on such a trivial case...I think it is more than you believe in fate Chancellor?

Before he could answer...Entemithe put the phone down and chuckled to himself...

S: Because I do...

He said to no-one in particular...
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 16:50
Max let Jimmy get in first and then followed him. Getting himself comfortable in the chair, he buckled up and waited for the pilot to take off. He knew that this final precaution would remove any chance of them being followed. He looked out of the window, just to make sure.
10-08-2003, 16:57

Sange cursed at his sloppiness...he should have known they would devise various elusive methods to shake the best of tails...never mind...he would lay back till they took off...go in...and ask politely where they went...

Sange abhored violence and only used it as a neccessary medium when negotiation is fruitless...he would get his information...he always did...
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 17:04
The plane landed a few hours later at a small airfield ten miles outside Erebus. Max knew that they were probably being too over cautious, but it was better to be safe than sorry. As the walked over to the waiting car, Max pulled out his phone and called Sarah.

Strange. No reply.

He wouldn't get worried, he knew that she could handle herself.
10-08-2003, 17:14
Several painstaking hours later Martinique Sange left Marieclare Aerodrome with a name on his lips...Erebus...

Funny really...people seemed to break out in cold sweats at the hearing of his banal toned voice...but these backwater Tartars...A derisive term for people from Tartarus he had already coined...much to his amusement....had been a resiliant bunch...simple folk...with simple pain receptors...but resiliant never the less...

Sange whistled cheerily to himself as he made his way back to Cordor International Airport...leaving the butchershop that was once the Aerodrome office to the last vestiables of his memory...
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 17:30
After taking a rather elaborate detour around Erebus, the car pulled into the garage of a rather immaculate building. Max smiled as they came to halt. It always made him laugh why people always thought that you should hide the wanted in a rundown building out in the middle of no where.

He exited the car, as the garage doors closed automatically behind them. He waited for Jimmy to emerge before making his way to the door, in the far side wall. "Welcome to your new home."
10-08-2003, 17:39
"Will you shut up!"

Sange finally lost patience with the fat tourist...his plane seat 'New Buddy' filling him in on the beauty of Erubus...popping a valium and staring manically at the hostess after refusing him another scotch...he gave up...tried to remember the last time he felt so awful...gave up on that too...and tried to get some sleep...
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 17:47
Sarah had finally managed to grab a lift with a passing driver. She sat back in the seat as the lorry hurtled back into the city. He'd been kind enough to lend her his phone. She dialled Max's number.

"Hello, Max?...Yeah, it's me...No, I'm alright...Yeah, just a little run in...Could be a problem. Seems Jimmy upset some important man's wife...No, he seemed to buy the story I told him...Yeah, in a few days as planned."

She turned to the driver, as she handed him his phone she thought, What have we got ourselves involved in?
10-08-2003, 18:07
Looking through the dossier on his target in the comfort of the Erubus Hilton Hotel...Martinique started to piece together the information gathered...

Apparently...according to General Smithe...Jimmy Mocha(His code name) used to be a very effective double agent collecting information on Assington military hardware....through the art of Far-reporting...the visualisation of ongoing events...

During this time he was deep sealed with very sensitive Rancourian information...where knowledge is sealed inside his brain using psychic defence walls which are virtually impenetrable and which the carrier is unaware of...he is then mind scrubbed and sent on his way...unaware of his load and with a new past history installed...usually when The Double Punch think it is safe...(Within rigid time frames) They will re-aquire the subject and extract the info out again...

But Jimmy dissappeared...and now Rancourian top brass think the psychic shield is weakening...that they might have a rogue on their hands...relations with Assington are strained as it is...and if this got could tip the scales...whatever was in Jimmys head...had to be extracted or eliminated...thats where he came in...
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 18:23
Max put the phone down, and walked over to a sofa. "That was Sarah. Seems she had a little trouble in Assington." He lowered himself into the seat and picked up the remote. He switch the TV on to the news channel.

"...found dead at Marieclare Aerodrome. Police are asking..."

What the hell?
10-08-2003, 18:27
OOC: Gonna have to leave...I'll pick it up tomorrow :D

Looks like things are gonna get interesting around here :wink:
10-08-2003, 19:16
Jon smiled as he closed his mobile on the Counts call, realising just how he could turn this situation to his financial gain.

Through several decidedly illegal websites, Jon found that bounty hunters with experience dealing with psychic individuals were few and far between, and were naming their own price. The cheapest he found was asking for nearly one million Acheron's, and that was for a simple hit mission. Taking one alive would take much more.

Jon noted down the details of the hunter with the most experience - and the largest fee. Nearly five million Acheron's for the mission the Count had in mind. He wired the details back to Distopisty, and received the authorisation from the Counts account. (ooc damn rhyming...)

Now for the clever bit... he secretly gloated as he shifted the money to an account he had created, based not in Assington, but in Erubus. The account now holding the money was almost identical to the bounty hunters account in Assington, bar an accident of geography.

The money now safe from all but a detailed observation - one that he knew the Count would never authorise, in fear his links to a bounty hunter would be made public - Jon rang his brother.

"Carl? It's Jon. Yeah, I know you're on leave... yes. I've got a business proposition for you - one that gets us 2.5million despo's each... Yeah, I knew you'd be interested."

Jon's grin widened as he explained the plan to Carl. It threatened to cover his entire face when Carl accepted, and announced he would be on the first flight to Erubus.

Later that night in bed, the woman casually picked up in one of Erubus' many bars asleep next to him, Jon allowed himself to smile again.

Surely one of Distopistry's most elite soldiers - complete with full nano enhancement - can make short work of capturing some civvy psychic

The thought of how much fun he was going to have with two and a half million despo's excited Jon. He roughly shook the girl awake ....
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 19:27
Sarah returned to her appartment and began to pack. Although she wasn't due in Erebus for a couple of days, she had a bit of business to complete first. She hastily threw her few belongings into a bag and headed out the door. She posted the key through the landlady's door and got in her car.
10-08-2003, 20:16
Carl slouched further into his already comfortable seat as the air hostess paused to fill up his Don Perignon with a soft clink. The prospect of D2.5million had convinced him to upgrade to first class, and he fully intended to get used to this kind of travel.

He opened the well-thumbed book at the third chapter and continued reading.
Whilst no Distopian psychics have ever been proven to exists, many nearby nations do seem to produce them.

He tipped the glass to his lips, sipped that champagne and skimmed further on in the text.

Psychics demonstrate a wide variety of abilities, ranging from the simplistic - such as being able to communicate telepathically with siblings – to the more advanced forms of telekinesis and being able to project their own thoughts, as well as pick up the thoughts of non-psychic members of the public. The most powerful psychics are often able to shield their own thoughts from this kind of close examination.

Carl had no idea exactly how powerful a psychic this Jimmy was; however he was aware Jimmy was capable of at least telekinesis.

Better to assume he’s one of the most powerful -he mused- better to overestimate and be disappointed than underestimate and be surprised in a terminal fashion later

Running his fingers through his medium length, immaculately combed hair his fingers encountered the shigawire he had hidden there – the only weapon he had managed to smuggle with him.

If I’m going to be forcing someone with uncanny mental powers to do something they don’t want to do, then I better have some serious hardware to back me up

Just then, a dry voiced pilot announced they were coming in to land, and Carl pulled his seat into the upright position.

occ Shigawire – a monofilament wire, controlled by simple neural signals from a nano-enhanced individual, capable of varying thickness from that of a wide string to a wire capable of cutting through human flesh. Often used by black ops for garrotting purposes.
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 20:27
Sarah was driving her car through the city, if you could call sitting in a jam driving. The heat was unbearable, even with the air conditioning on full. Damn! She wiped her hand across her brow. What is the hold up? Turning the car around, she headed off in the opposite direction. hoping that she could find a clearer route.
10-08-2003, 20:55
"What do you mean you can't pay right now?!?"

The dealers voice shook with rage.
"I bring out my best stock, you try it all, shoot off a few rounds, have the f*cking gall to tell me you'll have it, and then tell me YOU CANT PAY?" He did his best to control himself. "You sodding owe me nearly $20 for the bloody rounds you just fired boy. Don't think you're getting away with this."

Carl took a step back, his relaxed posture betraying nothing.
"I told you, I'll have the money for you within the week. As soon as I finish this job."

"Boy, thats no where near good enough! Either pay up, or get the hell out!"

damn, this guys almost as bad as the armorer back at camp he thought wryly, as he slid the high powered pistol into its holster - specifically designed to be hard for telekenetic powers to open - as he turned his back on the illegal arms dealer and strode towards the door, the hard regularly shaped electrostatic none-lethal bullets a comforting pressure in his breast pocket.

A change in the texture of the air behind him caused him to turn. The dealer had picked up a sawn off shotgun, and was pointing it at him.

