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16-08-2003, 16:56
OOC: Kay.

"Let's go finnish that dinner now."
16-08-2003, 20:11
OOC: back, just made Sensei...

IC: He smiled "Alright, sure."
16-08-2003, 20:52
OOC: congratz!

Dani went back to the table and waited for Will to sit.
16-08-2003, 21:52
OOC: thanks

IC: He walks over and sits down. "I won't argue this time."
16-08-2003, 21:53
Dani smiled.

"Maybe that is best."

She sat next to him and finnished her hot chocolate.
16-08-2003, 21:54
He ate fairly quickly, "I suppose."
16-08-2003, 21:55
Dani blinked.

"I'm tired. It's been an . . . interesting day." She said, smiling.
16-08-2003, 21:58
He smiled and laughed, "Alright."
16-08-2003, 22:00
James walked in.

"Daniella, we are going home in the morning."

Dani looked up in suprise.

"We're not leaving until he end of the week!"

James shrugged.

"I can't leave you here alone."

"I'll be with Will . . ." Dani said.

OOC: Sorry, but I have to make him seem bad.
16-08-2003, 22:07
OOC: heh its alright

He looked around for a moment and remained quiet for the decision.
17-08-2003, 21:33
Dani stood up, clearlly pissed.

"You will go, and we will stay."

James looked at Will, kind of like the look you give a smelly animal, then stormed off. Dani sat, and blushed.

The Basenji
18-08-2003, 00:41
Okay guys, start a new thread. This one is long past its cap off limit. Thanks.

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18-08-2003, 00:42
Hey Bas, you need to back off. This is a real RP, for one. And that ruleing was for General Forum chats only.
18-08-2003, 00:51
"Its quite alright."
18-08-2003, 01:00
OOC: You go Dani. Tell him like it is. :D
18-08-2003, 01:02
"I don't know why James has been like this lately."
18-08-2003, 01:07
OOC: You do know that part of it could be nerves, since you did make him incharge of a lot more stuff. He is your right hand man and he does not want to mess anything up for you.
18-08-2003, 01:08
OOC: He's turned out to be a bad guy. In the future, when the bombing of Ruhr takes place, Dani finds out that he set the whole thing up. Then he tries to kill her.
18-08-2003, 01:21
OOC: Thanks for ruining the ending for me, but I guess that I will forgive you.
18-08-2003, 01:23
OOC: It was in the other RP.
18-08-2003, 01:26
OOC: Oh, then I guess I need to find the other rp.
18-08-2003, 01:30
OOC: I got to get off and get ready to go to a church meeting. Talk to you later.
18-08-2003, 03:54
"Its alright, I'm sorry you have to put up with him though."
18-08-2003, 04:48
Dani looked down, ashamed.

"I just wish I could meet his expectations."
18-08-2003, 04:51
"I'm sure you do, even if someone does not show their apprecation or show you acclamation does not mean they do not feel that way." he smiled faintly.
18-08-2003, 04:52
Dani nodded.

"Do I meet your expectations?"

OOC: Got to go.
18-08-2003, 04:54
"Of course you do, you exceed them by far."

OOC: Alright, bye
18-08-2003, 12:41
Dani looked up, smiling. "Thank you. For me, I have no expectations for you to meet."
18-08-2003, 16:42
He laughed, "I see, well that is perfectly alright for me then."
19-08-2003, 19:21
"Good." Dani yawned, and looked at her watch.

"Oi! It's late!"
19-08-2003, 19:55
He looks down at his watch "So it is...perhaps we should get to bed."
19-08-2003, 20:20
Dani nodded.

"And where shall the master sleep tonight?"
19-08-2003, 20:26
"The master? you must not be speaking of me then, I'm no master."
19-08-2003, 20:35
"I do speak of you, Will. I myself plan on falling asleep to a corney movie on the couch."
19-08-2003, 20:44
He laughed, "I see...well I do not consider myself a master...but that sounds great about the movie."
19-08-2003, 20:45
"Okay. I'm going to go change into some pj pants and I'll meet you down there."

OOC: Bye.
19-08-2003, 20:47
"Alright, I'll see you there than." he walks down towards the room.