"Now boy, you ge -"

Suddenly Carl was on him, a hand smacking the gun out of the way as a foot smacked out, slamminging into the heavier mans kneecap, sending him sprawling to the floor. Carl kicked the shotgun away, and stalked out the door, not saying a word.
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 21:41
Sarah pulled up outside the deserted building. She knew that if Max were here he would make a remark about it. She stepped out of the car and made her way inside.

The interior was even worse. The dirt and dust lay inches think all over the place. As she walked, huge clouds were sent up into the air. Near a rear window, there stood the man she had arranged to meet.

As she come close he turned around. "Have you got him?"

Sarah nodded. "He seems a very popular man." She told him of her experience with the Count. "I won't be so careless next time."

The man handed her a case. "Everything you need is in there." He walked to the door. "And be careful."
10-08-2003, 21:49
"The Count had put it on her?"

"Knowing the Count it wasn't something he did himself. Probably Tony."

Carl shrugged. "It doesn't really matter, does it?"

Jon grinned. "Not in the slightest. Here's the reciever I was given, It should lead you straight to our lovely Ms. Sarah"

"And here I was, thinking that the Count had believed her story"

"He probably did. Tony and James are a bit more practiced at this sort of thing than the Count."

This time it was Carl who smiled, "She's the only lead we have. I'll wait for her to get to Erebus, then follow her. She should lead me right to him. With any luck, this should all be tied up by the end of the week"

The brothers shared a smile.

"Bro, you are gonna take care of yourself, aren't you?"

Carl just laughed.

(ooc - It would help if we had out Jimmy, wouldn't it?)
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 21:53
[ooc: Yes, it would. To be honest, I don't know what's going on. :lol:

Btw, Sarah's still in Assington.]
10-08-2003, 22:17
edited last post, to make sense.

ooc - damn, trust my first time ever roleplaying to go totally wrong. hell, i dont even know if im doing this right at all :wink:

Shall we leave it until Assington posts before continuing?
Gehenna Tartarus
10-08-2003, 22:22
[ooc: You're RPing is good, and nothing about it has gone wrong.

You had me worried earlier though when you shot Sarah. :wink:]
11-08-2003, 08:09
OOC: sorry guys. I'm obviously in a very different Time Zone.

IC: Jimmy sat back going through his latest possessions. He withdrew anything of value and placed it all in a wallet that appealed to him.

"Things are starting to get a little dangerous. I can't keep up this lifestyle forever. What I need is to pull off something really big and retire comfortably."

Jimmy turned to Max.

"Is there anything of a large value that I may attempt to obtain?"
Gehenna Tartarus
11-08-2003, 08:24
"Why do you think Sarah wanted you here?" Max laughed. "She didn't help you out of the goodness of her heart." He got up off the sofa and headed for the bar in the corner. "Can I get you anything?"

He poured himself a large whiskey. "I just hope your worth all the trouble you've caused." He indicated the news story on the TV.
11-08-2003, 09:01
"Well Sarah is getting payed a large sum of money. And so are you. I'll have a whiskey thanks."

Jimmy looked at the tv.

"I'm not sure what that is about. Most likely someone looking for me. I'm not even sure why there are people after me.
Gehenna Tartarus
11-08-2003, 09:19
Max walked over carrying the whiskey and handed Jimmy the glass. "Hey, you treat her with a bit of respect." He warned. "You wouldn't be sitting here now if it wasn't for her."
11-08-2003, 09:25
Jimmy looked serious for the first time.

"Have no doubt, I do respect her a great deal. And I am very grateful to the both of you for what you have done for me."
Gehenna Tartarus
11-08-2003, 09:41
Max smiled and sat back down. "Do you plan on just laying low until she gets here?" He flicked between the TV channels.
11-08-2003, 09:44
"I think that would be best. Once she gets here I'll do some discreet searching of the town. There may even be something worth stealing that can fund my retirement."
Gehenna Tartarus
11-08-2003, 10:00
Sarah walked back to her car. She placed the case into a box and sealed it. On the front, there was already an address label of a place in Erebus. She returned to the city and posted it.

Two days later, Sarah sat in the economy class compartment of a passenger plane heading for Erebus.
11-08-2003, 11:49
Carl jumped to his feet. The reciever was beeping faintly, for the first time in over two days.

Shes here...

He put on his overcoat, checked the electromag gun in its holster was loaded, snapping the breech(sp?) closed with a loud click.

He fumbled for a moment with the reciever, attaching some headphones so the beep would not be too obvious, before leaving.
Gehenna Tartarus
11-08-2003, 11:58
Sarah wasn't met at the airport, but she knew there would be a car ready for her. She'd parked one in the long stay car park before she'd left. This time she managed to leave without any incidents.

Getting into the car, she headed for her appartment in the centre of the city. She had things to do before meeting the others.
11-08-2003, 12:38
Sarah wasn't met at the airport, but she knew there would be a car ready for her. She'd parked one in the long stay car park before she'd left. This time she managed to leave without any incidents.

Getting into the car, she headed for her appartment in the centre of the city. She had things to do before meeting the others.

Carl followed the car on a rented motorbike, occasionally deviating from behind Sarah's car in order to avoid detection. When the signal stopped moving, he dumped the bike two streets back and walked the rest of the way on foot, his helmet perched in the crook of his arm.

damn, shes got a fine ass he noted, catching a brief glimpse of his target as she was unlocking the door to her appartment.

do i go after her now, or wait and see where she might lead me..? he wondered. D
eciding to wait he walked half a bock to a coffee shop, and ordered a black moca. the reciever continued to gently beep in his pocket.

(ooc im going out for most of the day now... i should be back in the evening, so if you need to move Carl around, assume hes follwing you. He's good at not being noticed, but not perfect)
11-08-2003, 12:47
Jimmy stirred from a restful position.

"Sarah is in the city."

He paused.

"But something doesn't seem right. I can't quite pinpoint it though."
Gehenna Tartarus
11-08-2003, 13:52
Max, who was in the kitchen area, looked over at Jimmy. "She's got a lot on her mind. You're probably just picking up that." He finished making a sandwich, and carried it in. "She'll be here shortly."
Gehenna Tartarus
11-08-2003, 16:18
Sarah threw her belongings onto the floor, and made her way to the shower. With all the travelling she'd been doing, she felt grubby.

Once she had freshened up, she made a cup of coffee and called Max to let him know that she was in Erebus. She felt a little on edge once he told her of what Jimmy had sensed. "I'll be careful."

She left her apartment minutes later. She got into her car and drove off, keeping an extra vigilant look out.
11-08-2003, 19:20
Carl followed Sarah, keeping well hidden. Even at one point staying a few meters ahead of her car, knowing full well that if she made a sudden or unexpected turn he would be soon on her trail again, with the help of the reciever.
Gehenna Tartarus
11-08-2003, 19:29
Sarah pulled up outside a little shop. She entered and spoke to the lady behind the counter. She disappeared out the back before emerging minutes later with a box.

"Thanks." She tossed the lady a fifty and left. She placed the box on the passenger seat. She couldn't shake the strange feeling she had. She look around her to see if there was anyone watching, then she drove off.
11-08-2003, 22:50
*Bump, because Carl cant do anything till somethin happens...*
11-08-2003, 22:50
After making a few discreet underworld enquiries Martinique Sange had an address in the cities affluent jewellery district...apparently his enquiries at the Aerodrome had made front page news...his mum always used to tell him to tidy up after himself....but who ever listens to their folks eh?

Something was afoot here...Max Shaw must know something...else...why the interest?

"It looks like Jimmy has more than than the headache of me to deal with...he's set for a migrane..."

Sange laughed....more from the sick feeling in his stomach than anything else...

Popping another valium he tried to gather his now swimming thoughts...

Turning on the radio... got me cryin for you jailer....Jailer bring me water....jailer bring me water....jailer bring me water my throat is kinda dry...

Feeling this mission beginning to get on top of him...he headed for the address written on the gas receipt....
Gehenna Tartarus
11-08-2003, 23:25
Finally after driving around the city for an hour, Sarah headed to the others. She took a very scenic route, and was satisfied that when she turned the car into the garage, no one could have been following her.

She exited, grabbed her box and made for the door. Before going through she watched the automatic doors close behind her. Feeling confident, she entered the house.
11-08-2003, 23:49
Sange pulled up about a quarter of a mile from the address unfolded his newspaper and played a waiting game...what he was waiting for...he had no idea...but things usually had a way of revealing themselves...

painted stigmata...false common draw back...


He popped another valium are running low...another trip to the chemist is in order...
Gehenna Tartarus
12-08-2003, 00:11
Sarah walked into the main living area, where Max and Jimmy were sitting. She flashed them both a smile as she carried the box over and placed it on the table.

"Any more trouble?" Max enquired as he walked over to her.

Sarah turned and playfully pinched Max on the cheek. "You worry too much. Everything is fine." She looked over at Jimmy. "You haven't had any problems?"

Max shook his head. "Although we believe there's someone here looking for him."

Sarah smiled and walked over to the bar. "Can I get anyone anything?" She began to make herself a drink. "We knew there was a possibility of that, it's the chance we decided to take."
12-08-2003, 00:34
*A trip to the chemist and several more valiums later*

Not content with being high...Sange dosed himself with caffiene and pondered his next move...he had seen the saloon car pull up the drive...the driver he clocked as the girl who he had seen in Assington...

...attractive...but not really distracting...she must work for Max....but in what capacity?

Sange questioned the sanity of using women as field agents...far too emotional...indecision in this business usually provided you with a new pair of shoes and a nice view of the seabed...

"I'll wait...there not going anywhere..." he said out loud

...checking his bloodshot eyes in the rearview mirror...his right hand began to shake a little...
12-08-2003, 08:24
Jimmy grinned back at Sarah.

"So did you miss me? It seems there is definately someone after me. I can't imagine anyone going to so much trouble to catch a petty thief. How was the trip?"
Gehenna Tartarus
12-08-2003, 08:38
Sarah laughed. "Of course, I did." She picked up her drink and walked over to the couch. She sat down and took a sip. "Oh, I know there's someone after you. I have the puncture wound to prove it." She turned to face him. "I hope you've been staying out of trouble." She smiled.
12-08-2003, 08:50
Jimmy looked slightly concerned.

"Are you ok? I haven't got into any trouble...... yet."
Gehenna Tartarus
12-08-2003, 09:34
"Yes, it was a tranq dart. Seems you've took something from the wife of an influential man." She looked serious. "Perhaps you should read the people you are about to steal from." Then she smiled. "Do you want to go out and see Erebus?"
12-08-2003, 13:13
Carl was outside, sitting in a park with a clear line of sight to the house.
Sarah had given him a good chase - loosing him twice infact, only the reciever had allowed him to get back on her trail. She had gone into this house and not come out for nearly an hour.

Carl cursed under his breath, and angrily swung his foot at an ant passing near his leg.

If i bust in there now and she isn't with him, I'll loose my only lead. he thought angrily, but if I let this oppertunity pass...

Deciding, he stood and slid a hand inside his jacket and tugged momentarily at the pistol holster - designed with a customised bend and angle to make it difficult to be removed by an untrained hand - or mind.

Carl was getting bored of this chase, an adrennaline junkie trained for assasination and international terrorism he really was not adept at sitting in wait.

I just want my damn two point five mil... he whispered to himself as he finished checking his gun - the magnetic bullets given a negative electric charge by the barrel shape and battery pack, delivering enough of a shock to knock a target out, and usually not lethal.

He walked to the door, and knocked.
Gehenna Tartarus
12-08-2003, 13:28
At the knock on the door, everyone went silent. Sarah looked at Max, whose face showed a blank expression. He shrugged his shoulders.

"Perhaps you should go into the 'other' room and I'll get rid of whoever it is. Probably someone collecting or something, but you can't be too careful." She looked over at Jimmy. "The minute you sense something is wrong, get to the car. I'll meet you at the rendezvous."

She picked up a gun that was sitting on a table and walked out of the room. Tucking it into the back of her trousers, she answered the door.

"Can I help you?"
12-08-2003, 14:15
Carl prepared his face in a relaxed smile as the door opened. He tried to think happy thoughts, hoping it would buy him a few seconds as the psychic tried to work out what was happening.

His smile was almost genuine as he saw Sarah standing in the doorway.

"Why yes, Sarah. You can. I want the psychic. Now."
Gehenna Tartarus
12-08-2003, 14:26

Sarah took a second to decide her best course of action. She knew she couldn't play dumb as he obviously knew who she was, but did he know that Jimmy was here?

"He's not here."

Jimmy, go! She hoped that he was listening.
12-08-2003, 14:48
Jimmy wasn't about to take this. He wanted to escape his past life and Carl wasn't making it any easier for him. He reached out with his mind and entered Carl's. Suddenly he unleashed a force powerful enough to pull Carl deep into unconsciousness. It had taken him a long time to master this technique.
Gehenna Tartarus
12-08-2003, 14:56
Max could see from Jimmy's behaviour that something was wrong. He walked over to the other door, and opened it. "Come on! Let's go!"
12-08-2003, 15:09
Content that Sarah could handle the situation he followed max.
Gehenna Tartarus
12-08-2003, 15:14
Max lead Jimmy back to the garage, and they entered the car. As they approached it, he pushed the button allowing the doors to begin opening.

"Let's hope there isn't someone waiting outside for us to come out." He buckled himself him and hit the accelerator. Within minutes the car was shooting down the road.
12-08-2003, 15:27
Jimmy looked back at the house.

"What about Sarah?"
Gehenna Tartarus
12-08-2003, 15:31
Max smiled. "Don't worry, she'll be fine." He looked concerned himself. "She just doesn't want anyone getting their hands on you."
12-08-2003, 15:33
Jimmy relaxed a little.

"I think I took care of that guy at the door. Hopefully."
Gehenna Tartarus
12-08-2003, 15:35
Max shot a glance at the rear-view mirror. He hadn't noticed anyone following. He risked a quick look at Jimmy. "I'd be grateful if you would 'listen' out, so to speak for trouble."
12-08-2003, 15:38
"Can do."

Jimmy reached out with his mind and covered the area behind them. He then checked up on Sarah.

"There isn't anyone following us. And Sarah seems to be fine."
12-08-2003, 15:50
The nanites in Carl's blood swung into full military efficiency. Tiny machines working in his lungs hyper oxygenated his blood as others stimulated his adrenal gland, sending his heart beating double time.

Carl almost jumped to his feet, all feelings of grogginess fadeing in seconds.

Whoa... I know the girl didn't move, and there wasn't anyone behind me... that must have been the psychic.

He allowed himself a tight self mocking grin

looks like I underestimated him. Well, no more mr. nice guy.

The muscles in his face tightened, set in determination, and he slid the gun from holster to hand, fingers tight on the raised grain of the handle

Carl entered the house, gun in hand. Relaxing his mind and feeling his body follow, he moved with an assasins grace, aware of potential threats and looking for any information on where his target had gone.

ooc Gehenna Tartarus, can you TG to tell me ooc what your plan is? Also, where is sarah? At the moment Carls just running after her, if you could leave some IC clues as to whats going on, he could be a bit more proactive. Thanks.

**edited to fix tags.
12-08-2003, 15:57
"Damn! There is something about this guy. He is still conscious. Sarah has moved but I can't work out what is so special about this guy. He isn't psychic but there is something different about him. I'll try again."

Jimmy reached into Carl's mind again. This time he doubled the force of his last attack. He hoped the distance wouldn't lessen the strength too much but he was sure this would at least bring the guy to the floor in pain if not knock him out.
Gehenna Tartarus
12-08-2003, 16:07
As the man fell to the floor, Sarah rushed back into the living area. She grabbed the box that she had brought in earlier and made her way to the garage. The size of the package hampering her slightly.
12-08-2003, 16:10
"Good. I managed to get him down for the moment and Sarah is getting out of therer."
12-08-2003, 17:17
ooc - sorry, just had to stop to build a shed. As you do.

Carl collapsed, his vision bluring in agony as he shouted out.

Even with the nanotech overriding his motor neuron functions and electrically stimulating the nerves themselves, he couldn't get to his feet.

His eyes were still working though - he saw Sarah run out of the house, a box tightly held in her arms. He saw she was still wearing her ring - the one with the stone which had been replaced for an almost identical transmitter.

Knowing he could still find her, he allowed himself to sink to the floor again, knowing he would be in full control of himself again much quicker this way.

Silly girl he thought to himself, through the pain. she should have...damn that hurts... shot me...
Gehenna Tartarus
12-08-2003, 17:27
Sarah got into her car. She had no idea what had happened back there. One moment he was standing, the next he was on the floor. She hadn't stayed around to find out if he got back up again.

She drove out of the garage fast, almost hitting a car that was travelling past. She swerved just in time, and continued down the road with the sound of the other driver's horn in her ears.

Sarah slowed the car down when she was a few blocks away and merged into the city traffic. How did he find us?
12-08-2003, 19:39
Half an hour later, Carl climbed unsteadily to his feet.

"Damn" He said aloud, "if it wasn't for the nanites that last blast would probably have killed me."

He shook his head a few times, and went into the kitchen to sprinkle some cold water on his face.

Five minutes later, droplets of water still clinging to his long hair, Carl had finished searching the house. There was very little of anything to be found, he assumed the building had been a kind of safehouse, as opposed to somewhere that would actually be useful to him.