OOC: Bye.
19-08-2003, 21:31
OOC: Hey don't forget to vote on the polls in the General forum. They are both started by me.
19-08-2003, 21:49
what is this danya?
19-08-2003, 22:30
OOC: This is an RP that's been going on forever. Dani is the Queen of Danya, and Will is her little boy toy.

Dani changed and met Will at the room.

"What are you in the mood for?"
19-08-2003, 22:31
OOC: yea...umm...yea...

IC: "I don't care, I'm willing to see anything. I'm not picky about that stuff."
19-08-2003, 22:32
"Spaceballs okay with you?"
19-08-2003, 22:33
"Of course, I love that movie."
19-08-2003, 22:34
"I've only seen it once, and I fell asleep in the middle."

A guard comes in and turns it on. Dani sits on the couch, and grabs a pillow.
19-08-2003, 22:35
He smiled, "Well, you missed some of the best parts of it than."
He sits down next to Dani on the couch.
19-08-2003, 22:38
The movie began, and Dani started to doze off. She had had a long day.
19-08-2003, 22:39
He looked over, and then turned the volume down. He continued to watch the movie.
19-08-2003, 22:39
Dani woke up for a minute.

"Hey, do you want a drink?"
19-08-2003, 22:41
"Sure, I guess...I don't care what it is either."
19-08-2003, 22:43
Dani turned to a guard.

"Two Barq's Root Beers, please."

He brought them the drinks. Dani sipped hers.

"Well, Will, I'm not going to last much longer. I'm going to give in and fall asleep."
19-08-2003, 22:45
He began to drink his, "Alright, that is fine" he puts down the root beer and stands up. "Still planning on sleeping here?"
19-08-2003, 22:48
"Yes. I'll move to the other couch for you. I don't care how many movies you watch. I'll be asleep."

Dani gets up and walks to the other couch and lays down, pulling a blanket up around her. She is asleep almost immediatly.
19-08-2003, 22:49
He stands up and turns off the T.V. and walks out onto a porch to look at the stars. After a few minutes he comes back in and goes to sleep on the couch.
19-08-2003, 22:52
In the morning . . .

Dani wakes up to find James in another uproar.

"You let them sleep in the same room?" He yelled at one of the gards. Dani rolls her eyes and looks to see if Will's up.
19-08-2003, 22:53
He wakes up hearing the yelling, he says under his breath "Bloody hell...not this again."
19-08-2003, 22:54
"I here you." Dani said. "At least he's going away." Dani spoke with fear.
19-08-2003, 22:56
"Yeah, I rather not get a lecture this early in the morning."

OOC: I'm gonna go, night.
19-08-2003, 22:57
"Then let's get out of here. We can hang out in the playhouse till he leaves."

OOC: 'Night.
20-08-2003, 09:29
"Alright then." he quickly got up and headed to the door.
20-08-2003, 15:06
oh ok i get it
20-08-2003, 15:41
OOC: Good. I'd hate for you to get the wrong idea . . .

Dani followed Will.

"Let's hurry."
20-08-2003, 17:04
"That we should...I dispise lectures."
20-08-2003, 17:06
Dani led the way. When they got there, Dani discovered her clothes from the previous day.

"Good. Now I won't be stuck in PJ's."
20-08-2003, 17:07
He laughed, "Yes, that would not be good at all would it."
20-08-2003, 17:09
Dani suddenly thought of Will running around in her dress and began to laugh. She had to sit down to catch her breath.
20-08-2003, 17:12
"Now what is that about? Something I said?"
20-08-2003, 17:15
Dani shook her head, fighting back laughter.

"No, not at all. I was thinking of you wearing one of my dresses. I think I have a few extra in here."

She walks to the closet and pulls out two minidresses, one black and one red.

"Which one would you like?" Dani asked, laughing.
20-08-2003, 17:16
"I see...I'll take the black one." He smiled and laughed.
20-08-2003, 17:17
Dani nodded.

"Good choice. Now the question remains . . . Who will look better in it?" She laughed again. Then she pulled out some sandals. "These will match!"
20-08-2003, 17:19
"Hmm, I think you would look better in the dress, but what the hell...I'll still wear it, I don't know about the shoes though."
20-08-2003, 17:22
Dani looked at the dress and shoes, then at Will. She became serious for a minute.