Pulling out the reciever, Carl prayed that it wouldn't be damaged. He was lucky - apart from a few scratches the box was undented. The signal was faint however, it appeared Sarah was quickly getting away.

Best if I try this from a different angle altogether. I think I'll give Jon a call.
Gehenna Tartarus
12-08-2003, 19:52
Max finally stopped the car behind a closed nightclub. He hated the fact they had to leave the apartment. He exited the car and guided Jimmy up a flight of metal stairs to a set of rooms, above the club itself.

The interior was nothing special, with a few chairs a table and a small kitchenette to one side. At the far end were a couple of small rooms that had been converted into sleeping areas. The place smelt damp.

Max flicked his phone and called Sarah to check that she was safely away from the house. He was relieved to hear that she was on her way over, and aparently free from a tail.

This boy sure is trouble, he thought.
13-08-2003, 02:57
Jimmy sat down exhausted. Those last few blasts had taken a great deal of concentration. He looked up at Max.

"I'm sorry for all the trouble I'm causing."
Gehenna Tartarus
13-08-2003, 08:31
Max stared at Jimmy confused. Suddenly it dawned on him. "Sorry, I meant no offence." He laughed. "Guess I have to be careful what I think, huh?"
13-08-2003, 09:21
"None taken. Even I didn't know I was worth this much trouble. What did Sarah say about me stealing from the wrong person?"
Gehenna Tartarus
13-08-2003, 10:38
Max laughed. "Does anyone really know how much trouble they're worth? But Sarah thinks you are." He looked at his surroundings and then turned to Jimmy. "It seems that you stole something from an influential man's wife. Now he wants you to pay for the stress you caused her."
13-08-2003, 10:49
Sange watched as the saloon car with Max and his target pulled out of the drive...he sensed tension in them both...why? A hunch told him another threat...a dangerous one at that...

Following at a distance that only psychics can manage Sange drove with one hand...his free hand started building the MST (Mental Shutdown Tazer) which was in pieces on the passenger seat...time to do the work that made Martinique Sange rise above the rest....

Popping another valium he felt calm and entered into a deep relaxing semi-trance...soon he will experience the sweet hit of mind intoxicating as any drug he had experienced...
13-08-2003, 10:56
Jimmy chuckled.

"That is why some guy is out to get me? I think it in our best interests if I repay this man."
Gehenna Tartarus
13-08-2003, 10:59
Max laughed and shook his head. "I don't think he's after monetary recuperation, if that guy at the house was anything to go by."
13-08-2003, 11:06
Sange sat outside the coffee house adjacent to the nightclub and sent out Psyche scans...similar to a bats radar but more powerful.... to determine the buildings layout...his patience was nearly up...but Sange had no desire to go up against Max....his reputation proceeded a good shepherd he had to seperate his target from the flock...
14-08-2003, 01:56
Jon, don't argue - just listen. I want you to research this Sarah, tell me everything you can about her. All we know is her license plate number... yes i know but we have to assume it's hers. I want to know where she lives, and if she has any relatives in this city. If direct force won't work, lets see if threats will.
14-08-2003, 02:26
Sange answered the call on his cellphone...

Entemithe Smithe: Good noonday Martinique... It seems we are not the only organisation seeking out our friend Jimmy...Intelligence reports match a certain hitman going through Erubus Airport...the man is called Carl...we have used him on several occasions as he is a known psyche-killer of some repute...though he is blind(Has no psychic abilities) himself...

Sources tell us he is currently in the employment of a certain Count Lebniz...a businessman from the nation of Distopistry... who is an unknown entity to us...what he would want with Rancourian secrets is guesswork on our part...and our seers have drawn a blank...but perhaps he is a dealer and plans to sell them on...

I am faxing you a picture of our friend Carl...if you see him...give him my regards will you...

Martinique Sange: It will be my pleasure General....
14-08-2003, 07:35
"It seems a bit excessive to send a hitman for upsetting his wife."
Gehenna Tartarus
14-08-2003, 08:11
Max looked at Jimmy. "I get the feeling you are, how shall we say, out of your league." He walked over to a small safe in the wall, and entered the combination. "I've seen people take out a contract on someone for a lot less."

He took out a pile of papers, and placed them on the table. He spread them out so that he could read them.
14-08-2003, 08:52
"That's a fair statement. Who would think stealing a few wallets and purses would cause all this?"
Gehenna Tartarus
14-08-2003, 09:47
Max looked up and smiled. "I guess some people don't like to have their property taken, regardless what it is. It will teach you to be more careful in the future."
14-08-2003, 11:46
"Indeed it will. If I ever get out of this mess I'll make sure they don't know of any good hitmen."

Jimmy grinned.
Gehenna Tartarus
14-08-2003, 11:54
Max looked at Jimmy with heightened respect. "I like a man who can laugh in the face of adversity." He looked up as he heard the door to the room open. "Any problems, Sarah?"

Sarah walked in and put the box down on the papers that Max was looking at. "No." She slit open the seal and removed the briefcase. "I still don't know how he found us. The care we took to cover ourselves seemed to have been useless. We should have lost them in Cordor."
14-08-2003, 11:58
Jimmy looked up.

"Is it possible he's tracking you somehow?"
Gehenna Tartarus
14-08-2003, 12:14
Sarah looked across to Jimmy, as she ran her hand through her hair, shaking it loose from the band it was in. "I don't see how they could. I'm not carrying anything, and I've changed since arriving in Erebus." She started to work on the combination of the briefcase. "We should have shaken him this time, he was still on the floor when I left."
14-08-2003, 13:31
An accomplished grin crossed Jimmy's face.

"So it worked. There was something different about that guy. He took a blast that would have killed any normals person and all it did was bring him down for a few minutes."
Gehenna Tartarus
14-08-2003, 15:06
Sarah turned to Jimmy. "That was you?" She looked at Max and smiled. "Things might be even better than I first thought." She opened the case and pulled out a laptop. "Let's hope we have everything we need."
14-08-2003, 22:48
Sange watched the woman enter the building and laughed out manically...the valium was taking it's toll now...searing through his veins...he felt on top of the world and no-one was going to ruin his buoyant mood...

He attached the silencer to his pistol...shut his mind off to the outside world...and got out of the he walked towards the building he hummed a tune...

The sun has got his hat on...hip hip hip hooray...the sun has got his hat on and he's coming out to play...
Gehenna Tartarus
14-08-2003, 23:17
Sarah switched on the laptop and watched as the screen came to life, casting a blue haze across the table. She clicked the programme symbol and entered the password.

The image on the screen changed to the Erebus National Museum logo. The museum was about to open a new exhibit in a few days. The largest diamond ever to be pulled out of Tartarian soil was going to be put on show. The security at the place had been upgraded over the last six months, and was said to be impenetrable.

Sarah always loved a challenge.
15-08-2003, 07:39
Jimmy grinned.

"I believe that thing would get us enough money for us all to retire."
Gehenna Tartarus
15-08-2003, 09:06
Sarah turned and smiled. "That's the general idea." A look of worry flashed across her face. "As long as we can keep ahead of the man trying to kill you, I believe we will be very, very rich."

Max laughed. "Now, that is music to my ears."
15-08-2003, 12:17
"So what's the security like?"
15-08-2003, 12:20
Jon leaned back in his chair, and pushed the keyboard away contentedly. Reaching for the phone, he started to dial.

Half a city away, Carl pressed the handset to his ear.
"Based in this city? That's great work brother... Any relatives living alone? ...Ok, give me the address. Yeah, that psychics more dangerous than I assumed. I'm gonna go see what I can get off the black market to help lower his advantage. Looks like we're going to have to work for this five million bro. Keep me posted."

Jon looked back at his screen, and rapidly entered commands. Through the complicated nexus of cyber space he noticed the cros referenced links between Sarah and a mysterious entity known as "Max".

Carl was in a car this time, driving the mere twenty miles to the house of his new target - Sarahs mother.

ooc just to clear things up. Jon works for the Count - he sorts things out that the Count needs sorting, but doesnt want known he had anything to do with. Carl is Jon's brother (elder brother, i think) and is a black ops operative in the Distropian special forces. He has some mid level nano augmentation, which gives him a slight but not unstoppable advantage over un-augmented agents. They're in this for the money.
Gehenna Tartarus
15-08-2003, 12:30
Sarah perched on the edge of the table. "It's tight. Very tight. I'll go over the details with you later." She hit a button on the laptop beside her to reveal a close-up of the diamond. "This is an important piece from the Imperial Crown Jewels." She smiled. "I have a buyer willing to pay 100 million for it."
Gehenna Tartarus
15-08-2003, 15:36
Lily was in the kitchen of her house, making herself a cup of tea. She lived in a peaceful neighbourhood. She waved out of the window at Mr Brown, who was mowing the lawn.

She carried her cup into the living room, where the TV was blaring out some day-time soap opera. Lily sat down in the chair, and took a sip.

As she did she caught sight of the picture of her two children sitting on the top of the TV. Marc and Sarah.
15-08-2003, 16:30
Jimmy whistled.

"That's a big diamond. I get the feeling this will be quite difficult."
15-08-2003, 18:19
Carl grimaced as he adjusted the now painfully grafted 'cap'. the thin metal was bonded to the entire diameter of the back of his head, just below his ears. The second dealer he had met this week was very, very different from the first. This dealer seemed to get a worrying excitement whenever he began to talk about the illegal techno toys he sold - although this had turned to Carl’s advantage. The dealer had recognised him as a nano-enhanced Distopian
the hair always gives me away... he remembered thinking, wryly.
The dealer had been so awed that he had made a gift of the cap, a magnetic field projector that would destructively effect with a percentage of the alpha waves the psychic had used to harm Carl.

shuld'da come see me earlier! the pig like arms dealer had squeaked, no way no psycher woul'da stood a chance 'gainst a nanosoildier if you'd had one of these!

He had been warned the cap did not give total protection, but along with his other advantages should allow him to absorb at least one mental blast without damage.
It would unfortunately make it easier for Jimmy to track him - the dealer had explained how the cap would feel like a black hole to Jimmy if he was using his abilities to scout.
And it itched.

Sighing at his bad luck, Carl swung the car around a corner. And sat looking at the house. Sarah's mothers house.
Gehenna Tartarus
15-08-2003, 18:50
Sarah let her eyes linger on the picture frozen on the screen. "It is. Like I said, it's got state of the art security, which is why we need you." She flashed him another smile.
15-08-2003, 21:56
Martinique Sange stood in the shadow of the doorway and slowly cased the premises...

"Hmmm...looks like rain..."

he said aloud...

Umbrellas are not standard issue in his line of work...unless they have poison tips...he chuckled at the thought...

Sliding round to the side of the building he found the window he was looking for...just the slightest of cracks was his view...but it was them...asa clear as day..the woman, Max and Jimmy...all gathered round a laptop engrossed..."what are they up to?"
Gehenna Tartarus
15-08-2003, 23:06
Sarah moved away from the computer, and surveyed the room. She had a strange feeling that things were not right. She looked at Jimmy to see if he was picking up anything, and then she turned to Max.

"I don't like this place." She hit the off button. The screen of the laptop flicked to black. "It feels..." She paused. "We have only one means of escape, unless we're about to jump through the window." She smiled at Max. "We'll go back to mine." She picked up the computer as she addressed Jimmy. "I'm sorry about this. But at least you get to see some of Erebus while you're here."

She headed towards the door.
16-08-2003, 00:42
Sange saw the woman get up and sensed her suspicion...she has pre-cog powers...suppressed but there non the less...a dormant talent probably skipping a few generations of family...very interesting...and she has absolutely no idea...

But pre-cog wasn't a threat to just gave disjointed images of the future to the bearer...and that future was about to get alot shorter...

They were leaving now...Sange shut off his thought projection and mentally stilled himself...If Max was to sense him now...he could match him on offensive battle psyche...the secret here was surprise...

As soon as the door opened Martinique Sange performed a typical 'Wide net paralysis' psychic blast...which stunned all three of the targets one movement Sange scooped up the motionless Jimmy and ran for the car...
Gehenna Tartarus
16-08-2003, 00:54
Moments later Sarah and Max had recovered and watched as the car drove away carrying Jimmy.

"Sh*t!" Sarah swore as she picked up the fallen laptop. She looked over at Max. "There's no way that was the same man." She pushed some loose strands of hair behind her ear.

"Should we follow them?" Max asked as he took his keys out of his pocket and began to head towards his car.

Sarah thought for a second. "Yes, you go after them. I'm going back to my apartment. Hopefully Jimmy will be able to 'tell' us where he is. " She sighed. "At least, I hope he can." She walked over and got in her vehicle.
16-08-2003, 01:42
Sange pulled up in the docklands and headed for the 'Indisputable Song' a Rancourian sympathetic cargo vessel where he could lay low for a couple of days...after trussing up Jimmy...he threw him in the hold and went to get a hearty breakfast in the ships galley...

It didn't sail for another week...hopefully in that time...he could find out exactly what was being planned by the mysterious trio and whether the mental restraints on the mind where the precious 'Double Punch' secrets were locked away...were holding out...
16-08-2003, 02:09
Carl was sat in his car, calmly crooking the electro-mag pistol over one arm. He squinted, fixing Sarah's mother in his sights with an accuracy a trained assasin would be envious of.
I'm not taking any more chances he thought grimly. no telling what defences may be set up in there

His finger wrapped around the trigger. The semi-warm plasic felt slightly uncomfortable to him - he much prefered cold metal. A moments adjustment to offset the twitch of the barrel when his finger had touched it, and he started to squeeze.
sh*t... that might be important, Jon's the only one with that number
He slowly released the pressure on the trigger, and picked up the phone.

"Carl, some shi*s going down!"

"what are you talking about, bro?"

"I'm hacked into the cities psychic defence department... it's pretty basic, but they look for incidences of psychics using their powers in ways detremental to the public"


about five minutes ago, the boards lit up. Some psychic knocked out three people at once. the polices own psychics caught the edge of that one!

"whoa, slow down man - no way to know thats our guy. If they've got arms dealers selling anti-psychic stuff, there must be a fair few of them in the city"

"Thats not all though - get this - someone reported a woman with a description of Sarah leaving the scene - description of her was perfect; right down to the clothes you said she was wearing when you last saw her!!"

Jon's voice was excited, Carl grinned brotherly at his siblings lack of martial discipline.

"Right. Give me the address, I'll get on my way"

He jotted down the address on a post it note, and turned off the phone.

No way i'm getting caught with my pants down this time... I want some aces up my own sleeve..

He re-cocked the electro-mag pistol, and slid into the exact position he had assumed before, the nanites having long ago augmented his muscle memory to near perfection.
He fired.
The close range bullet made only a whine in the air before slamming through the window of Lily's front room. At this range it would be testing even a night-ops agent abilities to get a clean kill. Thankfully all Carl had to do was to hit the old woman. The thousands of free electrons would do the rest.

He was out of the car and moving before the woman's body hit the floor. Her body was twitching as it fell, a slight mist rising off the body as the shock singed the clothes she was wearing.

Carl vaulted the outside fence, and through the window smashed by the bullet. He was using the nanites to augment his centeral nervous system, the metal machines conducting the electrical signals from his brain quicker than the fiberous nerve flesh - allowing him to move faster than a normal person would be able to. Not that this was without its toll. If he sustained this speed for much longer than a minute his body temperature would rise and his death would be slow and painful, cooking from the inside out.
He pulled Lily over his shoulder in a firemans lift and sprinted back to his car, throwing her across the back seat. It would be likely she would be out for at least an hour.
The car pulled away slowly, hoping to avoid attention.

On the floor of Lily's living room lay a single piece of white paper, the number to Carl's mobile written across it in unmissable blue ink.

Ten seconds had passed since Carl had hung up on Jon's call.

ooc, sorry for the long post!
16-08-2003, 04:36
Jimmy woke up to find himself in a dark, damp area. Immediately he searched the area for anyone. All he encountered were a few rats. He calmed his mind and extended it over a long distance in search of Max or Sarah. Finally he found Sarah.

Sarah. I'm not sure what just happened but I'm been held prisoner. It smells of salt water so I guess I'm near the ocean. I'm inside some kind of container or cargo hold.
Gehenna Tartarus
16-08-2003, 10:37
Sarah drove off and headed for her apartment. Halfway there she heard Jimmy's voice in her head. She was relieved that he was still alive. Fortunately they're not in too much of a rush to kill him.

She did a quick check to make sure she wasn't being followed. Pulling into a side road, she stopped the car and pulled out her phone.

"Max?...Seems Jimmy may be by the ocean...Some kind of cargo container...Yeah, but be careful...These people are serious...I don't know what he's done to attracted this much attention...I'm beginning to think I made a mistake too." She looked at her surroundings. "Look, I'm not sure the apartment's safe...Yeah, I'm taking it home."

She switched off the phone and set off to the safest place she knew. Home. The drive took no more than half an hour. She knew that now they had Jimmy she didn't need the elaborate detours.

As she arrived at the house, she noticed that the front door was open. Strange. She hates the thought of people being able to enter unannounced.

She entered carefully; her paranoia returning with force. She listened, but could hear nothing over the sound of the TV. Let her be in her seat watching that damn soap she likes so much.

Her gun safely in her hand, she opened the door. Nothing. It was empty. Then she saw the paper on the floor. She walked over and picked it up. F*ck!

She had no choice. She got out her phone and dialled.
16-08-2003, 10:41
Jimmy located Max.