"Will darling, I don't think it will fit you." She said, trying to act as if the news will hurt his feelings. "Maybe you should stick with shirts and pants. But, if you really want to wear women's clothes, I'm sure I could find an extra thong . . ."
20-08-2003, 17:25
He laughed, "I was not being serious, I know I could not fit into it, though I would find it quite humorous."
20-08-2003, 17:35
OOC: heh..test..
20-08-2003, 17:51
Dani grinned.

"I bet you'd look great in a pink tu-tu, though." She said, opening the closet and pulling one out. "This was mine when I was in dance. It may fit you perfectly."
20-08-2003, 17:53
"Umm...yeah...rather not..." he smiled and laughed.
20-08-2003, 17:54
OOC: Ha! It worked!


"Well then, what shall I wear today? I'm thinking the tu-tu personally . . ." Dani joked.
20-08-2003, 17:56
"Hmm, I would usually say a dress, but a tutu always works."
20-08-2003, 17:57
Dani grinned.

"Or we could run around in robes with squirt guns again."
20-08-2003, 17:58
"As long as I avoid a lecture that is fine."
20-08-2003, 18:00
Dani rolled her eyes.

"James can't lecture you, as much as he thinks he can. He has no power over you."
20-08-2003, 18:02
"I realize he has no power over me, but its a waste of time to listen to that."
20-08-2003, 18:04
"You don't have to. You could just go . . ." Dani stopped. "Never mind."

She picks up her dress from the previous day, and changes in the bathroom. She comes back out and puts the other clothes away.
20-08-2003, 18:05
"It doesn't bother me...I don't really care what he has to say."
20-08-2003, 18:07
"That's all good for you, but you have to understand. He runs my life until I am of age."
20-08-2003, 18:08
"Yes, I understand that...he just seems to get angry to easy."
20-08-2003, 18:09
Dani nodded sadly.

"He didn't use to. Just lately . . ."
20-08-2003, 18:10
"I see, well I'm sure hes under a lot of stress."
20-08-2003, 18:12
Dani nodded.

"I hope so. I hate the way he is now. Maybe it's because he feels he has to fill my father's shoes."
20-08-2003, 18:16
"Quite possibly, I'm sure he shall change back shortly."
20-08-2003, 18:16
OOC: Too bad he is a traitor. I liked the nice James.

A helecopter was heared overhead.

"That'll be him. Gone."
20-08-2003, 18:18
OOC: heh...yea

IC: "Well, that works out well I suppose. But then there are less people to annoy with waterguns."
20-08-2003, 18:20
Dani nodded.

"Okay. Well, since James is gone, that leaves Maria as my guardian."

Seeing Will's concerned look, Dani giggled.

"Maria is blind as a bat. As long as we aren't too loud, she won't care."
20-08-2003, 18:21
"I see, well that works just as well."
20-08-2003, 18:23
"I'm sure if we get her an extra gun, she'll just play along. But let's not involve her yet."

Dani grabbed a gun from the table and squirted Will.

"You're it!"

She dashed out the back door*
20-08-2003, 18:23
He grabs the other gun and dashes out the door. He takes aim and fires, "Not for long."
20-08-2003, 18:24
Dani ran ahead, and the minute she was out of sight, climbed up and stood on the brick wall.
20-08-2003, 18:26
"Hmm...where would one hide..." he looks around for a minute and walks around looking all around.
20-08-2003, 18:28
Dani squirted him in the back of the head, then jumped off on the other side.

OOC: Got to run.
20-08-2003, 18:29
"Ahh hell..." he climbs the wall and jumps over to the other side.

OOC: Alright bye
20-08-2003, 21:19
Dani fell wrong, and hit her ankle. She forced herself to get up and run.

"You'll never get me!"
20-08-2003, 21:20
"Keep thinking that..." he continued to run as fast as he could after her.
20-08-2003, 21:21
Dani dodged some rocks, running towards the ocean. She turned back and suirted water at Will, and not checking to see if she got him or not, kept going.
20-08-2003, 21:23
He got hit in the arm, but kept running, firing on the run hoping that he hit.
20-08-2003, 21:24
Dani felt herself get wet in the back. Se dramatically stopped running and fell in a heap, makeing wierd noises and calling out for help before playing dead.
20-08-2003, 21:25
He stopped running and laughed. "Nice acting job there." he walked up over to her.
20-08-2003, 21:32
Dani didn't move, lying still, hardly breathing . . .
20-08-2003, 21:33
"Hmm, you would have had me fooled, but I can see your breathing, but anyway hows your leg? I could tell you fell wrong"
20-08-2003, 21:34
Dani sprung up and squirted Will in the face.