[i]Max. I'll tell you if you're getting closer. I haven't detected anyone around here so far."
Gehenna Tartarus
16-08-2003, 10:48
Max drove along the docks, this was the most obvious place to be. Why does everything always end up here? He smiled. He continued along the sea front, looking for any unusual signs.

He started suddenly as he 'heard' Jimmy in his head. He knew he was in the right location. He stopped the car and exited. He would draw less attention on foot. He let his eyes wander around; each time they fell on a cargo container his heart sank. Damn! There's hundreds of the things.

He slowly began to walk off in search of Jimmy. Like a needle in a haystack.
16-08-2003, 11:04
Jimmy began to bang on the doors of his container with his telekinesis.

Max. Can you hear the bang?
Gehenna Tartarus
16-08-2003, 13:45
Max walked among the cargo containers. Nothing. He's got to be on a ship. He looked at the array of vessels waiting at the water's edge. The hustle and bustle of the crews as they loaded and unloaded the cargo.

There was only one way that Max was going to find the right one, he was going to have to get the sailing times and destinations for each of them, or hope that he could spot something.

As he neared one of the ships, a strange memory stirred. Indisputable Song. The name meant something. Had he heard it before?

Jimmy, I can't hear anything. Can you tell if I'm near?
16-08-2003, 15:10
You're near alright. Unfortunately I can't give you a direction or distance. Give me a sec.

Jimmy put all his mental strength into one big telekinetic blast. A nearby boat began to violently rock.

Look for the rocking boat
Gehenna Tartarus
16-08-2003, 15:15
Max saw the boat. Yes, it was as he feared, Jimmy was aboard the Indisputable Song. How in the name of hell was he going to get on board? He looked at the crew bristling about as he walked nearer.

He pulled out his phone to call Sarah, but it was engaged. Things just seem to be going from bad to worse. He walked over to one of the crew to get some information concerning the ship. Perhaps it would give him some clue to who had taken Jimmy.
16-08-2003, 15:20
Sange felt the Psyche blast ripple through his conciousness...JIMMY!

He must be awake...cursing him for having to leave his hammock...he descended towards the hold...

Controlling his breathing he began to shut out the his basic motor function...which enabled him to visualise the events unfolding before him...Max was here...he could distinguish his individual psychic scent...

he knew the name of the boat...

Sange told the two surly looking guards to be extra vigilant...they raised their AK-47s and started scanning the dock for movement...

Sange then grabbed a large ratchet and opened the door to the hold...
Gehenna Tartarus
16-08-2003, 15:26
Max suddenly felt uneasy. He knew with all the activity around he would not be able to get on the boat. He saw two men carry weapons. They know I'm here. He slipped into the shadow of a nearby building, still able to see the ship clearly.
16-08-2003, 15:32
Jimmy noticed Sange walk in with the ratchet in his hand.

"Get back!"

Jimmy unleashed another wave of telekinetic power toward Sange.
16-08-2003, 15:43
Sange flicked the Psyche blast away...mind stepping it nonchenantly...he had dealt with far more powerful an opponent than this petty thief...he then gagged Jimmy and made his way on deck...sending out feelers for Max...he was more of a problem than anticipated...Sange wished he had spent more time poring over Max Shaws file...

*He popped another valium and grinned a gold toothed smile at Jimmy...then kicked him in the face...*
Gehenna Tartarus
16-08-2003, 15:53
Max saw the man as he climbed on deck, dragging Jimmy along with him. Sh*t! We've got real problems. He couldn't get hold of Sarah to let her know what was happening. And they had a Rancouranian on their backs. He knew they had got in deeper trouble than he could ever have imagined. And this was the last thing he had wanted. Was this man aware of him?
16-08-2003, 15:58
Jimmy went out after that boot to the face....... completely unconscious and unable to aid himself. But something strange was pulsing in the back of Jimmy's mind........
16-08-2003, 16:16
Sange put Jimmy's now limp body over his shoulders and made his way up to the bridge...


Sange spoke to the ageing seaman in the dulcet tones of a coertion meld...

"An enemy of Rancourania is abroad somewhere on these docks...send a group out to capture or kill him...but it is imperitive that he must be eliminated as a threat...he is a powerful psyche...give your men this..."

He threw the Captain the cranial gel used by Blind Distopistry Agents before the invention of nano technology in the field...rubbed on the aids in combatting mind attacks...

"I have a speedboat arriving in 1 hour...I hope I will not be delayed..."

Sange looked menacingly at the Captain...popped another valium and fell into a drug induced slumber...
16-08-2003, 16:20
The pulse inside Jimmy's head was getting stronger. He could feel it growing, uncontrollably............
Gehenna Tartarus
16-08-2003, 16:22
Max watched as the man carried the now unconscious Jimmy off the deck and disappeared into the bows of the ship. There was no way he could contact him. He had to get aboard that ship. He knew they were waiting for him. He knew they had weapons. I must be mad, he thought as he moved out of the shadows.

For the first time in many years, he opened his mind.
16-08-2003, 16:25
It was now surging through Jimmy's body. He couldn't stop it......... the raw power took control. He began to awake.........
16-08-2003, 16:28
Sange the space of 20 minutes experienced 'dead heads' *Rancourian military slang for Psyche corps members*...could experience the relief that an 8 hour sleep would part of his brain though remained alert...a psychic trip alert him of danger...
16-08-2003, 16:34
The power surged around Jimmy. Although he wasn't entirely conscious to see it. Severl objects were floating in a circle above him or flying randomly around the room. Slowly this power began to pick Jimmy up.
Gehenna Tartarus
16-08-2003, 16:37
Max stopped in mid-step. There was something happening on board the ship. He stood and waited.
16-08-2003, 16:40

Sange snapped awake and saw a severe paranormal entity circling Jimmy...but the thing wasn't coming from him...!!!

"WTF is going on?"

A whine like an air raid siren began in Martinique Sanges head...

16-08-2003, 16:44
Finally Jimmy awoke. But he wasn't in control. This raw power had taken control of his body and he was just along for the ride. He hovered across the room toward Sange. He raised his arm and pointed it at Sange........
17-08-2003, 10:29
OOC: I will be away from Monday the 18th till Friday the 22nd. It's currently Sunday 21st here.

18-08-2003, 12:28
OOC: I don't want to post anything till Tartarus gives me an angle on Max :D
Gehenna Tartarus
18-08-2003, 12:40
[ooc: I'm not sure if this is Max's doing or Jimmy's.

Max is still standing on the dock, doing something or nothing. *Shrugs*]
23-08-2003, 02:03
OOC: I'm back..........
23-08-2003, 02:31
Jimmy could feel the power surging through him......... he couldn't stop himself from moving toward Sange and raising an extreme amount of telekinetic power. He awaited the moment when this power would release the blast........
Gehenna Tartarus
23-08-2003, 03:47
Max slowly edged back into the shadows, he knew he was a sitting target standing on the dock. He stood waiting to see what happened.
23-08-2003, 19:13
ooc. to keep this simpler, I'll keep Carls little sub-story with sarah out of the way till you guys work out whats going on at the docks.
23-08-2003, 20:07
The power crackled around Jimmy until he couldn't hold it back any longer. The massive wave of telekinetic power was unleashed directly into Sange sending him through the door, out of the bridge and into the water.
Gehenna Tartarus
23-08-2003, 20:46
Max watched silently as the man flew out of the door and landed with a splash in the water below. Staying in the shadows, he knew that it was only a matter of time before Jimmy appeared. He wanted away from these docks; not that anywhere else in Erebus seemed safe at the moment. I hope Sarah's having better luck.
24-08-2003, 01:41
After taking care of Sange, Jimmy made his way off the bridge. He was thinking about how he would get off the ship when he noticed he was floating above the water and heading toward stable land. He was beginning to regain control of himself, but he could still feel this power inside him. He reached out with his mind and spotted Max.

Max, I'm coming down. Stay where you are and I'll meet you there.
Gehenna Tartarus
24-08-2003, 01:48
Max stood where he was as he watched Jimmy float off the boat and across the water. He looked to see whether the other man was in good health. The last thing they needed was the police looking for a murder suspect.
24-08-2003, 02:40
Jimmy heard Max's thoughts without even reaching out.

He isn't dead. Most likely injured quite badly but nothing fatal.

Jimmy landed directly in front of Max.

"Let's get out of here. I think Sarah may need our help."
Gehenna Tartarus
24-08-2003, 11:01
Max turned as Jimmy spoke, and smiled. "Getting out of here is the best idea I've heard in a long time." He made his way quickly to the car and got in. I don't know where we can go that's going to be safe. Seems to me, everywhere we go someone turns up moments later."

He put his foot on the accelerator and speed out of the dock, not speaking again until they reach the main intersection. "Don't worry about Sarah, she'll call if she needs us."
24-08-2003, 11:28
Jimmy could still feel the power surging through him.