"Ha! But seriously, my leg is fine."
20-08-2003, 21:35
He blew some water from his face..."Well, thats good about your leg." he lowered the gun.
20-08-2003, 21:36
Dani sat on a rock.

"Oh, how sweet! Was Will worried about me, I wonder?"
20-08-2003, 21:37
"Of course I was worried about you. Why wouldn't I be?" he went and sat on the rock.
20-08-2003, 21:38
"I'm a tough girl. I'd have been fine by myself." Dani said, trying to convince herself more than Will.
20-08-2003, 21:40
"I'm sure you would have been."
20-08-2003, 21:42
"Well, there are benifits to haveing someone who cares . . ."

Dani put her hand on Will's arm.
20-08-2003, 21:43
"And what would those be?" he smiled.
20-08-2003, 21:44
"Well, I couldn't do this by myself . . ."

She leaned in close and whispered in his ear.

"I could never die in a water gun fight . . ."
20-08-2003, 21:45
"I see, well than, I can see why its so important to have someone that care."
20-08-2003, 21:46
"And I could never do this . . ."

Dani leaned in and kissed Will gently, then pulled back.
20-08-2003, 21:47
He smiled and kissed her back "Nor could I do that."
20-08-2003, 21:48
Dani grinned.

"And I would be lonely at night."
20-08-2003, 21:49
"As would I, I'm glad I keep you company than."
20-08-2003, 21:49
Dani bit her lower lip.

"Wouldn't have it any other way."
20-08-2003, 21:50
He laughed, "Well thats good,"
20-08-2003, 21:50
Dani set her gun down and then stood up.

"Do you hear that?"
20-08-2003, 21:52
"Do I hear what?" he listened very carefully.
20-08-2003, 21:53
There was a faint sound comming from the ocean.

"That? Sounds like a sub or something."
20-08-2003, 21:54
"You can hear a sub? It would have to be extremely close."
20-08-2003, 21:55
"Listen!" Dani said. She ran to te water, and there was ripples.

"The waters are too shallow for a sub. What could it be?"
20-08-2003, 21:56
"Perhaps a diver...or just a fish or a bird."
20-08-2003, 21:57
"Do you not hear it? I do . . ."
20-08-2003, 21:58
"No, I don't hear anything..." he walks over to where she is standing.
20-08-2003, 22:00
"Look at the water. See the ripples?"

Dani looked fixedly at a shadow in the water. She pulled a knife from a pouch under her dress, and threw it. A body floated to the top.
20-08-2003, 22:01
"Umm...damn...what should we do...?"
20-08-2003, 22:03
Dani had already waded into the water. She took a dogtag off the neck.

"Damn. A spy from Aurielle. And who knows what the hell it was doing here."

Dani turned to Will.

"Can you go back to te house and ask for Maria and some men?"
20-08-2003, 22:04
"Yes of course, but I do not think you should stay down here alone."
20-08-2003, 22:05
"I'm not leaving you here." Dani pulls the knife from the man's throat. "I can defend myself. I've had training, and if I kill anyone I won't be shipped to prison. Hurry."
20-08-2003, 22:06
"Alright, Alright." he runs up to the palace and finds Maria and tells her what has happened.

-Minutes later-
He returns with several guards and Maria.
20-08-2003, 22:08
Maria takes Dani away from the body, while the men take it up on a streacher. Dani turned to see Will.

"Sorry if I scared you back there."
20-08-2003, 22:09
"You did not scare me at all...I've seen that and worse done before. Its just a matter of leaving you alone after that..."
20-08-2003, 22:10
Dani showed no emotion, but was shakeing on the inside. "I'm fine. Really."
20-08-2003, 22:10
"Are you sure? You can be honest."
20-08-2003, 22:11
Dani closed her eyes.

"I don't know anymore."

OOC: Night.
20-08-2003, 22:12
"It will be alright."
He took off his jacket and put it around her and then hugged her.

OOC: Good night.
20-08-2003, 22:14
"Thanks." Dani let Will protect her, and felt content to just let him hold her.

OOC: Bye!
20-08-2003, 22:18
He smiled "Anytime..."

20-08-2003, 22:56
Dani rested her head on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry you had to see that."
21-08-2003, 09:43
"Its alright, I'm sorry you had to do that though."
21-08-2003, 09:48
"I hate killing."
21-08-2003, 13:42
"Yes, its a horrible thing. I'm sorry you had to do that."
21-08-2003, 20:15
"No matter how much training one recieves, it is a terrible sadness."
21-08-2003, 20:19
"That it is...but I do not think its the right thing to talk about. Lets get you inside then."
21-08-2003, 20:41
Maria nodded.

"Will you watch her, Master Will?"

"I'll be fine, Maria." Dani protested.
21-08-2003, 20:47
He nodded to Maria, "I'm sure she will be fine."
21-08-2003, 20:48
Dani headed up to the house. She went into the office, with Will close behind.

"What a day . . ." She sank into the office chair.
21-08-2003, 20:49
"It seems to be that way, and it has just begun."
21-08-2003, 20:50
"Well, ay least Maria's in charge. Do you like her more than James?"
21-08-2003, 20:51
"From what I can tell yes, but I barely know either of them. So I do not wish to make a judgement on the matter."
21-08-2003, 20:52
Dani smiled.

"You'll love her. She told me once that a girl in my shoes has the power to change the stars in the heavens. I think I know what she was hiting at."
21-08-2003, 20:54
"I see, well I am sure if I ever know her, I will love her than."
21-08-2003, 20:57
Dani saw a note on her desk. She recognized James's handwriting. She picked it up and walked to the fire, throwing it in, not telling Will what she was doing.
21-08-2003, 20:58
He sits down in a chair in the room."Always the best way to get rid of something..."
21-08-2003, 21:01
Dani turned, startled.

"Did you even see what it was? I didn't tink you'd notice."
21-08-2003, 21:02
"I see more than you think, and the fact that you walked to the fire and threw something in it."
21-08-2003, 21:02
Dani, looking caught, sat back down.

"It was just a letter . . ."
21-08-2003, 21:03
"It doesn't matter to me, its none of my business anyway."
21-08-2003, 21:04
Dani grinned.

"Actually, chances are it concerned you."
21-08-2003, 21:09
"I see...but it doesn't matter to me anyway."
21-08-2003, 21:15
Dani smiled.

"I know."
21-08-2003, 21:41
"Well thats good..."
22-08-2003, 06:09
Dani looked around nervously.

"I think . . . Wait a second . . ."

She heard a faint buzzing noise, and walked over to the wall.

"There's a camera in here."
22-08-2003, 10:09
" now you have cameras in your office. heh, I think you have somewhat of a problem." he gets up and walks over to the wall. "Yeah, I hear that buzzing as well. Perhaps we should take it out."
Scary_clowns_beep beep
22-08-2003, 11:01
does ne 1 here no the sincere republic of angel of death: or summat like that?
lu n jo
22-08-2003, 16:04
Dani nods, she turns back to the desk and opens it. she pulls out a gun and shoots three times.

"Or just break it . . ."
22-08-2003, 18:33
"Wouldn't you rather see whats on the tape rather than destroying it."
22-08-2003, 19:15
Dani grinned. She tore the wall away, revealing a wire.

"We couldn't see it if we wanted to. Damn technology. This wire hooks up to a phone line I bet. Someone from outside."
22-08-2003, 19:27
"I see, well then you have a problem don't you."
22-08-2003, 19:31
"Yeah, I do. If you brought anything, pack it. We're going to the safehouse."
22-08-2003, 19:32
"Alright then, I got to pack than. And of course I won't ask where your safehouse is heh."
22-08-2003, 19:34
"You won't know. It's not in this country."

Dani waled out of the office and into her room, packing clothes for a few days. She then sat on her bed, and began to shake. What was going on?
22-08-2003, 19:37
He goes off to his room and packs his things. He walks back over to her room, "I'm ready whenever you are."
22-08-2003, 19:38
Dani jumped when Will spoke.