"I'm not quite sure what just happened. But it seems I am a lot more powerful than I thought. And Sarah is going to need our help. There is more than one party after me."

Jimmy began to experiment with his new found power. He looked at Max.

"Do you have any psychic abilities?"
Gehenna Tartarus
24-08-2003, 11:39
Max turned briefly to Jimmy, then suddenly laughed. "That's a rather strange question. What they in the name of hell made you ask?" He looked into the rear-view mirror just to check they weren't being followed.
24-08-2003, 13:04
Jimmy couldn't help but remember something about Max whilst he was on the ship. But he shrugged it off for now. He focussed his attention on Sarah.

Sarah. Where are you? I'm with Max.
Gehenna Tartarus
24-08-2003, 22:43
Sarah let the phone continue to ring, sure that someone would answer it. That's what the note had asked her to do, after all. Damn! Nothing is simple anymore.

She felt Jimmy in her head. Go to my apartment, I'll meet you there soon. She hoped that he could 'hear' her.

At least he was safe, that was one weight off her mind. Now, she just had to find out what had happened to her mother. They say crime doesn't pay. She sighed. Well, they are wrong, crime does pay, if you can just get past the problems they send your way.
25-08-2003, 07:16
Jimmy turned to Max.

"Sarah will meet us at her apartment. I'm getting a stange feeling from her."
Gehenna Tartarus
25-08-2003, 11:01
Max laughed even more. "Yeah, Sarah's a bit like that. Never really easy to get what's happening with her." He shot a quick glance at Jimmy. "She thinks she can handle everything herself. Seems to have it in her head that if she asks for help it makes her weak." He smiled. "You'll get used to it."
25-08-2003, 11:19
Jimmy began to feel very weak.

"I need to rest. This has taken a lot out of me."

Jimmy lay back in his seat, closing his eyes in an attempt to get some sleep.
Gehenna Tartarus
25-08-2003, 11:32
Max smiled. "Yeah, you do that. I'll wake you when we get to the apartment."

He continued the rest of the way in silence, his mind full of thoughts of Sarah. What are you doing now? And more importantly, what has gone wrong?

He didn't like this. He didn't like this at all.
25-08-2003, 13:43
Glancing at this phone, Carl saw he had missed a call.
damn... well, thats what I get for falling asleep on a job

His eyes breifly swept the room he was in. The dingy hotel room had damp walls, rotting wall paper and a very threadbare carpet.

wont ever see the inside of a room like this again when thie job comes through...

He thought he heard movement inside the bathroom, but it was unlikely Sarahs mother was awake yet, she would most likely be asleep for at least another twenty minutes.

His fingers moving over the phones keypad, he searched its memory and dragged out the number of the phone whose call he had missed. He saved that number and rang it.
Gehenna Tartarus
25-08-2003, 15:53
Sarah flung the phone on the seat of her car, and sat wondering what to do now. Why ask someone to phone and not answer. I'm surrounded by amateurs, she thought.

She reversed the car out of the driveway and headed towards her apartment. She was halfway there when the phone began to ring. Damn it, Max, not now.

As she caught sight of the number as she hit the answer button, she realised who was on the other end.

"What have you done with my mother?" She said as she pulled the car to a halt at some traffic lights.
26-08-2003, 11:22
Jimmy began to awake. The car stopped as he opened his eyes.

"I guess we're here then. Sarah said she would meet us here."
Gehenna Tartarus
26-08-2003, 11:27
Max exited the car and made his way into Sarah's apartment. "I just hope we don't have any more visitors." He inserted the key and entered. "I don't think I can handle all this moving around."
27-08-2003, 07:31
"Indeed. I think I've had enough exictement for a while."

Jimmy located Sarah again.

Sarah.... we're at your apartment. How long till you arrive?
Gehenna Tartarus
27-08-2003, 13:49
Max laughed. "Well, the excitement is still to come, what we've experience so far is just damn bad luck." He sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. "Let's see if there are any further reports concerning any of your 'friends'."

Sarah felt Jimmy's words enter her head. Soon, I'm on my way there now.

She sat at the traffic lights waiting for them to turn green. She really didn't need this kind of hassle. She waited for the man on the telephone to tell her what he wanted.
28-08-2003, 07:08
Jimmy sat on the couch next to Max.

"Sarah will be here soon."
Gehenna Tartarus
28-08-2003, 13:45
Max turned to Jimmy. "You worry too much. Sarah will get here when she gets here." He indicated the kitchen. "If you want to do something useful, go see if she keeps anything to drink in this place."
28-08-2003, 18:31
ooc sorry, ive been busy.

"Sarah, your mother is safe. We've met before, only this time I will not make quite the same mistakes"
Carl continued before Sarah had time to respond
"I will make you a quite simple trade - your mother unharmed for the psychic." He rattled off the name and number of the hotel he was in to Sarah, before hanging up.

Now, I have to prepare.... Something warns me that psychic will not go willingly. I hope this cap is half as good as the dealer promised...
Gehenna Tartarus
28-08-2003, 20:58
Sarah threw the phone onto the passenger seat. In her anger she almost drove into the car that had slowed down in front of her. She honked her horn to help alleviate her frustration.

Damn! Why now? Damn it!

She leant over to pick up her phone, keeping her eyes on the road. It took a few seconds to locate at as she searched with her hand. She dialled Max and explained what had happened.

Let's hope that Jimmy and deal with this man again. I don't need this.

She drove towards the hotel and the man who had kidnapped her mother.
29-08-2003, 07:23
Jimmy had been closely monitoring Sarah when he picked up her distress.

Sarah. What's wrong?
Gehenna Tartarus
29-08-2003, 10:01
Sarah felt Jimmy's mind touch her's. She suddenly experienced an overwhelming sense of sadness. Why her mother? What had she done wrong?

It's nothing. Just go with Max. I'll explain when you get there.

She turned the stereo on to help wash away her fears and doubts. If anything happened to her Mother people really would start paying.
29-08-2003, 11:27
Jimmy could tell she was upset but she wasn't going to invade her privacy. He turned to Max.

"So where are we going?"
Gehenna Tartarus
29-08-2003, 11:37
Max turned to Jimmy, as he picked up the keys he had thrown onto the table. "Sarah wants us to meet her at a hotel. We're to wait the car until she calls us." He sighed as he made his way to the door. "And don't do anything until she tells you to."
29-08-2003, 11:41
"Why do I get the feeling this has something to do with the guys after me?"
Gehenna Tartarus
29-08-2003, 11:44
Max laughed. "Hey, so far today, all our trouble has been about the guys that are after you." He stepped out of the apartment and headed for the car. "Let's see if we can find out exactly what it is you've done to upset so many people." He opened the door and got in.
29-08-2003, 11:48
Jimmy jumped into the passenger seat.

"They'll be in for surprise this time. I'm not sure what happened on the boat but it has made me........ different."
Gehenna Tartarus
29-08-2003, 11:53
Max turned to Jimmy suddenly. "No! You'll do nothing until Sarah gives the word." He turned the key to start the engine. "Sometimes words are better than actions. Have a bit of patience."
29-08-2003, 11:56
"I'm not that wreckless. I have figured out there is a stake involved here. You don't have to worry. Would you care to inform me what this stake is?"
Gehenna Tartarus
29-08-2003, 12:00
Max pulled away from the curb and started on his way to the hotel. "It has nothing to do with the stakes that I ask you to hold back. The more you attack, the more you make them want to come after you." He sighed. "Let's just get to the bottom of the problem before we decide on a course of action."
29-08-2003, 14:05
"Fair enough. It seems I'm causing more trouble than I'm worth."
Gehenna Tartarus
29-08-2003, 14:11
Max laughed. "Hey, I wouldn't say that. If all eventually goes well, you could net us 100 mill. If we ever get a chance to grab the damn thing." He turned the car onto the highway.
29-08-2003, 14:22
Jimmy whistled.

"I see. Then hopefully we can get rid of these guys after me and get on with it."
Gehenna Tartarus
29-08-2003, 14:25
Max smiled. "Yeah, but like I said, stay off the psychic stuff until we hear from Sarah." He laughed. "Otherwise she just might finish you off and save the others the bother."
29-08-2003, 14:38
Jimmy laughed.

"Women can be more dangerous than trained assassins."
Gehenna Tartarus
29-08-2003, 14:43
Max nodded his agreement as he thought about Sarah. "Personally, I usually just go along with what she says. Seems to save a lot of aggravation."
29-08-2003, 14:50
"That would be the smart thing to do."
Gehenna Tartarus
29-08-2003, 18:01
Max shot Jimmy a quick smile. "You're learning quick, boy." He brought the car to a stop at some traffic lights. "So, you want to tell me what happened back at the docks?"
30-08-2003, 00:56
The dingy hotel room looked entirely different to how it had a mere hour ago. A short passageway led from the door past the even dingier bathroom into the main sleeping area. Carl had shoved the upturned matress along that passageway, making it impossible for more than one person at a time to enter.