"Let's get outta here. Leave your bag(s) here. They will be brought."
22-08-2003, 19:39
"Alright, will do." he drops his bags and smiled "It will be alright."
22-08-2003, 19:39
Danya, do u control the country again?
22-08-2003, 19:40
did i win yet?
22-08-2003, 21:16
OOC: not 100% yet. This RP is before the war.

Dani got up and led Will to the helecopter pad. They were taken to a private airport, and borded a jet. The whole time, Dani was too confused to speek.
22-08-2003, 21:18
He stood there for a moment, "Heh, a helicopter, haven't been on one of these for a while." he offered to help Dani on.
22-08-2003, 21:21
Dani took his hand and got in.

*On her private Jet*

Dani sat and buckled up.
22-08-2003, 21:22
He sat down next to her, "You're safe now, no reason to worry."
22-08-2003, 21:24
Dani looked up.

"Thanks . . . Do you think whomever is doing this is trying to hurt me?"
22-08-2003, 21:25
"Probably not, maybe just watching, trying to figure out what you are going to do with this war of yours. But, I would not worry...they can not do anything."
22-08-2003, 21:33
Dani nodded.

"If only I had faith like you."
22-08-2003, 21:34
He smiled and laughed "Well, its not that hard to gain. Just look at everything in the positive rather than the negative."
22-08-2003, 21:36
"Hum . . . Let's see . . . I hear really small noises."
22-08-2003, 21:36
"That could be just the engine, or perhaps the flaps, or anything on the jet."
22-08-2003, 21:37
Dani laughed.

"No, I mean in general. If I hadn't of heard, I may not be here."
22-08-2003, 21:39
"That is very true I suppose. But if the man was only spying then you would still have been here, and that nation would be that much more educated on what your plan is."
22-08-2003, 21:40
Dani sighed and sat back.

"Yes, but I have to know what the plan is first. I'm stuck."
22-08-2003, 21:42
"I see, you have no plan what so ever?"
22-08-2003, 21:43
"I have a plan, but it's not a pretty one. Many will die."
22-08-2003, 21:44
"Its like that in war, perhaps I could look over it?"
22-08-2003, 21:47
"Well, I don't have the plans here. The Generals are going over them at the palace. It is pretty much takeing out the three biggest cities, and creating a blockade of ships around Ruhr."
22-08-2003, 21:49
"I see, well it sounds good so far. But doesn't Ruhr have a large naval contingent at home. That could always pose a threat."
22-08-2003, 21:50
"You forget. I have more ships than they have soldiers."
22-08-2003, 21:53
"I see, well then it sounds great, and I would not want to add into your plans without actually seeing them. I am sure they will work to your advantage."
22-08-2003, 21:54
"I hope so. The Generals will let me know."

22-08-2003, 22:01
"I am sure they know what they are doing."

OOC: Good night
22-08-2003, 22:04
OOC: :roll: Bas wants to talk. I'm on for a few more.

"I trust them with my life."
22-08-2003, 22:05
OOC: lol...sorry about that then...

IC: "Thats always good, otherwise you would have a problem."
22-08-2003, 22:08
The plane landed. Dani smiled.

"We're here!"
22-08-2003, 22:09
"Well that is good," he stood up and put his hand out to help her up.
22-08-2003, 22:10
Dani took his hand, then once they were out they got into a limo. They were in the middle of nowhere.

"We have to drive for a few hours."
22-08-2003, 22:11
"I see, well that is alright I suppose."
23-08-2003, 06:53
The car started, and went. The scenery was beautiful. After a while, Dani opened te fridge and pulled out a Barq's Root Beer.

"Want one?"
23-08-2003, 09:05
He was looking out the window, "Umm, sure." he turned his head away from the window and smiled.
23-08-2003, 14:43
Dani smiled.

"We're going into a small community set up way out here. We will stop, dress in different clothes, and take a normal car. But this won't happen for about an hour."

Dani got Will a soda.
23-08-2003, 15:23
"I see, so its that bad? So be it, it does not bother me." he took the soda "Thanks."
23-08-2003, 15:37
“No, it’s a place where I go to chill when I can’t be here at the vacation home or at the palace. It’s just far away from the ocean. You are the first non-Danyan person to ever go.”
23-08-2003, 15:43
OOC: What the huck are you doing on right now? I thought that you were in school? We have been out not quite an hour. So spill the beans! :?
23-08-2003, 15:45
He sat down next to her "Thats alright."
23-08-2003, 16:10
"I see, well I am honored then."
23-08-2003, 16:14
OOC: This went in all different directions when someone started spying on Dani.

Dani sat back and watched the hills. They entered a forrest.
23-08-2003, 18:56
"Wow, this is very far...but I suppose that is best."
23-08-2003, 19:14
Dani nodded.

"In normal situations, I'd have sent you home. But I bet you wouldn't stand for it. Was I right?"
23-08-2003, 19:18
"Well, I would go if you insisted, would I want to, most definately not."
23-08-2003, 19:20
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
23-08-2003, 19:36
Dani was a little taken back.

"You'd have wanted to go home instead? If this is your wish, I'll order a helecopter to come get you." She sounded hurt.
23-08-2003, 19:42
"No, what I meant was, if you insisted on me leaving I would leave. I do not wish to leave. I am sorry if it seemed that way, but I am your guest, and if you wanted me to leave, I would have. Though I would be upset, I would understand."
23-08-2003, 19:43
Dani nodded, understanding.

"Oh, I see. I just figured company would be nice right now."
23-08-2003, 19:44
"I am glad that is the way you feel."
23-08-2003, 19:45
"Thanks Will."

The car reached a small town. Dani smiled and opened the door.

"We change into jeans and shirts here, at the resteraunt. We will then be takeing a Dodge something-or-other back to the hideout. We have to blend."
23-08-2003, 19:46
"I understand, that is fine." he got out of the car and went into the resturaunt to change.
23-08-2003, 19:47
Dani changed into shorts and a tubetop shirt. She then pulled a button-up short sleeve tight t-shirt over it and buttoned the middle button. She walked out of the resteraunt, and saw a big, black truck.

23-08-2003, 19:48
He walked out noticing the truck, "Very nice choice."
23-08-2003, 19:49
Dani grinned. A man walked up to her and handed the keys to her.

"Can you get tere on your own?" He asked.

"You bet. I'l call when we arrive."

He handed her a cell phone, nodded, and walked off. Dani looked to Will and smiled.

"You like four wheeling?"
23-08-2003, 19:50
He smiled "That I do...I take it thats what we are going to do?"
23-08-2003, 19:51
Dani grinned.

"You bet! Hop in! We'll take the back way, my favorite!"
23-08-2003, 19:52
"That sounds great." he got into the passenger seat.
23-08-2003, 19:53
Dani pulled herself into the drivers seat and buckled up.

"Not to scare you or anything, but last time we took the back roads a tire blew. You may wanna hold on tight."
23-08-2003, 19:53
"I see, well thats alright, heh, thanks for the headsup though."
23-08-2003, 19:55
Dani laughed.

"It wasn't my fault, though. Damn rocks."

She started the engine, then revved. It sounded perfect. She took a deep breath and sped off down the back roads.
23-08-2003, 19:56
"Got to hate those rocks."
23-08-2003, 19:57
They bounced and sped through some beautiful scenery, then Dani turned back onto the main road.

"We can't go through this part. The man who lives there will report this to James. We have to behave for a little."
23-08-2003, 19:59
"I see, well thats no fun. But if it has to be done."
23-08-2003, 20:00
Dani rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, it's about two minutes up the road from here."

OOC: Got to go.
23-08-2003, 20:00
"I see...well this is fine I guess."

OCC: Bye.
23-08-2003, 22:21
Dani drove up to a small cottage.

"It doesn't look like much, but on the inside it's great. It goes 10 stories underground."
23-08-2003, 22:23
"Wow, thats quite a lot. I'm sure it would be great no matter what."
23-08-2003, 22:24
"I remember staying here as a child, when my mother tried to take me."

Dani parked and led Will to the door. She opened it to reveal various machienery for security.

"Sorry, you have to be checked. Then we can go down."
23-08-2003, 22:25
"Thats fine." he walked through the security devices.
23-08-2003, 22:29
Dani watched the guards search Will, then when he was cleared and given a badge, dani and Will were taken below to the waiting floors. They were just like the vacation home.

"You can't go lower than this."