Sarahs now awake mother lay, bound and gagged, in the far corner of the room, unharmed bar the rotting wallpaper and milldew inches from her nose.

Carl was not in the room, he was actually one story above. A bribe and a threat had given him access to a room directly above his own, and he was hastily cutting through the floorboards, setting up his trap.

Less than an hour later, he was sat comfortably in his original room, his gun pointed languidly at sarahs mother, huddled in the corner.
sarah should be here soon...i hope for her sake shes brought that psychic.

Only a near invisible discolouration in the roofs ceiling gave evidence to the fact Carl had all his hopes riding on the success of the trap he had planted there.

That and the tiny controller and botton cupped in his left hand.
Gehenna Tartarus
30-08-2003, 01:03
Sarah pulled up outside the hotel. She knew that Max would remark about it looking like something out of a film script. She smiled as she imagine him saying it.

She picked up her phone and dialed. A voice at the other end spoked after only three rings. "Max...Yes, it's Sarah...I'm there already...When you arrive stay in the car...I'll call for Jimmy when I want him."

She clicked the phone off and pushed it into the pocket of her jeans. She leant back into the car and pulled a gun from the glove compartment. Tucking it into the back of her waist band, she made her way up to the room that the kidnapper had stated.

When she reached the door, she knocked and stepped away from the door, just in case he fired first and asked questions later.
30-08-2003, 03:12
Jimmy turned to Max.

"I'm not exactly sure what happened. All I know is that there was this force that had taken control of me and it was intent on defending itself from that guy. It was like some sort of untapped well of power. Anyway..... now the well is tapped and I get the benefits. I'm sure it will come in very useful."
30-08-2003, 10:28
Carl had been half asleep when he heard the knock on the door. His left eye flicked open as he felt his heart rate increase, blood pumping to his muscles in anticipation.

A man who had always had a flair for the dramatic, Carl pointed his gun with one hand at Sarah's mother, assuming that neither Sarah nor her companions would attack him whilst he threatened her mother.

"Come in please, the door isn't locked" Carl ordered, the gun not moving an inch. How could Sarah possibly know that it could do no more than knock its target out?
"Sarah, it's nice to see you again," Carl commented as she walked proudly into the room, "I trust you have brought the psychic with you?"
Gehenna Tartarus
30-08-2003, 10:50
Sarah's eyes flicked around the room as he spoke, finally coming to rest on the man standing in front of her. Her heartbeat raced as she fought to control her anger and nerves. She didn't want to be shot for saying the wrong thing.

Taking a deep breath, she calmed herself enough to speak. "He's here. No, that's not true. He's on his way here." She let her gaze continue assessing the room. "Where is my mother? If you've done anything to her, I'll kill you." She felt her anger rising.

She walked a little, fighting hard to remain calm. She didn't want much. Just this one little job and she would be set for life. She returned her eyes to meet his. "Look. I know Jimmy has upset your boss, but perhaps we could come to an agreement." She sighed.

Meanwhile, Max nodded impressed as Jimmy explained what had happened at the docks. He's reached his full potential.

He pulled the car to a stop outside the hotel, and turned off the ignition. He looked over at Jimmy. "Okay, we're to stay here until Sarah says otherwise." A dark look clouded his features. "Don't do anything, other than listen in."
30-08-2003, 12:25
Jimmy reached out with his mind into the room with Carl and Sarah.

"Sarah is in there. But there..... is something not right about that room......"
Gehenna Tartarus
30-08-2003, 13:20
Max looked at Jimmy with an amused grin on his face. "What did you expect? This man strikes me as being a professional." He laughed. "Did you think he would let us walk in there without preparing first."

He let his gaze fall onto the building in front of them. He noted the dingy exterior and suddenly was reminded of countless movies. He sighed. His gaze began to study the windows, as he wondered how long Sarah would be before she required their assistance.
30-08-2003, 13:33
"That's true. I still don't know why anyone would go to this much trouble to get me."
Gehenna Tartarus
30-08-2003, 13:43
Max turned away from the building and fixed his gaze on Jimmy. "Some people will go to any length to teach another not to meddle in his affairs. Unfortunately you managed to involve yourself with such a person." He looked back out of the windscreen towards the hotel.

"Let us hope, that he not willing to go as far as killing you before you make all this effort to bring you here worthwhile." He chuckled.
30-08-2003, 14:31
"So it seems. I wonder what's taking Sarah so long."
Gehenna Tartarus
30-08-2003, 14:42
Max sighed. The impatience of youth.

He turned again and looked at Jimmy. "Good things come to those who wait. If you rush, things never go as planned." He smiled. "You have to evaluate the lay of the land before you can take the easiest and safest route. Just remain calm, and go with the flow." He looked back at the hotel.
30-08-2003, 14:56
"I know. I still don't like this situation though."

OOC: are we going to get on with it?
Gehenna Tartarus
30-08-2003, 15:05
[ooc: we can't do anything until Distopistry replies. Sarah wants to hear Carl's terms before turning Jimmy over. Just have some patience.]
30-08-2003, 15:10
fair enough....... :roll:
30-08-2003, 23:12
OOC: For reasons out of my control, I'm only going to be able to post about twice a day.... so you can control Carl if you want. You have a fair idea of what he can do, and I have the feeling he's about to join this little heist


"Your mother is perfectly fine. A little shook up, but I think shes strong." He paused for a moment, a quick smile flicking across his face. "It seems to fun in the family"

He stood, and leaned against the back wall; right arm still extened, gun pointed at Sarahs mother tied in the corner.

"What's this offer? I'm frankly only in this for the money. Jimmy's worth five million Despos to me. If you can make me a better offer than that, I'll let you take your mother and leave right now."
30-08-2003, 23:19
"The Count is not my boss. Personally I think he's a little tit." He took a step towards Sarah, and looked her straight in the eye. " A rich little tit."

Carl moved back again, and paced around the room as he spoke. His arm seeming almost unnatural in the way it tracked Sarahs mothers prone form.

"I'm a trained killer and industrial terrorist, part of a programme set up by my government to carry out illegal operations and get away with them. I have extensive nanotech enhancements I cost my government more than a stealth fighter to create." A paused, simply for the effect.

"I'm still going to die. Maybe in a year, maybe sooner. The illegal ops I carried out have become an embarasment to my government, and they are going to quietly silence me" he spat. "part of covering up their tracks. With the five million I get for bringing in Jimmy, I can move to another country and buy myself a large slice of security."

He settled himself back into his seat. "Like i said, can you make me a better offer?"
Gehenna Tartarus
30-08-2003, 23:28
"I would appreciate it if you could stop pointing that and untie my mother." Sarah said as she looked at the poor woman trussed up in the corner. She wanted to go over to her and comfort her, but she was certain Carl would not allow her.

Sarah looked Carl in the eye, a slow smile spreading across her face. "I could offer you six million, but you'd have to wait for it." Then an idea struck her. She walked over to a chair and casually sat down.

"On the other hand, we could use a little help." She raised her eyes until they were looking directly into his. "Say for taking your cut to say..." She thought for a moment. "Fifteen million. You should be able to get a pretty impressive new life for that."

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31-08-2003, 04:09
OOC: I agree..... i'm willing to wait. Shall we get Jimmy and Max in there?
Gehenna Tartarus
31-08-2003, 12:06
[ooc: let Jimmy take the lead, as Max is determined to stay in the car]
31-08-2003, 12:08
Jimmy sensed the situation had calmed down.

"Ok. Things are looking good in there. I'm going in."

Jimmy got out of the car and began to walk towards the room with Sarah and Carl inside.
31-08-2003, 12:33
(ooc. - Thats fine, I just mean that if you want to go somewhere, you can type "Carl followed" as oposed for waiting for me to type every inconsiquential action. If you'd prefer to wait thats fine too)

Only a slight widening of Carl's eyebrows betrayed his surprise. [i] Fifteen million? Thats an awful lot of money. Even if I split it half with Jon its more than I need; not that i'm complaining. Theres a lot of things that I might not need, but I damn sure want...[I]
Out loud: "Sounds interesting. But i'd bet any thing that could net me that much will be dangerous" A rueful grimmace flicked momenterily across his face as he remembered just how much trouble it had been to try and earn just five million.

He half lowered the gun, still poised to raise it at a moment if necessary. "Untie your mother, but make slow movements and please don't do anything stupid. I want to know the details of this plan of yours." He noted how the folds of her clothes seemed unnatural around her waist. "And as a sign of our newfound trust, you can drop your gun. If you can truly get me fifteen million you have nothing to fear from me."